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September 2014  �  Vol. 6  Issue 9
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Equinox Energies!
by Peter Tongue


Another power month passes by as September comes to a close through the Fall Equinox, New Moon in Libra and Michaelmas Day on September 29th. Not to be outdone, October contains a second of the so- called "Blood Moons" a full Lunar Eclipse on October 8th, followed two weeks later by a partial Solar Eclipse.



The Cosmos keeps its intense grip upon us to push us as far as we can go in waking up to our true nature and follow our magical destiny. It is interesting to note that Matt Kahn predicted the 1st Wave of Ascension would be on September 27th, 2015, which leaves just one year for the 1st wavers to get themselves ready for their transition! Where do you stand in your process? I don't know exactly what the first wave looks like but I am planning to be there when it happens! I will be making some preparations on this September 27th for the year to unfold perfectly and just in time! Certainly our Equinox Ceremony on Sunday September 21st was a great start to the process.


Harry Kuebler came to our Summer Solstice Ceremony at the Standing Stone Circle in Chemainus and subsequently invited Zia and me to do a ceremony at his property in the Highlands. He and his wife Brenda had planned to create a Sacred Geometric Sacred Space in their back garden and sadly Brenda passed away in 2012.

Harry set about building the Sanctuary with his own hands in her honour naming the central axis boardwalk, "BK'S WALK". On visiting the property we could see great potential for the wonderful space Harry had created and agreed to do an initiatory ceremony on the Fall Equinox.


Zia envisioned a meditative walk through the chakras along the
boardwalk and up into the forest beyond, a steady elevation creating a perfect ascending path. Thirty people gathered together on September 21st, the International Day of Peace, acknowledging the many meditations and ceremonies taking place on the day throughout the Globe including the playing of John Lennon's "Imagine" at the completion of our journey through the landscape.


The base chakra was the grassy lawn on the ground level where we gathered to open space, honoring, Brenda, Harry, the Ancestors of the land, the Elementals, Mother Earth, Father Sky, any other beings of the Invisible Realms who wanted to join us as well as the local plants, trees, flowers, fish, many leggeds, four leggeds and two leggeds! At the base we combined the energies of Earth and Fire by each person being smudged with the smoke of burning sage. We honored Brenda as we began our meditative walk along the boardwalk in her name, blessing the heart-shaped crystal to be buried in our final crown-chakra blessing.


The second or Sacral Chakra part way along the boardwalk was adjacent to and above two fish ponds where enormous koi fish roam the waters. This spot reminded me of the symbol of the two fishes of Pisces and the connection to Christ Consciousness. Here we blessed some fresh well-water from the property, rubbed our bellies and offered the Water to the pond, the land and in some cases ourselves.


The Solar Plexus chakra further along the boardwalk looked out over the land below and here we did some deep Conscious Breathing to release any and all remnants of miss-created energy patterns within our lower chakras through our Breath and the Air element.


The Heart Chakra was inside a Pagoda lined up along a ley line from the beginning of the journey and the shift in energy as you entered was palpable. Here we worked with firing the heart through lighting a candle and taking a fiery-coloured flower on the next part of the journey, working again with the Fire and the Earth.


At the Throat chakra, now moving up into the upper garden, we blew our blessings into the flower, working with the Air and the Ether elements and then toning to the OM through the throat out into the wilderness.


The Third Eye offered the opportunity to receive a message from spirit through different Angel Cards working with the Ethers. I was very happy in receiving "Follow Your Heart" from St. Francis and "Abundance" from Archangel Uriel.


The Crown Chakra was where we offered our flower and any other blessings we had brought with us. Zia had prepared a yummy feast of goodies for Pachamama (Mother Earth) to digest and filled a hole in the ground with those tasty goodies as well as our personal offerings and flowers.

Gently returning to the bottom of the garden the group assembled, read their Angel Cards and started playing the different instruments available including crystal bowls, rattles, drums and chimes. After a chorus of instruments, we had a few moments of silence and then toned together to anchor the energies into the land. It felt really good and the animals, frogs and birds responded in kind. It was a very special first ceremony and I am sure there will be more to come. We closed space after sharing experiences, fully satisfied with the day, and ready for a scrumptious pot-luck lunch.


One story worth sharing really summed up the energies of the day! Alice King was one of the first people to go on the meditative walk and being a little unsteady on her feet, Harry decided to escort her on her journey. As they reached the pinnacle of the walk at the top of the Garden, where Zia was preparing the Earth offering, Alice suddenly gasped, "There's a bear!" Harry, Zia, Alice, Maryl and Cynthia/Sylvia looked up to see this bear observing them from just a short distance away. What a gift! Now if Harry had not chosen to offer himself in service to Alice, he would not have seen the bear and received the gift. Earlier in the week, he had asked Spirit, to show him a sign through Nature that he was on the right path! By offering himself in service (Virgo), He was given the gift (Libra), his own sun sign and birthday coming up! He had never seen a bear in 24 years living on the property.


This shift from Virgo to Libra is extremely significant for all of us. The Spring Equinox in Aries is the beginning of the Astrological Year and the first six signs up to the Fall Equinox represent our own individual journeys culminating with Virgo, the sacred feminine and us in service. To Who? Libra is the first of the second set of six and is about our relationships with "The Other". The "Other" is any other we are in partnership with, whether it be romantic, business, family, the land, Spirit. Each of these partners reflecting back to us the progress we have made over the first six signs to show us whether we are in right relationship with ourselves first and then these mirror reflections outside of ourselves. Each sign that follows expands our influence through the collective until we merge with the Oneness in Pisces, the last sign.


The New Moon in Libra was at the first degree of Libra and directly aligned with the Super Galactic Centre, a black hole atthe Centre of the Cluster of Galaxies to which our Milky Way belongs. This signals an opportunity for new beginnings in the most expanded form you can imagine for yourself with absolutely no limitations-allowing you to display your full brilliance and shine your light brightly!



I have been encouraged to make our weekly meditations available for anyone around the Globe who is unable to attend in person. People also want to experience the energy of a live meditation and so from now on we will be using to make our Thursday morning meditation available live or archived for a $5 donation. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who may be interested. Every Thursday, beginning at 11.30am pacific. Simply go to the link below to make your donation and we will send you the information you need for the meditation.


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Book ReviewNot In His Image
by John Lamb Lash


Basing much of Not in His Image

on the Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic writings, John Lamb Lash explains how a little-known messianic sect propelled itself into a dominant world power, systematically wiping out the great Gnostic spiritual teachers, the Druid priests, and the shamanistic healers of Europe and North Africa. They burned libraries and destroyed temples in an attempt to silence the ancient truth-tellers and keep their own secrets. But as Lash reveals, when the truth is the planet Earth it cannot be hidden or destroyed. 

Not in His Image delves deeply into the shadows of ancient Gnostic writings to reconstruct the story early Christians tried to scrub from the pages of history, exploring the richness of the ancient European Pagan spirituality--the Pagan Mysteries, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia--and chronicles the annihilation of this Pagan European culture at the hands of Christianity.

Long before the birth of Christianity, monotheism was an anomaly; Europe and the Near East flourished under the divine guidance of Sophia, the ancient goddess of wisdom. The Earth was the embodiment of Sophia and thus sacred to the people who sought fulfillment in her presence. This ancient philosophy was threatening to the emerging salvation-based creed of Christianity that was based on patriarchal dominion over the Earth and lauded personal suffering as a path to the afterlife. As Derrick Jensen points out in the afterword, in Lash's hands Jesus Christ emerges as the agent provocateur of the ruling classes.


Available as an eBook through Kindle and Nook.