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Thanks to all who stood in solidarity with the People's Climate March in September! This event illustrated the power and potential of global collaboration. For our community, it was a reminder that environmental sustainability depends on fostering practices that dignify people and the planet. 

We hope you enjoy reading the latest news from Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS). Thank you for your work for equal dignity in the world!

December 4 - 5, 2014, Thursday & Friday
Workshop on Transforming
Humiliation and Violent Conflict
Columbia University, New York City
We warmly welcome you to join us for our upcoming Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict -- our 24th Annual HumanDHS Conference -- at Columbia University. 

Our theme this year is "Work that Dignifies the Lives of All People." For more than a decade, HumanDHS has cultivated innovative ways to work as a global community. In this workshop, we will explore not only the work that we are doing to transform humiliation and violent conflict, but also how we do our work. How do we design our lives for equal dignity as we work for equal dignity? What energizes our efforts? What sustains and replenishes our efforts? 

As a dignicommunity, we strive to make our workshops uniquely collaborative. Rather than organizing our time around lecture/presentations, we organize around human-to-human conversations, or what we call Dignilogues (dignity + dialogue). This approach allows participants to build ideas by connecting with others who share diverse perspectives and experiences. Moreover, it encourages the kind of creative thinking that leads to practical, sustainable, and mutually beneficial action.
David Yamada

In addition to the workshop, we look forward to having you with us at our Public Event (Thursday, December 4, 5:00 - 7:00 PM; open to the general public). This event includes a special opportunity to celebrate the efforts of two highly esteemed members of the HumanDHS Global Advisory BoardPlease join us in welcoming David Yamada, professor of law and director of the New Workplace Institute at Suffolk University Law School in Boston. He is an internationally recognized authority on workplace bullying and psychological abuse. His blog, Minding the Workplaceis a popular source of information and commentary about work, workers, and workplaces.

James E. Jones

We are also honored to have 
James (Jimmy) E. Jones contributing to our Public Event. Jimmy is an associate professor of World Religions at Manhattanville College. Over the last three decades, much of his personal and professional work has been focused on conflict resolution within families, communities, and across national and cultural boundaries. We highly recommend his paper, "The Post Victim Ethical Exemption Syndrome: An Outgrowth of Humiliation," which he shared with us at our 2006 workshop.


Again this year, we are deeply grateful to Morton Deutschwho has been the honorary convener of this workshop series since 2003. He is the E. L. Thorndike Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education and director emeritus of the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR) at Teachers College, Columbia University. We are also deeply grateful for the leadership and support of our Conference Coordinator Tonya Hammer, our Co-Creativity Facilitator Phil Brown, and our Collaborative Careholder Team. Their vital efforts make this workshop possible!


We warmly invite you to visit our workshop webpage to learn more about this event as it develops. If you would like to participate, please kindly send your message, along with your CV or other introductory information, to: workshops@humiliationstudies.org

Kigali Independent University
Kigali Independent
Looking Ahead!

June 5 - 8, 2015 - Kigali, Rwanda
25th Annual Human Dignity and
Humiliation Studies Conference
We are eagerly looking forward to our 25th Annual HumanDHS Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. This gathering of our network will be convened in the spirit of the United Nations' agenda of building "A Life of Dignity for All."

Our conference will bring together a community of highly esteemed colleagues and friends from the local region and from around the world! Please join us in welcoming John Braithwaite, distinguished law professor at the Australian National University, who is the recipient of numerous awards for his work on restorative justice. He kindly shares, "There is so much to learn from the people of Rwanda about how to restore dignity. I'm looking forward to a gathering of people of vision and wisdom in Kigali."


We are also delighted to welcome Magnus Haavelsrud, professor of education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway. He encourages us to ask ourselves, "How could our meeting in Kigali foster constructive ways and means in the prevention of humiliation through policiesand practices in formal, informal, and non-formal education?"

Emmanuel Ndahimana
We are profoundly grateful to our Conference Convener Emmanuel Ndahimana, longtime member of the HumanDHS Global Advisory Board, for graciously hosting this conference. We are also grateful for the kind support of Professor Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, founder and president of The Kigali Independent University/Université Libre de Kigali (ULK). His institution is generously providing the facilities for this dignity conference.

If you would like to participate in this conference, please kindly send your message, along with your CV or other introductory information, to: conferences@humiliationstudies.org

We'd like to share with you the news from Dignity Press (DP). Editor Uli Spalthoff is very busy developing seven new books for publication! The books are as diverse as can be imagined, written by authors from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Norway, the United States, Germany, and Turkey. Yet, the authors share one goal: To explore human dignity and humanity in all its depth.


Please keep an eye out for these titles, which will be available soon:

WDU Globe
  • Conversations of Taoist Master Fu HsiangMark Tarver 
  • Enlightened or Mad? A Psychologist Glimpses into Mystical MagnanimityDavid Y. F. Ho
  • The Magic of the EverydayArctic Queen 
  • Meditations on MysteryGeorge Wolfe 
  • A Mighty Case Against WarKathy Beckwith 
  • Mehr als du denkst. 77 Namensgeschichten Petrus Ceelen
    ("More Than You Think: 77 Name Stories," in German)
  • Çekirdekten Yetistirme - Hayal Köksal ("Catch Them Young," in Turkish)

In addition to these new publications, DP was recently represented at the 12th Annual Globalization for the Common Good International Conference in Waterperry House, near Oxford, England. The focus of the conference was "Spirituality in Everyday Life." Uli Spalthoff participated in the conference and hosted a DP book table, which was enthusiastically received by conference participants.


Later this year, DP will be present at an important book fair and exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany ("Stuttgarter Buchwochen"). DP books will be on display at the fair for nearly a month. This will help more people become familiar not only with DP, but also with the HumanDHS network, as well as with the World Dignity University project.


Please join us in thanking Uli Spalthoff, as well as all of the authors and all who donate enormous time and energy to Dignity Press! To read more...

Spring 2015
An E-Learning Opportunity:
Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Sustainable Post-Disaster Reconstruction
In a world where disasters may emerge at any moment, HumanDHS is honored to be working with Adenrele Awotona, the director of the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. This spring, Linda Hartling, Evelin Lindner, Michael Britton, and Uli Spalthoff will be co-instructing the online course, Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Sustainable Post-Disaster Reconstruction. Please feel free to download the 2014 Syllabus. This course offers learners the opportunity to earn graduate or professional credit while they explore mutually dignifying and sustainable ways of responding to disasters. To read more...
September 19 - 23, 2016
27th Annual Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Conference
"Cities at Risk - From Humiliation to Dignity" in Dubrovnik, Croatia
We warmly invite you to join us for our 2016 HumanDHS Conference in Croatia. This conference will be organized in cooperation with the Interuniversity Center in Dubrovnik and the World Dignity University Initiative, in collaboration with the University of Dubrovnik; the University of Oslo, Norway; and Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. We want to express our special appreciation to Kjell Skyllstad, a longtime member of the HumanDHS Advisory Board, for his leadership in support of this conference. 
Please read more about this event as it develops...
Help Us Launch the Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies 
The Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (JHDHS) is a new electronic publication currently in the final stages of construction. For those of you who would like to help with this initiative, we would be pleased to have you visit the JHDHS website. We would appreciate feedback from potential readers, reviewers, and authors about our Open Source publication platform. The JHDHS, led by editors Linda Hartling and Jane Hilken, will feature articles on emerging research, theory, and action projects, including creative contributions, that advance global understanding of human dignity and the dynamics of humiliation.
Dignimages, Digniart, Dignivideos
Our World Dignity University Initiative has collected over 200 videos for its library of ideas. In addition, we have images and art work shared or created by members of our community. Please enjoy the examples below. To view more videos...
Evelin Lindner's 60th Birthday
Evelin Lindner's 60th Birthday
June 2014 - Oslo  
Celebrating 60 years of her "global pathfinding apprenticeship" and looking forward to the next 60 years of applying all she has learned!Please see more pictures here.
People's Climate March PDX
People's Climate March  
September 2014 - Portland, Oregon  
Marchers carrying the sign: 
"Walk this earth for those who will follow."  Please see more at: 
People's Climate March
The Century Of The Self 1 of 4   Happiness Machines
The Century of the Self
Recommended: A BBC "series about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy." Created by Adam Curtis.
Please see more here.
Ego vs. Eco
World Art for Equal Dignity
Putting Art at the Heart of Dignity 
Please visit our World Art webpage to see the wonderful array of images shared or created by the members of our global community. The above graphic was shared with HumanDHS by Gerd Leonhard
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Thank you for all you do to create a world of equal dignity for all, 


Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs, Founding President

Linda Hartling, PhD, Director

Uli Spalthoff, PhD, Director of Project Development and Systems Administration   

Michael Britton, EdD, PhD, Board Member  

Richard Slaven, PhD, Director of Dignifunding

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A world without humiliation dignifies us all!

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