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February 2015  �  Vol. 8  Issue 14
New Website Launch!! 

The new Website is launched and I have had fantastic feedback. Please take the time to look it over and enjoy the new look and content! 


My new Gene Key counseling sessions are going extremely well in addition to the regular one-on-one counseling, and energy healing with Zia.  All sessions are available at a distance or in person if you live in Victoria.


Gift certificates will also be available, in case you would like to gift sessions to your friends and family!

If you are interested in any one of these sessions or would like to purchase gift certificates, please contact me through [email protected] 

The New Divine Human!

by Peter Tongue


The first few days of February are the Festival of Imbolc, one of the eight cross-quarter days in the Calendar, the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It is a celebration of the first signs of spring and honours the Goddess Brigid. On January 31st, the old crone of Winter drinks from the Sacred Well and turns into the young maiden, Brigid, a fertility Goddess, who represents the light half of the year from February 1st. She is a feminine symbol of the rebirth of the Sun. We can already experience the lighter and longer days as we move out of deep winter. There are many rituals and traditions associated with this time, but how is it relevant to us today?



Over the last four years I have come to the realization that we need to re-align ourselves with the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth and Nature, as this creates a natural flow in our lives when we are tuned in. The darkest days around the Winter Solstice encourage us to go within and experience our inner light. To do our inner preparations for the year to come. As we move out of those darkest days towards Imbolc, so our inner light and the increasing light around us come together in a harmonic dance so we can bring our inner light out into the World. We have just moved into Mercury retrograde and so this is not quite the time yet to expand into new ventures and projects but that time is approaching in March. This is the incubation period and many people have felt stuck in a void with nothing happening to move us forward in the outer World. This is exactly how it is supposed to be! So rather than getting frustrated and anxious about life, we simply go with the natural rhythms and flows of life. We can't push the river, but we can easily glide down it with ease and Grace.




Many have wondered how the transformation from the current chaos we find ourselves in, in the World today, can shift into a Golden Era of Peace? It doesn't seem like an easy task. I believe the key to it all lies in the energetic. Millions of ordinary people across the Globe are waking up to the nonsense of our current Global situation and responding with a different approach within their hearts. That is all that is required. Once the vibrational frequency of humanity reaches a certain level the lower frequencies will simply dissolve away and not be supported. No longer are we responsible for clearing the dross of humanity. Each person can now be responsible for their own shadow.


Our responsibility now is to shine our most magnificent light in the World no matter what the circumstances. The word Celebration has been coming up in the language of a number of enlightened people recently like Matt Kahn, Richard Rudd, Steve Rother and a new addition to my list Andrew Harvey. This Celebration is about celebrating absolutely everything that comes up in your life. However painful or challenging it may be, it has come up for a reason and is to be embraced. Another major step in your journey towards enlightenment and so it is to be celebrated. Matt Kahn would say that by celebrating everything and seeing the Divinity in all situations and people we come across, we immediately dissolve the lower frequency vibrations and step ever closer to Glory. As each of us do this the alchemical transformation of our individual selves and of the collective edge us nearer and nearer to living Heaven on Earth.


So this time of Imbolc gives us the encouragement to birth our new Divine Human as we slowly but surely step back out into the light in preparation for what is going to be a very intense and powerful month of March beginning on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, which is the final crown of the seven Pluto/Uranus squares, through the Spring Equinox on Friday March 20th which is also a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse coming to conclusion on the Easter Weekend with a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, the third of four consecutive Blood Moons. The Celestial realms are conspiring to support us on this sacred pilgrimage we are undertaking so long as we pay attention and tune in to the energies being made available to us and a most powerful way to do that is through sacred ceremony.


The other really powerful celestial time this year is during the second half of September beginning with a partial Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on September 13th through the fall equinox on September 23rd. The 4th Blood Moon is the Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27th, the day Matt Kahn has predicted is the First Wave of Ascension and September concludes with Michaelmas Day on September 29th.


James Tyberron has predicted that there is going to be an "upshift" activation of the entire Rocky Mountain range in 2015, starting at the time of the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse. The Kundalini of the Rockies will upgrade from magnetic to pure crystalline energies from Northern Canada all the way down to New Mexico. Two of the key areas in this shift are the Rio Grande Rift in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the ridge of the Canadian Rockies around Lake Louise, Banff, and Jasper. As a result of this information and our own insights, Zia and I are taking a group to the Canadian Rockies during that time in September. Likely leaving Victoria on Monday September 21st and returning around Wednesday September 30th. Details to follow, but if you are interested in coming along, please keep those dates open!


Photographs courtesy of Zia



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