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Ambassadors of Light Class
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September 4th
Nick Clements
 "The Alpha Wolf" 
Roger Cologne is an Alpha Boy. He has all the trappings of success - the looks, car, flat, and a high-powered job. He doesn't do relationships. He is a collector of conquests without consequence. By unexpectedly becoming a father and receiving redundancy he discovers there is more to life. He is forced to start his personal development journey. He seeks to learn more about himself as well as entering a meaningful relationship. By doing so, he moves towards becoming an Alpha Wolf. Nick Clements, one of the world's foremost experts on masculinity and rites of passage, will discuss his compelling story which allows us to gain understanding and insight into the modern man's journey. Combining humour, wisdom and emotionally charged stories the book explains how a lot of men think and experience the separate worlds of work, relationships and feelings. It is full of advice and guidance for us all, and incorporates exercises and life style development work which has been practiced by hundreds of people over the last 20 years.



 September 11th
Devrah Laval

"Leap to Freedom" 

Whether we are rich or poor, religious, agnostic or atheist, we all suffer because of our unconscious belief in sin and guilt, both of which lie at the core of all our decisions and actions. But what if everything we've been taught about sin, and the need to feel guilt, has been a lie? Devrah will discuss her book, the purpose of which is to offer a way out from this limited and debilitating belief that we've blindly accepted, by exploring how and why sin and guilt are illusions. What if we no longer have to live in fear of suffering and eternal damnation, or be plagued by constant nagging doubt or unworthiness brought on by the beliefs in sin and guilt? What if, instead, we could live every moment in the state of love and peace, and thereby be better able to fulfill our true purpose?



September 18th
Barbara Berger
"Are You Happy Now?" 

What is preventing you from being happy now? Is it your partner, your health, your job, your financial situation or your weight? Or is it all the things you think you "should" do? Barbara Berger will discuss her book which takes a look at all the things we think and do that prevent us from living happy lives now. The book's basic premise is that our thoughts determine our experience of reality-and understanding this is the key to living a happy life.


"Very practical. The book is easy to read and gives easy-to-understand guidance in positive thinking. The book will surely give people who are worried about life a real 'aha' experience."  Femina Magazine


September 25th
Jan Krause Green
"I Call Myself Earth Girl" 

When Gloria discovers that the baby in her womb was conceived in another lifetime, she must unravel the mystery that ties her to the past and the future. All Gloria ever wanted was a normal life. Instead she is having recurring dreams about Earth Girl, who recounts the story of her abduction and rape. When Gloria discovers that she is pregnant, despite her husband's long absence, she begins to question her sanity. Could she really be carrying Earth Girl's baby? Can she save her marriage while unraveling the mystery that ties her to the past and future and to a love that endures beyond time?

Jan will discuss her book which will appeal to visionaries, seekers, dreamers and those who believe there is a better way to share this planet with each other. It is aimed at anyone who cares about the future. 



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Mercury, the messenger of the gods, symbolizes our intellect and mental outlook, the way we think and communicate. Mercury, as Hermes, is the emblem for the magus, the wise counsellor, divine messenger-and prince of thieves!

Planetary lord of Gemini and Virgo, this fast-moving planet stands for ideas, methods and information, especially as expressed through communication and media.  Logic and analysis is his sphere, so he also governs scientific enquiries and research work. It's interesting that Mercury is also the great healer. As consultant and doctor, he enables the transfer of healing energies between the therapist and the patient. Mercury's staff, the caduceus, symbolically represents the mighty occult forces indicated by two snakes entwining a rod or wand. These snakes have several layers of meaning, but they are principally active energy channels.

Mercury, god of the crossroads, also governs transportation: how we get where we're going, both physically and mentally. The god of travelers also has a role as a spiritual guide, in charge of transporting souls to the afterlife. The Egyptian masters credited Thoth with the creation of magic and the invention of writing and the calendar. He was the divine record-keeper and mediator. Thoth was the Egyptian Mercury. 


 Gem Stone



Perhaps a surprising element to profile in our work because its importance has remained largely hidden. In the alchemical process it has long been known that Antimony is a key component in the conversion of regular Gold into Philosophical Gold where "The Grey Wolf (Antimony) devours the King (Gold)!" Antimony is the only individual element capable of dissolving Gold to begin this critical phase of the alchemical transformation. Bismuth's properties are very similar to Antimony as they reside together in the same period of the Periodic Table of Elements, and so it was long thought that Antimony was also the agent involved in the transformation of Mercury into Philosophical Mercury.

This is not the case and Bismuth is the key ingredient. Why is Bismuth so critical? It is the heaviest known element that is stable and does not radioactively decay. If you imagine the elements build up from the simplest Hydrogen atom becoming more and more complex and therefore requiring higher levels of consciousness to maintain the structure, then it works out that Bismuth has the highest stable consciousness of all of the elements. It is the PRIEST and marries together the Philosophical Gold and Philosophical Mercury to form the androgynous child or Philosophers Stone! The metal often appears with these shimmering rainbow colours as a result of reflecting light off a thin surface covering of Bismuth Oxide. 



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September 2013  �  Vol. 5  Issue 9
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Renaissance of Divine Love!
by Peter Tongue

As many of you know I went down to the World Congress on Illumination in Tucson, Arizona, in the middle of August. I used to attend this Conference regularly in the mid 90's through to the early 2000's. Patti Cota-Robles and Kay Meyer were guided to host an annual light worker gathering on the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence which took place on August 17th 1987. They were guided to the understanding that humanity was being given a 25 year window of opportunity to awaken to our true purpose in time for the Dec.21st, 2012 event which occurred at the end of last year. With total dedication and commitment they invited people from all over the world to attend each year. Every other year it was held in their home base at the magnificent Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson and on the alternate years would take people on a pilgrimage to places in North America that were integrally linked to the light work, including Washington DC, Hawaii, Grand Tetons, Alaskan cruise and the Archangel Michael force field of light in the Canadian Rockies.


About three hundred people attend from approximately 15 different countries and many states and provinces in North America. As this was the first one after the 2012 event I was interested to know what Patti's view was of what has taken place. I have the highest regard for Patti's information and impeccable integrity and so I was delighted to hear that her view of what is taking place is very similar to that which I have written about over the last few months in the Newsletters and spoken about in our meditations and classes. I will try to summarize what she said in this article.


The age of Pisces represented the Age of Christ on the Cross. Sacrifice, crucifixion, separation, forgiveness, love, resurrection and ascension. While Christ suffered physically on the cross, the sacred feminine through Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene suffered emotionally. John the Beloved was holding space during this process. We are now moving into the Age of Aquarius and the second coming which is not Christ arriving on a Chariot on a white cloud but each of us collectively going through the process of dying, resurrecting and ascending. Not dying physically, but dying to our old way of being. Letting go of all of the old systems and beliefs that no longer serve us. This sets us free to be our true authentic selves, resurrect and ascend into the 5th Dimensional frequencies of light. To achieve this we need to find balance between our masculine and feminine nature within. In the Aquarian Age the Christ and the Magdalene are holding space for us as the Way showers of the Sacred Union with the Beloved, once we have achieved this balance.


First it was important to clear all of the scars, wounds and emotional hurt caused by the male energy exerting inappropriate power and control, often suppressing the sacred feminine energies, and also to re-establish and empower the sacred feminine in all of her Glory. We also worked with the nature spirits of the water element called Undines to raise their frequencies up into the fifth dimension so that healing on a massive scale could take place through our emotional body. Remember we are essentially made up of water and so this activity of light provided a wonderful opportunity for all of us to upgrade our all too often damaged emotional structures. On the final day of the Congress which is celebrated as Mother Mary's Ascension Day in the Christian Calendar, we worked with the deep rose pink vibration of Transfigured Divine Love with an aura of aquamarine for clarity and discernment. The Sacred feminine restored to full power. Finally we were invited to go out into the world and EMBODY these ascension frequencies of light. One of the most profound realizations is that everything we have intentioned in our meditations has already been achieved. We asked and we have received. We just need to be aware of this and live it, allowing the world to come to us, paying attention to what and who shows up. It comes down to our attitude to life and what we perceive to be real and true and what is really true. Once we come to terms with that truth, our lives will flow magnificently.


As an example of that, my journey contained a major twist! I was asked at the last minute to change my travel plans and drive a car back to Victoria from Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Lake Tahoe is one of the most pure and pristine bodies of water in the world and here I was driving around the Lake one day after the Conference connecting with and anchoring in the new 5th dimensional Undines. I even immersed myself in the Lake to ground and activate these energies. The next day I drove to Mt.  Shasta, one of the most sacred places on the planet and spent five hours walking the sacred mountain landscape having magnificent experiences in Panther Springs and Southgate Meadows. In both places, cold bubbling springs erupt out of the ground and flow down the mountainside. At this time of year, wildflowers bloom all the way down the streams and rivulets that form. This place is Paradise on Earth and once again I was able to anchor and activate the new energies bringing Heaven to Earth through intention, integration and

grounding. In Southgate meadows the land itself is vibrating and pulsing it is so vibrantly alive. A week before leaving Victoria I had no idea this opportunity was going to arise. This is an example of how spirit guides us when we allow everything to unfold.


I suspect September is going to be just as exciting as August and I look forward to reporting back next month. In the meantime pay attention to the SWAN in any guise and take the opportunity to gaze up into the clear night sky and focus on the summer triangle and Cygnus the Swan constellation which is close to the zenith or top of the sky this month.  



Have confidence and know that we are right on track with the unfolding Divine Plan and live life lovingly!

Leo Workshop

Crowning the Sun King!


We began our Leo alchemical journey meeting at Lochside Elementary School enjoying the wonderful rock formations, sacred geometry and playground as we reminded ourselves to come to the day in our inner child playful self. We then took the short walk along the Lochside Trail to enjoy and revel in the fairies, elves and playful paraphernalia displayed outside one of the homes. We then went to Outerbridge Park where we walked a figure of eight in quiet reflection deciding whether we were going to shed all of our old baggage and move into the unknown world of the fifth dimension or hold on to the old world which is so safe and familiar to us. We paused at the midpoint by the "Old Hag" plum tree representing the wise energies of the sacred feminine. We reflected further by the still reflecting pool complete with lilies, crossed the wooden bridge of the old ways leaving it behind and climbing over the stone bridge and into the world of the unknown-Shangri-La- as Mrs. Outerbridge had envisioned it! 

It was a hot day and we continued our journey around the head of the Lion connecting with the red rock tongue/throat that Ted first discovered two years ago and then moved around the head overlooking Royal Oak Cemetery. This beautiful spot has deep significance for a number of us and we all enjoyed our own personal reflection as we listened to "Born Free" a really appropriate melody for this hot Leonine day. Although Leo is bright, happy and playful in the summer sun, it is also about embracing all aspects of life however challenging circumstances might be.


We moved on to McMinn Park where we enjoyed a wonderful shared pot luck picnic in the warm sunshine. Our discussion revolved around the powerful Golden energies of the Sun and the light revealing itself and shining forth from within each of us. Leo represents the masculine energy and the golden sunlight, shining our inner light, paying close attention to any tendency for arrogance or false pride.

Our afternoon began with a drive to Quick's Bottom. Near the entrance, we came across an amazing ranch with two Lion statues guarding the entrance and a rampant stallion in the middle of the courtyard. There were also some giraffes on the front lawn just to complete this African scene.


The trail into Quick's Bottom goes alongside the ranch which has at the rear, horse stables for three magnificent pure bred horses and on the fence at the bottom of their run is painted, "LEO, LEO, LEO!" As if we hadn't already got the message that we were in Lion country. Were these the names of the three horses?

 At some point Zia slipped away to don her Leo mask and surprised us by creeping up on us as we stood up high on the bird-spotting look out in Quick's bottom. She emerged out of the long dry grass which looked just like the Serengeti as if she had been stalking us for some time. Eerie realism!




Our final ceremony was at the sacred Oak Tree in the Heart of the Lion where Katharine Maltwood used to live at what is now the Fireside Grill. We buried our gemstone which for Leo is Tiger's Eye and danced to the music of Dan the Bard to celebrate the festival of Lughnasa and this great alchemical journey that we are on.


 We retired to the Fireside Grill to enjoy a wonderful dinner and celebration to cap off a truly inspiring day.



And now we move into the sacred feminine aspect of our journey in VIRGO on September 8th!




Monthly Constellation  
Cygnus the Swan Ignites the Night Sky!




A number of synchronicities have clearly indicated that Cygnus the Swan constellation has an important role to play in the next Golden Age. It has already been demonstrated that it played an important role in the life of the ancient civilizations of our planet and was involved in death, resurrection and ascension. It has been known to emit high energy particles to help raise the stream of consciousness of humans evolving on the planet in the past and is ready to do so again. Currently you will find Deneb, the brightest star in the constellation and the tail of the Swan, sometimes referred to as the Northern Cross, right at the Zenith at the midpoint at the top of the night sky. Try and connect with this constellation on a clear and starry night and absorb its energies! More information can be obtained from the book review of the month.

Saturn bows out of the evening sky this month with Venus rising to take its place, the waxing Moon passing by Venus on September 8th.



Book Review
The Cygnus Mystery: Unlocking the Ancient Secret of Life's Origins in the Cosmos
by Andrew Collins


The Cygnus Constellation holds the key to proving that life originated in the heavens and will ultimately return there. Best-selling author Andrew Collins has uncovered an astronomy that is about 17,000 years old, with standing stones, temples, and monuments across the globe oriented towards Cygnus's stars. He also found that the use of deep caves by Palaeolithic man led to the rise of religious thought and the belief in life's stellar origins. Now modern-day technology has confirmed that high-energy particles come from a binary star known as Cygnus X3. Ancient people knew what science is finally verifying: that the DNA of life came originally from deep space.



Astrological Signs  
I Serve


Interestingly the mythology around Virgo is that when the last GOLDEN age ended and MAN defied VIRGO's rule, she returned to the heavens in disgust!

Now is the time for us to welcome her back with open arms! She represents the three levels of womanhood; the young naive and innocent virgin, the mother in her full abundant blossoming and the ugly old hag who most people pull away from, but is actually the wise one who has all the knowledge that we seek!

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury and the key words are critical and analytical. The inner world of Virgo is analyzing, solving and assessing, planning and working towards future goals. They use their talents in service to others. Virgos have a tendency to place impossible demands on themselves while at the same time being eager and careful to help and support those around them.

There is a quest for perfection in minutiae which can lead them to lose sight of the overall bigger picture. Very hard working and extremely practical they make great team players but rarely enjoy being in the limelight!


Monthly Animal Totem  


Magic, Omens and Wisdom




Owls know when to move silently and when to be still, which makes them the keepers of secrets. They are a symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night. Owls are birds of magic and darkness, prophecy and wisdom, associated with Athena, covering her unseen shadow side. People with Owl medicine cannot be deceived as they can see into the darkness of other souls and what is hidden and not being said. Learn to trust your instincts about people and their motives. Owl is often used as a symbol in grottos to signify an entrance into the Underworld.