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November 2014  �  Vol. 8  Issue 11
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
The Powerful Eclipses of 2014!
by Peter Tongue

We have just come to the end of the Eclipse season for 2014 and they were a powerful set of energies being made available to us for our personal and collective transformation. They culminated in a partial Solar Eclipse on the New Moon at zero degrees Scorpio on Thursday October 23rd where the Sun, Moon and Venus were all lined up. 

The maximum of the Eclipse was around 3.00pm in the afternoon and the sun was shining brightly in Victoria and so we got to see this amazing event directly and in current time as the moon eclipsed and rolled over the top third of the Sun. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to set our highest intentions for the next six months leading into the next eclipse season in March 2015. It feels to me as if these cosmic phenomena allied with the Equinoxes and Solstices are returning us to an understanding of the natural rhythms and cycles of the Cosmos and how to work with them for our highest potential.


This eclipse was the culmination of the first set of eclipses back on April 15th when we had the first of four "Blood Moons" occurring very close together. The Solar Eclipse then took place two weeks later on April 29th. In between those two eclipses was Easter and the "Grand Cross" which took place on Wednesday April 23rd. That Grand Cross, if you recall, caused a great deal of chaos and confusion in the major areas of people's lives with each of us being pulled apart in the four directions of personal freedom, family commitments, one on one relationships and work. The whole point was to force us into crisis so that we would "wake up" to our true calling and reason for being here on the planet. For us to step into our full personal sovereignty.

You may want to reflect back from now to last April and see what has actually transpired for you during that time, hopefully moving you closer to your true authentic path. You may want to reach even further back to November 2012 and see what has happened since then to bring you to where you are now!


The second "Blood Moon" full lunar eclipse on October 8th provided us with a final opportunity to gaze back into the past to heal personal and ancestral wounds, breaking the chains that bind us so that we could be set free in time for this final Solar Eclipse of the year. It was like dropping all of the old baggage before moving off on a new journey. 

It feels to me as if we are on the threshold of a completely new path with little knowledge of what it is going to be like, except that we have gone through all of the necessary training, gathering the resources that we are going to need, and now we just have to trust that we are ready for a new and exciting adventure. It definitely feels like a choice point for each of us to make the decision whether we want to go on this adventure or not. Steve Rother's latest "Beacons of Light" article about the Phantom Death is well worth the read to understand this.

The work that we have been doing on the Gene Keys has certainly helped in freeing us of the shadows that lurk within our unconscious, becoming aware of what they are and transmuting the low frequency energies into our higher vibratory gifts. We had our first gathering of seventeen people in Victoria on Sunday October 5th which was very successful and our next one will be on Sunday November 16th. If you are interested in attending in person or wish to receive the recording, just send me an e-mail  You can access the Gene Keys material here.

In previous Newsletters, I have talked about the Grail Cup over North America being an imprint of the Kabbalah or Tree of Life where each Sephirot represents a planetary influence. 

I mentioned Santa Fe, New Mexico as the Venus Gate, Mt. Shasta as the Jupiter Gate and the ocean around Vancouver Island as the Neptune Gate. This information is through the brilliant work of Norma Tarango and Peter Dawkins

At the end of September, Zia returned home to New Brunswick 

for a family gathering which provided the opportunity for us to do ceremony at the extreme upper and outer edges of the Grail Cup on the same day. The top sephirot on the eastern side of North America has not been identified in the landscape precisely but lies on the St. John line which is a ley line running through both St. John's Newfoundland and St. John, New Brunswick. Zia was positioned between the two on the Bay of Fundy. It is the planetary connection to Uranus and the sephirot of Binah while the Neptune gate here around Vancouver Island is Chokmah.

 We chose September 29th, Michaelmas Day, as the day we would both do ceremony to energetically link the two places together. For those of you familiar with the "Keys of Enoch" by JJ. Hurtak, these two places are also indicated under the wings of the Descending Dove over North America which I believe to be a different representation of the same thing as the "Grail Cup". We both had wonderful yet different experiences confirming to us the connections made and Mother Earth's approval. I was treated to a turkey vulture dance of over 100 hundred of them gathering in an upward spiralling air current vortex straight above me, to begin their migration journey south for the winter. At the end of the ceremony under clear skies a single huge long narrow feather cloud in the sky! It felt really good.

 The work that Norma Tarango and Peter Dawkins have done on the Grail Cup over North America is extraordinary and to this point they have not identified the Keter or Crown of the Kabbalah which is connected to Pluto. They have Huston, Texas as the Moon and Kansas City as the Sun along the central backbone axis and when I looked at the map and where it was leading to it brought back to mind all of the connections that I experienced in Winnipeg a couple of years ago.

 I went back into my memory banks and recovered the information about the Manitoba Legislature being an exact replica of a King Solomon's Temple as decoded by Frank Albo in his book The Hermetic Code. I have made it my Book Review of the Month. It is an incredible piece of work and you can listen to the interview I did with Frank here.



An important component is the representation of the Ark of the Covenant which is a war chest above the balcony of the blue room in the Legislature. Instead of having two Cherubim Angels on either end, there is a First Nations Chief and a Roman Centurion. Very odd! But then I met the two of them! Frank Albo the Centurion and Dave Courchene the Indian Chief. They have come together to restore peace between the white man and First Nations peoples. I asked Dave the most sacred place I could visit and he sent me to Manitou Api in White Shell Provincial Park. This is the place where "Creator Sits on the Earth" and is the most sacred place for the First Nations People who come from all over Canada to do ceremony there. The home of Dave and the local Anishnabe is Turtle Lodge in Pine Falls. When I looked at the three locations, the Legislature, Manitou Api and Turtle Lodge, they formed an equilateral triangle on the land and I feel strongly that this is the Crown of the Grail Cup over North America extending up into the North Pole and down into the South Pole through the Gulf of Mexico. It is the balancing of the energies of this Grail Cup over North America which is so important at this time, through the fire element in the west and the water element in the east. Lord Dufferin an influential Mason of the time said that Winnipeg was the "Keystone of the Grand Arch over the whole of Canada". This provides a wonderful image for us to use in engaging balance and peace across the continent.

 If you are doing any traveling over the Americas this year, then bear this in mind and consider doing your own ceremonies to help bring peace to our beautiful planet. It is also important to stay aware of the fact that the outer World seems to be in a great deal of turmoil, which it is, but this is a necessary step in the purging of all effluent that needs to be cleared out before we can step up into the higher vibrations of the new Planet Earth. Realize that this is just a necessary step in the overall process and so don't buy into the fear being generated by the media. Stay calm with peace in your heart and all will be well!     



I have been encouraged to make our weekly meditations available for anyone around the Globe who is unable to attend in person. People also want to experience the energy of a live meditation and so from now on we will be using to make our Thursday morning meditation available live or archived for a $5 donation. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who may be interested. Every Thursday, beginning at 11.30am pacific. Simply go to the link below to make your donation and we will send you the information you need for the meditation.


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Book Review
The Hermetic Code
by Frank Albo

Unlocking one of Manitoba's greatest secrets.

The Manitoba Legislative Building is the undisputed architectural gem of Canada. Yet few people know of its occult secrets. In The Hermetic Code, writers Carolin Vesley and Buzz Curie chronicle local scholar Frank Albo's search to uncover the Masonic ambitions of the building's architect, Frank Worthington Simon.

Concealed in the building's architecture is a spine-tingling trail of occult clues, which include hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked that they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years! In an edifying feast of religious mythology, occult history, and code-breaking symbolism, The Hermetic Code unravels a Rosetta Stone of mystical architecture in the heart of the Canadian prairies. 

Available on Amazon and