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November 1st
All Saints Day
4th Uranus/Pluto square in a series of seven


November 3rd

New Moon in Scorpio, Solar Eclipse
Victoria Star Temple Journey
Clocks go back one hour
November 10th
Mercury Goes Forward
November 11th
Remembrance Day Canada
Veteran's Day U.S.
November 14th
Ambassadors of Light Class
November 17th
Full Moon in Taurus

November 28th
Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.
First Day of Hanukkah
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November 6th
Peter Tongue
 "Ascending Humanity" 

A series of outstanding guests have offered us tremendous insights into the world of spirit and what is taking place on the planet today as Mother Earth and the people living upon her go through this exciting ascension and transformation. There are however many challenges along the way and Peter will try to give us an overall perspective of what is taking place within us, the planet and the Cosmos, including information from many of his recent guests as well as his own awareness and experiences. He will include information on what it is we need to do as evolving human beings, how the planet itself is shifting in consciousness and the impact of the star systems and constellations including the Sun which is also going through a major energetic shift at this time.    



 November 13th
Lisbeth Hultmann

"The Power of the Voice"


Do you know what it's like, when you hear a voice that suddenly and without warning betrays a trembling insecurity behind the self-assured mask, becoming raspy and hoarse, cracked, or blocked by a lump in the throat? Do you know what it's like, when a good friend only has to say "hi" on the phone, and you know immediately that something's wrong? The voice reveals the body's secrets-but it is also a tool with which we can resolve our obstacles. Everything we forget, our body remembers. And everything the body remembers is reflected in the voice. Our conscious mind reacts to words, but our emotions react to the voice. Words can lie, but the voice never lies. The voice closes the deal-or bungles it for us. It can be of great help to be conscious about our own voice and the signals it reflects. Lisbeth will discuss "The Power of the Voice" which offers you the tools to understand which kind of Voice Type you are, which advantages and disadvantages it gives you, and how to work with it.



November 20th
James Swagger
"Newgrange Sirius Mystery" 

In his book, "Newgrange Sirius Mystery", James Swagger argues that ancient stonemasons possessed an advanced understanding of Astronomy, evident from stone-age megalithic tomb alignments and rock carvings. James will discuss important aligned ritual sites in Ireland and potential symbolic correlations he identifies between these sites and the Dogon people of Mali, Africa. His calculations reveal that the monuments align to various stars, planets and constellations. Some of these are the same planets and stars that were also important to the Dogon including Sirius, Venus, the Sun, the Moon and the Pleiades. He also concludes that the ancients who built these monuments were mariners and master astronomers. Newgrange is considered to be one of the most significant sacred site mounds on the planet and James will discuss his personal experiences there.

November 27th
Bob Whitehouse
"Reason to Hope"  

Bob will discuss the work he has done following on from Arthur Young and the Theory of Everything. He will explain how the Toroid is at the centre of everything, from the tiniest sub-atomic particle up to Universes and that by understanding the nature of the Torus, we can begin to see where we are in the evolution of human consciousness. A new story of the Universe is emerging as is our role as Planetary Humans. This breakthrough in information for the 2012 Shift and beyond gives reason for hope and the awakening of our creative genius.



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  It was interesting that Pluto was demoted as a planet just as it was about to exert its greatest influence. For the last three years it has been having a powerful influence on our world at the global level. Pluto destroys anything that is not in true integrity, so that a new and better outcome can arise. It is responsible for the PHOENIX rising from the ashes! It is connected to the underworld, the unconscious, enforced change and regenerative forces. It creates the opportunity to create a fresh start, but can also be responsible for underhand and secretive activity.



 Gem Stone



The name comes from the Greek word for blood. It has been used as an amulet against bleeding, and so is known as the "blood stone". When arranged like the petals of a flower, it is referred to as the "iron rose". Native American folklore states that war paint made from haematite will make one invincible in battle. Haematite grounds and protects us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality. A "stone for the mind", Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought. Haematite utilises the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit. Because of its high Iron content, Haematite restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply, aiding blood conditions such as anaemia. It supports the kidneys and regenerates tissue. It stimulates the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells.  Haematite is good for leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia and aids spinal alignment and fractures. Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto and Mars is associated with the metal Iron. It is interesting then that the Mars Exploration Rover Project revealed deposits of the Iron bearing ore Haematite on Mars.




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November 2013  �  Vol. 5  Issue 11
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
The Red and White Springs of Mt. Shasta
by Peter Tongue



I concluded the main article in last month's Newsletter with a bit of a mystery. We knew we were going to be linking together some of the sacred sites of the Pacific North West but were not sure exactly what that would look like. Ernie has the ability to go to the upper levels to communicate with the spiritual realms and was guided to send us in different directions. Our home port is Victoria and he was informed that Zia and I were to head south to Mt. Shasta and he and Shelley were to head north to Victoria Lake which is on the northern end of Vancouver Island near Port Alice. We agreed to synchronize our ceremonies on Michaelmas Day, September 29th, at 4.44pm.

 The significance of Victoria Lake is that it is outlined in the World Map of the 12 key sacred vortex sites in JJ Hurtak's "Keys of Enoch", one of only four spots under the descending dove over the contiguous continent of North America. There is a fifth on Hawaii. Obviously Mt. Shasta is known to be an important connecting vortex on the planetary crystal grid and we felt this guidance was placing us exactly where we needed to be. The connection also included Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands) a very isolated archipelago well north of Vancouver Island where Ernie and Shelley had just been, Crater Lake, Oregon, and Bainbridge Island, just west of Seattle, with Victoria somewhat in the middle.

We set off in opposite directions and Ernie and Shelley soon ran into challenges in the form of appalling weather conditions with heavy rain and fierce winds, catching the edge of a typhoon from the Pacific Rim. It was so bad that they didn't feel safe in the Victoria Lake area on logging roads with no people around at all and the danger of the roads washing out. They still did their ceremony at the Lake a day early before departing and tuning in to an alternative location west of Victoria near Port Renfrew on the appointed day. Shelley was guided there and later realized there was a direct north/south line linking the sites together including Haida Gwaii and Mt. Shasta. Still in very difficult conditions, they performed their ceremony, feeling a deep connection to the land in all of the different locations and to our ceremony on Mt. Shasta.

Meanwhile we had driven south to Mt. Shasta, arriving in the early evening to catch the sun going down on the magnificent 14,000 foot mountain. Just before leaving, Ernie had handed me a packet of maps and information about the Mt. Shasta area, including an article that James Tyberonn had written about Stewart Mineral Springs. In the article, he described his visit there and explained how he had discovered both a white spring and a red spring. The only other place he was aware of where there are both a red and a white spring was in Glastonbury in England at the Chalice well. I was stunned! We had performed ceremony in the hub of the Landscape Zodiac in Glastonbury around the fall equinox last year and now we had the opportunity to intentionally link Glastonbury and Mt. Shasta together through the Red and White Springs!

Tyberonn also explained a special cycle to go through while at the Stewart Mineral Springs as a purification process which required visits on three consecutive days. We worked out that we could complete the three sessions just before our Ceremony on the Mountain on Michaelmas Day. The white spring is tapped into a bath house where you lie in the silicate-rich hot water, fully immersed up to your neck, during which time your skin becomes entirely saturated with the highly-alkaline waters. You then go into a communal wood-heated, cedar-lined Sauna where your pores open wide and take in the rich supply of minerals. You then have the choice of a taking a quick cold shower or immersing yourself completely in the creek outside - where the waters from the white and red springs converge - which is at the frigid temperature of 2 degrees centigrade. We had read in Tyberonn's article that the creek was the only place where you had access to the Red Spring and therefore the only choice we could make was to take the plunge into the Creek, closing the pores, and sealing the minerals inside us. This entire cycle is then repeated twice more in the same session and so by doing this on three consecutive days, we plunged into the cold creek nine times in all. Requiring courage but very invigorating!

In the midst of this, we spent the afternoon of September 28th hiking on the mountain, acclimating to her and resonating with the powerful energies that she emits. We hiked for about an hour to an isolated and magical power area called Southgate Meadows (formerly known as Squaw Meadows) where we cleansed our ceremonial crystals in the flowing cold springs of the meadow and did a ceremony in preparation for the day to follow.

Michaelmas Day, the day Archangel Michael and All Angels are honored in the Christian Calendar, has always been a significant day for me. Having taught at St. Michaels University School for 20 years, I came to appreciate the role he played in helping and supporting members of our school, particularly the children. One Michaelmas Day, I even had the opportunity to go to the hub of the Archangel Michael Temple in the Canadian Rockies, as outlined by Starwalker, anchored with crystals in the form of a six-pointed St. David's Star. A very special opportunity! Michael and his Legions of Light are always available on this day to help clear shadow energy from the planet and assist us in sacred ceremony to raise consciousness and vibrational frequency for humanity.

The mists were down and the veils were thick as we climbed the mountain road the next day. As we drove the fourteen miles up the mountain, the mists got thicker and the temperature dropped from 12 degrees in town to one degree at the Panther Meadows Trailhead. There was no-one else on the mountain. Not one parked car anywhere. We hiked into Panther Meadows and on to Panther Springs where the vast majority of spiritual pilgrims perform their ceremonies and meditate. Zia found a beautiful Redwood tree just above the springs which had seven trunks arranged in a semi-circle so that there was a natural altar on the inside. This was the place for our ceremony! Zia placed 12 flowers in a circle representing the 12 sun signs, each accompanied by one of our new radiant beads. In the centre, she placed a stone that Shelley had bought back from Haida Gwaii, a quartz crystal that she found lying on the trail nearby, one of the radiant beads, and a heart-shaped flower petal. It was cold and wet as the rain and mist sleeted down, but we were not to be deterred as we carried out our ceremony, connecting to Mother Earth, through the mountain and linking in all of the vortex centres that we have been working with and feel responsible for over the last few years. Spirit does not always make the adventures easy and we were well aware that our resolve and commitment were being tested once again. We were not yet aware of Ernie and Shelley's considerable challenges, and yet we did accomplish our synchronized ceremonies.


We thought that our task was complete, but as we were about to leave the Mt. Shasta area, we noticed in a booklet about the area that one of the sacred sites nearby was called the Pluto Caves. We agreed that we had to go there. Completely cloaked from view when approaching along the trail, a gash in the landscape suddenly opened up to reveal these absolutely enormous caves, at least four stories high. Three main caves which we later learned were the communal living cave, the cave where Mothers gave birth and the third which extended underground for some distance - possibly miles! We entered all three and set out inside the very dark third cave until we reached a point where the underfoot surface was getting dangerous for potential twisted ankles. We decided to pause here and with flashlights off, tone into the absolute pitch black of the cave. Then the bats started flying around our heads. Anyone claustrophobic, fearful of the dark or of small furry creatures flying around your head would have been terrified. Here is the challenge! We were in the Underworld where all our fears arise in the unconscious - Pluto or Hades reigns here. We sent our blessings into the darkness after the beautiful stillness which followed the toning, and then we felt a warm embrace come back to us from within the void, womb space, deep within the cave. Emerging out of the cave really felt like a re-birth and there to greet us was a magnificent view of Mt. Shasta, glistening pure white in fresh snow.

We planned to visit Crater Lake, another wonderful sacred site in the landscape on our return, but she was also shrouded in mist and deep snow prevented a drive around the Crater Rim. We also planned to stop in at Bainbridge Island which Sue, our wonderful meditation visionary, had seen as a key connecting point under the ocean through a golden rod to Victoria. Through a synchronous meeting a couple of weeks before the trip with a former student, we learned that a beautiful sacred site existed on Bainbridge called the Bloedel Reserve. We visited the house and gardens and, close to a beautiful Willow Tree near the Japanese Garden, carried out our ceremony while sitting on the Wishing Bench, again connecting the dots of our sacred sites in the landscape. I feel that Mother Earth has gone through her Ascension Process and the more we align with her and her energies, the easier it will be for us individually and collectively to make the ascension ourselves. These sacred pilgrimages provide the opportunity for exactly this to happen.


Libra Workshop

The Alchemical Marriage



The Libra Dove or Scales as they are often represented, according to the findings of Mary Dowds, have the central axis down Mackenzie and Rainbow Park is the balance point between the pans of the scales or wings of the dove. The feminine side of the scale is Swan Lake and the masculine, Christmas Hill. We opened space in Rainbow Park this day with the clear intention of working with both aspects of ourselves within and without. We then traveled to Swan Lake where we had decided to enter into a silent reflective walk around the lake tuning into the deep waters of the lake, letting go of any and all issues still impacting us in our lives. The energies of Libra throw us into this challenge by reflecting back to us, "The Other". The other represents anything outside of us which we have a personal relationship with, reflecting back to us what we need to balance. In our personal relationships, we find people who are seemingly perfectly aligned with us and resonating on the same frequency, while others create a sense of discord and imbalance. Our job in Libra is to realize that everything outside of us is a projection of what is inside of us and each person is an external gift to help show us where we are healthy inside and where we still need healing. We carried a stone with us to release into it all that we are done with, blowing our cares away into it.

We then enjoyed a sharing of our experiences and had a discussion about Libra energy and the human requirements to step through the Libra reflecting mirror into harmony and balance. Our Libra dove and scales in the landscape create the perfect mirror of the feminine and masculine. Our feminine symbol is the Swan, reflected in the still calm waters of Swan Lake. We gathered on a platform out on the lake. The platform was in the shape of an eight pointed star which represents the sacred feminine through abundance and limitless potential. The rock which we had carried around the lake and placed all of the heaviness, blockages and limiting beliefs which hold us back on this human journey was now tossed into the still depths of the lake. Having pitched our rocks into the lake, Zia presented each of us with a feather to carry from the concave waters of the feminine lake up to the convex masculine energies of Christmas Hill.

We were very conscious of the ceremony performed by Ernie last year as we peered out into the Lake. Ernie had uploaded a lot of energy and information during our pilgrimage through France and England and he had returned supercharged with this vibrant, conscious energy. He was seeking a way to embed and anchor this energy back into our home landscape. He had walked Swan Lake with a magnificently created wand and crystal point, going back to his initial awakening at the time of Harmonic Convergence in 1987. He breathed into this wand all that he had accumulated on the journey and ceremonially threw the wand into the depths of Swan Lake to resonate out through the waters and our entire landscape activating these powerful vibrations of intelligence. Swan Lake certainly felt vibrantly alive!

 Before ascending Christmas Hill, we first needed to cross the rainbow bridge and remarkably the bridge over Mackenzie Avenue, the axis of the dove and scales in our zodiac, took us from Rainbow Park to Rainbow Street-no doubt about what we were doing! The bridge created the midpoint to our figure of eight walk, spiraling over the traffic and the people going about their daily business, once again reminding us of our elevated journey into higher consciousness, breaking down all limiting beliefs and reaching for the stars. The harmonic balance of Libra includes both the horizontal of masculine and feminine as well as the vertical balance of as above, so below- matter and spirit.

Christmas Hill is another one of those sacred sites associated with a First Nation's legend. A young baby was picked up from the Inner Harbor from what is now the Legislative Lawn, by a massive black Raven. It was Christmas Eve and the native people and early settlers set out from downtown Victoria to find the baby. They made their way north through swamp land, eventually ascending the slopes of a hill, without finding the child. Early the next morning after dawn, the baby was heard making playful noises, safe and sound atop our mystery hill which, because the baby was found on Christmas morning, became known as Christmas Hill.

 As we climbed Christmas Hill, Zia was there to greet us in her Libra mask, regaled with bird feathers. Overlooking the magnificent landscape towards downtown we joined in a meditation on the Hill and we released our feather off the top into the air element, representative of Libra. Our task was not complete, however, as we now needed to take the energies of the feminine and masculine together back to the hub of the zodiac for the alchemical marriage. For the early Chinese settlers, Christmas Hill was the ideal Feng Shui location in the whole of Victoria. The gentle south facing slope flowing down to the ocean was the perfect spot. They purchased a piece of land to build their cemetery to the elders and ancestors but were prevented from completing this task by the British settlers. Not surprisingly, perhaps then, that the settlers established their Sacred Heart Catholic Church adjacent to the Chinese land on the ideal slopes of Christmas Hill.

Last year, during our journey in France and England, we had performed ceremonies to activate the hubs of the landscape zodiacs in Rennes Le Chateau and Glastonbury with a beautiful alchemical marriage in Park Wood the heart of the Glastonbury Zodiac. So close to the Equinox, it seemed appropriate to return to our own hub at Camrose Park to reinforce this connection. Zia had planned to bury some Peacock ore in the hub representing Libra energy, but it proved to be totally elusive. Instead, she chose to bury a Copper penny, as Copper is the metal associated with Venus which is the ruler of Libra. It seems the Copper penny is to make a return into our currency next year and so prosperity and abundance for all of us was called for in this ceremony. We now move into Scorpio on November 3rd where the magic and mystery can begin!


Monthly Constellation  
A Great Comet Coming?





The end of November might mark the arrival of a comet bright enough to be easily observed in daylight. Comet ISON could be stunning or it could be a dud. It might burst into brilliance as it rounds the sun, or it could fizzle and vaporize into nothing. Recent comets have done both. Comet Ison's orbit is similar to the great Comet of 1680, which could be seen in daylight passing above the Sun. Ison rounds the Sun on November 28th and it won't be known until then whether it will indeed be brilliant! Comet Ison begins its apparition in the morning sky, brightening through October and November as it descends into the south east on its approach to the Sun, between Mercury and Spica on November 20th. The comet rapidly whips around the Sun on its closest approach on November 28th and might be visible in daylight near the Sun in very clear skies on November 30th. As it pulls away from the Sun it enters the evening sky and may well be visible in bright twilight to northern observers in early December.


The Hermetic astrologers of the mystery schools of Egypt and Greece knew that an eclipse created a tunnel to higher realms where they could communicate directly with the star gods and access their sacred wisdom. Eclipses were a cosmic thoroughfare and stellar gateway. Scientific tests have shown that during an eclipse, electromagnetic fields increase in magnitude significantly, especially near sacred sites. On November 3rd we experience an unusual hybrid eclipse starting over the Eastern U.S and Canada as an annular eclipse. In Nova Scotia, for example, the Sun rises already in eclipse and within 20 minutes will reach its maximum Moon coverage of 44%. In the central Atlantic Ocean it turns into a total eclipse and moves over Africa, where in northern Kenya totality lasts just 14 seconds and the Sun sets in Somalia during a total eclipse lasting just one second!



Book Review
Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule
by Micah Hanks


Many people and ancient cultures have claimed there are methods through which we may be able to make direct connection with intelligent life in the universe. Micah Hanks takes us on a fascinating journey of investigation in exploration of three possibilities. This history includes the "magic" some people claim was demonstrated by individuals like Aleister Crowley & Madame Blavastky; the "mysticism" of ancient shamanic practices; and an opening of human consciousness through "molecules" such as psychedelic substances. This book is by no means an endorsement of these possibilities, but instead a clear-headed, open, unbiased investigation and discussion of each, their history and potential. Are ghosts, spirits, Big Foot, alien encounters and the manifestation of unusual or bizarre creatures such as elves and demons the legitimate result of a presently misunderstood expansion of human consciousness? Do they actually exist? Should we continue to scientifically explore these occult approaches in an effort to discover the possibility of undiscovered portals to unseen dimensions? Read this book and you will be in a much more informed position to answer these questions for yourself.
Astrological Signs  

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. Nearly every description of Scorpio emphasizes depth of passion, often in sexual terms. Scorpio rules the sex organs. But the Scorpion is passionate in many fields of life including politics, work and play. A peculiar intensity permeates the whole personality creating an extremely strong sense of purpose in life and a determination to do nothing by halves. Scorpio people challenge themselves to the limit in one endeavour or another. They have a fascination with life, death and the after-life. Positive traits include powerful feelings and emotions, fierce loyalty, persistence and determination. The shadow side of Scorpio includes; jealousy, resentment, being secretive, suspicious and self-destructive.

Monthly Animal Totem  







Seals are sea mammals and are highly symbolic of our feeling, sensual selves. The seal helps us to remember our connection to our deep inner rhythms, feelings, and knowing, as represented by the sea. As humans generally believe themselves to be apart from 'animals', when really we are a-part of them, we often fight giving in to these deep rhythms and are afraid of 'losing' what we consider to be ourselves. When we are afraid of drowning in these depths, Seal being a good swimmer and knowing how to flow with the ever changing current, reminds us how to swim with the current. When we do this the negative feelings we have created such as worry, fear and anxiety are released from our minds. If seal enters your life, you are being asked to review the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions and find and keep up a point of balance. Water is a creative element and symbolises the feminine imagination and intuition. If the seal appears in your life, pay close attention to your imagination and insight - in the waking state and in dreamtime. A lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far-off it may seem. People with seal as a power animal are generally highly imaginative and very creative. They will need activities that channel and direct this. Seal can show you how to develop and focus your imagination