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May 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 14
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The new Website is launched and I have had fantastic feedback. Please take the time to look it over and enjoy the new look and content! 


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The Coincidence of Beltane and Wesak

by Peter Tongue




The Universe is certainly lining everything up for us as Mother Earth springs into life at this time every year, but this year everything seems to be set up perfectly. The three Full Moons in the Sun Signs of Aries, Taurus and Gemini are powerful Spiritual Festivals associated with the Christ resurrection and rebirth over Easter in Aries, the return of the Buddha to bless the people on the Wesak Full Moon in Taurus and finally the spreading of the new benevolent energies through the goodwill of humanity on the Full Moon in the Sun Sign of Gemini. So this year it transpired that the Full Moon in the Sun Sign of Aries actually occurred on the Easter weekend and it was the third of a tetrad(four) blood moons occurring in the space of 18 months-unprecedented. I watched the total lunar eclipse unfold around 6.00am on Easter Saturday morning as the clouds cleared to reveal a brilliant shimmering new silver light-being(the Moon emerging from its reddish-brown cocoon). It was about half way through its rebirth and resurrection and disappeared behind a cloud again before the transformation was complete. It didn't matter, I had got the point. We had the opportunity to rebirth ourselves over this transformational weekend with new and powerful light codes being made available to us for our benefit.




Now this month we have the coincidence of Beltane and the Wesak Full Moon. Beltane is traditionally celebrated on May Day-May 1st, but is actually the exact mid-point between the spring equinox and summer solstice and this year is precise on May 5th, so we actually have a five-day period in which we can celebrate Beltane. This is really neat as it extends over the Wesak Full Moon which occurs on Sunday May 3rd at 8.42pm PDT just after the moon rises on the eastern horizon at 8.14pm in Victoria, BC.  


Beltane is a great celebration of the arrival of early summer when everything comes alive. It's like the unbridled energy of a child running through fields, picking flowers in an unrestrained expression of bliss and delight. There is a legend that maidens roll on the ground in the early morning dew to make themselves more attractive and youthful looking. Water is of critical importance at this time of year as the ground warms and crops begin to grow. Holy Wells are honoured and sanctified. Beltane is called "The Magic of Flowers" and is associated with bright yellow flowers and the blessed greenness of the grassy meadows. It's really all about fertility, drawing down the light and manifesting Heaven on Earth. The sensuous nature of Venus which rules Taurus fits in perfectly with Beltane. This year the energy is magnified by the Wesak Full Moon falling right in the midst of Beltane.




The legend of Wesak is that the Buddha returns to the Earth to offer his blessings to the people with the assistance of the Christ. He appears over the shoulder of Mt. Kailash in the Wesak Valley, high in the Himalayas, where devotees and initiates gather in the physical as well as in meditation and dreamtime. It is a powerful opportunity to receive the blessings of transfigured Divine Light and Love offered by the Buddha and Christ and through the balance of Mother Earth and the sacred feminine. The ceremony lasts for exactly eight minutes over the precise moment of the Full Moon in the opposite sign to Taurus which is Scorpio. Typically an intense time of feelings, and a great time to release any pent up emotions. For further Wesak information check out:


This period coincides with the incredible release of Mother Earth through the Earthquake in Nepal, Mt. Everest and Kathmandu recently and our hearts go out to all who have lost their lives, their families and those dealing with the aftermath of such devastation.


We need to remember that as we are going through this massive transformation of awakening with our Kundalini Energy activating to take us to a higher frequency of vibration, Mother Earth is going through this transmutation as well. We are all shifting into fifth-dimensional frequency and vibration whether we like it or not! I strongly recommend aligning yourself with Mother Earth by going out into your favourite spot in nature and tuning into the energies of nature all around you. Slow down your breathing and tune in with your surroundings which might include the sounds of water flowing, birds singing, the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees. Whatever it is, slow down and bring all of your senses into play. This is where the Beltane/Wesak coincidence can help you tune into Mother Earth.


There is some evidence to suggest that the Schumann Resonance, which is the natural pulse/heart-beat of the Earth has increased from its fairly constant 7.8 Hz up to 16.5Hz. If this is true, it means we all need to make an adjustment to the new rhythm and pulse of life itself. Our bodies will need time to acclimate and entrain with this new frequency. No wonder people have been feeling scattered, disoriented and tired. We need to be kind and gentle with ourselves and take naps when our bodies tell us we need a rest. It is during our sleep time that we process these new energies. Another useful tip recently revealed is that our sleep cycle is actually 1.5 hours and so sleeping for 8 hours means we wake up in the middle of a deep-sleep phase of sleep. Not the best idea. Try sleeping for 7.5 or 9 hours instead and see if you wake up in a more refreshed manner. Also keep naps short to about 20 minutes or go for a full 90 minutes rather than one hour for the same reasons. Napping for one hour brings us out of sleep in the deepest phase which tends to make us feel groggy for quite some time after.


Although we are facing many challenges as we go through this transformation, there are amazing opportunities available to us for our personal spiritual growth. Time spent in quiet reflection, contemplation and meditation is rewarded by an enduring sense of peace and calm amidst the raging sea of chaos all around us. It is really important for us to hold this space of "Love and Peace" as many go through the trials and tribulations of this transition time. It is a time to accept and embrace whatever arises, going with the flow, knowing that these events are leading us to a magnificent future.  




Photographs courtesy of Shelley and Zia



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