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June 2nd
Victoria Temple of the Stars Pilgrimage


June 8th

New Moon in Gemini
June 13th
Ambassadors of Light Class
June 16th
Father's Day
June 20th
 Summer solstice 1:04pm PDT
June 23rd
Full Moon in Capricorn

June 24th
St. Jean Baptiste Day (Canada)
June 27th
Ambassadors of Light Class
July 1st
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June 5th
Lori Spagna
 "Animals in the Afterlife"  

 Lori Spagna radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences while living in Maui. Lori is the author of the upcoming book '2 Years in Maui' and was featured in the soon to be released HBO Movie, 'Animals in the Afterlife'. She has over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world and is an internationally recognized expert, speaker and author who provides seminars and workshops about how we can improve our lives by learning from animals.  As a Visionary, Lightworker, Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Healer, Lori also leads powerful manifestation and healing circles where she assists people and their pets to tap into their true power via The Universal Source which connects us all and activates dormant DNA and RNA in humans and animals. Lori will discuss her work on the show.


 June 12th
Charlie Kouns

"Imagining Learning"

Charlie Kouns will discuss Imagining Learning which is an intergenerational community of people seeking to introduce a spirit of transformation into education through the wisdom and voices of young people. There is an innate wisdom they possess about the educational process that combined with their creativity and passion for changing their education, makes them a powerful resource in the search for new answers. To do this, Imagining Learning is leading Listening Sessions around the United States with teens, ages 13 - 19, from all walks of life. A Listening Session has been designed to be appreciative in nature and creates a space that is safe, free from judgment and empty of anyone else's voices, except those young people who are participating. The sessions encourage students to tap into their inner knowing and a new set of ideas and beliefs emerge about what can be achieved.



June 19th
Pamela Wilson
"Everything and Everyone is Welcome!"    

Pamela will discuss her work in which everything and everyone is welcome. Her Satsangs are a gathering of people to honour truth. A teacher from the advaita tradition and Arunachula/Ramana Maharashi's lineage, Pamela's unique style creates a container where one is able to effortlessly rest in their natural state. Pamela speaks the Truth of advaita, non-duality - that the universe is one undivided whole. She has endeared herself to many through her lighthearted humor and compassion, and deep understanding of what it is to be human.

June 26th
Derek Mills
"The 10 Second Philosophy"

Derek Mills was plunged into a world of stuttering following a sudden and unexpected death in the family when he was thirteen. He was silent most of the time and could barely form words. Throughout his 20s and 30s, far from being successful Derek had great financial challenges and debt. He was working long hours that kept him away from his family and was depressed and really at the end of his rope. At one point, in 2003, his situation became dire, and his family home was moments away from being repossessed by the bank.  In a moment of despair, Derek discovered a way to live his life differently and even cured his stuttering.  Out of this came a unique approach that changed everything, irrevocably.  Over the next four years he turned his life and business around, made his first million and people began to ask him how he did it. Derek will discuss his book The 10 Second Philosophy in which he describes his method of success.

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Early astronomers noted this planet's speed and elusiveness. In Greek myths, Mercury was Hermes, the winged messenger god and in Roman times, he was portrayed as a trickster. This planet's movements are said to influence communication here below. Mercury rules the signs of the intellect Gemini and Virgo. Mercury has one foot in the physical world and another in the realm of the unseen. Likewise, your Mercury crosses mental boundaries into the mysteries of the imagination and the memories of the past. In the fertile landscape of the mind, your Mercury harvests and interprets your personal experience of life.

What is Mercury retrograde?

A few times per year Mercury slows down in its orbit around the Sun, creating an illusion of backward movement. Imagine being in the "way back" of a station wagon, watching another car on the highway. If the car is going slower, it'll appear to be going backwards, when actually it's going forward. The retrograde of a planet is this kind of optical illusion.

When Mercury is in retrograde, communication can seem to slow down, misfire or go haywire with missed calls, missed flights, technological challenges and having to RE-do things. This is why there's a warning against signing contracts or starting a new project during Mercury retrograde.

 Gem Stone



Mercury rules Gemini and is a toxic metal to the human body. Its minerals are also quite toxic and so have to be handled with extreme care. There are however strong metaphysical qualities associated with the element which contains the trickster energy called "quicksilver"! The main Mercury containing mineral is Cinnabar. It is known as a stone for manifestation and wealth creation and has been labeled the 'Merchants Stone'. The energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business. This stone is also powerful for awakening mystic vision and this may empower you to complete your Divine purpose for incarnating at this time. It is a stone of transformation; of magic, alchemy and healing. It aids enhanced communication and inspired thinking and may be used to align all of the chakras and release fear and resentment.

The meaning of the name Cinnabar comes from the Persian word meaning 'Dragons Blood'

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June 2013  �  Vol. 5  Issue 6
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Discovering the Magic!
by Peter Tongue


We are in such interesting times and I want to try and shed some light on what I believe is taking place. I never quite understood when a few years ago metaphysical predictions talked about the 3rd and 5th dimensions existing simultaneously in the same time and place, but now I am beginning to understand. The goings on in the 3-D World of entertainment, politics, education, medicine, business and such have become so sad that it is almost laughable. We are seeing exposure after exposure of some deception, fraud or greed being played out. What are we supposed to do? I have made the decision to not engage in it at all. There is more to come and as we move through this month, there will be a tendency to feel overwhelmed with all of these sad and sometimes despicable revelations. We are at risk of becoming angry, cynical and distracted from our main task which is to acknowledge and appreciate the interconnectivity of all things.

So while the human race appears to be losing its mind where do we find solace? My answer has been out in nature and what wonderful confirmation we get from nature when we fully connect consciously. I will give two examples from recent experience. Zia and I were out scouting our Gemini landscape zodiac journey and had just finished at our last spot. From our vantage point we were able to look back to where we had started earlier in the day on Little Mt.Doug a key spot in the Gemini effigy. To our amazement, there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky arching towards the plateau at the top of Little Mt. Doug-there was no rain in the air at this time. We watched closely and then an extraordinary thing happened. The rainbow started to pulse. It completely disappeared and then suddenly re-appeared again. It dissolved and reformed time and time again. It was as though Mother Earth herself was pulsing her rhythm-her heart beat.

The next day I was running along the Galloping Goose Trail and paused at one of my favourite spots on the trail for a breather and to tune in. I lay down on a rock and while looking skyward a Raven flew into view, quickly followed by a Bald Eagle and they just started to dance gently and slowly in a large circle directly overhead. Then two more Ravens and then two more joined in-5 Ravens and a Bald Eagle- dancing together in circle. As the entertainment finished, I heard what sounded like Calypso music and I had no idea where it was coming from. I ran back along the trail, only to find a float readying itself for the Victoria Day Parade decked with steel drum musicians on the float playing their calypso music and a banner on the side which read, 'Discovering the Magic!' I am sure many of you know the Raven symbolizes magic as an animal totem and the Bald Eagle-Great Spirit! The point is the opportunity to connect deeply and powerfully into the new energies is available to us at all times, so long as we pay attention and look in the right places.

Everything is connected through the Unified Field and the sooner we embrace that knowing and act accordingly, the sooner we can bring peace to Earth and enjoy our lives fully. It is our responsibility as citizens of this new Earth to embody life in the state of bliss, joy, love and harmony as much of the time as we possibly can. We need to activate the new blueprint for this style of living which will become available to all, once it has been established. I am certainly volunteering for the position! As we move through the month of Gemini and all of the mental activity, buzzing bees in the head, that will arise, it is really important to be centred in our own truth. What is really important to me, cement yourself in your truth and do not be lead astray by anyone, however convincing they might be.


I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Virtual Light Broadcast on Saturday May 25th hosted by Steve Rother and some interesting other guests were on the three hour TV internet show. You can watch the archived interviews and my half an hour slot through the above website.  




I have just returned from a scouting trip to England and Scotland to firm up our pilgrimage in September following the Dragon Current Ley Lines of the Arthurian Energies and it is going to be a profound and moving experience. The information is at the link below and I really hope you will be called to join us.

Manifesting the Garden of Eden!


Sunday May 5th promised to be an energetically powerful day as it heralded in the week of the New Moon in Taurus and Annular Solar Eclipse and we were not to be disappointed. A glorious warm sunny day awaited our deep exploration.


We have become increasingly aware of the Taurus/Scorpio polar axis and its significance in the heavens and in the landscape. Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus and the ley line that links them reflects the fixed stars in the sky of Aldebaran in Taurus and Antares in Scorpio. Just ten days before we had the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Scorpio inviting us to eke out all that is hidden in the unconscious, setting us free to open new doors of opportunity on the New Moon in Taurus to come.



We opened space in the landscape between the horns of the bull in the north-east corner of Cedar Hill Golf Course. A beautiful spot amongst the trees, with fairways and greens guiding our eyes towards Portals in the sky including a disguised dragon residing in the top of a tree! We then moved up to the top of the ridge into a hidden gem in the landscape, Jennifer Park. This spot marks the sun disc often depicted between the horns of the bull and the Goddess images of Isis and Hathor. We meditated in quiet reflection overlooking this magnificent vista in the original womb of creation in the landscape.


We enjoyed our shared picnic lunch at Community Living Victoria which has become a regular venue for us, and on this occasion it actually resides in the head of the Bull of Taurus, as discerned by Mary Dowds.


The archetypes of Taurus are closely aligned with Venus, including the qualities of harmony and beauty, with an appreciation for and embracing of all of the senses through beautiful surroundings, luscious food and celestial music. The shadow side is the unconscious belief that these beautiful surroundings and belongings create security and so there is a tendency to hoard material things including money. To transcend this, the Taurus personality needs to appreciate the sumptuous surroundings, while finding personal security from within.



 Following a wonderfully relaxing lunch under the watchful fluttering of a hummingbird, we made our way into the forest at the end of Glendenning and into the neck of Taurus, the bull. Here we paused to do a ceremony at split rock to help anchor celestial energies into the earth plane. As we approached the back entrance of Madrona Farm along the beautiful forest trail, Zia welcomed us wearing the Venus face mask she had created for this Taurus journey. A quite remarkable achievement and vibrational match for the energy of Venus and the sacred feminine. She gave us all a flower to take to the magnificent ancestral Red Maple Tree on Madrona Farm where we paid our own tribute, in ceremony, while burying a crystal clear quartz sceptre in which Ernie had imbued all of the energies of the sacred sites of England, Scotland and France on our recent sacred pilgrimage.


We then walked the bull's head moving though our own chakra system from the sacral at Glendenning, through the heart at the junction of an eight pointed ley line star at Mt.Doug X-Road, up into the throat along Livingstone and finally the third eye in the Bull's Eye at Bow pond. An amusing aside is the carving of a bull on the stump of a tree just along Bow Road. We wondered why the owner carved that bull in Taurus. Hmmm!


 Our walk mirrored the transformative energy of Taurus; from the desire body in the sacral, through creativity in the throat to illumination in the third eye, the transformation being engineered through the heart. Our final ceremony followed which included an open eye meditation peering into the surreal waters of the reflecting Bow Pond, and the release of blessed malachite and sapphire into the pond, gem stone symbols of Venus.


 Our next "Temple of the Stars" pilgrimage in Gemini will be on Sunday June 2nd 

Monthly Constellation  
Mercury and Venus Conjunct!




As June opens, the planets that formerly formed a trio will be nearly evenly spaced with Mercury a little more than four degrees above Venus, which is a little more than four degrees above Jupiter. It seems that the planetary show is coming to an end. But wait! Even though Jupiter begins dropping to set with the Sun, Venus and Mercury are not done. First spot the crescent Moon to the left of Venus and Mercury on June 10. Then Mercury's movement begins to slow and Venus catches up to the innermost planet, putting the pair back to within about two degrees of each other from June 18-20. Venus will be to the right of Mercury, which heads back down toward the horizon in late June as Venus continues upward, entering the Beehive Cluster in Cancer in early July.

On June 23rd, the Moon turns full at 4.32am PDT, and just half an hour before that will make its closest approach to Earth in 2013. When this closest approach coincides with a full moon it is called a Supermoon and the moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter.

The summer Solstice will occur on June 20th at 10.04 pm, PDT!


Book Review
Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards and The Alchemy of Voice
by Stewart Pearce



These 44 remarkable cards reveal the characteristics of twelve supernal Archangels, appearing as Orbs and radiating love, wisdom, healing and inspiration directly from the Angelic Kingdoms.


With aspects ranging from Balance Benediction and Compassion to Ecstasy, Romance and Surrender, the Oracle will readily answer any of your questions about health, wealth, career and relationships. In addition, they will help you to develop your unique Oracular abilities, with their light shining onto your path.

Use the Oracle to allow the Angels to bring well-being and joy into your life, just as they did for the Atlanteans.

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"Stewart Pearce is an inspirational speaker, astute Seer, magical Angel Teacher and unique Sound Healer. Stewart straddles the worlds of acting, healing and the corporate market with consummate ease. Like the Alchemists of old he has one foot in the material world and one in the world of spirit. Stewart knows how to create a sacred, magical and transformative space, where soul flows through the power of THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE. Stewart work is zeitgeist, and is a must for anybody interested in the transformative agency of Sacred Voice, for he will literally change your life. Therefore, please read or follow him like the veritable pied-piper."
Teresa Hale of THE HALE CLINIC

You may read an extract here or purchase it from

Astrological Signs  



Gemini relates to talking! It is a sign that strives, above all, to connect. It is the sign of gathering and passing on information, networking, socializing, telephoning, instant messaging, gossiping, and generally keeping society buzzing and humming. Coming out of this May and June, we're looking for new avenues for all of these things.
Communication skills are increasingly prominent, as is interacting with people with whom you share a mutual understanding and intellectual rapport. Gemini is a sign that enjoys intellectual stimulation and rapport. Forming new relationships, and enhancing existing relationships, will be increasingly important. The isolation that has been so prominent for so many during the past years starts to be alleviated with all of this Gemini emphasis.



Monthly Animal Totem  





Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from reaching our connection to source. Like the dappling of Fawn's coat, both the light and dark may be loved to create gentleness and safety for those who are seeking peace. You are being asked to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds. Love everyone exactly as they are. Allow the warm summer breeze to bring a calm, centred awareness and in this serene space, spirit will guide you to your perfect outcome.