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September 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 15
New Website Launch!! 

The new Website is launched and I have had fantastic feedback. Please take the time to look it over and enjoy the new look and content! 


My new Gene Key counseling sessions are going extremely well in addition to the regular one-on-one counseling, and energy healing with Zia.  All sessions are available at a distance or in person if you live in Victoria.


Gift certificates will also be available, in case you would like to gift sessions to your friends and family!

If you are interested in any one of these sessions or would like to purchase gift certificates, please contact me through [email protected] 

The Ascension Wave!
by Peter Tongue

I think we are going to look back on this month of September as THE most significant month of our lives when the dust has settled and we are in the new vibrations that are to come. 

I want to lead you through the month so that there are no surprises and you are properly prepared for what is to come.
The week of September 22nd-29th promises to herald in the most powerful wave of energy that has ever hit the planet with human beings living upon it. This energy is coming in whether we like it or not and so what is important is how we receive it. There is the potential for it to send us into panic and there is potential for it to send us into bliss-what actually happens will depend upon how we choose to receive it.

There have been some important dates in recent history which have had specific planetary alignments causing a quantum shift in human consciousness all leading up to this precious moment. The first was Harmonic Convergence on August 17th 1987, 28 years ago. It was as a result of this energy seeding that many of the older generation spiritual pioneers of today first woke up. You may want to look back to that time in your life and see what was happening and what radical changes took place. For me, it was my move from England to Canada in 1985 and the beginning of my spiritual journey in my new country of existence. I was already on my spiritual path and remember being very aware of this major event taking place. The pioneers who woke up around that time have a very important role to play now.

 Many of the children born since 1987 make up the so-called Indigo and Crystal children. They are already programmed to this new energy and will adapt to it very easily. In fact many of them have struggled to be in the world since they were born, because they do not resonate with the old energies that we have been living in and have felt cheated by the old paradigm corruption, greed for money and power, and lack of integrity. They are about to come into their own in this new force field of energy.

The third main group are called the Fast-Trackers. These people were asleep and living a life focused on the mundane material world. Their awakening has taken place very suddenly and dramatically, largely over the last three years since that now infamous date of December 21st, 2012. There was a lot of hype around that date including the belief in some form of Apocalyptic event. It was the end of the Mayan Calendar- Great Cycles of time coming to closure at the same time, 5,000 years, 26,000 years and 104,000 years. The Mayan Elders at the time said we had THREE years AFTER that date to decide the future outcome of humanities existence on the planet. We are coming to the end of that three years and much depended upon how many of the sleeping world population would wake up. I believe that human consciousness is poised to take a great leap into a new and exciting place as a result of the energies coming in this month and most importantly how we respond to them. Let me give you an overview of the key dates so that you can be fully aware of what is about to take place.

The portal for this energy coming in has already opened on the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday August 29th. The process has already begun! The three Full Moons of August, September and October are all Super Moons which means that the Moon is at its closest approach to the Earth, appearing bigger than normal and exerting a more powerful influence. These are three key dates. The energy portal opened on August 29th and will close on the Full Moon in Taurus on October 27th, peaking during the Total Lunar Eclipse, "Blood Moon" on the Aries Full Moon on September 27/28th depending where you live in the World. That week is going to be the most powerful week in this wave of energy coming in beginning on September 22nd on the fall equinox and going through to September 28th. There have been predictions around three dates that week bringing in the most powerful energy. September 22nd, 27th and 28th. We may well be receiving a number of energy wave impulses during that time.

We made the decision to take a group of pilgrims to the Canadian Rockies during that week. We knew at the time it was a very powerful week but didn't know the full extent of it. We were aware of the significant energies coming in between
the spring and fall equinoxes specifically linked to the Rocky Mountain chain highlighted in Colorado and Canada as well as the prediction that Matt Kahn had made about the First Wave of Ascension taking place on the Blood Moon on September 27th. Since then all of this other information has come in about these other powerful waves of energy coming in. We will be engaged in a number of Ceremonies during that week in the Canadian Rocky Mountains centred in the Lake Louise area. 

Another powerful impulse will arrive during the Partial Solar Eclipse on the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday September 13th which would be a great day for each of us to set our intentions for the energies arriving later in the month. So what are we supposed to do? Here is the good news! RELAX! The best thing we can do to acclimate to, embrace and integrate these energies is to be in a place of DEEP PEACE!

Our DNA has already been configured to adapt to these incoming energies and open up new channels of awareness in us including, telepathy, clairvoyance, healing gifts and an immersion in unconditional love and joy. It is an opportunity to completely clear out the lower vibrational energies that impede our happiness and for us to shift into a Golden Age, bringing Heaven to Earth in Peace and Love. The only impediment to this is if we drop into a place of fear. Unfortunately when exposed to very powerful energies, some people interpret that power as dark or negative and go into fear. Please realize that we are being offered a magnificent gift on this occasion.

I have no idea exactly what is going to happen on Earth during this transition but I am very confident the final outcome is going to be magnificent and I urge you to enjoy surfing the waves as they come in. We have been preparing ourselves for aeons of time for this moment and it has finally arrived. Don't miss out on the fun! I look forward to reporting back on our adventures in the Rockies and catching up on what has taken place in the World.