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Victoria Sagittarius Workshop


December 9th

First Day of Hanukkah
December 12th
Victoria Ceremony
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December 13th
New Moon in Sagittarius
Ambassadors of Light Class

December 21st
 Victoria Ceremony for the END of the CYCLE 11:11am, GMT!
Winter Solstice
December 22nd
Welcome to the NEW WORLD!

December 25th
Merry Christmas!

December 28th
Full Moon in Cancer
December 31st
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   December 5th
 Matt Kahn
 "Effortless Freedom - A Timeless Dialogue of Life's Deepest Teachings"

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher and mystic who travels the world, offering sacred heart wisdom that invites all seekers into the joy of liberated existence. Matt's spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of eight, and numerous direct experiences throughout his life. Matt will discuss the current energies and how we can best prepare ourselves for the changes that are upon us. He has a beautiful presence and an underlying energy vibration that you are strongly encouraged to tune with.


December 12th
Meg Blackburn Losey
 "The Art of Living Out Loud"   

Prolific author and Master Metaphysician, Meg Blackburn Losey will discuss her latest book, "The Art of Living Out Loud: How to Leave Behind Your Baggage and Pain to Become a Happy, Whole, Perfect Human Being with Unlimited Potential. Meg's no-nonsence sassy approach offers a new perception on the questions we all have.....How to find your power, your purpose, your passion, your joy while at the same time learning how to be free of your patterns, your pain and whatever holds you back.


December 19th
George Kavassilas


"Our Journey Home"

The time of THE GREAT CHANGE is upon us, and is the outcome for those who embarked on a journey eons ago. All who have chosen to be here at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude that few on Earth can currently comprehend, and of which multitudes in the Universe regard in the highest esteem - the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and her Humanity into Beings of Light and Universal Creators. George will discuss this journey and his new book, "Our Universal Journey" 


December 26th
Peter Tongue


"Welcome to the
        New World"         

Peter will give an overview of the intense energies and events of this year and the many opportunites provided for individual and collective transformation to take place. He will share powerful stories and insights from his expert guests from this year's radio shows as well as his own growing awareness, particularly since his spiritual pilgrimages to France and England in September. The intention is to set you up for a powerfully productive and peaceful 2013! 



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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and rules over Sagittarius. It is associated with good fortune, expansion, advanced studies and a philosophical outlook. Some positive qualities associated with Jupiter are; optimistic, generous, loyal, jovial, kind natured, just and compassionate. On the other side Jupiter can be; blindly optimistic, extremist, wasteful, self-indulgent, clumsy imbalanced in beliefs and outspoken


 Gem Stone



Cassiterite is a gem stone of Tin in its Oxide form. Tin is the metal associated with Jupiter and therefore Sagittarius. Cassiterite has a strong spiritual grounding energy, and has a good mix of balancing your energy and energizing you, depending on what you may require. It can be very useful to use it if you have any long held deep childhood issues of rejection that you have not already dealt with and will assist you to release energetic blockages that are holding you back on your life's journey . Cassiterite has a specific energy that aids at the time of birth, when the spirit enters this world and also when its time to pass through the doorway and go to the other side again. This is the energy that pulls your spirit to the earth plane to be present here in your current form in this incarnation. It may be a helpful stone to have nearby newly born children to help to ground them into this life. This crystal helps to bring Divine light into your body from the source of all that is and is a powerful stone to use in meditation.


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December 2012  �  Vol. 4  Issue 12 
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
A Golden Opportunity!
by Peter Tongue



It seems remarkable that we have arrived at the final month leading up to the now infamous December 21st, 2012. What does it really mean? In the end there is such a huge focus upon it that it has become its own energy and frequency. Personally, I am not interested in the fear mongering that has taken place. My experience has been that there are wonderful opportunities available to all of us to transform into a higher way of being and greater conscious awareness. So what is it that we are supposed to be doing in preparation for December 21st. My belief is that we are already in the deepest aspects of the preparation. I have lined up a superb group of guests on the radio show to close out the year and assist you in understanding what is taking place and what you can do to support your own sacred journey. You can see the details of each radio show in this newsletter, but I strongly advise you to listen to all of the interviews beginning with Neil Kramer on November 28th, who understands and explains so well the "mind matrix" that we need to transcend. On December 5th, Matt Kahn will explain to us the Ascension process and the significance of this powerful time through his unique energy imprint. Meg Blackburn Losey has written a phenomenal book called, "The Art of Living Out Loud" and she will explain the way in which we can live our full authentic life, clearing out the old patterns that no longer serve our needs, moving into a happy and successful future. George Kavassilas will then join me on December 19th, just in time for the end of the cycle. George is closely connected with Mother Earth and he will discuss the transition that she is going through and how we can connect deeply with her at this sacred time. The first show after the end of the cycle will be me, reflecting upon what has taken place over this last month and giving my interpretation of events, based upon all of this year's radio shows, our sacred pilgrimage to France and England and the information coming through our conscious community in Victoria.


My own belief about December 21st, 2012 is as follows.


We have been trapped in the mind matrix for the last 5000 years at least. We have moved away from our connection to spirit and become completely embroiled in day-to-day living, focusing on material gain and home comforts, largely ignoring our connection to nature and spirit. If you look at the world today this is the outcome of focusing on the mind matrix. Deceit, manipulation, human at odds with human and no concern for the well being of Mother Earth. It's time to stop! How do we make the changes necessary?


 We have to return to the deep connection that we potentially have with Spirit, Creator and Mother Earth. The first separation in this life was when the umbilical cord was cut from the placenta of your physical mother, often done surgically without any conscious loving connection. Hence we all feel separate and alone. To overcome the "mind matrix", we need to reconnect through energetic chords to the oneness that we are all part of. We do this by dropping our consciousness down into our hearts and into our sacred womb spaces. For men this is actually the prostate gland.


I believe December 21st, 2012, is offering us the opportunity to realign all of the womb spaces; the Galactic Centre where our galaxy was originally created, the womb of the Sun, where the solar system was created, the womb of Mother Earth where the earth was created and the womb space of all of the women on the planet where all of the children of the New Earth are created. It will require this level of empowerment for us to now co-create a new heaven on a new earth with all of these womb spaces aligned. First we have to clear those spaces of all of the dross and mis-created energy patterns accumulated over lifetimes. The good news is that a number of us have gone through this process acting as archetypes, during the month of Scorpio, on behalf of all, including Mother Earth herself. Now it is time, to open and activate these womb spaces to become the co-creative engines of the new paradigm.


It is time for the sacred feminine to re-emerge in all of her glory and join in conscious co-creation of this new era of Golden Peace. The role of the masculine energies at this time is to hold sacred space for the sacred feminine to be fully empowered and do the inner work through the womb space. Perhaps the best image is to see the hearts of the masculine energy in divine union with the womb space of the sacred feminine. That sacred union is the key to our future success in co-creating a harmonious, peaceful planet for our children that we can all be proud of.


Most of the inner work has already been done and now we are  in the final preparations. For us the work began in earnest on the 11:11, exactly 40 days before December 21st, the time required for the alchemical process.


We held a sacred ceremony on that day. Connecting with the ancestors of our land and the ancient ancestral lineages from before the distortion through the mind matrix began. Inviting the knowledge and wisdom that the ancients carried to return to our consciousness and to be utilized during this sacred time. We gathered at the stone circles commemorating the burial sites of the ancient elders on the slopes of Beacon Hill Look Out, overlooking the Juan de Fuca Straits, and the Olympic mountains in Washington state, USA. In addition to our connection with our local indigenous ancestors, it became clear that we were also connecting with the Greek Gods and Goddesses hovering over Mt. Olympus, the highest point in the Olympic range. We recently had an additional ceremony to anchor these energies into our landscape zodiac so that we can utilize the wisdom and knowledge from the celestial realms and bring them into our new Garden of Eden here on planet Earth.


On the 11:11, we then gathered around the tallest totem pole in the World, which anchors the north-south Ley line running straight through the heart of our landscape zodiac. Here we took the opportunity to align our hearts and wombs, through the heart and womb of our landscape, the heart and womb of Mother Earth and the heart and womb of the Galactic Centre. This is what the December 21st Sacred Tree alignment represents, and we have already brought ourselves and our landscape into that alignment.


We then moved off to Moss rock, another important power spot in the landscape, where we transmuted the old energies of fear and anxiety into a warm, comforting welcome to all visitors to our sacred island. We are making ourselves available to all who wish to consciously connect and co-create with us.


Our Sagittarius Temple of the Stars Journey will provide us with another opportunity for sacred ceremony as we will move through the Sagittarius effigy, concluding with a powerful fire ceremony at Abkhazi Gardens, where we will fire the arrows of our future-self heart's desires.


For many the 12:12:12 has taken on more significance than December 21st. My understanding is that it is the final crystal activation of a ceremony that has been running for the last 12 years since the 1:1:1, January 1st, 2001, and every triple date since. Certainly looking back, the 10:10:10 and the 11:11:11 on November 11th, 2011, proved to be powerful activation occasions. We will be gathering on the 12:12:12 at 10.10am at the Holy Thorn Tree to begin our ceremony for the day, ending up at the hub of our zodiac, in Camrose Park, concluding at 2.22pm.


We will have our own ceremony overnight on Dec 20th/21st beginning at sunset on December 20th and coming together again at sunrise on Dec. 21st. The Solstice actually takes place at 11:11am GMT which is 3.11am PST!!!!!


We will have reached the end of the cycle and the beginning of the new. I see that as a great celebration and opening into a new cycle which will bring peace to earth and beautiful communities of luminous beings living on the planet in harmony with all that is. I believe that the so-called indigo children are about to come into their own and show us the way with brilliant innovative inventions and an energetic presence of peace and love which will be undeniable.




Have a wonderful month and open your heart to the wonderful gifts that await you on your sacred awakening journey.




 As you can tell from this article, I am extremely buoyant and optimistic about the future and the Golden Opportunities that await us in this time of magnificent transformation. I look forward to reporting back on what has taken place in the first newsletter of 2013!
Scorpio Workshop
Delving Deep into the Murky Waters 



Our Victoria Temple of the Stars Scorpio journey began at the Totem Poles on Songhees Point. The previous year we had offered the opportunity for people to work with three talismans; the star, the staff and sword. The star opens up our psychic ability, the staff aids in manifestation and the sword offers full and total protection for the work being done. We offered the opportunity again for our pilgrims to reconnect with the same talismans or work with a new one. We honored the four directions and open space in this powerful vortex site overlooking the inner Harbor in one of the front claws of the Scorpio effigy.


We then took a stroll into the downtown core. Scorpio is strongly connected to the dark side and much of Victoria's early history revolved around goldrush times and all that went with it. Last year we had cleared many of these darker spaces and so this year we decided to connect with the lighter side. I discovered through one of my radio interviews that one of the major great circle Ley Lines running across the planet flowing through Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, also actually runs through an object called the Bright Pearl in Centennial Square in downtown Victoria. It separates the East from the West and is seen to be a link between them. It is a silver globe which spins on water outlining many of the major cities across the world. What a great place to connect to all of the sacred sites across the planet which we did in a simple ceremony.


 One of the main intentions of this day in Scorpio is to resolve our deepest, darkest fears which can be worked out using Scorpio's courage and the connection to its landscape. Close by is a mighty Red Chinese Dragon holding a golden sphere aloft. I indicated to the group that this Dragon is symbolic of the Guardian of our inner demons and when we can connect and befriend these fearsome aspects of our self through the dragon, then we can retrieve the Golden Treasures buried deep within us. So we befriended our Red Dragon and then made our way through Chinatown and down the infamous Fan Tan Alley, where the Opium dens used to be!


We then went to a private home close to the Dallas waterfront, where we enjoyed our shared potluck lunch and discussion around the current energies and significant characteristics of the Scorpio energy. As well as the sun being in Scorpio, there were many other powerful astrological aspects including the presence of Saturn in Scorpio and the full moon in Taurus the next day. The main focus, without doubt, was to dig down as deep as we can, to clear and transmute all stuck and blocked energies. This is the month and this day in particular to do this inner work.





We then took a gentle stroll along the waterfront, looking out across the ocean towards the Olympic mountains. We ventured into Emily Carr territory to remind us of the importance of the Eagle in our work with Scorpio. The Eagle was Emily Carr's totem and we use it to remind us that plunging down into the depths is done, simply to recover aspects of ourselves lost so that we can soar like the Eagle and not get bogged down in despair. It was interesting to note that on this walking pilgrimage, there was much scattered energy and distraction, reminding us that this is typically the way in which we avoid going deep within ourselves. It requires some discipline to stay focused on the inner journey.


We gathered together at Goodacre Lake in Beacon Hill Park and reminded ourselves of the need for deep inner reflection and now was the opportunity to take the personal time to do this. Using the waters of the lake, each person chose their own way to connect deep within. Some sat in contemplation, some strolled quietly around the lake, some connected with the  birds, ducks and even the peacocks who live in the park. A sereneness descended upon the group and it became clear that all were dedicated to their sacred journey.


We then made our way to Government House, an important site in our overall landscape zodiac. We gathered in a sacred grove of trees to once again centre ourselves, and then made our way to the babbling brook where we had carried out ceremony the previous year. We sat in deep contemplation, tuning in to the sounds of the flowing water and watched the droplets dance in the air.


We moved on to our final destination, which was a magnificent tree in the glorious gardens of Government House, where our final ceremony involved the burial of our sacred gemstone connecting into the Scorpio energies. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto, and so Zia had decided that we should bury some haematite at this site. Haematite contains iron and is a powerful grounding stone that also helps purify the blood.


After performing the alchemical marriage in Libra, with our crystals, there was a risk that we would believe the process was complete. I was reminded of the Monk's Pride in which the monks performing the alchemy believed exactly that and then plunged down into the dark night of the soul. Our work in Scorpio is to deliberately take ourselves down into the darkest place to clear and cleanse and then the real magic can occur at a deeper level. We continue therefore to work with our alchemical concoctions and Cinnabar orb which now has the veins of gold running through it, taking us into a deeper level of awareness and magnificence.


We have now been primed for our journey into fiery Sagittarius on Sunday, December 2nd.

Monthly Constellation  
All Solar System Planets Visible in the December Night Sky



  The December 2012 morning planets from west to east (top to bottom): Saturn, Venus and Mercury

The December night is nothing short of heroic in both its sky lore and actual appearance. Most of the brilliance and most of the constellations representing great figures in Greek Mythology are concentrated in a tall, giant wedge of sky centred in the east and running from the horizon to almost overhead. The quintessential hero is Perseus, now very high in the east. He's reaching up to the dimmer leg of Andromeda, the damsel in distress he rescues, near her mother Cassiopea. Not far from Perseus is a sight that has amazed and delighted people since time immemorial. It looks like a tiny dipper or teacup of glittering stars, but its popularly known as the Seven Sisters: the Pleiades Cluster.


It will be possible to see every planet of the solar system on these December 2012 nights. Given clear skies - and optical aid in the case of Uranus and Neptune - our sun's family of planets will be yours to behold. The four evening planets - Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter - can be viewed at nightfall, and all three morning planets - Saturn, Venus and Mercury - are visible some ninety to sixty minutes before sunrise. As darkness starts to give way to dawn, look for Saturn, Venus and Mercury in the southeast sky.

Book Review
Our Universal Journey - The Big Picture
by George Kavassilas 




Our Universal Journey is a unique book of Self-Empowerment on a Universal scale, and beyond exposing the Planetary matrix and even the Cosmic matrix. A unique perspective surpassing the paradigms of science, religion, the occults and new age. The level of knowledge and wisdom shared is the foundation for awakening into an aware and conscious Being, and consequently Freedom and Sovereignty of Spirit.



Astrological Signs  


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and the last fire sign. It is ruled by Jupiter and therefore carries many of the same qualities. It is expansive, optimistic, seeing the bigger picture without getting bogged down in the details. Sagittarius is letting fly the arrow into the heart of the matter, arrows carrying us to the stars. It represents our real purpose here on the planet, cutting through all of the short term obstacles and distractions. They will reject societal values in favour of a higher truth. The energies of Sagittarius transmute the fixed, powerful and controlling energies of Scorpio into aspiring, earthy, pragmatic Capricorn. There is tremendous honesty and purpose of belief.
Monthly Animal Totem  





The horse has a very close association with Sagittarius as the mythical CENTAUR is half man, half horse. In our landscape effigy it is King Arthur on his white horse. The mythological horse sees the essence of a man's soul and enables the shaman to fly through the air and reach heaven. For humans, the horse offers freedom of travel and fleetness of foot. It is therefore a symbol of freedom, travel and power. This power includes wisdom and a balanced medicine shield through humility. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, sharing your gifts, talents and abilities are the gateways to real power.