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Groundhog Day


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Victoria Temple of the Stars Aquarius Pilgrimage
February 10th
Chinese New Year of the SNAKE
New Moon in Aquarius
February 13th
Ash Wednesday
February 14th
 Valentine's Day
Ambassador's of Light Class
February 16th
Venus in the Underworld until
 May 6th

February 18th
Family Day in Canada
President's Day in the U.S.

February 23rd
Mercury Retrograde
February 24th
February 25th
Full Moon in Virgo
February 28th
Ambassadors of Light Class
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February 6th
Jim Self
 "Mastering the Shift"  
There is a change underway, a shift that is not only altering our consciousness, it is affecting every aspect of life on the planet. The old habits of thinking, feeling and behaving that we know as the third dimension are going away. We are all shifting into a fourth and then into a fifth dimensional consciousness and experience. Jim Self will discuss this shift and offer some tools to help us navigate through the transition that we are undergoing. The third dimension is going away, but we are at the beginning of a new way of life. It is time for us to awaken now and make the shift within, release who we are not and discover who we really are. 


   February 13th
 Jeanne D'Aout

"White Lie"

Jeanne D'Aout will discuss the 2nd edition of her new book 'White Lie', featuring the Knights Templar secret quest, the enigma of Rennes-le-Château and the adventures of relic hunter Otto Rahn. Follow the Templar trail and discover the biggest secret of the western world! The discussion will also include the forbidden history of 1st Century Christianity and the forgotten treasure of the Lords of Occitania

"White Lie reveals more shocking truths than any book since The Da Vinci Code, including the identity of the real Indiana Jones. It would not surprise if it was adapted for the big screen soon." Andrew Gough - Writer, TV Personality and Editor in Chief of Mindscape.



February 20th
Dr. William Tiller & Suzy Miller


"The Autism and Intention Experiment"      

 Metaphysics and Science come together in this marvellous opportunity to support the children of Autism. Dr. William Tiller has completed over forty years of scientific research in consciousness at Stanford University culminating in an understanding of how to create clear, coherent Intention into specific spaces. Suzy Miller is an expert on the children of autism and between them they have set up an Intention Experiment in the homes of one hundred families which include children of Autism. They will discuss the research project itself and how the experiment is proceeding.


February 27th
Jean Adrienne
"Power Tools
Jean Adrienne will discuss her new book, "Power Tools-The Ultimate Owner's Manual For Personal Empowerment."

 The time for "playing small" is well past, but unfortunately we didn't receive an owner's manual when we decided to incarnate and "borrow" these bodies for this human experience. Power tools appear to be everyday devices, but these tools can improve the human experience and build a reality that is constructed on a firm foundation of core values. Learn why you are here, how to use your thoughts to construct a richer reality, and how to create success in relationships, business, wealth and health. 







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The planet Uranus rules Aquarius and is considered to be responsible for sudden and disruptive change as well as ruling over our modern day science, space travel, technology and scientific discovery. It is associated with the circulatory system, physical changes, paralysis, cramp, and sudden nervous break down. Uranus is erratic in its motions and is powerful enough to break down any resistance. Its energies must be tamed and guided in the proper direction without dulling their impact. Positive qualities include being humane, independent, kind, friendly, inventive, versatile and forward thinking. Negative traits include being cranky, erratic, eccentric, perverse, rebellious, with a tendency towards idiosyncratic behaviour.


 Gem Stone

Auralite Amethyst


Robert Simmons has co-authored a superb book with Naisha Ahsian which has a wonderfully comprehensive account of the different crystal energies. It is called

"The Book of Stones" and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the crystal kingdom.

Robert has this to say about a newly discovered form of Amethyst

"Auralite is a magical stone that will bring harmony and balance to all. A superior crystal to meditate with, allowing us to delve deeper, transcend to our highest realms and focus our inner spirit on the abundance that is all around us. Auralite Crystals activate each of our chakras due to the addition of 23 minerals within its matrix. Auralite will enhance and magnify the energies of other crystals, allowing the light worker to accelerate the healing process by incorporating Auralite with their current crystals and methodologies. Auralite can be used in balancing the physical body as well, but the greatest affects will be felt in the spiritual development that occurs. We can see this most when our minds eye opens to the infinite possibilities that Auralite Crystals present; flashes of intuitiveness and ingenious thoughts will frequent the carrier regularly. Auralite Crystals take on a special role when used with other high frequency stones, for example: two matching tuning forks will vibrate together even though only one was struck; this is how Auralite can amplify other crystals."



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February 2013  �  Vol. 5  Issue 2
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Playing in the New Energies!
by Peter Tongue



We have just had our first month adjusting to living and being in the new energies in the New World. We are like children playing a new game without knowing the rules and so we just play and make up the rules as we go, if there are any that is! There are some important realizations however that will help us navigate through the new paradigms, grow up quickly, and soon become mature adults in this new world.
About a year ago there was great enthusiasm over the release of the movie Thrive. It was quite long and made up of three parts. The first third or so was about the structure of the universe and how everything was constructed. The next section included lots on conspiracy theory and the shorter final section on some ideas of what we can do to change the world in which we live. I want to encourage you to watch the first section, paying very careful attention to the energy structures and geometrical patterns that are demonstrated. Don't be distracted by the conversations, but focus your attention on the structures themselves, just allowing your right brain to embrace them without analyzing or reasoning. Nassim Haramein who is one of the guests on the video has proposed the structure of the atom and the structure of the universe as being exactly the same, one a fractal of the other, on a very different scale. The model is that of a double Torus with a very specific energy pathway which I believe we want to ingrain into our system. It is an energy container that pulses in and out- an in breath and then an out breath- it is not a rigid solid particle, rather it is a fluid dynamic pulsing living entity. It is at the heart of everything and even our hearts are energetically constructed in the same way! I think it is important to tune in to this structure because it is at the root of everything and once we know it, we can easily resonate with it. Here is a link to Thrive
Jay Weidner who is an expert on alchemy, was on the radio show in January and I was surprised to hear him talk about this exact structure also representing the typography of time itself. He  explained the alchemy of time taking place now during the end times using this structure and I believe what he was saying was of fundamental importance to our understanding of the new energies that we are in.
He was referring to the four different ages or Yuga cycles. In a Golden Age, we have all the time that we need to stop and smell the roses, meditate, achieve what ever it is we wish to do. As you move through a Silver Age there is less time, even less in a Bronze Age, until we enter an Iron Age (Kali Yuga) and then time becomes so fast that we become completely dominated by it. It takes over our lives and we are running around out of control obsessed by not having enough time- seem familiar? According to the structure mentioned earlier, we reach the rim of the Torus and tumble down the center as if heading into the eye of the storm of time. There is less and less time as we approach the tip of the cone in the centre. At that point, there is total chaos and confusion, no time to get things done and panic. This is the compression point or eye of the needle that we are being forced through. Jay believes that point was December 21st, 2012 and that we passed through that compression point and out the other side into a new Golden Age, where there is plenty of time available to do everything. The problem is the vast majority of people don't know this. It's rather like paddling your canoe as fast as you can as you approach the rapids, tumbling over the top into the still, calm waters below, but then continuing to paddle like maniacs, because you haven't yet realized you are in the still waters. This is where our elevated awareness and consciousness needs to come in. Jay said that the irony is when we slow down, we reach enlightenment faster. This is a paradox of the fifth dimension! This is the link to the radio show with Jay.
I've been training myself to adjust to this new level of awareness by intentionally stepping out of time. One day a week I've kept my day completely clear and I've just left the house with no  agenda, no intention and no time constraints. I've taken the time to slow down and just be and do whatever I choose. By doing this I realized how almost all of my life to this point has been dictated by time. Daily schedule at school, appointments, meetings, sports practices, evening homework schedules, even bedtimes. These time dictations also bring with them expectations. Expectations I have of myself, expectations others have of me and expectations I believe others have of me. This combination of expectations and time constraints keeps us trapped in the old world 3-D paradigm structure. By taking this day out of time. I have felt myself shedding the tension and stress surrounding these deep, limiting unconscious beliefs, which are now rising to the surface to be cleared. The great bonus is that when you return to the daily routine, you see it from a different perspective and are no longer trapped by it. You still have appointments to keep, but there is a much lighter and easier attitude towards daily activities- even causing outrageous laughter at the silliness of it all at times. I strongly recommend taking the time to do this as the results are remarkable and then we become the conscious members of the human family who can start embodying the new Golden Age by slowing down and coming into resonance with the new energies leading us to a peaceful future on earth with our human family.
February the 10th is the New Moon in Aquarius and heralds the  Chinese New Year of the Snake. There are some important aspects of this energy for us to understand and incorporate into our journey over the next year. The theme is " Shedding everything but love!". A time to shed outmoded forms that have run their course and then undergo the radical transformation necessary to emerge from the old. Shed everything in the way of right livelihood and awaken to the great love within. Then no barrier can block the creative dream of your soul. The old forms are not always easy to shed. Snake often hooks its dead skin on a cactus to wiggle its new self free. This month the sign of Aquarius, the touchstone of freedom, is the perfect time to begin this process. The path of evolution this year is snake like, winding, spiraling through many turns as we push away the old. The snake has been hypnotized by dancing to the false tune of the masters of the illusion and it's time to wake up from the mass deception. As you clear this path, there will be an outpouring of life force energy to assist you on your journey of service to others, while serving your own inner truth. Use your snake power wisely in your task of transformation.
Love the hell out of yourself- rise up from the chaos of a dying world.
When the World Serpent opens her inner eyes, time and space part, and all things reveal their essence.
Capricorn Workshop
Climbing The Spiritual Mountain!


Our Capricorn journey began at a beautiful wooded ocean overlook, Anderson Hill Park, where we opened space with a connection to all that is "Good". The view from this spot is spectacular, overlooking the south and east coastal vistas.

This is the area in the south-east corner of our entire landscape zodiac, where the sun begins its illumination from sea to land every morning, very appropriate as our Capricorn effigy is a Goat-Serpent with a goat's head with single horn, goat's body and serpent like tail, wrapping around on itself like an oroborous. This half-sea, half-land creature weaves along the shoreline from the Royal Victoria golf club at Newport and Beach, all the way along Willows Beach and Cattle Point, culminating at the tip of the horn at Loon Park, just south of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, the most affluent part of town.

Capricorn is an earth sign which encourages us through ambition to climb the mountain of materialism . Capricorns are commonly found in the corporate world, moving up from position to position, salary increase to salary increase, until they reach the top of the mountain. Once there, the ambitious goat exclaims, "Now what?" This mountain now dissolves away as the initiate Capricorn begins a second climb on the spiritual mountain, bringing all of the learning and experience from their pragmatic mountain. Turning to service is the way of the enlightened Capricorn.




So we had two metaphorical mountains to climb on this day. The first at Anderson Hill where we acknowledge the "Temptation of Christ" with a magnificent view in front of us. "All this could be yours if you kneel down and worship me!" Worship of the material world. Fortunately our group of pilgrims agreed to continue on their alchemical journey and climb the spiritual peak in Uplands Park later in the day.



Our first act of service was to assist in the return of true, authentic relationship between the male and female energies.  Distortions in human relationship are often related to the second chakra and sexual activity, where intimidation and coercion are met with manipulation and trickery. Sexual abuse has been routinely used to pervert and control the victim, disconnecting them from their free spirit. As we walked through the void in the tail of the Goat-Serpent and through the sacral chakra in the landscape of Linkleas Avenue, we set the intention to transmute all elements of distorted male/female relationships throughout history, reflecting upon our own experiences as well as our knowledge of these ancient distortions. This was a peaceful, gentle walking meditation, releasing into Mother Earth all perversions, miscreations and dark energy patterns. We then focused on what true, authentic relationship feels like, when we can completely trust ourselves and others in partnershps that we engage in-both male and female. It was an essential process, for later in the day, we were to be rebirthed into a new level of awareness through a perfect, beloved union between our male and female selves. 


We enjoyed our inside discussion in a private home, overlooking beautiful Gonzales Bay, considering the qualities of Capricorn and the Astrological influences of the day, as well as enjoying some exquisite food.


 We next gathered under the Willow Tree on Willows Beach and Cynthia/Sylvia lead us in a discussion about holding sacred space for ceremonial work to be done at a distance. This had taken place here on the fall equinox when a group of us were far away at the Eiffel Tower. This spot is clearly a power point in the landscape. 



A walk around cattle point in the head of the goat took us across the road to the Oak Bay War Memorial. This beautiful memorial has a caped woman at the center, "Mother Peace". She was our portal through to the afterlife. Capricorn is the location of the Golden Gate or gate through to the afterlife, often symbolized by St. Peter with the keys. We all made our commitment to die to our old way of being and let go of those aspects of ourselves that do not serve us on our new enlightened journey.




We passed through the Portal of Mother Peace into the afterlife. We climbed our spiritual mountain in our own specific way and then conducted ceremony at two Arbutus Trees in the Gary Oak Forest which our beloved Ted had discovered. We married the two together, symbolic of our masculine and feminine sides becomng one. Zia buried our crystal representing Capricorn in a sacred ceremony at the pineal gland of the Goat in the landscape. We used Galena, a Lead ore, as Lead is the metal associated with Saturn that rules Capricorn. This is an important symbolic stone as Lead represents the beginning of the Alchemical transformation of base Lead to living Gold. Now we were ready to be reborn into the world, with a clearer view and insight into our new expanded awareness as initiates on the spiritual path. 



The single goat horn is symbolic of the Unicorn's horn, taking the practical knowledge of the material world and merging it with our new journey on the spiritual path which is the path of the Unicorn in service. Our "Horn of plenty" in the landscape leads us through the most expensive homes in Victoria to abundance, harmony and balance on this most sacred journey. We walked past these homes at the stillness of dusk reminding ourselves of the need to stay focused on our spiritual life in service, not getting wrapped up in the outer world illusion of consumerism, chaos and confusion.  


We had a magnificent day in the Capricorn landscape, feeling fully satisfied with our alchemical transformation, and looking forward to full freedom in Aquarius on Sunday, February 3rd!





Monthly Constellation  
Spectacular Saturn!





 An early morning session in early February will reward you with a stunning view of Saturn with its rings tipped open at a picture-perfect 19°. Note the shadow of the planet cast across the far side of the rings. Just before dawn around 6:30 AM, look south for a bright star east of Spica, Virgo's brightest star. Aim your telescope at the bright object east of Spica and you're sure to discover Saturn. Be prepared to be amazed!

Jupiter now shines about as brightly and as high as it can get in our North American night sky, adding another brilliant star to an already starry winter night. Jupiter's proximity to Aldebaran in Taurus provides a perfect opportunity to observe the retrograde motion of the planet. In January, look up on any clear nights to see Jupiter move a little farther west away from Aldebaran in its retrograde motion. Jupiter moves closer to the Pleiades, but never gets there. On January 30th, Jupiter stands still and then begins to move forward now traveling eastward, back towards and passing directly above Aldebaran in late March.

On February 8th, Mercury sits above the dimmer Mars in the dusk twilight, joined by the crescent Moon above Mercury on February 11th. February 16th sees the best opportunity for viewing Mercury this winter. Happy Skywatching!

Book Review
The Last Shaman
by William Whitecloud


The Last Shaman is a captivating and emotional ride through the jungles of war torn Africa, imparting an inspirational model for raising your consciousness in line with your highest potential. Lead character Mark Vale, who represents any of us struggling to take consistent ownership of our creative lives, takes an unwanted journey to find, and save, the last shaman who is responsible for ending the war and saving thousands of lives . His journey starts with the mysterious Mona Lisa of Africa and ends with his initiation in the other worldly Field of Dreams.All throughout Mark learns from a colorful array of characters, including a Doctor of Philosophy exiled in the swamps, a shape-shifting sorceress and the widow of a tribal scout, who teach him to commit completely to the desires of his soul - and how that commitment enables him to create in a way that uplifts not only himself, but also the whole world that he is a part of. Perhaps more incredible than anything is the story's transformational power. As you lose yourself in the adventure, you will find that you are being taken along on the same journey to meet your soul self.
Astrological Signs  


Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, is Universal in orientation and the last air sign. it is ruled by explosive Uranus; advanced thought, acceptance of all points of view and being able to view the infinite in all things. The water carrier brings clear truth and eternal wisdom of which we may all partake. Aquarius teaches the values of science and extra sensory perception and signifies the new  millennium that we are poised to enter, in which our world will be transformed. Aquarians need to be given as much lattitude as possible to exercise their imaginative powers and placed under as few restrictions as possible . Joy is essential and they like things to go easily, wishing for happiness and understanding . if confronted with conflict or stressful demands, they are likely to fly off the handle, go on the attack or disappear. Aquarians are promoters of high ideals and they value scientific and universal truth.

Monthly Animal Totem  





Otter teaches us the freedom of love without jealousy. The joy of loving other people's and their children's accomplishments as much as we love our own. These women dance in the balance of feminine energy and often use Otter hide to make their medicine bags. Otter is the personification of the sacred feminine; long, sleek, playful and graceful-full of joy! Otter is always on the move, curious and seeing things from a different perspective. Otter shows us how to create a space for others to enter our lives without pre-conceived notions or suspicions. Otter expresses joy for others, content in their good fortune.