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     SEPTEMBER 2013 

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Smoking and Back Pain
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Not So Quality Time
Dr. Haydu at King's
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     Welcome to the September issue of our monthly newsletter.  Fall is here, school has started, and we are already busy with injury care for athletes who have returned to fall sports on a full time basis.  Remember that quick care for an injury always increases the recovery time and we can see you on the same day for emergencies.  As always, thanks for all the referrals and feedback about the newsletter.  Enjoy this month's issue.
Smoking and Back Pain

smoke  Smoking is a known risk factor for back and disc pain and a recent study by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has shown that smoking cessation can significantly decrease spinal pain.  The study followed nearly 7000 adults who smoked regularly and tracked their self reported spinal pain levels as they quit the habit and received treatment for their back pain at the same time.  The treatment group that stopped smoking had significantly higher decreases in spinal pain than those who continued to smoke throughout the study.  This is the latest of many studies that link smoking and back pain.  There has been research in the past that has demonstrated that smoking restricts blood flow to the spine and increases general levels of inflammation in spinal tissues, particularly if they are already injured and inflamed.  In addition, smokers are generally less active individuals which we also know is a known risk factor for spinal pain and poor recovery from injury.  Our advice, stop smoking as soon as possible, your back will thank you for it.

Exercise of the Month - Rollouts 
This month's exercise is "the rollout", a great core exercise that is safe for the spine. Try this at home and let us know how it works for you.  
www.CresseyPerformance.com - Rollouts: Friend or Foe
www.CresseyPerformance.com - Rollouts: Friend or Foe

Not-So-Quality Time With Your Kids?
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Dr. Haydu Speaking at King's College 
Kings lion This month Dr. Haydu will present a lecture to the King's College Physician Assistant Program about making an appropriate referral to chiropractic and its role in the delivery of healthcare services.  Spinal pain is one of the most common reason for visits to family physicians and, with physician assistants taking an increasing load of patients from the doctor, understanding how and when to refer to a chiropractor is essential to improving patient health and lower healthcare costs.  Cohen & Haydu Chiropractic is a supporter of the King's PA Program and hosts interns to observe patient care in the spring semester each year.     
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