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Good Sportsmanship

Quartz Hill AYSO has always encouraged good sportsmanship in its programs. In fact, "Good Sportsmanship" is one of the philosophies listed in the AYSO National Bylaws.   We create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. All of our programs are designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of Quartz Hill AYSO. 

We figure that if players, volunteers and parents understand what is expected of them when it comes to good sportsmanship, that's probably how they will act. Quartz Hill AYSO is proud of its many good sports, but understands that good sportsmanship doesn't just happen. It needs to be taught, encouraged and demonstrated.


Quartz Hill AYSO works because our volunteers work. The volunteers work because they believe in the AYSO philosophies. Our growth underscores Quartz Hill AYSO's commitment to a healthy competitive atmosphere for youth soccer players, combined with dedication toward the development of responsible individuals.


Player's code of conduct - be a good sport

  • Play for the fun of it, not just to please your parents or coach.
  • Play by the Laws of the Game.
  • Never argue with or complain about referees' calls or decisions.
  • Control your temper. Most of all, resist the temptation to retaliate when you feel you have been wronged.
  • Concentrate on playing soccer with your best efforts. Work equally hard for your team as for yourself.
  • Be a good sport by cheering all good plays, whether it is your team's or your opponent's.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
  • Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve skills and feel good. Don't be a showoff or a ball hog.
  • Cooperate with your coaches, teammates, opponents and the referees.


Be Enthusiastic and Supportive

Let children set their own goals and play the game for themselves. Be careful not to impose your own standards and goals on your child. Don't put too heavy a burden on your child to win games. Surveys reveal that 72 percent of children would rather play for a losing team than ride the bench for a winner.


Let Coaches Coach and Refs Ref

Coaches and referees are usually parents. They volunteer their time to help make your child's youth soccer experience a positive one. They need your support, too. What coaches and referees don't need is your help in coaching from the sidelines. So please refrain from coaching during games and practices. Referees are not the "bad guys." They are volunteers, too, and need your support and encouragement. Treat them and their calls fairly and respectfully.


Players play!!!   Run around - Have fun - Make their own decisions!


Coaches coach!!!  Set the lineup - Motivate the players - Let them play the game.


Parents cheer!!! For all the players on both teams. "Way to go" Great Play" Nice Shot" "What a pass"



Jack Rust

Regional Commissioner

Quartz Hill Region 638  coachrust@gmail.com 




Ayso logo

Providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives!!!!!

News Flash 2 
Tournament News

I want to thank all of the players who attended a tournament tryout this year.  There was a lot of competition at the tryouts and we are striving to accommodate as many kids as possible on as many teams as possible.  For those players who may not have been able to be placed with a team this year I want to encourage all of you to not get discouraged and hope you continue to enjoy this wonderful sport.  Everyone who attended a tryout should receive notification of their individual status by November 1, 2013.  Please email me at qhaysotd@gmail.com if you do not receive notification.  Please include the player's name, the division they currently play in, and the age-group with whom they attended a tryout.


I would also like to thank the additional 16 coaches who have agreed to take on the task of coaching a tournament team and the handful of dedicated board members who diligently help me to make this program such a great success.


Yours in soccer,


Michael Linder

Assistant Regional Commissioner

Tournament Director

Action Photos 
by Best Photo Network 

As a fund-raiser, Best Photo Network is out at our soccer games, taking incredible action shots of our players.  Photos are available for viewing and purchase.  This week the Action Photo tent will be set up at Joe Walker.
If you spend $20 or more you will get free wallets!!!
*If you are a U6 parent that purchased photos last week you are entitled to the free wallets so come by and see us* 

Best Photo Network (Action Photos)
23503 West Avenue D
Lancaster, CA
Harry Rosenbluth
Phone : 661-724-9192
Email: BestPhotoNetwork@gmail.com

Coach Corner



Hello Coaches,



The all-star meetings will be held from Nov. 4th through Nov. 13th at the Mayflower Gardens Community Room II which is located within the Mayflower Gardens retirement community at the corner of Ave. M and 65th street.  The scheduled times for each division are provided below.




Region 638 Playoff Rules

Regional playoffs will be starting in few weeks with the opportunity for teams to move on to Area play.  So I thought it a good idea to post the playoff rules, these are also provided in the coaches handbook in Section 19.


At the conclusion of the regular season, the top teams in each division pool (U10-14) will participate in playoffs. Playoff winners will represent the region at Area playoffs, which are held in January.Both coaches and assistant coaches must be licensed at the age-appropriate level, certified in Safe Haven, and registered as a volunteer in order for the team to play at Area level and beyond.


Although very rare, serious misconduct may result in another team taking their place. Playoffs are a fun, exciting, and challenging way to end the season, and help us to reward those teams that show improvement over the course of the season. The best teams at season's end are not always the teams with the best record!


If there is a tie for first place at the end of the season, or there is a tie for the last playoff spot, a single game playoff will be used to break the tie. Such games are scheduled for Sunday after the regular season, or the week prior to the playoffs. All other ties are settled by (1) head-to-head records (2) goals allowed (3) sportsmanship score (4) goals scored (5) referee points (6) a flip of the coin, in that order.

      1.  All games will be conducted exactly as a regular season game unless the score is tied at the end of regulation play.

a.       Normal substitution and player participation requirements are in effect, including goalkeeper participation and ¾ rule.

b.      Game time and team size remain the same.

         2.  If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, the following procedure will be used to determine a winner.

a.       Extra time consisting of two complete equal periods (U10 = 5 min. ea.; U12 & U14 = 10 min. ea.). If a team is leading at the end of this period, that team wins the match.

b.      If the match is still tied, kicks from the mark in accordance with the "Procedures to Determine the Winner of a Match" in the Laws of the Game (LOTG) will be used to determine the winner.

3. Procedures for extra time periods.

a.       Teams field the same number of players as during regulation play.

b.      Teams may field players at their discretion. (AYSO and Region 638 participation requirements only apply to the two regulation halves).

c.       Overtime is begun with a coin toss IAW Law 8. Play is stopped at the end of the first half to switch sides, substitute, and restart with the appropriate kick-off.

d.      Substitutions will only be made in the case of injury or during the overtime half.

e.      Only those players on the field at the end of the extra time period may participate in kicks from the mark.

 4. Summary of LOTG procedures for kicks from the mark

a.       Determining a winner:

i.      Kicks from the penalty mark are taken by one team and then the other team. An initial group of up to five pairs may decide the match if, after the fifth pair, one team has scored more goals than the other team.

ii.  At any time in this first set of five pairs, the taking of kicks is completed if it becomes impossible for one team to equal the number of goals scored by the other team.

iii.     After the fifth pair, the teams take kicks from the penalty mark one pair at a time. The procedure ends if, after any pair, one team has scored a goal and the other team has not.

iv.      No player from the same team may take a second kick from the penalty mark until all players on the team (including the goalkeeper) have kicked.

v.      Once all players have taken a kick, the original kicking order need not be repeated.

b.      Procedures:

i.     Assistant Referees note on their cards the eligible players and the kicking order (see 3.e. above).

ii.      The referee selects the goal to be used.

iii.      Only players may enter the field. Teams will remain near the half line on their side of the field in the center circle with the AR.

iv.      A coin is tossed (visitor calls) and the winner of the toss decides which team kicks first.

v.      Only the referee, an assistant referee, the kicker, and both goalkeepers are allowed near the goal. (The other assistant referee stays at the half with both teams.) All others must remain at the half line.

vi.      The other goalkeeper must wait at the intersection of the penalty area line and the goal line.

vii.      The assistant referee stays on the point where the goal area boundary line meets the goal line, opposite the referee, and serves as a judge to determine if the ball has completely crossed the goal line.

viii.      The referee ensures both the kicker and keeper are ready then signals for the kick with a whistle.

ix.      For the kicker and defending goalkeeper, the Laws are the same as for a penalty kick. However, once the kick is taken, no one other than the defending goalkeeper can play the ball.

x.      The referee must ensure a thorough record is kept of kicking order and goals.



U6/U8 Soccer Drill of the Week:

Pirate Treasure Dribbling Game


Create a grid about 30X30. Set up about 10 tall cones (the treasure) along one side of the grid. On the opposite side have each player (the pirates) start with a ball. 2-3 players will start inside the grid with an alternate color jersey on. They are defending the treasure (tall cones) along the side of the grid.



  1. On the coaches command, the pirates attempt to dribble past the defenders in attempt to take the treasure.
  2. To take the treasure the players must knock down the cone with the ball.
  3. Once they have knocked down the cone they must pick up the cone and take it back to their starting point while dribbling the ball.
  4. If the pirates lose the ball by the defenders, they must start back over at the original starting point.


Reduce or increase the size of the grid and/or the number of defenders based on age, skill level, and number of kids.


Coaching Points

  • Keep the ball close and in control.
  • Pick head up while dribbling so they can see where the defenders are.
  • Explode past the defenders and dribble with speed.

U10/U12 Soccer Drill of the Week:

Three Person Passing Combination


1.      Create a grid approximately 10X20 yards.

2.      Two players start on the corner cone opposite each other.

3.      One player starts in the center of the grid.



1.      Player 1 starts the play by passing into the central player (Player 2).

2.      Player 1 moves to the cone to his side and receives the ball back from player 2.

3.      After returning the ball to player 1, player 2 moves to player 1's original starting position at the cone.

4.      Player 1 plays a long ball to Player 3 and moves into the center of the grid to become the new central player.

5.      Player 3 plays into Player 1 who returns the ball to player 3 at the cone placed 10 yards away.

6.      Player 1 now takes the starting position of Player 3 while Player 3 plays a long ball down to the starting position and Player 3 becomes the central player.

7.      The pattern is repeated



Switch and go the other direction so that players are used to playing from different angles


Coaching Points

·        Focus on the quality of passes such as weight, pace, accuracy.

·        A well timed run facing the passing direction will assure a more accurate pass.

·        The players must communicate with each other to make the drill easier.

·        Players must concentrate on making the correct runs off the ball.


UKI Coach Training Program

Did you know that QH AYSO arranged for a Coach Training Program with UK International Soccer Camps this season?  Do you know what that means for our coaches and our players?


This means that we are providing additional training to our coaches so they can better train our players.  It is COACHING TRAINING to help coaches with practice session ideas, answer questions, and provide guidance on the field.  Each training session will be followed up with an email with additional training ideas.   This will be a great experience for both new coaches and the more veteran, experienced coaches, providing both with tools to enhance their practices and game skills/tactics.   


Each week the UKI Coach Training has a set schedule with reserved fields for the trainers.  Coaches may sign up to bring their team (or any number of their players) to an age appropriate session and take advantage of this additional resource by visiting our website and clicking on the "Sign Up - UKI Training Request" link.


Space is limited to only 2 teams at a time but any coach may come to any session and observe without their team. 

Coaches - don't miss this great opportunity to grow as a coach!

Players - ask your coach when your team will be attending one of the sessions!


Crazy Referee
Referee Corner


Many thanks to all our referees who are making this season such a success.   Right now we have over 160 certified referees in our region who have taken care of over 1100 referee and assistant referee positions.  That is an average of ~7 games each.  The reality is that our top 24 referees have taken care of half of these assignments!  We certainly do not referee for the money, but instead take our payment in the form of seeing the kids out there enjoying the AYSO environment that we all struggle to provide.  Keeping those games Safe, Fair and Fun is our philosophy, and we need the help of all the coaches and parents to make this happen.  Please do your part to foster the family-oriented environment we want our children to enjoy. 


Next year, please consider taking regional referee training and joining in the fun.  The first class is typically held on the last Saturday of July (check our website for details).  Meanwhile for those who are willing to get even better, on Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, at the Lancaster National Soccer Center two specialized referee trainings are to be held.  If you are interested PLEASE go to eAYSO and sign up for the class now. You can find the class using the  



Regional Referee to Intermediate Referee - Roster # 201305719

Intermediate Referee to Advanced Referee - Roster # 201305718


There is no cost to you to take the training.  All referees who will be helping tournament teams would greatly benefit from this training.


Top Youth U8 Referee Contest

Our U8 Youth Referee contest continues with prizes to be awarded at our annual volunteer appreciation night in December.  It has turned into quite the battle with just 4 Saturdays of U8 games to go its anyone's contest (U8 season runs over 11 weeks).  We now have 19 youth referees working these games.




Youth Ref










































Every year we have a friendly competition to see who can do the most refereeing.  It is impossible to catch Walter with all the Upper Division refereeing he does in addition to his Saturday games.   There is a battle for second place, and I just cannot seem to move up the standings!  Here are the Top 30:



Williams, Walter


Aguilar, Melanie


Schneider, Stefan


Haddad, Tim


Reynolds, Mark


Jones, Scott


Mendiola, Adam


Raquipiso, Philip


Ramos, Jose


Schoorl, John


Gutierrez, Allan


Choate, Perry


Mendiola, Matt


Shuping, Rod


Ringelberg, Wayne


Jacobson, Rodney


White, Cedric


Marchant, Darrell


Kovar, Rocky


Sheely, Jay


Vandiver, Chris


Peck, Jeff


Davis, Nelson


Schoorl, Brendan


Dilger, Eric


Gill, Gary


Shepherd, Mike


Verbanac, Albert


Zaun, Madeline


Duncan, Dakota







Test your knowledge of the Laws of the Game. 


Test your knowledge of the Laws of the Game.

It is Saturday afternoon in a middle of a closely contested game with playoff implications.  On a "through ball", a forward races towards the ball at the same time as a goalkeeper comes out to challenge.  The two players arrive at the ball at the same time and, although NO foul has occurred, the shock of both players tackling the ball at the same time knocks the goalkeeper to the ground.  The ball squirts free to open space, while the keeper lies on the ground in obvious pain from the legal collision.  What does the referee do? The goalkeeper is down and out, yet the ball is free and perhaps a goal is about to be scored. 


Answer to test your knowledge of the Laws of the Game.

This is a case where a referee must have the courage to do what is right.  A referee can stop the game at any time if they believe that any player is injured.  Often, a referee will take a short time to try and assess the situation before stopping play.  After all, we do not want to take a scoring advantage away from a team unless absolutely necessary.  Our job is to keep it Safe, Fun and Fair but in AYSO especially, SAFE is number one.  In this case a player is clearly hurt, so it is reasonable to stop play immediately.  In addition, we have a goalkeeper who is incapacitated.  When a goalkeeper is incapacitated, it is imperative to stop play, as a game cannot be played without a goalkeeper. In the above scenario, the referee is perfectly correct to immediately blow their whistle to stop play.  They should, at most, allow only a few seconds of continuation before doing so, but even this is not required.


Remember - Safe, Fun and Fair, but always choose Safe first.


If you have any questions about refereeing, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tim Haddad

Quartz Hill Regional Referee Administrator






Region 638 Zero Tolerance Policy

In the past years, Region 638 has witnessed incidents where coaches &/or spectators questioned the calls of referees requiring referees to stop matches to deal with the situation. There have also unfortunately been incidents once a game has ended when coaches &/or spectators confront referees or other volunteers over decisions made during the game. These incidents prompt me to remind everyone that Region 638 has a long standing, zero tolerance policy prohibiting such behavior.

Our zero tolerance policy applies to all Referees and AYSO volunteers and will be enforced as follows:
  1. If a coach or spectator questions the call of a referee, the referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and invite the coach onto the field for a conversation.
  2. During this conversation the coach may be told 3 things:
    • The purpose of the conversation is not to debate a call but to inform the coach that the behavior of the coach/spectator is unacceptable.
    • The coach has 2 choices. He/she can go back to their coaching area and coach per AYSO philosophies or the coach/spectator can leave the playing facility.
    • The coach/spectator will be sent off if the referee has to speak to them again during the match.
  3. If the referee is a youth referee, the youth referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and find a board member to deal with the situation as described above.
  4. Any coach/spectator who is heard verbally abusing a referee will automatically be sent off by the referee (if an adult) or a board member (in the case of a youth referee). Verbal abuse includes foul and abusive language and comments with racial or sexual overtones.
  5. If the unacceptable behavior of the coach/spectator occurs after the game has ended it will still be reported by the referee and will be considered as a send off.
  6. Referees will report any occurrences where a coach/spectator is sent off and there will be an investigation to determine the subsequent penalty. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games.
  7. The Region also reserves the right to investigate instances when abuse of a referee or volunteer is not reported by the referee or volunteer but is subsequently brought to our attention. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games.



Coaches, make sure your players have removed all jewelry prior to starting a training session and warming up for a game. 


Thank you, Josh Duncan

Safety Director, QH AYSO
EXTRA Program NewsEXTRAProgramLogo





Quartz Hill EXTRA completed week number six with the following results.

U13B lost 0-7 to Agoura

U12G won 4-2 over North Valley

U11B won 3-1 over North Valley

U13G lost 0-5 to Camarillo

U16B won 3-1 over Bakersfield




This weekend's EXTRA Schedule:

U11B    Sat 2:00 vs. Chatsworth at Chatsworth

U12G    Sat 9:30 vs. Thousand Oaks at Thousand Oaks

U16B     Sat 1:15 vs. Agoura at Upper Joe Walker

U13G     Sun 11:00 vs. Malibu at Upper Joe Walker

U13B     Sun 12:30 vs. Thousand Oaks at Upper Joe Walker



A special thank you to
Bentley of Westlake, Rolls Royce of Westlake,
Maserati of Westlake and Ducati of Westlake for their generous donation in support of the
U13 Girls EXTRA Team. 





U05 Jamboree News

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to help take down the goals, gather equipment and walk it up to the shed for me (the cart was unavailable to me at the time).  I appreciate all your help.  Also, thank you to the parents with the quick reflexes who managed to collect all my papers that went flying everywhere as a result of the wind, I would have never been able to retrieve them all myself!  I am hopeful this next week isn't as crazy as last!

Here are some important reminders for all parents to be aware of:

  • PARENT/PLAYER SIGN IN SHEETS:  It has come to my attention that not all parents have been signing in their child each week they participate because they don't feel like it really matters or needs to be done.  This is NOT the case.  I have always stressed the point for all parents to sign in their child each week so that I can keep track of who is participating on a weekly basis and who will be eligible to become a certified U06 coach for next year.  Another reason for signing in your child is to help catch any incorrect information I might have for you or your child and to inform you of any new information or to answer any questions you might have.So please make sure to sign your child in sometime during each session.
  • PLAYER PICTURES:  All player pictures have arrived and are available to pick up at the sign in desk.  Please make sure to pick up your players pictures and when you do, to put an check mark next to your players name so that I can keep track of who has received them and who still needs to be contacted to do so.  Please be aware that the pictures are in no type of order, just separated by boys and girls.  I apologize for the lack of organization however, without any names listed it is hard for me to hand them out otherwise.  Please be patient while sorting through.
  • SESSION CHANGES:  I am still getting a lot of questions asking why we changed the way we hold our sessions.  The reason for the change is to better utilize field space and to try to prevent any overcrowding due to how many players we have participating in each session.  That is the reason for the split in last names for both the boys and girls.  I hope this clears up any confusion one might have.
Should anyone have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email, shutterfly, or by phone.



Julie Woods

U05 Program Director

(661) 609-7354




A message from VIP Super Stars: 



The VIP Super Stars were just that...STARS!!!! They did an amazing job in their games and would like to give a special thanks to the U10G Mint Chips and U12B Warriors for coming out and being such worthy opponents! 


The Super Stars would also like to give their thanks to their coaches, all the Buddies, and the parents who support our teams.   

Here's to a great soccer season, GO SUPER STARS!!!! 



FireworksVolunteer/Board Member

of the Week



Every week QH AYSO will honor one Volunteer and one Board Member (if one is nominated) who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Nominations may come from anyone - a coach, player, parent, board member, etc.  Forms are available from your coach or at the Snack Bar. The person chosen by the Board as Volunteer of the Week from all the nominees will receive a prize; all nominees will be acknowledged for all their hard work and time!    

Our Volunteer of the Week for October 26th is Jeremy Linder!!


Jeremy Linder, Snack Bar helper. Thank you for all the help in the snack bar. Jeremy is always smiling and willing to help.  

Nominated by: Anonymous  

Snack Bar News

Again this season Quartz Hill AYSO will ask for volunteers from the U06 and U08 Divisions to work in the Snack Bar and to be Field Monitors at Lane Park and Joe Walker.  The schedules for both snack bar and field monitor duty will be placed in the coach's boxes. If your team has been assigned snack bar or field monitor duty, please send two registered adult volunteers and have them check in at the Snack Bar. Volunteers that have not previously been registered for the 2013 season must complete their online volunteer application at  www.eayso.org and bring one signed copy and a valid ID with them when they show for their volunteer duty.  

This weeks volunteer schedule: 
A big "THANK YOU" to all our volunteers who helped at the Snack Bar last weekend!!

This weeks special: 
Sloppy Joes $3.00 

QH AYSO Shuttle Logo

Quartz Hill AYSO Sports Bottles ~ Only $4!  
Bring in your two recyclables
(aluminum can or plastic bottle)
and receive a FREE Otter Pop!!! 
Important Reminder Heading




Oct. 26th ~ All-Star Coach Apps Due
Oct. 27th ~ U16/U19 Area Play-offs

Oct. 29th ~ U16/U19 & U16 EXTRA Awards Ceremony, 6:30pm

Nov. 2nd ~ Orders and money due for Christmas Wreath Sale

Nov. 4th ~ U10B All-Star meeting 6-9pm
Nov. 5th ~ Shakey's Pizza Fundraiser, 5-8pm

Nov. 6th ~ U10G All-Star meeting 6-9pm

Nov. 8th ~ U12G All-Star meeting 6-9pm
Nov.  9th ~ Last Day of Regular Season (Most Divisions)
Nov. 10th ~ Tie-Breaker Games, if necessary

Nov. 11th ~ U12B All-Star meeting 6-9pm
Nov. 12th ~ Awards Ceremony for U5 Jamboree, 6pm

Nov. 13th ~ Wiener Wednesday, Wienerschnitzel Fundraiser, 5-8pm

Nov. 13th ~ U14B All-Star meeting 5:30-7:30pm

Nov. 13th ~ U14G All-Star meeting 7:30-9:00pm
Nov. 16th-17th ~ Regional Play-Offs
Nov. 18th ~ Awards Ceremony for U6
Girls: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Nov. 19th ~ Award Ceremony for U8
Girls: 5:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 6:30pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Dec. 3rd ~ Award Ceremony for U10
Girls: 5:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Dec. 4th ~ Award Ceremony for U11 EXTRA, U12, U12 EXTRA, & VIP
Girls/VIP: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:30pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Dec. 5th ~ Award Ceremony for U13 EXTRA & U14
Girls: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium

Dec. 7th/8th  ~ Regional Play-Offs (Rain Date)

Dec. 31st ~ Final day for Rancho Raviri Almonds Fundraiser

Dates are subject to change.
Check our website out on a regular basis for the most up-to-date information.

       Fundraising Reminder


Our Board is working hard to keep our fees low next year.  Please remember to support our Region through the following fundraisers:




Shakey's Pizza: 1st Tuesday of the month

Wienerschnitzel: 2nd Wednesday of the month




Discount Cards:  Now while supplies last (available at the Snack Bar)  

AYSO Sports Bottles: Now while supplies last (available at the Snack Bar) 

Wreaths for Christmas: Now through Nov. 2nd  

Rancho Raviri Almonds: Now through the end of December



Thank you for your support!


No Smoking Sign


QH AYSO is a Kids Zone which, among other things, means we have a strict no smoking policy.  Please refrain from smoking at any field or area that is utilized by QH AYSO  - this includes the parameter of the parking lots where children may be walking by.  If a child can see you, you are in a location where you are not allowed to smoke.



Thank you for your cooperation!


Each week as the games come to an end, our fields and the surrounding areas are littered with TRASH!  We need to show respect for ourselves and our community and not leave our trash behind!   Before you leave to go home and enjoy the rest of your weekend, please make sure that our fields, the parking lot, and the roads where we park are clean!  If you are the last game of the day please make sure to pick up any trash still remaining and also return any AYSO trash cans to the snack bar area or pick up location for your field.

And, PLEASE take large items, such as broken chairs, home with you!!!  

Together we can keep our fields and our community clean!

No Cleats

on the

To all Parents, Coaches, and Players:

Please do not run on these tracks while wearing cleats!  This can cause severe and costly damage to the track which QH AYSO will be responsible for repairing.


Thanks for your cooperation!

No Pets


As in previous years, Quartz Hill AYSO will continue this season to observe the No Pets Allowed policy.  Pets are not allowed at any practices or games at any field anytime, with the exception of service animals.  This rule is for the safety of our children, families, and pets.  Please make sure to let anyone know who is coming to support your player of our policy.  Anyone with a pet will be asked to leave the field and the game will be stopped until they have complied. 



If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Safety Director, Josh Duncan at 661-436-0180.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Lost and Found
Looking for a lost ball, gym bag, or even a set of keys?  Come by the Snack Bar at JW/LP and take a peek at our Lost and Found - your lost item might just be in there!  Any unclaimed items will be donated to a worthy charity at the end of the season!


Quartz Hill AYSO would like to thank our Sponsors for the 2013 Season!   The donations from our sponsors allow Quartz Hill AYSO to provide soccer scholarships and help to keep our registration fees affordable so that everyone can play. It is clear that without the generous support of businesses and individuals, Quartz Hill AYSO Region 638 could not continue to offer our children such a well-rounded soccer program at such an affordable price.  We thank our wonderful sponsors for their support and ask our players and their families to support these sponsors whenever possible in return!

A&L Smog and Auto Repair
Adams Metallizing & Grinding
ALL STAR KIA (2 Teams!)
Anusha Parmaesvaran Realtor
AV Cardiology
B&L Automatic Fire Protection Inc.
BJ's Restaurant
B's Embroidery Etc.
Bentley of Westlake
C&J Sheep Shearing
Career Care Institute
Creekside Café
Critical Car Care
Dance Evolutions
Desert Auto Sales
Desert Industrial Supply
Doyle Designs Photography
Dr. Theurer
Ducati of Westlake
Emard Chiropractic Center
Fire Marshal Bill
Fresco II
Gary Little Construction, Inc.
Joshua Medical Group
Kelso Investigative Group
Kuzyk Law
Lancaster Auto Interiors
Law Offices of Lisa M. Pacione
Lazy T Ranch
Learn4Life Concept Charter Schools (2 Teams!)
Les A. Kurian D.D.S.
Little Kinder Preschool and Kindergarten
Maserati of Westlake
McDonalds / MARRO / Marroquin
Meineke Car Care
Metro Floors
Monster Fitness
Morin Family Child Care
Noah's Ark Preschool & Kindergarten
Nueva Vision Trucking, Inc.
Palmdale Regional Orthopedics Specialties
Rocco's Honda
Rolls Royce of Westlake
Shadez Salon Suites
The Barbershop III
The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Moffatt
Thunder on the Lot (2 Teams!)
Timothy F. Buckley DDS, MS
Trinity Real Estate Services
Valley Marine
Valencia Acura
Vulcan Materials Company

And a very special thanks to:


For hosting our Wiener Wednesday Fundraiser Nights, donation of the AYSO Sports Bottles, and weekly donations of ice and hot dogs!!!!


Game Results Title

(* Indicates a team from Rosamond)






Players of the Game Title








Standings Heading

Those teams below highlighted in yellow have met the minimum requirement of seven (7) Referee Points to be eligible to proceed to play-offs; those teams highlighted in green have reached the maximum of ten (10) Referee Points allowed for the season!    







Upper division playoffs started on Sunday October 20th in Victorville.  Quartz Hill AYSO had 8 teams advance to the playoffs.  Four teams advanced to medal play this weekend also in Victorville.  Congratulations to the following teams and good luck in the playoffs this weekend.


U19B - Martinez

U19G - Moreno

U19G - Jones

U16G - Planellas


Congratulations on a great season to the other four teams that didn't advance.  They all played hard and proudly represented QH AYSO this past weekend.


U19B - Jocobson

U16B - Carper

U16B - Aquilar

U16G - Jones



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