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June 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 14
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Colorado Rocky Mountain High!

by Peter Tongue




During the last ten days of May, Zia and I went on a sacred site pilgrimage traveling in a clockwise direction around the Colorado Rockies to work with the Colorado Rocky Mountain upshift as intuited by James Tyberonn, beginning and completing the circular loop at Denver International Airport. It is itself a very controversial site as its runways 

layout resembles a swastika from the air. Inside, there are four murals representing a major world apocalypse followed by a world populated only by children. There are also two Gargoyles emerging from suitcases at either end of the baggage claim area. As you can imagine, the Conspiracy theorists have a field day with this symbolism, particularly as there is a Masonic Plaque honouring those involved in the building of the Airport called the "New World Airport Commission" which doesn't exist!


I was reminded of the latest Matt Kahn you-tube video where he says that symbols are just symbols and it is our interpretation of them that leads us into fear or love. So we chose to interpret these symbols in the highest possible light. Certainly we didn't feel anything negative in the airport. To finish off the airport experience, outside the main entrance, is a huge thirty-two feet rampant blue horse with flashing red eyes known locally as "Blucifer"! The official name is Blue Mustang and it is supposed to represent the wild spirit of the old American West. Now there is one interesting piece to this and that is the artist responsible for creating the horse was killed by some falling material as the horse was being created. If you are interested in these stories, you will find lots of conspiracy You-tubes on Denver International Airport. Quite a start to the journey as we spent some time reflecting on each of these symbols!


Everything in Colorado is on a massive scale, which includes the mountains. There are fifty mountains over 14,000 feet. There are none that high in the Canadian Rockies. The land mass of the state is elevated to the degree that when you are just driving around you are typically at anywhere from 7,000-10,000 feet! The most spectacular moment in this regard was driving over Independence Pass which has a summit over 12,000 feet. Surrounded by deep snow and above the tree line, we saw skiers heading off in the distance to climb the nearest peaks and ski back down. What was evident here was the feeling of exuberance and exhilaration that naturally occurs at the top of the world. The air is thin and cool and you just feel this elevated sense of well-being. This leads me into discussing the sense that I had about our pilgrimage.


Tyberonn had stated that the Rocky Mountain chain in both Colorado and Canada were going through an activation upgrade into 5-D crystalline balanced energy, shifting from 3-D magnetic energy. There is no doubt that the Colorado Rockies are more feminine in nature than the more masculine Canadian Rockies with many smooth, round- topped huge Mother Mountains. This shift was taking place this year through the two equinoxes from March to September with a focus leading into the June Solstice. 


We have spent a lot of time in meditation and in ceremony, working with the three worlds, Upper World, Under World, and our realm the Middle World. I have written before about the way in which the Gothic Cathedrals were built with tall spires reaching up to the heavens, deep wells below reaching down to the Under World, with humans walking sacred geometric structures inside the cathedrals in the Middle World linking all three together, providing the opportunity for us to raise our awareness and consciousness. The landscape of Colorado provides this opportunity through the World of Nature!


As you drive up to these magnificent heights you feel your crown chakra open and begin to buzz and you just want to fly away. When you reach the top you expect to see Angels and Ascended Beings sitting on the road side awaiting your arrival. Seriously you feel as though you are driving the stairway to heaven.



Another significant marker on the landscape is Pike's Peak which overlooks Colorado Springs. We arrived in gloomy, dark, wet and cloudy conditions more reminiscent of the Pacific North West. We checked in with the Park Ranger before attempting the 15 mile drive up to an elevation of over 14,000 feet. He checked with his colleague at the top who said that the top of the mountain was above the clouds and the view was magnificent. So we set off and he was right. We cleared the cloud cover at about 8,000 feet and enjoyed a wonderful experience. We had to stop at 11,300 feet as the top of the mountain was still covered in 8 feet of snow, but again this feeling of invigoration came over us. So these high peaks represent the upper world and our connection to the heaven worlds and that sense of exhilaration when we connect at the deepest level.


So what about the Underworld? Black Canyon of the Gunnison! A north and south rim drive looking down over a deep chasm into the realm of the Underworld. Dark and bleak and yet there is a magnetic pull into it. We even heard one little girl say, "I want to jump, I want to jump!" She was right. We all felt that pull. Magnificent in a different way! Amazingly there is a drive down to the bottom of this deep-sided canyon and, lo and behold, when you arrive it is a beautiful lush green fertile valley with an idyllic river flowing through it, birds, fish, and animals all thriving. Here is a huge clue for us. Typically fearful of the underworld and the deep dark chasm of our shadow, once we find the courage to dive in, we discover a rich and fertile landscape from which everything emerges.


Another aspect of the underworld in Colorado are the significant number of hot springs where rich, mineral-filled hot waters emerge from deep within the Earth's crust and come to the surface for our benefit. Some of these hot springs are commercial pools and others are roadside opportunities to just climb in to the hot flowing waters. It was while resting in one of these rejuvenating hot springs looking out on a fourteener (Colorado expression for 14,000 ft mountains) that I had this realization about the white upper world of the mountain peaks, black underworld of the canyons, and the opportunity to marry it all together which we were being offered through this journey through the middle world linking all three together. We do this through doing blessings and ceremony at key locations in the landscape. We had our crystals with us and Zia brought her crystal bowl to play during our ceremonies. It quite definitely ties in with the shadow, gift, and siddhi realms of the Gene Keys!


One of the most profound experiences was at Zapata Falls. The falls have created a deep crevasse through the rock as the powerful waters flow through and by traversing the stream you can get right inside the rock walls with the tumbling waters. Zia played her crystal bowl and some extraordinary orb photos resulted as the elementals came to join us. This area is very powerful including a major spiritual centre called Crestone where many of the World's religions and spiritual belief systems have Retreat Centres, all overseen by magnificent Blanca Peak, sacred to the Indigenous peoples of the area. It is known as Sisnaajini or White Shell to the Navajo and is their sacred mountain in the East. Dressed in white it represents positive thought from the moment the sun rises. The legend goes that a bolt of lightning ran through Sisnaajini to keep it anchored to the Earth. It is also the place of the Holy Ones.



Blanca Peak is at the southern end of the Sangre De Christo (Blood of Christ) Mountain range and off to the west across a great wide open flat basin is the San Juan (St. John) Mountain range.Tyberonn suggests that this San Luis Basin is perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energy - a massive natural crystal bowl of sound and colour. As we drove across the centre from one side to the other you could certainly feel the shift!


On the road to Durango is a strong connection to our visit to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico last year which is Chimney Rock. The Chacoans had this outpost to the north which clearly had some significance in its position in the landscape. This area is replete with connection to the Indigenous peoples of the area through Mesa Verde and the incredible cliff dwellings that were built under the alcoves of the Mesa above. Remarkable structures which housed the people but also had deeper spiritual meaning. A more remote area is the Canyon of the Ancients where further significant finds of Indigenous culture and community have been uncovered. There is no doubt that they had a master plan which included their return to the Centre of the Universe. They did mysteriously disappear. Did they actually discover the secret to immortality and ascend into a higher dimension?


Without doubt, one of the mysteries of the landscape in the area is Needle Rock. Tyberonn suggests that this is a time/space portal and as we approached in the rain and mist, it just appeared around a curve in the road and definitely gave us a jolt!  I was thrown back to my connection with the Arthurian Legends of Camelot, Tintagel, and Avalon. In fact, to me, Needle Rock looked like a massive figure riding off on his horse just like the knights of old. I suspect you could be transported to any time and space that you have a strong connection with in this place. Definitely a key spot in the landscape and it felt like a vibrational frequency generator. In difficult wet conditions, we set off up the trail to the base of the Needle to do an important ceremony with this most powerful structure.


We also had an opportunity to connect with someone who worked really hard to bring about positive change, in some ways before modern day humanity was ready. That was John Denver who founded a wonderful 957-acre Wilderness Retreat called Windstar which, recently, sadly had to be sold as it could no longer be sustained by the Windstar Land Conservancy.   While 927 acres will still be protected as a wilderness preserve, 30 acres - including the parking lot and public access area - will soon be private property and open for development by the new owners.  Zia felt very called to go to Windstar so we could offer ourselves in service to the land with the prayer that it always remain a sacred space for honouring the animals, birds, and magical natural landscape. Serendipitously, our arrival coincided with the arrival of Michael, one of the original members of the Conservancy who has worked hard to protect Windstar. A discussion quickly led to his love of Emily Carr, BC, and Haida Gwaii in particular! He knew John Denver and was able to fill us in on the history as well as the latest developments with the land. Very interestingly, Buckminster Fuller, who created many wonderful sacred Geometric structures, was part of this community and John Denver actually wrote a beautiful song about "Bucky" ("What One Man Can Do").  Bucky's last biodome design - a huge project that included an entire ecosystem - was built on the property and one of his other structures still exists there today.


Windstar is very close to Aspen, an upmarket Ski Resort, which was in the off-season when we were there. There is a wonderful tribute to John Denver down by the river in the John Denver Sanctuary where red and white rocks have lyrics of many of his songs as well as quotes from other enlightened people. A beautiful serene garden of reflection, once again balancing masculine and feminine.



Just outside Aspen is an area Called Maroon Bells. A series of fourteeners line up like bells and have a deep red colour so that at sunset they glow maroon. This was definitely a main highlight of our trip as we had a clear view of the mountains across Maroon Lake which itself had a subtle red and green coloration. This place reminded us of Moraine Lake and surrounding mountains, which immediately

gave us the realization that this sacred site was the link between the Colorado and Canadian Rockies for our trip in September. We climbed up to a waterfall above the lake and found a wonderful lush green elemental spot and set up our crystals for the ceremony while blessing the land. Here everything comes together. The Cathedral-like spires of the mountains, the flowing waters of the underworld, and the humans intentionally working with the elemental kingdom to bring all three worlds together in peace and harmony. We felt complete and really charged up for our journey to the Canadian Rockies in September to complete the activation.



Photographs courtesy of Zia



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