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We are sending you our warmest greetings! Thank you for joining us in support of all of our friends who are facing a dangerous storm on the East Coast of the United States. We hope everyone will be safe!

Please allow us to kindly share with you the latest news from the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) network.
You're Invited!
Annual Workshop in New York City
2011 HumanDHS Workshop
2011 Workshop at Columbia University



Columbia University Thursday-Friday, December 6-7, 2012


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our annual workshop in New York City!    


This workshop will build on our tradition of engaging in dignifying dialogue to find effective ways to address local and global forms of violence fueled by acts and feelings of humiliation. It will include round table discussions, special presentations, creative engagement, and a Public Event open to all! In addition, we will be announcing the recipient of the 2012 HumanDHS Lifetime Achievement Award!  


We also warmly invite you to join Evelin Lindner for a talk about her newest book, A Dignity Economy, Wednesday, December 5, 2012 (1st Floor Russell Hall - 104b, Teachers College). Everyone is welcome to attend!     


We are thankful to all of our friends at Columbia University's Advanced Consortium on Conflict, Cooperation, and Complexity (AC4) for their ongoing support of this program. We are, furthermore, thankful to Tonya Hammer, our conference coordinator, for her outstanding leadership in overseeing arrangements for this important program.  


If you would like to attend, please kindly send your request along with your CV or other introductory information to: [email protected]


News from Dignity Press


A Dignity Economy
A Dignity Economy
by Evelin Lindner

Publishing for Peace and Dignity   

Last year, a small team from our network launched Dignity Press. We are proud to announce its first publications came out in 2012.

Dignity Press publishes books and journals addressing human dignity, human rights, human development, and related matters. It distributes scholarly texts and books that appeal to a wider audience. Academic books are published under the imprint World Dignity University Press. All proceeds from publishing are solely used to support the work of the authors and the HumanDHS network.

Editorial and administrative work at Dignity Press is done by volunteers working under the leadership and guidance of Uli Spalthoff. Three books have already been published: A Dignity Economy, by Evelin Lindner; The Nurturing of Time Future, by Howard Richards; and The Pearl, by Ragnhild Nilsen, also known as Arctic Queen.


New books will be released soon! Please visit for more information or to order the latest publications.   


Thanks to All!
19th Annual HumanDHS Conference
19th Annual HumanDHS Conference
2012 Annual HumanDHS Conference in Norway



August 27-30, 2012    


The 19th Annual HumanDHS Conference brought together inspirational participants from around the world!


In remembrance of the 2011 mass shooting in Norway, this conference was entitled, "In the Aftermath of the 22nd July: How to Sustain a Global Culture of Equality in Dignity or likeverd." The conference explored how building dignity plays a crucial role in healing communities after traumatic disasters, not only locally, but also globally. 

Anne Katrine Hagelund
Anne-Katrine Hagelund 


One of the most remarkable aspects of this conference was the diversity of our participants--from all ages, from all continents, bringing together academics and practitioners from many fields. The participants joined together during the conference to celebrate Anne-Katrine Hagelund, who was presented with the Beacon of Dignity Award honoring her ongoing efforts to build a world that dignifies the lives of all people. 


In addition to our "on-the-ground" conference in Oslo, Linda Hartling hosted our first ever cyber-conference: The Pacific Rim Edition of the 19th Annual HumanDHS Conference! Initiated in Portland, Oregon, this cyber-pioneering event brought together dedicated practitioners and scholars from Costa Rica, New Mexico, Sweden, Brazil, and Nepal! 


We are deeply grateful to Jorunn �kland, the Director of the Centre for Gender Research and Inga Bostad, Vice-Rector of the University of Oslo, for being our primary hosts of this unforgettable conference! We are also grateful to all the cyber-pioneers who joined our conference online -- Thanks to everyone!  


Click here to read more... 


Strengthening Connections in South America

Reflections on a "Digniventure"

For many years, Evelin Lindner envisioned spending time in South America to strengthen and build new connections for our global community. This year she realized her plan. From March to the end of July, Evelin Lindner connected with new and long-admired friends in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Ecuador.

To get a taste of Evelin's relational expedition, we invite you to watch these videos featuring a few of the remarkable people she met in South America:
Francisco Gomes de Matos, Evelin Lindner
Francisco Gomes de Matos,
peace linguist, speaks with
Evelin Lindner in Racife, Brazil
(Portuguese subtitles)
Ruku Kausay, Amazonian Ecuador: Agustin Grefa's Ancient Knowledge and the World Dignity University
Ruku Kausay, Amazonian Ecuador: Agustin Grefa's Ancient Knowledge, facilitated by
Mariana Vergara

Dialogue 3 with Sculptor Antonio (Botelinho) Botelho
Dialogue with Sculptor
Antonio (Botelinho) Botelho,
facilitated by
Dan Baron Cohen
Amazon Dialogue: O Rio Tocantins Fala atraves do Zequinha e Carolayne de Cabelo Seco
O Rio Tocantins Fala atraves do Zequinha e Carolayne de Cabelo Seco. (Video shown on the local television, in Portuguese)

 We invite you to click here to see more video dialogues on dignity!

With warmest wishes to all! 


Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs, Founding President

Linda Hartling, PhD, Director

Uli Spalthoff, PhD, Director of Project Development and Systems Administration   

Michael Britton, EdD, PhD, Board Member  

Richard Slaven, PhD, Business Director  


Annual NYC Workshop: You're Invited!
Dignity Press News
Thanks to All Who Joined Us in Oslo and Online!
South America: Strengthening Connections
South Africa: Announcing Our 2013 Conference
Online Learning: Dignity and Disaster
A Quote for Courage


Announcing Our Conference in
South Africa
Amazon Dialogue: O Rio Tocantins Fala atraves do Zequinha e Carolayne de Cabelo Seco
2013 HumanDHS

Stellenbosch University
Cape Town, South Africa


April 25-28, 2013


We are excited to announce that our 21st Annual HumanDHS Conference will be in South Africa!  


In addition to the three-day workshop for members of the HumanDHS network, we warmly invite everyone to a special Public Event, Saturday, April 27, 2013.


We are deeply grateful to H�l�ne Lewis and Stellenbosch University

H�l�ne Lewis
H�l�ne Lewis

for hosting us!


If you would like to attend, please kindly email us your CV or other introductory information by clicking here.

Online Learning:
Dignity and Disaster

It is the only course so far completely designed and taught by a team of instructors from the HumanDHS network!

The course was developed for professionals and graduate students working throughout the world.

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that you choose
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voice over silence,
service over self-interest,
respect over advantage,
cooperation over competition,
action over passivity,
diversity over uniformity,  
and justice over all.  

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