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                                              SEPTEMBER 2014                


Our clinic will be operating under regular hours this fall with the exception of Saturdays.  Dr. Haydu will be in at least two Saturdays a month. Please call to schedule an appointment for our open weekends.  
Mon: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tues: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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Thursday: CLOSED
Fri: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
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Welcome to the September issue of our monthly newsletter.  With school sports starting please remember to use us as your sports injury and rehab professionals.  We commonly treat athletes from a variety of different sports and have some of the most extensive training in NEPA for the treatment and rehab of sports injury.  We are available for same day visits and will get you back playing as soon as possible.  Good luck to all our athletes this season!   

Back Pain Often Mistreated with MRI's and Pain Medicines      


A recent study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has revealed that back pain is often mistreated by the over prescription of MRI's and pain medicines.  Although these interventions have their place and can be very helpful, most back pain may not require either of these.  Spinal pain can often be termed "mechanical", meaning that the pain can arise from bones, joints, muscles, or other soft tissues that are not simply working correctly and need to be stretched or manipulated into place.  This type of back pain responds poorly to pain medicine and MRI's are likely to reveal normal spinal tissues or unremarkable age appropriate changes. Chiropractors we are not anti-medicine but we are against the unnecessary prescribing of potentially dangerous medications.  Following a thorough examination we will be able to determine if you would best require a prescription from your family doctor or if its something we would be more effective treating.  Additionally, MRI's can be very expensive (up to $1000 per study) and their results will often not change how the case is managed or lead to better outcomes.  Again, a thorough exam and/or a short course of care will often reveal if there is something more serious that may need an MRI.  The bottom line is to see your chiropractor first.  We are on the front lines of saving health care dollars and getting your back to your health as quickly and safely as possible.   

Video of the Month - Mid Back Mobility    
This month's video are 3 great exercises to increase range of motion in the middle spine, a trouble area for a lot of our patients, especially those who sit all day at work.  If you are new to foam rolling I would recommend a softer density foam to get started.  Enjoy!
Physical Fitness Improves Brain Function in Children       
A University of Illinois study has shown that students who are physically fit and participate in sports have better brain health and cognitive thinking skills.  It is believed that the increased physical activity leads to increased brain blood flow, toxin removal, and sleep patterns than those who are unfit.  Other similar research has shown that physical activity also improves attention, memory, and academic performance.  If your child doesn't have a desire to play competitive sports we encourage they get at least an hour or more of aerobic activity everyday.      
As always, thank you for your support and referrals.  For more information about or services please visit our website at www.CohenHayduChiro.com.  

Dr. Aaron Haydu & Dr. Richard Cohen