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November 4th

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November 6th
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November 13th
New Moon in Scorpio
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November 15th
 Ambassadors of Light Class
November 22nd
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November 28th
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Ambassadors of Light Class
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   November 7th
 Beth Cosmos

Beth Cosmos will discuss Ama-Deus, a method of energy healing preserved for thousands of years by a tribe of Guarani in South America. She will explain "Healing with this Sacred Energy of the Universe-Healing with Love". Direct experience with Ama-Deus shows how love can offer liberation from our fears and fill our being with peace, balance and harmony-the real and true treasure of any human being living in the world today. This story is an exploration of the spirit and the universe and a journey to understand love. 


November 14th
Marlise Karlin
 "The Power of Peace in You"   

Marlise Karlin is a visionary pioneer and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body. As the result of transformative experiences the conscious presence expressed through Marlise offers people access to an inner peace rarely experienced. Marlise will discuss her just released new book, "The Power of Peace in You-a revolutionary tool for Hope, Healing and Happiness"  as well as igniting the Simplicity of Stillness Method in you on the show!


November 21st
Alison Chester-Lambert


"The Future in the Stars"

Alison Chester-Lambert brings an astrological message for 2012 and beyond. Predicting changes and trends for the future, she will discuss her fascinating book which debunks the myths surrounding 2012 to provide a logical and spiritual theory. Wild claims and poor astronomy have fuelled a doomsday sensation about this energetic and special year, yet little or none is mentioned about the key planets sending the messages-Pluto, Chiron, Ceres, Makemake, Eris, and Sedna, as well as some newly discovered planets.




November 28th
Neil Kramer 


"The Unfoldment"         

Neil Kramer will discuss his latest book, "The Unfoldment" which presents a body of sacred wisdom and a deep spiritual perspective that puts real power and real magic into the hands of those who seek a path of awakening. Neil Kramer draws on a lifetime of spiritual encounters and experiential gnosis to formulate a unique synthesis of metaphysics, mysticism, and esoteric knowledge-genuine, hands-on tools and teachings for transformation and enlightenment in the 21st century



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It was interesting that Pluto was demoted as a planet just as it was about to exert its greatest influence. For the last two years it has been having a powerful influence on our world at the global level. Pluto destroys anything that is not in true integrity, so that a new and better outcome can arise. It is responsible for the PHOENIX rising from the ashes! It is connected to the the underworld, the unconscious, enforced change and regenerative forces. It creates the opportunity to create a fresh start, but can also be responsible for underhand and secretive activity.  


 Gem Stone




The name comes from the Greek word for blood. It has been used as an amulet against bleeding, and so is known as the "blood stone". When arranged like the petals of a flower, it is referred to as the "iron rose". Native American folklore states that war paint made from haematite will make one invincible in battle.


Haematite grounds and protects us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality. A "stone for the mind", Haematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought. Haematite utilises the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit. Because of its high Iron content, Haematite restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply, aiding blood conditions such as anaemia. It supports the kidneys and regenerates tissue. It stimulates the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells.  Haematite is good for leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia and aids spinal alignment and fractures.


Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto and Mars is associated with the metal Iron. It is interesting then that the Mars Exploration Rover Project revealed deposits of the Iron bearing ore Haematite on Mars.






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November 2012  �  Vol. 4  Issue 11  
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue    
I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
The Adventure Continues!
by Peter Tongue


Well we are safely back in Victoria after an absolutely wonderful set of experiences through which we have all grown and changed, which is of course the objective on an alchemical journey. Our sojourn through Paris was extraordinary and included some of the most powerful work done on the trip. Paris is a container for a number of intersecting ley lines connecting around the globe and to some critical sacred sites on the planet, not least of which is the Rose Line running through St.Sulpice Church, made famous by the Da Vinci Code movie, and up through Roslyn Chapel. It connects in the other direction back to the area we visited earlier on in the trip, most notably in a small yet significant village called Rennes Les Bains.


 The entire Champs Elysees running from Notre Dame to the Grand Arch is a ley line grid that continues on to the birthplace of Isis which is Dendera in Egypt(Not a surprise then that the Dendera Zodiac from Egypt is housed in the Louvre). The street plan of Paris is a reflection of the city of light, Luxor in Egypt, and there are powerful connections throughout this line, the glass pyramid of the Louvre, the Egyptian Obelisk, the Arc de Triomphe and the Grand Arch, all deliberately set up to expand the energies. There are also some spots that needed some attention and we did sacred healing work at both the Obelisk(Used to be the site of the Guillotine) and the Eiffel Tower to encourage the free flow of this powerful energy current through the city of Paris.


Off to London, UK, under the Chunnel to another city built on a deliberate ley line grid by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666, believe it or not, based on the "Tree of Life" or Kabbalah! More clearing to do here at the Tower of London where I am sure I lost my life at some time in the distant past along with many others who stuck to their spiritual truth. And then the London EYE which goes around and around oh so slowly counter clockwise. We felt the need to reverse this and speed up the frequency of rotation to enhance the city which feels so much more alive and vibrant following the success of the recent Olympic Games.


Out into the countryside and a visit to Stonehenge where once again we were encouraged to walk around the stones at a distance counter clockwise-is there a plot afoot here? We chose to go around the other way and get as close to the stones as possible, sending our loving energies through the heal stone which is the focal point and the spot where the sun rises on the Solstice. It really feels as if the stones crave physical contact with the human family. Which brings us to Avebury where you can spend as much time as you like hugging and connecting to the stones-a fabulous place- where the Michael/Mary lines come together in a beautiful dance of the masculine and feminine energies. The processional avenue of stones always gives me the chills here as I imagine walking along the avenue lined by humans and the spirits of the stones into some grand ceremony at the heart of the stone circle.


Up to this point Nina has still been with us since France but now we drop her off in Glastonbury for her adventure there before she moves on to Findhorn and Iona in Scotland. I wonder if she knows the triangular connection between these three places?


We continue on down the Michael/Mary line stopping briefly at Burrowbridge Mump, the nose of the questing Langport Girt Dog in the landscape zodiac, eventually arriving at Tintagel on 

the north Cornwall coast; the legendary home of the young King Arthur. This truly is a magnificent wild and rugged coast line and if Arthur was not born here, he should have been! Merlin's cave is under Tintagel Head and is a "must" part of the visit. It can only be entered at low tide as it is filled with the ocean at every other time. We have to wait until morning before going in and so we decide to head off to St.Nectan's Glen, a different but still magical fairy dell-a-flowing

waterfall through the rocks and full of elemental energies. You see more orbs here on photographs than anywhere else I have been. Pure delight!


After a wind swept night spent in the idyllic little town of Boscastle, we return to Tintagel and the cave. I find this to be the most powerful of all of the places on the entire trip. Half way down the cave is a power spot with the portal exiting through the opening at the other end of the cave reaching up towards the sky. The edges of this shape have a supernatural glow about them and having unfocussed the eyes looking through this space and then looking back into the half dark cave you can see flashes of light coming into and out of the people and rocks inside. Emerald, Violet, Peach magnificence! I can stay here forever and then we decide to tone to take the consciousness to an even higher level-wow!


Fully charged we go for a drive onto Bodmin Moor seeking out obscure and largely unknown stone circles before returning to Glastonbury where we visit the damaged Holy Thorn Tree, the most impressive ancient Abbey ruins, the Tor and the Chalice Well. The Tor welcomed us on our first visit with the rising full moon and setting sun to be followed by the most exquisite moonset, sun rise two mornings later. The mists of Avalon literally came down surrounding the Tor as we waited patiently for the sun to rise. Not to be disappointed, the sun peeped over the mist casting beautiful shades of colour on the inside wall of the mist which slowly dissolved away leaving clumps of mist in the corners of all of the patchwork fields. Indescribable beauty! We then went to the Chalice Well to feel the extremely gentle, healing peace that resides there. Another place you could stay forever. 


Our final stop at the Rollright standing stone circle was a most appropriate culmination of a wonderful set of experiences. It felt like a really happy celebration as we laughed with these stones who seemed to have remained undisturbed through time, still working in peace and harmony with dedicated members of the awake human family-a fitting finale!


Our cinnabar orb had been involved in every single sacred occasion; ceremonies, stone circles, healing waters and our conscious human intent to connect with mother nature. The alchemy continues and it will be fascinating to see where this takes our orb and us. There is a lot more to come I know!




Libra Workshop
The Alchemical Marriage   


What an incredible gift for a group of us to be able to experience the Libra Alchemical Journey in the heart of the Dove in Barton St. David, just outside Glastonbury, UK., with the dedicated and quite brilliant Maltwood Moot group a week before our own Libra journey. Highlights were the realization that we have so much in common with some fabulous synchronicities and that our process here mirrors very closely theirs. We had the opportunity to walk almost all of the Libra Dove in the landscape and learn some information of fundamental importance. We had an incredible treat before we arrived in Glastonbury, in full sight of the Tor, when our vehicle suddenly and mysteriously took a self-guided detour off the main road into a little village called Chilton Polden. The driver, me, was certain that this was the home of Katharine Maltwood when she first discovered the landscape zodiac effigy of Leo the Lion, while peering out of the upstairs window of her home! The other members of our tour thought I had completely lost it and Zia reminded us that her home was called Chilton Priory. Certain I was right, I continued into the village where we accosted one of the loc

als who indeed confirmed that Chilton 
Priory was actually in Chilton Polden and we had just

 passed it! We were there and experienced the very place where all of this began-incredible good fortune!!!!! 



The key information that arose for me from the day in Glastonbury was the realization that the Dove in the landscape had a communion wafer in its beak. This represents "transubstantiation" which is raising the vibration of the wafer to the level of Christ Consciousness which you then consume to support you on your alchemical journey.


Following our Libra experience working with the scales last year, Zia had discerned the Dove and the wafer in the Victoria landscape. This lead us to a grove of standing stones and trees on the north side of Marigold Elementary School which is the extreme corner of the wafer. We opened space there with the clear intention to receive the transubstantiation, raising our personal and collective vibration to the Christ Consciousness level.


We then traveled to Swan Lake where we had decided to enter into a silent reflective walk all the way around the lake tuning into the deep waters of the lake, letting go of any and all issues still impacting us in our lives. The energies of Libra throw us into this challenge by reflecting back to us, "The Other". The other represents anything outside of us which we have a personal relationship with, reflecting back to us what we need to balance. In our personal relationships, we find people who are seemingly perfectly aligned with us and resonating on the same frequency, while others create a sense of discord and imbalance. Our job in Libra is to realize that everything outside of us is a projection of what is inside of us and each person is an external gift to help show us where we are healthy inside and where we still need healing. We carried a stone with us to release into it all that we are done with, blowing our cares away into it.  


We then enjoyed a sharing of our experiences and had a discussion about Libra energy and the human requirements to step through the Libra reflecting mirror into harmony and balance. Our Libra dove and scales in the landscape create the perfect mirror of the feminine and masculine. Our feminine symbol is the Swan, reflected in the still calm waters of Swan Lake. We gathered on a platform out on the lake. The platform was in the shape of an eight pointed star which represents the sacred feminine through abundance and limitless potential. The rock which we had carried around the lake and placed all of the heaviness, blockages and limiting beliefs which hold us back on this human journey was now tossed into the still depths of the lake. Having pitched our rocks into the lake, Zia presented us with an emerald green feather to carry from the concave waters of the feminine lake up to the convex masculine energies of Christmas Hill.


Ernie had uploaded a lot of energy and information during our pilgrimage through France and England and he had returned supercharged with this vibrant, conscious energy. He was seeking a way to embed and anchor this energy back into our home landscape. He had walked Swan Lake with a magnificently created wand and crystal point, going back to his initial awakening at the time of Harmonic Convergence in 1987. He breathed into this wand all that he had accumulated on the journey and ceremonially threw the wand into the depths of Swan Lake to resonate out through the waters and our entire landscape activating these powerful vibrations of intelligence.



Before ascending Christmas Hill, we first needed to cross the rainbow bridge and remarkably the bridge over Mackenzie Avenue, the axis of the dove and scales in our zodiac, took us from Rainbow Park to Rainbow Street-no doubt about what we were doing! The bridge created the midpoint to our figure of eight walk, spiraling over the traffic and the people going about their daily business, once again reminding us of our elevated journey into higher consciousness, breaking down all limiting beliefs and reaching for the stars. The harmonic balance of Libra includes both the horizontal of masculine and feminine as well as the vertical balance of as above, so below- matter and spirit.


Christmas Hill is another one of those sacred sites associated with a First Nation's legend. A young baby was picked up from the Inner Harbor from what is now the Legislative Lawn, by a massive black Raven. It was Christmas Eve and the native people and early settlers set out from downtown Victoria to find the baby. They made their way north through swamp land, eventually ascending the slopes of a hill, without finding the child. Early the next morning after dawn, the baby was heard making playful noises, safe and sound atop our mystery hill which, because the baby was found on Christmas morning, became known as Christmas Hill.


Overlooking the magnificent lanscape towards downtown we joined in a meditation on the Hill and we released our feather off the top into the air element, representative of Libra. Our task was not complete, however, as we now needed to take the energies of the feminine and masculine together back to the hub of the zodiac for the alchemical marriage.


For the early Chinese settlers, Christmas Hill was the ideal feng shui location in the whole of Victoria. The gentle south facing slope flowing down to the ocean was the perfect spot. They purchased a piece of land to build their cemetery to the elders and ancestors but were prevented from completing this task by the British settlers. Not surprisingly, perhaps then, that the settlers established their 

Sacred Heart Catholic Church adjacent to the Chinese land on the ideal slopes of Christmas Hill! 

Following last year
's ceremony, this time, we felt a very different energy at the Church and were delighted to see this beautiful pink rainbow spectrum of light show up on a photograph at the cross outside the church.


During our journey in France and England we had performed ceremonies to activate the hubs of the landscape zodiacs in Rennes Le Chateau and Glastonbury with a beautiful alchemical marriage in Parkwood the heart of the Glastonbury Zodiac. We were now ready to include our own hub at Camrose Park in the process. We had all of the ingredients necessary to concoct the Philosopher's Stone from the Philosophical Gold in Leo, Philosophical Mercury in Virgo, and now the alchemical marriage in Libra between the two. We had already begun this process on the first day of Libra while at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and this mixture was really bubbling away. Also our Cinnabar orb had been engaged in every single ceremony that we performed on our trip and had been exposed to the energies and sacred healing waters of all of the sacred sites. It is itself transforming, living and producing seeds of Gold!  Having completed the alchemical marriage, we now move into Scorpio and let the real magic begin!




Monthly Constellation  
A Month of Eclipses!




The Hermetic astrologers of the mystery schools of Egypt and Greece knew that an eclipse created a tunnel to higher realms where they could communicate directly with the star gods and access their sacred wisdom. They were a cosmic thoroughfare and stellar gateway. Scientific tests have shown that during an eclipse, electromagnetic fields increase in magnitude significantly, especially near sacred sites. The total Solar Eclipse on November 13th/14th takes place over Cairns, Australia, where the Moon passing between the Earth and the Sun will create complete darkness for a few minutes at what should be dawn there. It is a north node eclipse indicating the opportunity to create space for new patterns to take root. So close to the Winter Solstice and the re-birth of the Galaxy on December 21st, 2012, this is seen and as a powerful new beginning opportunity for the planet and for us as individuals. A prenumbral lunar eclipse which may be partially visible in the pacific north west just before moonset takes place on November 28th, another opportunity to bring all aspects of your old life to a full conclusion before we finally step into the new!



Book Review
The Unfoldment
by Neil Kramer   



 The Unfoldment presents a body of sacred wisdom and a deep spiritual perspective that puts real power and real magic into the hands of those who seek a path of awakening. Neil Kramer draws on a lifetime of spiritual encounters and experiential gnosis to formulate a unique synthesis of metaphysics, mysticism, and esoteric knowledge-genuine, hands-on tools and teachings for transformation and enlightenment in the 21st century.

The Unfoldment is a natural human process; a journey of growth, realization, and ascendance. For the first time, Neil Kramer's insights, techniques and, ideas are brought together in one inspirational work that has the power to change lives.



Astrological Signs  


Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. Nearly every description of Scorpio emphasizes depth of passion, often in sexual terms. Scorpio rules the sex organs. But the Scorpion is passionate in many fields of life including politics, work and play. A peculiar intensity permeates the whole personality creating an extremely strong sense of purpose in life and a determination to do nothing by halves. Scorpio people challenge themselves to the limit in one endeavour or another. They have a fascination with life, death and the after life. Positive traits include powerful feelings and emotions, fierce loyalty, persistence and determination. The shadow side of Scorpio includes; jealousy, resentment, being secretive, suspicious and self-destructive.
Monthly Animal Totem  





Seals are sea mammals and are highly symbolic of our feeling, sensual selves. The seal helps us to remember our connection to our deep inner rhythms, feelings, and knowing, as represented by the sea. As humans generally believe themselves to be apart from 'animals', when really we are a-part of them, we often fight giving in to these deep rhythms and are afraid of 'losing' what we consider to be ourselves. When we are afraid of drowning in these depths, Seal being a good swimmer and knowing how to flow with the ever changing current, reminds us how to swim with the current. When we do this the negative feelings we have created such as worry, fear and anxiety are released from our minds. If seal enters your life, you are being asked to review the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions and find and keep up a point of balance.

Water is a creative element and symbolises the feminine imagination and intuition. If the seal appears in your life, pay close attention to your imagination and insight - in the waking state and in dreamtime. A lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far-off it may seem. People with seal as a power animal are generally highly imaginative and very creative. They will need activities that channel and direct this. Seal can show you how to develop and focus your imagination