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April 2015 

The literary origin of the expression "a horse of a different color" has been traced to Shakespeare's Twelfth NightAct 2, scene 3, in the context of several characters scheming against the annoying Malvolio. I am not, however, scheming against anyone but myself in the current series of images called "Horses of a Different Color." Rather, I've chosen to take the phrase quite literally, experimenting with abstractions to a much greater degree than usual, playing in the studio with silhouettes of single and grouped horses.

Among the goals here is some overdue studio spring cleaning by causing the disappearance of unsatisfactory previous works under layers of other paint.  I have had no end of fun painting in especially opaque or staining waterolor pigments over failed still lifes and landscapes.  These get washed down in the bathtub and allowed to dry.  As soon as the first strokes of a cadmium, a Winsor blue or a Verzino violet hit the now-pale substrate of an abandoned painting, I no longer have a bad conscience about giving house-room to a failure.  Fortunately, this holds true even if the second painting is a failure as well; by then I feel I've had my money's worth from the support, especially if it is piece of 300-pound watercolor paper. 

Below you'll see several of the results, some based on a carriage horse liberated (by my creative license) from his harness and Central Park, and another from one of last year's outings of the Smithtown Hunt on Long Island. 

Horse of a Different Color (Lascaux), watercolor, 9" x 11", 2015.

Horse of a Different Color (Orange), watercolor,
9" x 11", 2015.

Horses of a Different Color: Three Headed Downhill, watercolor and w/c pencil,
13 1/4" x 13 1/8", 2015.

Part of the appeal of the over-painting process in watercolor is that the painting underneath the new one can offer textures and colors that I would probably never lay down consciously that offer a richness that I find quite intriguing. 

But, on the other hoof, sometimes it's good to start with a clean plate -- a zinc one, in this case.  The most recent monotype party at the Salmagundi Club included the availability of blue printing ink, so I tried out an indigo carriage horse; why not?

Harnessed Horse, Monotype

At this point I am content to follow the thread of my own curiosity, as I experiment with this theme, much as a writer changes words in a line to head thoughts in a direction not originally consciously planned. Stay tuned for the next newsletter, in which I plan to address issues of process in greater depth. 

Spring is in the mail..... swans, geese and ducks at Centerport Harbor, Mill Pond, late March

"Home at last after a long loan. Tango-inspired pieces from 2008"

Milonga Sentimental, acrylic on canvas,
6" x 12", 2008.

Silueta Porteña, acrylic on canvas,
6" x 12", 2008.


Annie Shaver-Crandell 
Views of Town and Country 
March 1, 2015 to April 25, 2015

Huntington Public Library 
338 Main St 
Huntington, NY 11743

Installation wall


Here are some comments written in my visitors' book:

"Wow! Incredible. These landscapes are exquisite.  Take my breath away."

"I was literally stopped in my tracks by the arresting colors of #37 but lingered over the horse prints."

"...You truly captured the. spirit and the beauty of the hunt. I love the vibrant color in your work as well.  Bravo, so well done!"
I hope you can see this exhibition before it closes on April 25.

Lavender Fields, watercolor and watercolor pencil, 10" x 14", 2014 

Garden at Planting Fields II watercolor, 15" x 10 1/2", 2014
Venetian Nocturne, oil,
9 7/8" x 19 7/8", 2014


Plein air day
Into the Garden: Plein Air Painting with
Annie Shaver-Crandell.

Saturday, May 16, 10am-3:00pm.
Free with $8.00 parking fee. Limited to 20.  
To reserve, contact Andrea Crivello, 516-922-8688 or
Planting Fields Arboretum,  
Oyster Bay, NY


Spring is in the mail




Three Days Old
 "Three Days Old", also received an honorable mention in the Huntington Arts Council show in the winter
Icelandic Pony, monotype, 1/2,
5" x 7," 2014.

Honeymoon Tango, monotype.

Salt Marsh, oil.



Spring Tango
Friday, April 17, 2015
6:00 - 9:45 pm

Hosted by Annie Shaver-Crandell & Dan Dillon.

DJ : Lorenzo Miercoles


Open dancing to recorded Argentine tango music. Thoroughly enjoy the newly renovated main gallery by dancing through it. Salmagundi artists are welcome to come draw the scene.

The club's bar open at 5:00pm

Dining room open 5:30- 9:00 pm

Lesson 6-7pm by Jean Fung

Admission is $10.

Always free for active military service personnel, veterans and members of NYPD and FDNY.
Friday, April 17th 6pm - 9:45 pm.


Salmagundi Club of New York

47 Fifth Ave @ 12th St

New York, NY 10003



Space is currently available in small group painting classes offered at the Bond Street studio.  Monday 2:30-5:30, Wednesday 3:00-6:00, Thursday 10 am-1:00 pm.  Call or email me for details about these and private lessons.  
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