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August 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 14
New Website Launch!! 

The new Website is launched and I have had fantastic feedback. Please take the time to look it over and enjoy the new look and content! 


My new Gene Key counseling sessions are going extremely well in addition to the regular one-on-one counseling, and energy healing with Zia.  All sessions are available at a distance or in person if you live in Victoria.


Gift certificates will also be available, in case you would like to gift sessions to your friends and family!

If you are interested in any one of these sessions or would like to purchase gift certificates, please contact me through 

Let the Sun Shine In!

by Peter Tongue


Last month I concluded the newsletter with a focus on the upcoming Sirius/Pluto opposition and the arrival of New Horizons at Pluto. This is what I wrote,


"Closely related to the work we did last week(at the Gene Key Retreat) is a rare alignment between Sirius and Pluto. It is a precise opposition on the USA Independence weekend of July 4th & 5th. Sirius is the Star of the Seventh Seal and is the brightest Star in the night sky representing the Light. Pluto is the most distant planet, rules over Scorpio, taking us into the unknown, giving rise to uncertainty. Pluto represents the darkest place that we can go. So this opposition sets them poles apart and exaggerates the separation between light and dark. It is our job as human beings positioned exactly in the middle of the Polar Axis to bridge the gap, embrace and integrate the energies together so that we can become one with all that is and create Heaven on Earth. It is an incredible opportunity! Amazingly and synchronistically, we humans launched a space probe to Pluto several years ago and it is due to arrive on July 14th. For the first time humanity will actually see Pluto as we shine the light upon it. It is the last and most secretive planet for us to investigate and bring home the essence into our consciousness to heal the wounds of our entire Solar System. The Space Probe is called New Horizons!"



I am sure many of you have seen the incredible close up images of Pluto by now. Just imagine this probe the size of a piano was launched in January 2006, taking 9.5 years to travel the 3 billion miles required to get within 8,000 miles of Pluto's surface. As the probe approached closer and closer with Pluto turning slowly on its axis, this massive white structure began to appear which eventually revealed itself as a magnificent white heart imprinted on the surface of Pluto. What an amazing gift which no-one could have predicted. So the message is, when we have the courage to go into the unknown, uncertainty and darkness, there is always a hidden treasure buried deep within. In this case shining on the surface for all to see, once we have the courage to go there. What a wonderful uplifting surprise!


The New Moon in Cancer on July 15th created some emotional turmoil for many people as this energy was bringing to the surface all of the unhealed family dysfunctions in our lives, particularly around the Mother. There was a very specific reason for this. It was a time to make a clean cut with the past, come to peace with ourselves and make space for the dawning of a new paradigm in our New World. It's a good idea to reflect back on what happened in your life and the feelings that arose during the last week of Cancer from the New Moon on July 15th to the transition into Leo on the evening of July 22nd. Then to come to resolution with all family matters, nurturing yourself beautifully and deeply, for the next stage on the journey. Venus just turned retrograde at the first degree of Virgo and will travel back through Leo to reconnect with Jupiter. This is a time to reflect on what is most important to you. Cutting to the chase. What brings you most love, joy, pleasure and beauty in your life? Letting go of all of the distractions and superficial aspects of your life and focusing on what is really important to your true authentic nature. Tear off the masks and be real!



Another major power up takes place on Saturday August 8th, 2015. Every year the 8:8 is the Lion's Gate Portal when powerful new light codes come into our field for us to receive. This year it is expanded beyond normal boundaries as it is 2015= 2+1+5 and therefore an 8 year and so it is a triple 8:8:8 energy. The gateway comes through Sirius and the star Regulus which is hovering around that first degree of Virgo enhancing the sacred feminine aspects of this Royal Star. Time to step into your Magnificence!

A great day to do ceremony to realize your full infinite potential. Fortunately for us Sharon Burkmar will be doing Sacred Ceremony at Harry's Garden Sanctuary so that we can collectively benefit from these powerful frequencies of light. Send me an e-mail to if you would like details about the Ceremony.



I had the tremendous good fortune to go down to San Jose, California, to be involved in a summer camp for students at Sunrise Middle School. Their inspired Principal wanted the children to experience realms beyond traditional science and she gathered together an impressive group of experts in their respective fields to work with the students. They had opportunities to experience; Dowsing, the work of Dr. Emoto with water, different healing modalities including sound healing, alchemy, sacred geometry, yoga, meditation, animal totems and a powerful sacred drumming journey with a local First Nations Elder. The children also had the opportunity to speak with my good friend Greg Marchand about his "near-death experience" when his heart stopped beating for a full 20 minutes. This was fifteen years ago and miraculously Greg made a full recovery. He connected via Skype and after an introductory explanation about what happened to him, the children were able to come up to the computer and ask him questions about his experience, including, "Did you see heaven?" It was great!



We had two field trips. One full afternoon in the perfectly named "Garden of Eden" in the Santa Cruz Mountains where we connected with Mother Earth honoring her through a meditation and smudging ceremony, collecting items from the forest floor for her digestion in our fire ceremony to come. We also had lots of fun playing in a series of swim holes linked by tricky scrambles through rock and at times waist deep water to get to the next swimming spot. This day clearly demonstrated the need for our children to be out in nature, with no other distractions, being pushed slightly beyond their comfort level, receiving mutual support from their friends and feeling really good about themselves at the end of the day.


The second out-trip was an overnight stay at a different location in the Santa Cruz Mountains at a very isolated Lodge. The 33 children again experienced the challenge of the outdoors including the opportunity to sleep outside in sleeping bags under the stars and to take part in a traditional South American Fire ceremony.




The school's art teacher had laid out a beautiful mandala with twigs and flower petals. The children were first of all smudged with sage and then invited to approach the mandala and feel inside what delightful emotions arose when looking at the mandala and then take those feelings with them to the fire ceremony. They each had decorated a brown bag containing their offerings for Mother Earth collected two days earlier, and their two sticks representing their death arrow and life arrow. The death arrow providing the opportunity to let go of all that they felt complete with and the life arrow setting new intentions for the year ahead. Each student made their offering to the fire and then their two sticks. It was very rewarding to see and feel the students take this Ceremony to heart in deep reverence for the occasion. It was a wonderful week and the children demonstrated a kind and loving approach to all that we did. If this is what the New World is going to be like it is fantastic.


I had a very special journey home. The sun was setting on San Francisco Airport as I left and as we rose higher in the sky so the Sun stayed on the horizon setting for well over an hour. I was on the far side of the plane from the sunset and so my side of the plane was in dusk. There were some gentle floating horizontal clouds and then ahead of the plane I could see a massive pure white cloud billowing up vertically in the sky. I watched this cloud for a few minutes and then saw the outer edges tinge with a beautiful deep pink and then the whole cloud turned pink, just like a huge piece of cotton candy. It was cool! And then to my amazement, I saw a vertical pure white lightning bolt discharge down the entire length of the cloud. Within seconds there was a huge "CRACK!" sound in the structure of the plane and a deep shuddering. The seat belt sign immediately went on, but I knew it wasn't turbulence. We had entered a Portal! No further shuddering took place all the way home. I thought to myself, "I think I know where we are!" Immediately out of my window I saw her. Magnificent Mt. Shasta! In all of her glory. The billowing cloud was off to the South East and I would guess was hovering over Mt.Lassen in Lassen Volcanic Park-a well-known energetic connection to Mt. Shasta. As we cruised past Shasta a brilliant band of light began to form behind her, deep purply-pink at the bottom, intense pink in the middle and peachy-pink at the top and this band went on as far as the eye could see out of the plane window north and south. It continued to burn brightly in the sky until it went dark. It felt as though this powerful loving link was being made up and down the Pacific North-West along the coastal range of mountains. I was reminded of Tyberonn's prediction of the North-South mountain ranges of the Americas awakening and shifting into their 5th dimensional crystalline nature between the equinoxes this year. I felt as though I was experiencing this first hand. It also felt like a wonderful confirmation of the time spent with the children of Sunrise Middle School.