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March 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 15
New Website Launch!! 

The new Website is launched and I have had fantastic feedback. Please take the time to look it over and enjoy the new look and content! 


My new Gene Key counseling sessions are going extremely well in addition to the regular one-on-one counseling, and energy healing with Zia.  All sessions are available at a distance or in person if you live in Victoria.


Gift certificates will also be available, in case you would like to gift sessions to your friends and family!

If you are interested in any one of these sessions or would like to purchase gift certificates, please contact me through [email protected] 

March Madness!

by Peter Tongue


Since the beginning of the year there has been great anticipation about this month of March and what is actually going to take place. All the Celestial activity suggests significant further revelation and revolution with each of us being faced with our deepest truth and reason for being on the planet at this critical time. I will try to outline some of the most powerful opportunities arising so that you can align yourself energetically with them at the appropriate times. The month from the Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday March 5th through to Easter Sunday on April 5th should be intense and powerful offering opportunity for mass as well as individual awakening, so get ready!  




The planet Pluto is playing an enormous role in a variety of different ways. It is interesting to note that it was immediately after Pluto was degraded from actually being a planet that it started to exert its greatest influence on us.


The First of seven precise Pluto squares with Uranus began in June 2012. These slow moving planets have been dancing at this 90 degree angle back and forth as each of them turned retrograde and forward at different times providing this ongoing impulse. The final one is precise on March 16/17th depending upon your time zone, but it is already impacting us now. Uranus is in Aries which provides the fiery impulse for our much desired personal freedom-an ignition switch or lightning bolt if you will. Pluto is in Capricorn and is the destroyer, breaking down all of the old Patriarchal systems that no longer serve the needs of the majority, if they ever have. This destruction of the old systems is to make way for the new. The Phoenix rising from the ashes!


We have seen countless revelations over the last three years for us to get a real glimpse of what has really been going on amongst the leaders of the World in terms of corruption, perversion and self-serving decisions to support their amassing even more wealth. All that is coming to an end and this final and 7th square will begin a tipping point.  Interestingly it is the first of the seven where both Planets are direct and therefore supporting our move forward. On a personal level, it is incumbent upon us to release anything that keeps us trapped or tied to the old paradigm structures of competition and move into a place of heart-centred collaborative compassion for all.


Some believe that these seven squares are a reflection of the seven chakras and the opening of the seven seals in the Revelation of John in the Bible. If so we have reached the Crown Chakra and the sounding of the seven trumpets-the crowning Glory. I suggest each of us reflect upon what has happened in our lives since mid-year 2012 and see this as the culmination of this three year sorting out process to help us see what is really important to us and where our future focus should be. I believe there are only two choices that can be made. Continuing with the mind control synthetic matrix of the Patriarchy or shifting to the balanced male/female organic world of nature.


Interestingly Steve Rother has predicted that around the Spring Equinox on March 20th, three previous timelines are going to come together in our space/time dimension. They are the Buddha, Christ and Camelot eras. It's worth considering what each of these epochs mean to you as those energies and qualities will be available to you at that time. For me, the Buddha represents compassion and detachment, Christ, forgiveness and unconditional love and Camelot, chivalry, a return to honouring the sacred feminine and mother Earth herself.


Another interesting Pluto involvement this year is three precise oppositions with the star system Sirius. In February, July and December the Earth will be positioned right between Sirius and Pluto. The first was last month on February 3rd. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and can be seen currently shining brightly to the south west of Orion's belt. It is considered to be the light bringer to planet Earth, shining its bright light down upon us. Pluto on the other hand is seen to be the bringer of darkness, God of the Underworld. This opposition is really significant because it reminds us that we need to embrace both the light and dark aspects of ourselves and everyone else. Suppression of the shadow forces only leads to the chaos and confusion that we find ourselves in today.We need to bring all aspects of ourselves home in love. Really interestingly, we launched a space ship called New Horizons out to Pluto in 2006 and it will arrive there in July around the second opposition. So we as human beings will have our first direct contact with Pluto, and its characteristics that we can measure.

The Spring Equinox falls on March 20th, the same day as a New Moon Solar Eclipse happening within a few hours of each other. The Super New Moon falls at 29 degrees Pisces which could be bringing the Age of Pisces to a close. Whether it is or not, it's a wonderful opportunity to release everything that you are complete with and move on into the first astrological sign of Aries. A fresh start, new beginnings, seeing things from a higher perspective and greater awareness. A great time for Ceremony which we will be offering. Details to follow!


Photos Courtesy of Zia


The Easter weekend then coincides with the third of four Blood Moons, a total Lunar Eclipse, Saturday April 4th, with the Moon in Libra, a time to reflect upon the health of our relationships and further preparation for the final Blood Moon on September 27th, the day of the first wave of Ascension as predicted by Matt Khan!


The other really powerful celestial time this year is during the second half of September beginning with a partial Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on September 13th through the fall equinox on September 23rd. The 4th Blood Moon is the Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27th, the day Matt Kahn has predicted is the First Wave of Ascension and September concludes with Michaelmas Day on September 29th.


James Tyberron has predicted that there is going to be an "upshift" activation of the entire Rocky Mountain range in 2015, starting at the time of the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse. The Kundalini of the Rockies will upgrade from magnetic to pure crystalline energies from Northern Canada all the way down to New Mexico. Two of the key areas in this shift are the Rio Grande Rift in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the ridge of the Canadian Rockies around Lake Louise, Banff, and Jasper. As a result of this information and our own insights, Zia and I are taking a group to the Canadian Rockies during that time in September. Likely leaving Victoria on Monday September 21st and returning around Wednesday September 30th. Details to follow, but if you are interested in coming along, please keep those dates open!



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