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Welcome to the February issue of our monthly newsletter.  Good news...only 2 months until spring!  With no major holidays this month our office hours will be regular.  We are always here despite the weather but feel free to reschedule your appointment if you don't feel safe to travel.  Enjoy this month's issue!    

News and Updates About the Cold Weather         


Although the winter hasn't seen much snow its been awfully cold in January. Here are some recent scientific updates about the cold. 
  1. Cold weather has been shown to aid in weight loss as changes in ambient temperature on the body results in increased metabolism and a potential decrease in body weight. It's also now recommended that people get out in the cold for short periods during the winter to walk or perform some light activity around the yard.
  2. Scientists have reported this month that the sensation of cold is "contagious". Researchers in England have shown that observing people who appear to be cold are more likely to feel cold themselves.   This unconscious physiologic change is linked to our ability to empathise with other people who are experiencing discomfort.    
  3. It has been shown that heart warming memories can increase body temperature.  People have the perception of having warmer bodies and also can withstand cold better during times of nostalgia.   
  4. In Australia, heart and stroke deaths peak in the winter.  It is theorized that not maintaining a warm body temperature puts excess stress on blood vessels leading to these serious events. 
  5. Cold weather has been shown to increase pain in patients with chronic joint or muscle pain but does not seem to influence new or acute injuries including those in the spine.  

Stay warm! Spring will be here soon!     

Video of the Month - People Are Awesome


Don't try this at home (or anywhere else)! This month's video displays some people doing some amazing things. We are always impressed by human movement, body control, and athleticism. Although some of this is extreme we had to share it. Enjoy! 
People Are Awesome 2014
People Are Awesome 2014

Dr. Cohen Teaches Kinesiotaping at EATA Conference


Dr. Richard Cohen presented a workshop on Kinesio Taping Techniques at the Eastern Athletic Training Association's 2015 conference in Philadelphia on January 11th.  The EATA, celebrating its 67th year, is comprised of athletic trainers from the New England states and as far south as Delaware. The conference had 1500 attendees including certified athletic trainers as well as athletic training students from numerous college programs.

Dr. Cohen presented his workshop on Kinesio tape techniques as part of the student program.  Approximately 140 students attended his taping workshop. Kinesio tape is a procedure utilizing special highly elastic tape to treat a variety of athletic injuries.  The tape provides many advantages over traditional athletic tape including pain relief, improved healing, and reduction in tissue swelling.  Dr.'s Cohen and Haydu have been utilizing Kinesio tape since in our practice since 2002. 

As always, thank you for your support and referrals.  For more information about or services please visit our website at www.CohenHayduChiro.com.  

Dr. Aaron Haydu & Dr. Richard Cohen