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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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State Budget UpdateStateBudget

Dear Partnership Members,


As you know, the budget recently passed by the legislature included the full $20.6 million is shelter funding. While this is extremely good news, we are very concerned that one of the budget trailer bills, AB 76, removes several existing mandates related to law enforcement's response to domestic violence.


The mandates relaxed through the trailer bill eliminate requirements on law enforcement agencies to:

  • Maintain a complete record of the domestic violence protective orders in its jurisdiction;
  • Adopt written policies and standards for officers' responses to domestic violence calls; and
  • Track the number of domestic violence calls they receive and report that number to the California Department of Justice.


These state mandates have been in place for decades, and in fact the state reimbursement to local law enforcement agencies for associated costs has been suspended for the past 20 years. From our conversations with key legislative offices and stakeholders, it is our understanding that the decision to relax the mandates was made within the context of the 20-year reimbursement suspension and not with intent to negatively impact law enforcement response.


Nevertheless, we believe that the inclusion of the statutory requirements is a fundamental element of our state's criminal justice response to domestic violence, and that removing these mandates could have serious negative implications for the safety of victims. We have submitted a letter to the Governor's office and encourage you to use this as a template if you would like to also submit a letter urging the Governor to retain the mandates in statute. You can fax your letter to (916) 558-3160.


In addition to our voices, several crime victim advocacy organizations and District Attorneys have expressed their concerns to the Governor and key legislators. The Partnership will continue advocating for the inclusion of these mandates and for a strong criminal justice response to these issues.


DV Felony Bill Passes Senate Public SafetyDVFelonyBill
AB 16 (Perez) closes a loophole in existing domestic violence law by adding to the list of offenders that can be charged with felony domestic violence an offender that is the victim's fiancé or fiancée, or person with whom the defendant currently has, or previously had, a dating or engagement relationship. This bill passed out of Senate Public Safety today and is headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee.
Employment Protections Bill Passes JudiciaryEmpProtections

SB 400 (Jackson), will protect survivors from termination or discrimination in the workplace due to their known status as survivors, and ensure that employers provide survivors with reasonable safety accommodations. The Partnership is co-sponsoring SB 400, along with the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center and CALCASA. Today, the Partnership along with staff from the Employment Law Center attended a press conference with Senator Hannah Beth-Jackson to express the importance of the bill. Also in attendance was Carie Charlesworth, a San Diego teacher who was recently fired from her job for being a victim of domestic violence.  


SB 400 successfully passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee today despite the continued strong opposition from several business associations. It will be heard next in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Priority Bills Set for Floor Votes!GovernorsDesk 

Two of the Partnership's priority bills will soon be voted on by the full Assembly and Senate. These are the last votes before heading to the Governor's desk.   

  • SB 612 (Leno), which the Partnership is co-sponsoring with the National Housing Law Project, will expand the list of permitted documentation for survivors seeking to terminate their leases to relocate for their safety. SB 612 also adds human trafficking survivors to those included under this provision.  This bill will be voted on by the full Assembly soon, followed by a Senate vote to approve amendments made in the Assembly.  
  • AB 139 (Holden), which will improve the collection and distribution of Domestic Violence Probationer Fees is ready to be voted on by the full Senate. After this, there will be a vote by the Assembly to approve recent amendments and then it heads to the Governor.
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