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August 4th
Victoria Temple of the Stars Leo Journey


August 5th

Civic Holiday in Canada
August 6th
New Moon in Leo
August 8th
Ambassadors of Light Class
August 17th
 Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence (1987)
August 20th
Second Full Moon in Aquarius

August 22nd
Ambassadors of Light Class
August 31st
Moon conjuct Jupiter, Venus in Libra. An Auspicious Day to honour the Sacred Feminine
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August 7th
Diana Cooper
 "True Angel Stories

Diana Cooper will discuss her latest book with 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration. It is the ultimate Angel Compendium by one of the World's best-known and loved angel authorities. How many of us have encountered dangerous situations where some unexplained force helped steer us away from danger and supported us in a difficult situation? Diana will share inspirational stories of personal experiences of the angelic powers. 'When the Angels use you to give a message to others, miracles happen!"


 August 14th
Jeff Brown

"Apologies to the Divine Feminine From a Warrior in Transition"

 Jeff Brown will discuss his work. "When we are young, it is the illusion of perfection that we fall in love with. But, as we age, it's the humanness that we fall in love with- the poignant story of overcoming, the depthful vulnerability of aging, the struggles that grew us in karmic stature, the way a soul shaped itself to accommodate its circumstances. With less energy to hold up our armor, we are revealed and, in the revealing, we call out to each other's hearts. Where before wounds turned us off, they are now revealed as proof that God exists. Where we once saw imperfect scars, we now see evidence of a life fully lived. (~from new love book in process)"  




August 21st
Andrew Collins
"The Cygnus Mystery"

Andrew Collins is a world authority on ancient civilizations, our true origins and the connection between man made structures and the Cosmic Blueprint. Specifically, he will discuss Gobeckli Tepe in Turkey, the oldest known human civilization and the Great Pyramid of Giza and their alignment with the constellation of Cygnus the Swan and  its relevance to the sky-religion of our most distant ancestors. He will help us unlock the ancient secret of life's origins in the Cosmos.

August 28th
Peter Dawkins
"Pathways to Wisdom"

Peter Dawkins draws on and synthesises the essence of the ancient Wisdom traditions and presents the core truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow. Peter will discuss Zoence which can be summed up as knowing the right thing to do in the right place at the right time and with the right orientation or purpose. It concerns the mystical marriage of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, immortal and mortal, lover and beloved. The aim is to help bring about a paradise or golden age on Earth.



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The Sun rules Leo and is the most powerful masculine energy. Many civilizations have revered the Sun, realizing that we rely upon it for our very existence. Unfortunately there are in our present day society, fears abounding about the harmful effects of the Sun. Yes we do have to be sensible but my understanding of the Sun has expanded considerably and I work in co-creation with it all the time.

Since consciously connecting, I have not put on one drop of sunscreen and I have had zero burn. I also do some sun gazing at sunrise and sunset. Tuning into the consciousness of the sun is incredibly important. NASA scientists have now proved that energies arrive on the surface of the Earth every eight minutes through Portals which allow the sun's rays to arrive instantaneously.

This connection is important because the Sun is going through its own pole shift transformation right now which impacts the entire solar system including us-whether we like it or not. The massive solar flare ejections reaching the Earth regularly now are a consequence of these changes in the Sun. We can't stop it and so the best thing we can do is to tune in with it and use the energies for our own transformational experience. Conscious Co-Creation with our Sun is the key to our successful shift into a World of Peace, Love and Joy in the fifth dimension! 

 Gem Stone



Gold has been the most sought after precious metal throughout time. It's beautiful soft, lustrous appearance has stimulated life-long passion to find it, extract it and possess it. The shadow side of Gold has also destroyed people's lives in the relentless pursuit of it.

There is a deeper reason why people become intoxicated by this magnificent substance. It contains the secret to life, immortality, if only one can fathom out the recipe for success. It has unique properties that defy modern chemical explanation. For example, monatomic white powder Gold does not respond to traditional chemical analysis-it's not Gold! Many people think this is the elixir of life, but it is not. It is a useful starting place however.

The magnificent stained glass in Chartres Cathedral cannot be reproduced by any of our modern day technology techniques. Why? Because the stained glass has finely divided Alchemical Gold atoms within its structure creating magnificent and unique deep royal blue and bright red glass. Colloidal Gold provides beautiful solutions of various colour under different chemical treatments adding to the mystery of this magnificent substance. No wonder members of humanity have spent lifetimes pursuing this mystical substance.

It is the most potent and powerful element, capable of influencing people to the brightest light or to the darkest shadow.

A warning! Always work with Gold in service to the greater good and beware the glamour of material wealth it can tempt you with.

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August 2013  �  Vol. 5  Issue 8
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Let Your Love Flow!
by Peter Tongue


Much of what has taken place in the month of July, I was totally unaware of when I wrote the newsletter one month ago and so I have some back tracking to do to make sense of it all. I have come to realize that the weekly radio show on Voice America has its own consciousness and people show up to be interviewed who either have a piece of the puzzle to offer to us or are part of a theme for the season. Without doubt the theme emerging for July was "Let Your Love Flow!" Mainly for yourself- Love Arising from within! I was reminded of the Bellamy Brothers song of that title and here is the chorus-feel free to sing along! 


Just let your love flow
Like a mountain stream
And let your love grow
With the smallest of dreams
And let your love show
And you know what I mean
It's the season
Let your love fly
Like a bird on a wing
And let your love bind you
To all living things and
Let your love shine
And you'll know what I mean
That's the reason.


The two shows in the month with Sebastian Dudley and Panache Desai were about  finally breaking down all barriers of limiting beliefs and paradigm structures that we base our lives upon. The only thing left then is the love in our hearts for ourselves. Until we can create space for this to spontaneously occur, we remain on the treadmill of life. Some of our conscious community are approaching this point of total freedom and it is really important to understand what is happening, otherwise you could think you are losing the plot entirely and going insane. It is like approaching the edge of the precipice and knowing that you are almost there, and all you have to do is let go completely and you will have your ecstatic oneness experience. However the vulnerability required and perceived loss of control tends to bring fear into play which brings us back from the edge. In reality we cannot advance into the next phase of spiritual evolution until we can surrender entirely. There is nothing to do, but create space in the stillness and silence of your heart and then it will just happen. Most of us spend our time being busy and distracted to ensure this CANNOT happen. It is not about words, thoughts or action, but VIBRATION.

When you listen to Sebastian, Panache or Matt Kahn feel the vibration flowing through their voices rather than listening to the words.

Interestingly, Sebastian had his awakening experience at a Panache Desai workshop. He ended up rolling around on the floor as if having a fit. People were worried and not quite sure what to do. In reality, Sebastian was in an ecstatic state and all the movement was him releasing, physically, all of the old conditioned programs and beliefs from his system. One of the biggest barriers to our ability to do this is low self-image which often includes an inability to look in the mirror and see your own shining light. We tend to see the perceived blemishes, rather than the beauty within. Our healing comes from within and when we can recognize that inner beauty, real healing can take place. On his recent visit to Victoria Matt Kahn invited us to use the expression, "Nothing Can Withstand the light of my Beauty!" I encourage you to work with this or a similar mantra over and over until it is imprinted in your belief system. You will then begin to radiate out your light, love and beauty wherever you go and your World will instantaneously change into one of daily blessings and reciprocal interactions. Just try it and see what happens!


There was a wonderful opportunity for deep healing and cleansing though a Grand Water sign Trine in mid-July followed by a Grand Earth sign Trine two weeks later on July 29th. Trines are at 120 degree angles to each other and is the most beneficient angle of least resistance in the planetary aspects. These two trines overlapped to create a six-pointed Star of David Merkaba structure around the planet, providing a wonderful opportunity for heaven to be anchored into Earth. More detailed information can be gathered from the following link. The point is though we are being guided through this planetary transformational process from above and below. Our role is simply to allow it to happen with love in our hearts and go along with the fantastic ride.


The timing of the Royal birth was equally fascinating with Prince George being born to Kate and William in the last hour of Cancer under the Full Moon in Aquarius. It felt to me like the birthing of the SUN into Leo(The King!) from Cancer(The Mother) under the influence of the Aquarian Age! It will be very interesting how this story unfolds. I can tell you that back in the 1600's the Rosicrucians, under the influence of a Comet that passed through the sky, were celebrating the future arrival of a baby of a particular blood line lineage who would become the first King of that line and herald in a Golden Era of Peace. That person is the current Prince William, father of the new Prince. The key link in the ancestral chain is Elizabeth Vernon. She was from the bloodline of the real Merlin who walked the Earth in the dark ages. Elizabeth had a daughter Penelope who married an Earl Spencer, an ancestor of Princess Diana. I think you will find that was the reason for the marriage to Prince Charles, to make this event possible and fulfill the prophecy! We will see!

In the meantime, I urge you to find some time for yourself during the dog days of summer and go within and reveal the love that you have for yourself and others. Radiate your love from the inside out and enjoy the responses you receive.





We have had a number of people show interest in the Dragon tour as advertised to England and Scotland in the second half of September, but not enough committed as yet to make it practical to go. As a result and in response to questions raised, we are prepared to do just the second half of the trip in Scotland as this still feels very important.


This would mean gathering in Glasgow in time for an Equinox ceremony on Sunday September 22nd and then visiting the Scottish sacred sites as outlined in the original tour itinerary, completing the tour on Sunday September 29th with a Michaelmas Day ceremony. This half of the trip would include 8 nights accommodation with Bed and Breakfast, and 7 Dinners along with all site entrance fees, ground transportation, and tips. Assuming two people share a room, the cost will be $2400 per person. Please note, this does NOT include your Flights to and from Scotland.


We need to make a final decision on this in the first week of August and so if you are seriously interested in going please contact us by reply e-mail to this address or Jane Wardlaw at [email protected]



Cancer Workshop

Passing Through the Eye of the Needle!



Now that we are consciously attuned to the cyclical nature of everything, it is humbling to recognize the true nature of life unfolding. The weekend of our Cancer workshop was no exception. It coincided with several powerful astrological alignments, including the New Moon in Cancer the next day-a great opportunity to set some specific intentions 

How were these energies going to play out in respect to our Cancer connection? Cancer rules the home and is the most maternal of the sun signs. In the old days, the safety and security provided for the individual by the success of the tribe. Within the Cancer vibration, this has lead to a reliance on the tribe or family for our personal security. The shadow side of this vibration is an expected commitment from the individual to the way the tribe operates including its limiting beliefs and values. For a free, creative spirit this can cause all sorts of challenges, often leading to conflict with the more traditional members of the family.



We began our alchemical journey on the west side of Mt. Doug at the parking lot at the end of Glendenning, and headed up to the cave of the ancestors where we were going to open sacred space for the day. This cave has an entrance just about large enough to squeeze through flat on the belly, but once inside it opens up to head height and goes in for about fifty feet. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Zia had already gone ahead of us and set herself up inside the cave to do a ceremony for the occasion. Just ahead of us two children with their Grandpa approached the cave entrance and were convinced the Wicked Witch of the West resided within. Zia was tempted to give out a loud cackle but didn't want to blow her cover! Probably good for Grandpa that she didn't!


Without Zia's cover being blown we started toning the OM lead by Ernie and when we finished, a loud resonant OM came back at us out of the cave, to everyone's surprise! This repeated twice more and then we started drumming and rattling. The second we finished Zia emerged out of the depths and opened space in the Incan traditional way, in the four directions, as above and so below. 


We made our way to Mt. Doug Picnic area for our potluck picnic lunch and discussed the energies of the day, Cancer qualities, and our need to let go of any attachments to anything that is preventing us from moving forward on our sacred quest. Shedding our old skin and allowing the new to emerge. As Cancer is a water sign, spending some time where Mt. Doug creek empties out into the Ocean was the perfect site for this and then we climbed part way up the mountain to the source of a sacred spring amongst a grove of old growth trees.


There we sat in quiet reflection receiving sustenance from the source of all that is. Zia made her appearance here in a stunningly beautiful silver and blue mask representing the energies of Cancer. She led us to two trees joined at the base, separating as they ascended, leaving a gap between the two trunks, just big enough to step through. This was the site of our symbolic stepping through the "Eye of the Needle". Letting go of all of our baggage, issues and attachments to the material World. Once through we stepped into a beautiful fairy land of an elegant, elemental Arbutus forest, with a magnificent view, overlooking the Ocean and mountains beyond-our Garden of Eden.


The Temple of the Stars pilgrimage always involves some sort of physical challenge as part of the journey and now we were to hike to the top of Mt. Doug, scaling the mountain from bottom to top through our own chakra system as well as the mountains-as within, so without-the inner and outer alchemical journey of transformation. We paused at different spots taking in the vistas and tuning in to the changing energies, as we moved through different frequencies associated with each chakra.


Just before we began our final ceremony at the peak, a bald eagle came circling overhead and flew by, just above us. This was at the same site where we anchored the energies in the first year of our journey with a Lemurian Seed Crystal. Last year we buried a piece of silver to resonate with the vibration of alchemical Silver which is the precious metal associated with Cancer and the Moon. This year we used Moonstone as our gem stone connected with Cancer. The Moonstone had been blessed by all of our participants as well as our conscious community colleagues in Golden, BC. We completed our ceremony and took some time to take in the magnificent mountain top scenes at what is one of the most significant vortex sites in the "Temple of the Stars", Victoria Landscape Zodiac. Now a Turkey Vulture circled overhead, our North American Condor, to remind us of the prophecy that when the Eagle and Condor fly together, peace shall reign on Earth. It certainly did on this day!


We are now perfectly poised for a three month journey of the Trinity through Leo(Aug.4th), Virgo(Sept.8th) and Libra(Oct 6th) to co-create our Philosopher's Stone!

Monthly Constellation  
The Perseid Meteor Shower





The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is considered among the best of the annual displays thanks to its high rates of up to 90-meteors-per-hour for a single observer, as well as its reliability. The shower is beloved by summer campers and often discovered by city dwellers who might be spending time in the country under dark, starry skies. The evening of August 12th begins with the waxing crescent Moon just below Saturn. After the Moon sets, the sky becomes dark as the backdrop for the popular Perseid Meteor Shower to display itself.

Book Review
Being The Source of Love
by Sheva Carr



Being the Source of Love is a compilation of book chapters and courses developed by Sheva Carr on her journey through discovering what it would really mean to live from the heart and see life in all its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, from love. But this body of work is not about Sheva- it is about you and what she discovered along the way from her experience that might be meaningful to you. Most of us lead plot-centric lives, giving emphasis to the events of life rather than who we are being and becoming within those experiences. Being the source of love, not the book or the class, but the way of life, is an opportunity to live into and tell your own life story as a character driven adventure in which what happens is less important than who you are and what you bring from within you to what happens. When we source love in any circumstance we grow as souls. You are the main character in Being the Source of Love. The plot, unique to your circumstances, is less interesting than who you become and what you radiate from your heart on the journey.

Astrological Signs  



Leo the Lion is the leader of your own world; you exhibit impeccable bravery, superiority and sovereignty. You are expected to achieve extraordinary feats. You have the strength of character to take command of any situation and your presence commands respect and attention. And just like a king, you have a big heart; you are generous and sensitive to others' feelings.

However, Leo is quite egotistical and it is quite easy to flatter and take advantage of you. Self-congratulatory, boastful and a dominating nature can cause resentment from your peers. Leo is about ambition and compassion; and at the same time headstrong and a little corrupted by power. But it is equally characteristic of you to be contemplative and moody, especially when you are with yourself.

You can get into deep depressions, and the answer to this is self-control, hard work and paying heed to others' counsel. You show your ambitious and sensitive character with your relationships with the opposite sex. Luck is generally on your side as you are bighearted, forceful, aristocratic, and affectionate. Qualities that hinder your success are aggressiveness, boastful, haughtiness, and pride.

Monthly Animal Totem  





This is a very powerful, but very difficult totem. Cougar medicine is the lesson of the use of power. How to be an effective, fair leader and not abuse power. This Totem's gift is how to balance power, intention, strength and grace. It is the balance of body, mind and spirit. The first responsibility of leadership is truth. Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. Cougar can teach you how to bring out your power and fill your heart with it, which will enable you to take charge of your life. You can use Cougar power to defend yourself or to attack.