Quartz Hill AYSO, Region 638 Newsletter               September 21, 2013 

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It is up to everyone to make every week's games and training the best for all the players in our region. It will take the efforts of the coach, parents (friends and family), and all the region's volunteers (you can be one) to make it happen. We have the power to do this! It will take big smiles, positive comments, and lots of cheering (not coaching). You can make every player a winner every week. Take the time to read the AYSO article "Silent Saturdays Make Better Players, Why Sideline Screaming Can Stifle Your Child's Game" to learn how sideline coaching can interfere with a child's soccer development.  To aid in positive sidelines and a positive experience for the players, parents and coaches, AYSO has adopted Kids Zone.


The history of why we now have Kids Zone:


Kids Zone® was the "brainchild" of then Region 234  Commissioner Steve Hamann in 2000. Steve sensed during his field "walkarounds" that the environment was changing. There was more tension, more shouting (definitely more attitude), and less fun than the Region's parents and volunteers had come to expect. 


A man of action, Steve came up with a plan that he believed would remind parents that their behavior at games is crucial to setting a good example. His plan included three-inch Kids Zone buttons distributed to parents and coaches and field signs to remind visitors of appropriate conduct. In Region 234 it quickly became obvious to parents that it was up to them to ensure good sideline behavior or suffer the consequences. 

Steve approached staff members at the AYSO National Office to help him get his plan under way. The National Board of Directors (NBOD) and National Office staff members provided partial funding and support to implement the plan and that, as we say, was the beginning. The plan was for Region 234 to pilot the program that fall and then make the project ready for national implementation the following year. Steve and Region 234 did an exemplary job and provided the NBOD and National Office staff with reports, ideas and help to launch the new program.  

KidsZone Since its inception, we have added a Kids Zone Parent Pledge and other assorted materials and paraphernalia. Kids Zone does help in controlling negative sideline behavior, but it is not a magic potion, it takes continual reinforcement and commitment to the ideals of good sportsmanship and the AYSO philosophies.


Players play!!!
Run around - Have fun - Make their own decisions!


Coaches coach!!!

Set the line up - Motivate the players - Let them play the game.


Parents cheer!!!  

For all the players on both teams. "Way to go" Great Play" Nice Shot" "What a pass"


Jack Rust

Regional Commissioner

Quartz Hill Region 638




Ayso logo

Providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives!!!!!

News Flash 2 
Make-Up Pictures

September 21st


No assigned times.  Show up anytime between 7am-11am.
Additional picture forms will be available.

Coach Corner



Hello Coaches,


All-Star nomination forms for U10/U12/U14 will be going out in a few weeks.  Coaches in each division will be part of the selection process so you need to make sure you are observing players in your divisions.  All-Star coach applications will be sent out via email this week.  If you are interested in coaching an All-Star team this season please return the application to the Coach Administrator folding in the board member box (located adjacent to the snack bar at Joe Walker/Lane Park or in the board member folder at the other field locations).  You must have coached in the division for which you are applying.  Coach selections will be made prior to the All-Star meetings in early November.


Tournament coach applications are due by Saturday Sept. 28th and sooner, if possible.   The application can be found on the region web site www.qhayso.org.  Completed applications should be returned to Tournament Director Folder (adjacent to the snack bar at Joe Walker/Lane Park or in the board member folder at the other field locations).  Tournament coach selection will be over the next couple weeks with coaches notified shortly thereafter.  Tournament try-outs will begin in early October.



U6/U8 Soccer Drill of the Week





Build a grid 20X30 (may adjust if too large or small). Every player must be in the grid with a ball.



  • The coach jogs around in the grid and players try to kick their balls and hit the coach. The players get a point each time they hit the coach. The coach should yell OUCH each time they are hit to make the game FUN.
  • Make sure the players are striking the ball with the proper part of the foot.



  • If the players are struggling to hit the coach, the coach should stop for a couple seconds to give the players a chance.
  • Use different parts of the foot: Inside, Instep, Right and Left foot.



U10/U12 Soccer Drill of the Week


Triangle Goal Game



  • Create a grid about 35X35. You can adjust the grid larger or smaller depending on the age and skill level of your players.
  • Create a triangle in the middle of the grid (about 5 yards each side) with training sticks or flags to serve as a goal.
  • Place a goalkeeper inside the triangle. 
  • Split the group into two even teams of 4v4 or 5v5.  


InstructionsTriangle Goal Game

  • Instruct both teams to attack the three-sided goal.
  • The Goalkeeper should defend all three sides of the goal.
  • If a team scores a goal a point is awarded to the team and the ball is live on the other side of the goal.
  • If the goalkeeper makes a save, he is to distribute the ball into open space away from players.
  • For a goal to count, the ball must cross through the goal no higher than the top of the flag or training stick.


  • Only allow a shot on goal after X number of passes.
  • Play in 1 or 2 touches.


Coaching Points

  • Focus on all aspects of the game such as passing, receiving, moving with and without the ball, defending, attacking, and finishing.
  • The players will have to work together as a team to quickly off-balance the defender and catch the goalkeeper off guard.   

UKI Coach Training Program

Did you know that QH AYSO arranged for a Coach Training Program with UK International Soccer Camps this season?  Do you know what that means for our coaches and our players?


This means that we are providing additional training to our coaches so they can better train our players.  It is COACHING TRAINING to help coaches with practice session ideas, answer questions, and provide guidance on the field.  Each training session will be followed up with an email with additional training ideas.   This will be a great experience for both new coaches and the more veteran, experienced coaches, providing both with tools to enhance their practices and game skills/tactics.   


Each week the UKI Coach Training has a set schedule with reserved fields for the trainers.  Coaches may sign up to bring their team (or any number of their players) to an age appropriate session and take advantage of this additional resource by visiting our website and clicking on the "Sign Up - UKI Training Request" link.


Space is limited to only 2 teams at a time but any coach may come to any session and observe without their team. 

Coaches - don't miss this great opportunity to grow as a coach!

Players - ask your coach when your team will be attending one of the sessions!


Crazy Referee
Referee Corner


BECOME A REFEREE: It is the best seat in the house!

Our first three referee trainings have already come and gone.  There is only one opportunity left - all day Sunday Sep 29th.  You will soon be hearing more and more about tournament soccer.   Guess what?  Every tournament team has to provide its own referees, so players with parent referees have a greater chance of being selected to a team.

For details on how to signup go to our website www.qhayso.org and click on referee information.  Questions?  Call Tim at 943-9377.

All teams in U10 thru U14 need to obtain at least 7 referee points just to be considered for post-season play.

A team can earn up to 2 points a week from any Referee who chooses to donate them referee points they earned for:

U8 Referee: ˝ point
U10-U19 Assistant Referee: ˝ point
U10-U19 Referee: 1 point

Referee FAQ's
Q) Why should I referee?
A) AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and there are NO games at U10 or higher without referees.  Also, it is a fun way to be involved and the best "seat in the house" is in the middle of the field.  In addition, if you are considering having your child play year-round tournament soccer, the kids with referee parents often gain an edge in team selection.

Q) I heard that teams can get referee points that affect the standings, and to make the playoffs a team must get referee points, is this true?
A) Yes, in U10, U12 and U14 the teams play 10 games and referees can get as many as 10 points to help their team of choice.  A team also has to get at least 7 referee points just to be eligible for the playoffs.

Q) How many points do I get for refereeing a game?
A) An Assistant Referee at U10 thru U19 or a Referee on a U8 game gets 0.5 points per game.  A "center" Referee on a U10 thru U19 game gets 1 point per game.

Q) I do not know the rules of soccer - does it matter?
A) No.  The Regional Referee Class will teach you all you need to know about the Laws of the Game to function as a referee or assistant referee.

Q) Do I have to buy anything?
A) We provide you with a uniform and all the basics needed to referee.

Q) My weekend schedule is crazy busy - who assigns games to me?
A) You do!  After taking the Regional Referee Class, we will send you an invitation to join "Arbiter Sports".  This is a web-based program that will list all the games that you will be qualified to referee.  You pick and choose which games fit your schedule. We do not assign you to any games.

Q) I am an adult volunteer, what level games will I be set to referee?
A) After taking the Regional Referee Class, we will initially set your level so that new Adult volunteers can be an Assistant Referee or Referee on U10 games and a Referee on U8 games.

Q) I am a youth volunteer, what level games will I be set to referee?
A) After taking the Regional Referee Class, we will initially set your level so that new youth volunteers can be an Assistant Referee on U10 games and a Referee on U8 games.

Q) Are there mentor referees available to help new referees learn the ropes?
A) Yes.  We are always short of referees, but where possible there are a few of us who will come out and help you on your first games - just ask!

Q) When will I be able to referee higher-level games?
A) Talk to us during the season, and we can adjust the level for any referee who shows the inclination to move up.

If you have any questions about refereeing, please do not hesitate to contact any of the referee staff.

We had 94 % of our referee spots assigned with trained referees by Saturday morning!  The games are so much better when we can have a full 3-ref team on a game.  We still have the most difficulty with getting enough assistant referees on the U12 fields.  Many thanks to all our new referees, and especially our youth referees, who are taking on so many games.

Top Youth U8 Referee Contest

This year we are having a contest to see which Youth referees can do the most U8 games.  Prizes will be awarded at our annual volunteer appreciation night. Two weeks into the season and Brendan has a commanding lead.  His dad is no slouch either, working many U12 games.  Here are the standings:

Youth Ref
U8 Total



Referee Contest 


Every year we have a friendly competition to see who can do the most refereeing.   Once again, it will be difficult for anyone to catch Walter!


Williams, Walter18
Aguilar, Melanie12
Schneider, Stefan 10
Kovar, Rocky 9.5
Reynolds, Mark 9
Shuping, Rod8.5
Haddad, Tim8
Jones, Scott7.5
Jacobson, Rodney7
Mendiola, Adam7
Ramos, Jose7
Raquipiso, Philip7
Gutierrez, Allan6
Mendiola, Matt6
Sheely, Jay6
Ringelberg, Wayne5.5
Choate, Perry5
Huhman, Dave4.5
Marchant, Darrell4.5
Peck, Jeff4.5
Schoorl, John4.5
Dilger, Eric3.5
Vandiver, Chris3.5
Verbanac, Albert3.5



Region 638 Zero Tolerance Policy

In the past years, Region 638 has witnessed incidents where coaches &/or spectators questioned the calls of referees requiring referees to stop matches to deal with the situation. There have also unfortunately been incidents once a game has ended when coaches &/or spectators confront referees or other volunteers over decisions made during the game. These incidents prompt me to remind everyone that Region 638 has a long standing, zero tolerance policy prohibiting such behavior.

Our zero tolerance policy applies to all Referees and AYSO volunteers and will be enforced as follows:
  1. If a coach or spectator questions the call of a referee, the referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and invite the coach onto the field for a conversation.
  2. During this conversation the coach may be told 3 things:
    • The purpose of the conversation is not to debate a call but to inform the coach that the behavior of the coach/spectator is unacceptable.
    • The coach has 2 choices. He/she can go back to their coaching area and coach per AYSO philosophies or the coach/spectator can leave the playing facility.
    • The coach/spectator will be sent off if the referee has to speak to them again during the match.
  3. If the referee is a youth referee, the youth referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and find a board member to deal with the situation as described above.
  4. Any coach/spectator who is heard verbally abusing a referee will automatically be sent off by the referee (if an adult) or a board member (in the case of a youth referee). Verbal abuse includes foul and abusive language and comments with racial or sexual overtones.
  5. If the unacceptable behavior of the coach/spectator occurs after the game has ended it will still be reported by the referee and will be considered as a send off.
  6. Referees will report any occurrences where a coach/spectator is sent off and there will be an investigation to determine the subsequent penalty. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games.
  7. The Region also reserves the right to investigate instances when abuse of a referee or volunteer is not reported by the referee or volunteer but is subsequently brought to our attention. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games.



Please remember to secure all easy-ups and umbrellas
 for the safety of everyone on the field.


Thank you, Josh Duncan

Safety Director, QH AYSO

Tournament News



***Calling all players in U-10 through U-19***
Tournament Season is here!


Do you have a player interested in playing tournament soccer?  Tryouts will be at Joe Walker Middle School on October 6th, October 13th, and October 20th at the times listed below.  We strongly encourage you to attend as many tryouts as possible. All players must have a parent or guardian remain for the entire tryout since the tournament coaches will not have emergency medical release forms. All players should arrive wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt. They should have plenty of water and be prepared to stretch on their own. Player applications are available online at www.qhayso.org or by clicking here. Tryouts will last three hours. Everyone should go to the check-in ez-up at Upper Joe Walker at the following times for their division:

U-10: Boys and Girls arrive at 8:00 a.m.
U-12: Boys and Girls arrive at 10:00 a.m.
U-14: Boys and Girls arrive at 12:00 p.m.
U-16/U-19: Boys and Girls arrive at 2:00 p.m.

All players must check in at the scheduled times at Upper Joe Walker.

Please check our website prior to attending tryouts for any scheduling changes.

Need more information about tournament including cost, schedule, etc., please read the following Welcome Letter.


Do you want to participate in an exciting coaching position or on a competitive team representing Quartz Hill A.Y.S.O. with some of our most talented  players?  If so, Tournament Coach Applications are due to Mike Linder by the end of the day Sept. 28th.  Go to our website at www.qhayso.org to download a Coach Application or CLICK HERE.  Place the completed application in a sealed envelope in the Tournament Director folder in the Board Member Box at Upper Joe Walker.


DUE by Sept. 28th.   

We may also have additional coach opportunities available. Please contact me at qhaysotd@gmail.com after September 29, 2013, for available openings.

Thank you,
Michael Linder
Tournament Director

EXTRA Program NewsEXTRAProgramLogo


EXTRA! EXTRA!!  Quartz Hill EXTRA wrapped up their second weekend of the season with games on the road on Saturday and at home on Sunday. 


Saturday on the road:

U13G Lost 3-4 in Newbury Park

U16B Tied 3-3 in Valencia


Sunday at Home:

U11B Tied 1-1 with Balboa

U16B Won 4-2 over Valencia

U12G Won 5-0 over Moorpark

U13B Idle


This weekend:




U11B travel to Canyon Country for a 9:20AM match

U13G travel to Woodland Hills for a 9:00AM match




U13B vs. Saugus at Upper Joe 1:20

U12G vs. Camarillo Upper Joe 2:50

U16B travel to Thousand Oaks 10:00AM





U05 Jamboree News

Once again our Jamboree Program has gotten off to a great start!  It has been a pleasure meeting all our new parents and players, as well as watching the positive interaction take place out on the fields during each session! 


Due to the large amount of players in the program and to better even out the number of participants during each session, we have decided to make a minor change in who attends each session.  Beginning this weekend, all Boys with the last name beginning A-H and Girls with the last names beginning A-L will attend the 8:00 session.  Boys with last names beginning I-Z and Girls with last names beginning M-Z will attend the 9:30 session.  The Shutterfly calendar  will be amended to show the changes being made.  I can be contacted via Shutterfly, email, or by phone should there be any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Jamboree program.  I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!



Julie Woods

U05 Program Director

(661) 609-7354




A message from VIP Super Stars: 



The VIP Super Stars had an awesome time at Saturday's games.  Once again they crushed the competition!  Sorry teams, there is just not stopping the Super Stars!!!


Many smiles, high fives, and goals were scored on both sides!  Many thanks to Coach Perez-VanGorden and her team, Cool Mints, and Coach Hinckley and his Redcoats for being such worthy opponents!!! 



Here's to a great soccer season, GO SUPER STARS!!!!


* * * Coming Next Week! * * * 



FireworksVolunteer/Board Member

of the Week




Every week, beginning Sept 21st, QH AYSO will honor one Volunteer and one Board Member (if one is nominated) who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Nominations may come from anyone - a coach, player, parent, board member, etc.  Forms are available from your coach or at the Snack Bar. The person chosen by the Board as Volunteer of the Week from all the nominees will receive a prize; all nominees will be acknowledged for all their hard work and time!     

SnackBarNewsSnack Bar News

Again this season Quartz Hill AYSO will ask for volunteers from the U06 and U08 Divisions to work in the Snack Bar and to be Field Monitors at Lane Park and Joe Walker.  The schedules for both snack bar and field monitor duty will be placed in the coach's boxes. If your team has been assigned snack bar or field monitor duty, please send two registered adult volunteers and have them check in at the Snack Bar. Volunteers that have not previously been registered for the 2013 season must complete their online volunteer application at  www.eayso.org and bring one signed copy and a valid ID with them when they show for their volunteer duty.

A big "THANK YOU" to all our volunteers who helped at the Snack Bar last weekend!!

This Week's Volunteer Schedule 

Wilson-02                           U6B
Lewelling-12                       U6B
Cline-29                              U8B
Fountain-14                        U6B

Gifford-08                        U6B
Chronister-10                    U6B
Morales-16                         U8B
Salcedo-20                         U8B

Abad-28                             U8B
L.Martinez-19                    U8B
Fricke-23                           U8B
Foster-22                           U8B

Martinez-18                       U8G
Vento-04                            U8G
Schneider-13                     U8B

Hutchinson-06                   U6G
Verbanac-06                      U6B
Brown-11                            U6B

* * * Snack Bar Specials * * *
Yelling Taco
                       Carne Asada Tacos!!!  3 for $5 

QH AYSO Shuttle Logo

Quartz Hill AYSO Sports Bottles ~ Only $5!  
Refill your bottle with lemonade for just 50˘!

Bring in your two recyclables
(aluminum can or plastic bottle)
and receive a FREE Otter Pop!!! 
Jamba Juice
Only three weeks left to to buy a smoothie during games!  Don't miss out on these yummy beverages and the chance for your purchase to give back 15% to the Region!   

Important Reminder Heading



Sept. 21st ~ Jamba Juice Fundraiser
(Smoothies available by the Snack Bar)

Sept. 21st ~ Make-up Picture Day (All Divisions)
(No Assigned Times - just show up anytime from 7am-11am)

Sept. 21st ~ Jamba Juice Fundraiser
(Smoothies available by the Snack Bar)

Sept. 28th ~ Tournament Coach Apps Due

Sept. 29th ~ Referee Class at LNSC, 8am-5pm
(visit www.qhayso.org and click on the Ref tab for information)

Oct. 1st ~ Shakey's Pizza Fundraiser, 5-8pm

Oct. 5th ~ Jamba Juice Fundraiser
(Smoothies available by the Snack Bar)

Oct. 9th ~ Wiener Wednesday, Wienerschnitzel Fundraiser, 5-8pm
Oct. 12th ~ All-Star Nominations Due
Oct. 20th ~ U16/U19 Season Ends
Oct. 26th ~ All-Star Coach Apps Due
Oct. 27th ~ U16/U19 Area Play-offs

Oct. 29th ~ U16/U19 & U16 EXTRA Awards Ceremony, 6:30pm

Nov. 2nd ~ Orders and money due for Christmas Wreath Sale
Nov. 4th~ U10 Boys All Star Meeting

Nov. 5th ~ Shakey's Pizza Fundraiser, 5-8pm
Nov. 5th ~ U10 Girls All Star Meeting
Nov. 6th ~ U12 All Star Meeting
Nov. 7th ~ U14 All Star Meeting
Nov.  9th ~ Last Day of Regular Season (Most Divisions)
Nov. 10th ~ Tie-Breaker Games, if necessary
Nov. 12th ~ Awards Ceremony for U5 Jamboree, 6pm

Nov. 13th ~ Wiener Wednesday, Wienerschnitzel Fundraiser, 5-8pm
Nov. 16th-17th ~ Regional Play-Offs
Nov. 18th ~ Awards Ceremony for U6
Girls: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Nov. 19th ~ Award Ceremony for U8
Girls: 5:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 6:30pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Dec. 3rd ~ Award Ceremony for U10
Girls: 5:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Dec. 4th ~ Award Ceremony for U11 EXTRA, U12, U12 EXTRA, & VIP
Girls/VIP: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:30pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Dec. 5th ~ Award Ceremony for U13 EXTRA & U14
Girls: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium
Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium

Dec. 7th/8th  ~ Regional Play-Offs (Rain Date)

Dec. 31st ~ Final day for Rancho Raviri Almonds Fundraiser

Dates are subject to change.
Check our website out on a regular basis for the most up-to-date information.

       Fundraising Reminder


Our Board is working hard to keep our fees low next year.  Please remember to support our Region through the following fundraisers:




Shakey's Pizza: 1st Tuesday of the month

Wienerschnitzel: 2nd Wednesday of the month




Discount Cards:  Now while supplies last (available at the Snack Bar)  

AYSO Sports Bottles: Now while supplies last (available at the Snack Bar) 

Jamba Juice: Every Saturday at the Snack Bar through Oct. 5th 

Wreaths for Christmas: Now through Nov. 2nd  

Rancho Raviri Almonds: Now through the end of December


Thank you for your support!


No Smoking Sign


QH AYSO is a Kids Zone which, among other things, means we have a strict no smoking policy.  Please refrain from smoking at any field or area that is utilized by QH AYSO  - this includes the parameter of the parking lots where children may be walking by.  If a child can see you, you are in a location where you are not allowed to smoke.



Thank you for your cooperation!


Each week as the games come to an end, our fields and the surrounding areas are littered with TRASH!  We need to show respect for ourselves and our community and not leave our trash behind!   Before you leave to go home and enjoy the rest of your weekend, please make sure that our fields, the parking lot, and the roads where we park are clean!  If you are the last game of the day please make sure to pick up any trash still remaining and also return any AYSO trash cans to the snack bar area or pick up location for your field.

And, PLEASE take large items, such as broken chairs, home with you!!!  

Together we can keep our fields and our community clean!

No Cleats

on the

To all Parents, Coaches, and Players:

Please do not run on these tracks while wearing cleats!  This can cause severe and costly damage to the track which QH AYSO will be responsible for repairing.


Thanks for your cooperation!

No Pets


As in previous years, Quartz Hill AYSO will continue this season to observe the No Pets Allowed policy.  Pets are not allowed at any practices or games at any field anytime, with the exception of service animals.  This rule is for the safety of our children, families, and pets.  Please make sure to let anyone know who is coming to support your player of our policy.  Anyone with a pet will be asked to leave the field and the game will be stopped until they have complied. 



If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Safety Director, Josh Duncan at 661-436-0180.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Lost and Found
Looking for a lost ball, gym bag, or even a set of keys?  Come by the Snack Bar at JW/LP and take a peek at our Lost and Found - your lost item might just be in there!  Any unclaimed items will be donated to a worthy charity at the end of the season!


Quartz Hill AYSO would like to thank our Sponsors for the 2013 Season!   The donations from our sponsors allow Quartz Hill AYSO to provide soccer scholarships and help to keep our registration fees affordable so that everyone can play. It is clear that without the generous support of businesses and individuals, Quartz Hill AYSO Region 638 could not continue to offer our children such a well-rounded soccer program at such an affordable price.  We thank our wonderful sponsors for their support and ask our players and their families to support these sponsors whenever possible in return!

A&L Smog and Auto Repair
Adams Metallizing & Grinding
ALL STAR KIA (2 Teams!)
Anusha Parmaesvaran Realtor
AV Cardiology
B&L Automatic Fire Protection Inc.
BJ's Restaurant
B's Embroidery Etc.
C&J Sheep Shearing
Career Care Institute
Creekside Café
Critical Car Care
Dance Evolutions
Desert Auto Sales
Desert Industrial Supply
Emard Chiropractic Center
Fire Marshal Bill
Fresco II
Gary Little Construction, Inc.
Joshua Medical Group
Kelso Investigative Group
Kuzyk Law
Lancaster Auto Interiors
Law Offices of Lisa M. Pacione
Lazy T Ranch
Learn4Life Concept Charter Schools (2 Teams!)
Les A. Kurian D.D.S.
Maserati of Westlake
McDonalds / MARRO / Marroquin
Meineke Car Care
Metro Floors
Monster Fitness
Morin Family Child Care
Noah's Ark Preschool & Kindergarten
Nueva Vision Trucking, Inc.
Palmdale Regional Orthopedics Specialties
Rocco's Honda
Shadez Salon Suites
Shiromi Karunaratne
The Barbershop III
The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Moffatt
Thunder on the Lot (2 Teams!)
Timothy F. Buckley DDS, MS
Trinity Real Estate Services
Valley Marine
Vulcan Materials Company

And a very special thanks to:


For hosting our Wiener Wednesday Fundraiser Nights, donation of the AYSO Sports Bottles, and weekly donations of ice and hot dogs!!!!


Game Results Title

(* Indicates a team from Rosamond)








Players of the Game Title









Standings Heading









Please do not reply to this email - you will not receive a response.  If you have questions, please refer to our website, www.qhayso.org, to find the appropriate Board Member and email them directly.