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March 3rd

Victoria Temple of the Stars Pisces Pilgrimage
March 8th
International Women's Day
March 10th
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March 11th
 New Moon in Pisces
March 14th
Ambassadors of Light Class

March 17th
St. Patrick's Day
Victoria Temple of the Stars
 Journey to the HUB of the Zodiac

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Spring Equinox
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Palm Sumday
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Full Moon in Libra
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March 6th
Sandy Newbigging
 "Thunk! How to Think Less for Seeking Serenity and Success"  

Are you one of those people who just can't stop thinking? Do you think about work? The kids? Money? Ageing parents? What's for dinner? Does it go on and on and on and on? And if you can't switch it off, even when you go to bed, then, according to author Sandy Newbigging - you're being THUNK! His new book, THUNK! How to Think Less for Seeking Serenity and Success,is touching a nerve with stressed out readers. Sandy demonstrates that excessive thinking is stressful for the body and can cause unwanted physical conditions. He is not saying that the mind is bad and that we shouldn't think, just that that too many of us don't know how to stop the ceaseless churning of our minds. Sandy will discuss his work and the great value of meditation on the show.



   March 13th
 Stephen Mehler

"The Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals to Man's Past"

Stephen Mehler's fascination with ancient Egypt, which began at the age of eight, has guided his education and spiritual work all his life.  Stephen was a student, disciple, and close friend of Egyptian-born Egyptologist and indigenous wisdom keeper, Hakim. Stephen has written two books, The Land of Osiris  and From Light Into Darkness: The Evolution Of Religion In Ancient Egypt, based on his work and collaboration with Hakim and Stephen's over 40 years of research in the area.Stephen has researched the phenomenon of crystal skulls since 1979, especially those known as ancient crystal skulls.  



March 20th
Ellen Hayakawa
"Journey to Joy: Discovering your Children's Spiritual Gifts"    
  Ellen Hayakawa's work and message is quite unique. Many children and youth with whom Ellen has worked have been diagnosed with disorders such as ADD, ADHD, autism, asperger's syndrome, dyslexia, OCD, depression. Very often she discovered that these children have incredible spiritual gifts. Once these gifts are brought to light and the children and youth feel recognized and affirmed, not only do their perspective and behaviors change, but it also changes the perception and dissolves the worries of their parents and struggles at school, positively impacting all their relationships.
March 27th
Donna Hutchinson
"Not of This World"

Donna Hutchinson is a psychic medium who is involved in complex solutions to individual's problems including investigating and solving serious crime. She helps people cross over in their transition to death and assists their loved ones through trauma and loss counseling. Donna sees herself as a woman from the past, placed here to help heal the World. She is here to assist us in our understanding of the spirit world while conveying a message of peace and hope. She will discuss her work and her insights on the show.

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Neptune ruler of the Seas and the sun sign Pisces is now in its own sign of Pisces amplifying their common characteristics and taking the planetary influence of Pisces to a Galactic and Universal level. This is a grand opportunity to open up to your spiritual self as Neptune opens the door to the oneness with no boundaries whatsoever. Letting go of any obstructions or barriers to your merging with spirit. The danger is in losing yourself out in the vast wide open sea of consciousness and so you need to have an anchor to return yourself back to the earthly realm. Neptune has a dreamy, spiritual and deeply emotional quality which can lead to escapism, addiction and isolation from the earthly world. It is a powerful planetary influence to break down all barriers and step into a world of infinite potentiality and opportunities.


 Gem Stone



Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. It can invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. It clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion. Useful for closure on all levels. Aquamarine promotes self-expression, soothes fears and increases sensitivity. It sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance and is therefore wonderful for meditation. It shields the aura and aligns the chakras and is highly protective during pregnancy, guarding both mother and baby from harm, discouraging miscarriage.

Aquamarine works through the throat chakra and is therefore helpful to sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems. It regulates hormones and boosts the immune system, alleviating overreactions, such as hayfever or allergies. In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids and it was used as a talisman to bring good luck, fearlessness and protection to sailors. It was also valued as a stone of eternal youth and happiness. 



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March 2013  �  Vol. 5  Issue 3
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
The Vibration of Love!
by Peter Tongue



It is neat when a series of seemingly disparate ideas suddenly fit together with a common link- in this case the glue that holds everything together- the vibration of love. We are not here talking about the romantic notion or even the emotion of love, but the actual frequency at which it vibrates. The first  piece in the puzzle was presented by Jim Self on his superb radio show with me on February 6th. He was giving his interpretation of what happened at 12:12:12. What he had to say was of great interest and significance.


In Jim's words, he believed that the 12:12:12 was the dissolving of the 3-D world. He's not talking about a physical location, but a level of consciousness. His interpretation of 3-D consciousness is anything that restricts or limits us- keeps us trapped in a box. He said that the matrix that holds the 3-D world together dissolved away. Now it appears that the 3-D world still exists so what went wrong? It is our old patterns and habits that continue perpetuating that level of consciousness. As soon as we let go of anything that restricts or limits us, we step out of 3-D and into 4-D consciousness, which is living in the present moment. Letting go of past experiences and future worries, living in the present moment. Stepping up into 5-D consciousness requires a further quantum step up to what Jim calls simultaneous time. This means that when operating in 5-D consciousness we bring all relevant skills, knowledge and information from all space and time into this now moment to help us navigate through whatever we are dealing with in that moment. As this was around Valentine's Day, I thought about the concept of love as applied to 3-D and 5-D consciousness. I realized that 3-D consciousness was aligned with conditional love and 5-D with unconditional love.


Spiritual people talk about unconditional love a lot and yet in reality nearly all love expressed on the planet is conditional, based upon some need to do something or achieve something to be loved. Even parents who love their children dearly generally do so conditionally. They have certain expectations of their children- their successes and future careers for example. This is 3-D consciousness. So what is unconditional love? It is full and complete acceptance of ourselves for who we are and what we are, exactly as we are in this now moment, and full and complete acceptance of those around us in our lives in this present moment. Not an easy thing to do. We haven't been trained in this way. However it is important to know that any form of conditional love prevents us from accessing the fifth dimension. I strongly suggest practicing real unconditional love with those closest to you, including yourself.


Next was the interesting story which is my book review this month, "White Lie" by Jeanne D'Aout.

It is a present day adventure story based upon truth, the central character being, Otto Rahn, who was an SS Nazi officer at the beginning of the second world war. Immediately most of us drop into negative judgment about Otto Rahn as a representative of the SS and Nazi party. So let me tell you his story. After the first world war, when Germany had nothing, Otto Rahn was a bright young man who chose to lose himself in a fantasy world of the Grail stories and legends. The stories led him to Montsegur in the south of France and the study of the Cathars and their focus on the vibration of love. He wrote two books on the subject and became a real life Indiana Jones relic Hunter, in the countryside of the Languedoc in the south of France.


In the early 1930s he genuinely believed the Nazi party was planning to build a new world order for the greater good of all people. He joined up and immediately Himmler took an interest in him and his Grail questing research. He was quickly invited to join the SS and encouraged to hand over all of his research on the Grail to Himmler who was head of the Nazi party Grail questing team. They were seeking information, artifacts and relics from the time of Christ. In fact Hitler had an entire bunker dedicated to Grail relics that they had procured.


Everyone in the SS was closely investigated and the authorities discovered that Otto Rahn was gay and his mother had Jewish blood in her. He was quickly transferred from the research writing team and turned into a soldier working in a concentration camp. Otto was shocked and dismayed at what he witnessed and experienced. What many of us don't know is that many impressionable young men in Germany joined the Nazi party with good intentions, fooled by the propaganda. Many of these young men, once they knew the truth, joined the underground movements, got discovered and killed, while others felt totally trapped and powerless ending up committing suicide. In 1939 Otto Rahn was involved in a forced suicide, sent out into a freezing cold snowy wilderness with a bottle of liquor and some heavy-duty medication.


It is important to remember that every single facet of human society has within it, people resonating with limited 3-D consciousness, while one finds beautiful awake and aware human beings (homo luminous) resonating in 5-D consciousness in the strangest of places. So let us be open and accepting in unconditional love without judgment.


The final piece in the puzzle is the unlikely alliance between Dr. Bill Tiller and Suzy Miller.

Bill has one of the greatest minds in the study of mathematics and consciousness. He has worked in this field for over 40 years at Stanford University and has been featured on many of the metaphysical/science DVDs like "What the bleep".

Suzy Miller is an expert on the children diagnosed with autism and works extensively with the children and their parents. Bill has developed a device to set coherent conscious intention to affect a change on the situation under consideration. Positive outcomes have already been recorded in some earlier experiments and now Bill has teamed up with Suzy to set conscious intent to support the grounding and integration of children with autism into their bodies, as well as helping their parents be more open and accepting of their children exactly as they are. Early results have been encouraging. Once again we are embracing the fifth dimensional vibration of unconditional love.



In fact the children have telepathically informed Suzy, that they cannot fully incarnate into their bodies on the planet until the predominant vibration on the planet is one of unconditional love. Their vibration is too high to feel comfortable in their bodies in the present vibration on the Earth. Our responsibility as adults today, is to shift our awareness from 3-D to 5-D consciousness and live the vibrational frequency of unconditional love as much of the time as possible. 


This is our challenge. To create a new Golden Era of Peace here on Planet Earth vibrating at the frequency of unconditional love to support the evolution of our planet and the generations to come!

Aquarius Workshop
The Phoenix has Risen!


This day promised to be one of the most powerful yet, as we took this opportunity in our Aquarius effigy to step into the AGE of AQUARIUS. We are so blessed to have in our midst, the sacred Holy Thorn Tree from the Crown of Thorns, as well as our connection to Joseph of Arimathea and Katherine Maltwood. This tree carries the energy of Christ on the Cross and his Glorification. This transfigured energy is now available to us all as we step into the Aquarian Age of Freedom.  


We gathered around the Holy Thorn Tree to begin our day, tuning into the Heart of Christ in the tree, entraining our own hearts. The four trunks of the tree provide a solid grounding rod for the four chambers of the heart where we connect deeply. This moment is a reminder to stay in our hearts as we follow the path of the Water Carrier. We opened sacred space at our beloved tree and experienced the loving, peaceful vibration that emanates from this delightful spot.


Next we headed up to the head of the Phoenix in the landscape on top of Mt.Tolmie. Traditionally, the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Carrier, but Katherine Maltwood saw the effigy in the Glastonbury Zodiac as a Phoenix centered around the Tor. In Victoria, Mary initially saw the water carrier and then Zia discerned the Phoenix. In other words both exist. The Water Carrier supplies the infinite source of water or life force energy, assisting us in clearing out our residual dross, while the Phoenix rises from the ashes through the fire, to soar like the Eagle.From the top of Mt.Tolmie, we were certainly able to soar above the whole landscape zodiac and see it, and life, from a whole new awareness and perspective.


Our inside gathering was really cosy and warm as the intimate group gathered to share stories in a private home. Aquarius is about each person making their own unique contribution to the circle, with no one person being the leader. The unique gifts of each individual making up a collective Mandela, more powerful than the sum of the individual members. Each person brings their own flavor to a wonderful potluck potpourri. This we enjoyed and reflected on some ongoing themes not least of which was the knowing that part of our work is to anchor into the landscape higher frequency vibrations so that those in the invisible realms can draw close to us and support us on this sacred journey.

Back out in the landscape, our assembled pilgrims puzzled over what the structure was that we visited next, until finally realizing that it was the University sewage pumping station! It provides the opportunity for all of our sh#t and sludge to be pulled up to the surface, to be released. All the unconscious programs running below the surface and causing us grief, pulled up to the surface to be seen acknowledged and cleared.


Now we were ready to set out on our journey, walking down Mystic Vale from its heart chakra, through the solar plexus, sacral and finally the base chakra, emerging out of the veil and down onto Cadbury Bay beach. This is an internal and external pilgrimage. As we walk the outer journey through this beautiful deep gorge to the sound of trickling water, simultaneously clearing out the residual dross on the internal journey. It is important to realize that on these sacred pilgrimages, we are in reciprocal co-creation with Mother Earth. She is going through this alchemical transformation with us. As we ground, she grounds, as we heal, she heals, as we intention peace on Earth she intentions with us. This is the transformative power of walking the landscape in sacred ceremony.


Remarkably on the beach of Cadboro Bay, near the fallen tree that reaches out into the ocean, is a granite slab, that has sculpted into it a scorpion. This was the point of inspiration for Mary Dowds discerning the outline of Scorpio in our downtown landscape. This scorpion in our landscape is a reminder that the flow of water down Mystic Vale empties out here into the ocean and is our final opportunity on this journey to release all of our unresolved, previously obscured issues, through the base chakra, out through the souls of the feet, filtered through the sand and out into the ocean.


We still had one important part of our alchemical journey to come to complete the day. A return to the University to the spot in the landscape which is both the heart of the Water Carrier and the Phoenix. We also knew from a document called "From Camelot to Campus" that an ancient Scottish Templar five-pointed star had been embedded in the Victoria landscape, with the centre of a series of five-pointed star fractals all aligned to this same spot. Intersecting Ley Lines also cross through this point at the "Heart of the University". This had to be the site for our final ceremony.


Many signs and symbols indicate that this is a key spot on our journey through the entire Landscape. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and so it seemed appropriate to bury some Uranium in our final ceremonial spot. Zia had collected some pieces of Mt.Bugarach when we were on our pilgrimmage in southern France in September. It has the richest supply of Uranium ore of all the mountains of western Europe and so within her stones were traces of Uranium ore! We completed our ceremony and celebrated a long and productive day dancing to the song, "Aquarius" by the Fifth Dimension.


Nothing could be more appropriate! And now we look to our adventure in the last sign of Pisces on Sunday March 3rd, 2013!

Monthly Constellation  
Jupiter Approaches Aldebaran






I reported in the last newsletter the shift of Jupiter from its retrograde motion as it approached the Pleiades cluster, to moving forward in the opposite direction and now creeping ever closer to Aldebaran in the Taurus Constellation. A magnificent site awaits us on Saturday March 16th as the waxing crescent Moon will slide between Jupiter and Aldebaran for a beautiful naked eye and binocular scene. It doesn't get much better than this for a photogenic setting. Also in mid-March, there may be the opportunity to see the Comet PanSTARRS as it reaches naked-eye brightness in a moonless evening sky on its closest approach to Earth and the Sun. It was first discovered in 2011 by astronomers at Haleakala, Hawaii.

Book Review
White Lie
by Jeanne D'Aout


Follow the trail of the Knights Templar and discover the biggest secret of the western world...! Thriller by Jeanne D'Ao�t.

They do exist. Secret underground laboratories where previously unemployed professors work on secret inventions for unknown employers. In Switzerland, Professor William Fairfax succeeded in creating a stable wormhole through which people could travel through time. Without realising the consequences of their adventure, Dr. Danielle Parker and Dr. Gabby Standford are sent back to the first century, where they discover the amazing story of Oshu, the real Jesus. This incredible adventure, however, results in the kidnapping of Danielle. For Danielle's freedom, the kidnapper demands one of the most intriguing historical artefacts known to the world: The Ark of the Covenant.
Without the knowledge of the professor, a mysterious researcher was brought from his time to the present to assist the team: SS-Obersturmf�hrer Otto Rahn.

Astrological Signs  


Pisces, the last sign, brings together many characteristics of the previous eleven. It is the most highly evolved of all of the signs, the merging of the human soul with the Cosmos. A necessary step before the next incarnation in Aries. Pisces is represented by two fish and fosters a deep belief in the highest powers of the Universe. The two Pisces fish swim freely in the cosmic ocean. They represent the highest lessons of fellowship and also to see deeply into life and the nature of things, as well as submerging themselves into the depths of the hidden and ultimate mysteries. Pisces teaches us to not be afraid to let go of our earthly form and death is only the beginning of a new life. A spiritual letting go of earthly attachments and a merging with the Cosmos. Pisces people are compassionate, charitable, help others and put the needs of others in front of their own and can on occasion be taken advantage of. Challenges include; escaping from reality through the use of alcohol and drugs, bending in the wind under external influences and therefore being unable to make their own distinctive stand. They can be chameleon like and hard to pin down, hazy, and will tend to withdraw to safety in their own self-proclaimed nether world.

Monthly Animal Totem  


Wisdon/Inner Knowing




Salmon is the sacred keeper of wisdom and inner knowing who will always return to the place of its creation. Its determination is driven by the wisdom of instinct which yields a sense of purpose that cannot be thwarted by external forces. Salmon medicine honors every encounter in life as a gathering of wisdom. It teaches that even when challenging life situations occur, you can tap the hidden resources of your human spirit and personal inner knowing. Honor your wisdom and instinctually do what is right. See every bend in the river as a new adventure with a lesson you need to learn in order to grow. That knowledge becomes authentic wisdom through applying these truths to your life.