Quartz Hill AYSO, Region 638 Newsletter             November 3, 2012 

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With only a couple games left in the regular season, I wanted to remind everyone that every game is for the kids to enjoy. Win or Lose, it is everyone's responsibility to make it the best for all the players on both teams.

Players make mistakes, Coaches make mistakes, and Referees make mistakes so when it happens (it will in every game), do not focus on the mistake.  Find a way to keep it fun for the players.  SMILE!  IT IS ONLY A GAME FOR KIDS!!!!!!!!!


Quartz Hill AYSO is looking for several people to help fill our regional board. Our goal is to have every board member only hold one position and every position have an assistant.

Individuals need to be willing to be trained for free.

If you are interested in helping this great region, Please contact me, Jack Rust at coachrust@gmail.com.

With the regular season coming to an end, I would like to thank all the hard working volunteers that make this region the best!!!!!!!!!!! Without you there would be no Quartz Hill AYSO.
Please think about being one of the ones who make it possible.

Players play!!!   Run around - Have fun - Make their own decisions!


Coaches coach!!!  Set the line up - Motivate the players - Let them play the game.


Parents cheer!!! For all the players on both teams. "Way to go" Great Play" Nice Shot" "What a pass" 




Jack Rust  

Regional Commissioner  

Quartz Hill Region 638



Ayso logo 


Providing world class youth soccer programs

that enrich children's lives!!!!  


News Flash 2 

Additional Make-Up Picture Day  


We have scheduled an additional Make-Up Picture day for Sunday, Nov. 4th, 2:00-3:00pm at Lower Joe Walker, Field #1.  Any player that has not yet had their picture taken this season should show during this time, dressed in full uniform.

Photographers will leave promptly at 3:00pm so please arrive no later than 2:45pm.  Any questions concerning make-up pictures should be directed to our picture coordinator, Tracey Hill, at traceyhill55@yahoo.com.



Way to go, QH AYSO
As a region we collected over 700 cans!!!!!

Make-a-Difference Day was a huge success!  Many thanks to the players and parents who donated non-perishable food items!  Grace Resource was very grateful for our generous donation!

The top three teams (determined by number of non-perishable food items donated divided by the number of players on the team) were:

#1:  U12 Girls, The Phantoms
(collected 93 cans - 8.5 cans per girl)

#2: U06 Boys, Firestorm
(collected 27 cans - 5.4 cans per boy)

#3: U12 Girls, Striking Tigers
(collected 64 - 5.3 cans per girl)

Each of the above teams will receive either donuts or pizza, depending on the time of their game.  Each Coach will be emailed with details.

We would also like to mention the following teams that collected 25 cans or more:
U10 Boys, Patriots (45 cans - 5 cans per boy)
U08 Girls, Pink Leopards (collected 28 cans - 4.7 cans per girl)
U14 Boys, Sharpshooters (61 cans - 4.4 cans per boy)
U10 Boys, Spartans (37 cans - 3.7 cans per boy)
U10 Girls, Purple Flames (37 cans - 3.7 cans per girl)
U12 Girls, The Sour Patch Kidz (32 cans - 2.7 cans per girl)
U14 Boys, Full Throttle (25 cans - 1.9 cans per boy)

Many thanks to all of QH AYSO that helped to make a DIFFERENCE!!!!
Action Photos
by Best Photo Network


As a fund-raiser, Best Photo Network is out at our soccer games, taking incredible action shots of our players.  Photos are available for viewing and purchase.  This week the Action Photo tent will be set up at Joe Walker.

Best Photo Network (Action Photos)
23503 West Avenue D
Lancaster, CA
Harry Rosenbluth
Phone : 661-724-9192
Email: BestPhotoNetwork@gmail.com

Coach Corner Spining Ball

Hello Coaches,


Post season play is right around the corner and it's a good time to make sure your team is practicing kicks from the mark.  Make sure you understand the regional playoff rules; I have provided these again this week.
The all-star meetings will be held from Nov. 5th through Nov. 8th at the Mayflower Gardens Community Room II which is located within the Mayflower Gardens retirement community at the corner of Ave. M and 65th street.  The scheduled times for each division are provided below.


all star meeting



Region 638 Playoff Rules

Regional playoffs will be starting in few weeks with the opportunity for teams to move on to Area play.  So I thought it a good idea to post the playoff rules, these are also provided in the coaches handbook in Section 19.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top teams in each division pool (U10-14) will participate in playoffs. Playoff winners will represent the region at Area playoffs, which are held in January.
Both coaches and assistant coaches must be licensed at the age-appropriate level, certified in Safe
Haven, and registered as a volunteer in order for the team to play at Area level and beyond.

Although very rare, serious misconduct may result in another team taking their place. Playoffs are a fun, exciting, and challenging way to end the season, and help us to reward those teams that show improvement over the course of the season. The best teams at season's end are not always the teams with the best record!


If there is a tie for first place at the end of the season, or there is a tie for the last playoff spot, a single game playoff will be used to break the tie. Such games are scheduled for Sunday after the regular season, or the week prior to the playoffs. All other ties are settled by (1) head-to-head records (2) goals allowed (3) sportsmanship score (4) goals scored (5) referee points (6) a flip of the coin, in that order.  


1. All games will be conducted exactly as a regular season game unless the score is tied at the end of regulation play.   


a. Normal substitution and player participation requirements are in effect, including goalkeeper participation and ¾ rule.   


b. Game time and team size remain the same.   


2. If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, the following procedure will be used to determine a winner.   


a. Extra time consisting of two complete equal periods (U10 = 5 min. ea.; U12 & U14 = 10 min. ea.). If a team is leading at the end of this period, that team wins the match.


b. If the match is still tied, kicks from the mark in accordance with the "Procedures to Determine the Winner of a Match" in the Laws of the Game (LOTG) will be used to determine the winner.   


3. Procedures for extra time periods.   


a. Teams field the same number of players as during regulation play.  


b. Teams may field players at their discretion. (AYSO and Region 638 participation requirements only apply to the two regulation halves).   


c. Overtime is begun with a coin toss IAW Law 8. Play is stopped at the end of the first half to switch sides, substitute, and restart with the appropriate kick-off.   


d. Substitutions will only be made in the case of injury or during the overtime half.   


e. Only those players on the field at the end of the extra time period may participate in kicks from the mark.   


4. Summary of LOTG procedures for kicks from the mark  


a. Determining a winner:  


i. Kicks from the penalty mark are taken by one team and then the other team. An initial group of up to five pairs may decide the match if, after the fifth pair, one team has scored more goals than the other team.   


ii. At any time in this first set of five pairs, the taking of kicks is completed if it becomes impossible for one team to equal the number of goals scored by the other team.   


iii. After the fifth pair, the teams take kicks from the penalty mark one pair at a time. The procedure ends if, after any pair, one team has scored a goal and the other team has not.   


iv. No player from the same team may take a second kick from the penalty mark until all players on the team (including the goalkeeper) have kicked.   


v. Once all players have taken a kick, the original kicking order need not be repeated .  


b. Procedures:   


i. Assistant Referees note on their cards the eligible players and the kicking

order (see 3.e. above).   


ii. The referee selects the goal to be used.   


iii. Only players may enter the field. Teams will remain near the half line on their side of the field in the center circle with the AR.   


iv. A coin is tossed (visitor calls) and the winner of the toss decides which team kicks first.   


v. Only the referee, an assistant referee, the kicker, and both goalkeepers are allowed near the goal. (The other assistant referee stays at the half with both teams.) All others must remain at the half line.   


vi. The other goalkeeper must wait at the intersection of the penalty area line and the goal line.   


vii. The assistant referee stays on the point where the goal area boundary line meets the goal line, opposite the referee, and serves as a judge to determine if the ball has completely crossed the goal line.   


viii. The referee ensures both the kicker and keeper are ready then signals for the kick with a whistle.  


ix. For the kicker and defending goalkeeper, the Laws are the same as for a penalty kick. However, once the kick is taken, no one other than the defending goalkeeper can play the ball.   


x. The referee must ensure a thorough record is kept of kicking order and goals.



Scott Jones
QH AYSO Region 638
Regional Coach Admin



U06/U08 Soccer Drill of the Week


Jam-Packed Soccer Dribbling Drill  



To begin this drill, create a circle with disc cones that is approximately 20 yards in circumference. Make sure each player has a ball, and instruct them to line up around the outside of the circle. 


Have the players begin the soccer drill by dribbling around the outside of the circle all in the same direction. The coach should inform the players to listen for certain queues and perform those actions once the coach shouts the command. These commands are: 

* JOG - players should dribble at a comfortable speed
* FULL SPEED - players should dribble at their top speed
* CUT - players should cut the ball in the other direction and travel in the other direction around the circle

* CROSS - all players should cut across the grid avoiding contact with other players or other players balls. 

Think of other commands to add to the drill. 


Coaching Points

* Since all 4 players should be entering the center area at the same time make sure players are looking ahead of them with their head up.
* Remind players to keep the ball close when entering the traffic area.
* Have players start playing with their arms up and out for balance and shielding
* Instruct players to dribble with both feet and all parts of the foot.

* This is a fun soccer drill, so make sure to HAVE FUN!  



U10/U12/U14 Drill of the Week   


Circle Passing Overlap Combination

Circle Passing Overlap Combination  


1. Create a circle around two central players where the outside players are about 5-7 yards from each other.

2. The two central players will begin the drill with a soccer ball.


1. The central players begin the drill at the same time by passing to outside players on the opposite sides of the circle.

2. The outside player immediately passes to a player adjacent to them on their right or left.
3. Make sure the central player maintaines his central positioning.
4. As soon as the outside player passes to the player to the right or left, they immediately begin their run to overlap that player.
5. The player being overlapped quickly returns the ball to the central player who plays into the space of the overlapping player.
6. The overlapping player switches roles with the central player and the play continues.
7. Leave it up to the players to decide whether to play to the left or right side of the outside player based on whether the player is being used by the other central player.
8. Players must play with their heads up scanning the field and communicating so that two balls do not get played to the same player.

Coaching Points 

* Quick movement off the ball to overlap the outside player. Timing is important so make sure the players are aware of getting there at the right time. A breakdown in passing will throw off a well timed overlapping run.

* Play in 1 touch.
* Good crisp passes with good pace on them - not too soft or to strong.
* Heads up scanning the field to find the open players
* Play with speed. Start slow and once they figure it out, ramp it up.
* Make sure central players maintain the central position until switching with the outside player in order to play facing the ball. If they get in too tight there will not be much time to play the ball.  

Crazy Referee
 Referee Corner 

Last Saturday we dropped to 89 % of our referee spots signed up for with trained referees!  Our coverage slipping more, but I sincerely hope that trend will be reversed this week.  Please realize that the referee points system is only an incentive so that we can get referees on all our games; it was never intended to be the only reason to referee.  Every week we have 150 to 170 referee spots to fill; all with volunteers who really only get paid with the satisfaction of knowing they are helping their community.

Top Youth U8 Referee Contest

Our contest to see which Youth referees can do the most U8 games has the battle for top spot continuing among Brendan, Jose, Avalon and Christiaan.  Prizes will be awarded at our annual volunteer appreciation night. Please be respectful to these youth referees stepping into leadership roles.

Brendan 18
Jose 15
Avalon 13
Christiaan 11
Makenna 5
Kristin 5
Dakota 3
Kandace 3
Cheyenne 2
Cody 2
Megan 1

Top 25 QHAYSO Referees

These referees are our addicts, many of who are just doing this because they enjoy the challenge of refereeing a youth soccer game.  Please think twice before yelling at any of our referee volunteers who give so much because they respect the game and want to be a positive force in our community.  Every year we lose one or two of our workhorse refs and every year a new addict or two joins our ranks.  However, we also lose so many refs who have one bad experience with an ungrateful sideline and decide to never referee again.  Try to run a mile in our shoes before complaining about our efforts! 

Williams, Walter    57.5
Aguilar, Melanie    40.5
Mendiola, Adam    38.0
Mendiola, Matt    34.0
Schneider, Stefan    29.0
Haddad, Tim    28.5
Raquipiso, Philip    24.0
Choate, Perry    23.5
Peck, Jeff    16.5
Tjosaas, Kristin    16.0
Huhman, Dave    15.0
Minzlaff, Mark    15.0
Schoorl, John    15.0
Davis, Nelson    14.5
Reynolds, Mark    13.5
Gutierrez, Allan    12.5
Ramos, Jose    12.5
Knowles, Clayton    12.0
Kovar, Rocky    12.0
Pagano, Vincent    12.0
Sheely, Jay    11.5
Shuping, Rod    11.0
Jones, Scott    10.5
Ringelberg, Wayne    10.5
Rust, Jack    10.0
Schoorl, Brendan    9.0



QUESTION 1) A referee steps into the middle of his first U12 match after successfully working several U10 games. A longer game, on a bigger field with more skilled players presents a new and exciting challenge. In the first half he correctly runs a 30 minute period of play. After the halftime break is over, and forgetting that the U12 game is longer than in U10, he accidently only runs a 25 minute half before he signals the end of the game by blowing the whistle three times. He is informed of his mistake and confirms the error with his assistant referee (who is also his backup timekeeper). What should he do?


ANSWER 1) The fair thing to do is obvious. The U12 players are supposed to get 2-30 minute halves of soccer regardless of the score. But the referee has blown his magic whistle three times - is this significant? Of course not; there is nothing in the Laws of the Game about blowing a whistle three times. However, Law 7 "The Duration of the Match" calls for 2 equal halves. Has this kind of mistake ever been made before? Probably not during a World Cup match, but in Youth Soccer of course it has. I know for fact that I did it once, and without even knowing the exact language of the Law I knew that I should call the teams back to finish the game, and that is what I did. Furthermore, in the USSF Advice to Referees it is explicitly stated:


"7.3 MISTAKEN ENDING.  If the referee ends play early, then the teams must be called back onto the field and the remaining time must be played as soon as the error is detected." 


It also prescribes how the game should be restarted:


If the ball was out of play when the period was ended incorrectly, then play should be resumed with the appropriate restart (throw-in, goal kick, etc.). If the ball was in play, then the correct restart is a dropped ball where the ball was when the referee incorrectly ended play.


QUESTION 2) The aforementioned game continues and we are now in the final minute of the game. The referee calls a direct free kick foul that occurs in the penalty area, which results in a Penalty Kick. While setting up to take the penalty kick the referee looks at his watch and realizes that time has now expired. What should he do? Blow the whistle 3 times to signal the match is over or should he extend the time for the match?


ANSWER 2) The foul occurred during regulation time, so it would seem that the fair thing to do would be to complete the Penalty Kick regardless of how much time passes by. But time has expired, what do the Laws of the Game allow for?


Law 7 "The Duration of the Match" has an answer that specifically states:


If a penalty kick has to be taken or retaken, the duration of either half is extended until the penalty kick is completed.


Incidentally, PDF files of the Laws of the Game and the Advice to Referees can be found on the referee page of our QH AYSO website. If you have any questions about refereeing, or an idea to use in one of these "tests" please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Tim Haddad
Quartz Hill Regional Referee Administrator





Tournament News




Thank you to the hundreds of players who tried out for the QH AYSO Tournament these past few weekends. Tournament is a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop as a soccer player - each of you are going to have a great tournament season beginning with the Thanksgiving Tournament in November!
If your son or daughter tried out and has not received a call yet, please email Mike Linder at qhaysotd@gmail.com. 

EXTRA Program News



Our Quartz Hill Girls U11 Extra Team played Saturday in Canyon Country and held off a charging 3rd place team for a 3-3 Tie. Quartz Hill took a long shot on goal from near the mid field line, and got a lucky bounce over the Canyon Country keeper for a goal! They were up 2-0 at half and had to battle out the second half to hold onto a Tie. This keeps the Quartz Hill U11 Girls undefeated in a tough Eastern conference at 6-0-2. Saugus and Canyon Country are both 5-2-1, trying to catch us! This Saturday our Quartz Hill U11 Girls Extra Team takes on Valencia in a home match, 12:30 at Marie Kerr (pool side). Come cheer on our Quartz Hill Girls as they try to close out their season undefeated!!
Our Quartz Hill Boys U16 Extra Team finished their regular season Saturday with a home match against Van Nuys, and a 3-1 Victory. Quartz Hill finished 5th on the Season with a 4-4-2 record, they were also the only Team to defeat the 1st place Fillmore Team 4-1. The Quartz Hill Boys enter the Extra League Cup this weekend with a road trip to Santa Barbara on Saturday to face off with the 4th place division team. They tied Santa Barbara 5-5 in an epic come from behind match a couple weeks ago. Then Sunday they pack their bags again for a double header in Thousand Oaks, against 1st place Fillmore, and 8th place Newbury Park. This weekend will decide whether the Quartz Hill Boys will advance to Final Rounds of League Cup in Bakersfield the following Saturday.
Good Luck Quartz Hill!
Michael Fricke



Home Game Schedule - U11 Girls  

Nov. 3rd, 12:30pm, against Valencia 


Game Results 


Oct. 27th


U11 Girls

Quartz Hill 3 - 3 Canyon Country


U16 Boys

Quartz Hill 3 - 1 Van Nuys



U05 Jamboree News

The following consists of important information to all parents:
  • Award Ceremonies & Trophy Presentation:  The award ceremonies and trophy presentation will be held on Tuesday, November 13th at 6:00pm at the Joe Walker Gymnasium for all our U05 players. We will be needing the assistance of all parents of our players, so please make sure you are available to be there.
  • Parent / Player Sign In:  Please be sure to sign in your child before the start of each session.  This is not only to keep records of attendance but to also ensure those parents who have met the necessary criteria are given their U06 Coach Certification. 
  • Field Set Up & Take Down:  All sessions starting at 8:00am require the help of parents to assist in field set up which consists of preparing fields for the day activities and goal set up (please arrive about 7:15am to ensure the session begins on time).  All games that begin at 9:30am require the help of parents to assist in taking down the fields which consists of taking down all goals, picking up all cones, and ensuring that all trash in area is picked up and disposed of properly.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via Shutterfly, email, or by phone.  I look forward to seeing you at the fields on Saturday!

Thank You,
Julie Woods
U05 Program Coordinator
(661) 609-7354


A message from VIP Soccer Stars: 


The season is winding down but the VIP Superstars are all geared up for their upcoming tournament.  The VIP Tournament is this Sunday, November 4th, at Pelona Vista Park in Palmdale.  Please send good luck wishes to all participants.  They have been practicing hard and are very ready to play against other VIP teams so come out and catch a game, or two!

Thank you to Coach DeHay and the U12 Boys team Titans and Coach Duncan and the U14 Boys team Sharp Shooters. They each played a great game against the Soccer Stars.







Volunteer/Board Member

of theWeek


Every week QH AYSO will honor one Volunteer and one Board Member (if one is nominated) who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Nominations may come from anyone - a coach, player, parent, board member, etc.  Forms are available from your coach or at the Snack Bar. The person chosen by the Board as Volunteer of the Week from all the nominees will receive their choice of a free an item from the Snack Bar; all nominees will be acknowledged for all their hard work and time!      


Our Volunteer of the Week for October 27th is

Carrie de la Tova!

Carrie de la Tova, Snack Bar Help, Black Widows, U8B:  Carrie came to the snack bar for her team's assignment and not only worked their shift but stayed for the next shift!  She was awesome and her help was greatly appreciated!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Nominated by Lisa Emard

Our Board Member of the Week for October 27th is

Melanie Aguilar!   


Melanie Aguilar, Asst. Referee Administrator and VIP Referee:  Thank you Melanie for all you do for the Region - refereeing games including the VIP games every Saturday, mentoring new referees, helping at the Referee training, pitching in with registering volunteers, and so much more - you are always out there helping to make Quartz Hill AYSO a great region!  Special thanks for all you are doing to help with the VIP Tournament this upcoming weekend in Palmdale!!   



Melanie Aguilar, Referee Mentor: Thank you for helping Heidi Garcia ref her first game.  Nominated by Coach Luis Garcia, Toxic Venom, U12B 


Other nominated Volunteers/Board Members for Oct. 27th:

Michael Emerson, Field Helper, Toxic Venom, U12B: Thank you for taking down the nets for the team.  You help when asked and even when not asked. Nominated by Coach Luis Garcia

Black Widow Parents/Team, U8B: Thank you for all your support parents, and to the Black Widow boys: Awesome, hard work.  Thank you for bearing the cold, early mornings.  We love working with you.  Nominated by Coaches Phil and Carrie de la Tova

Alex Abel, Field Helper, Toxic Venom, U12B: Thank you for taking down the nets this weekend.  Nominated by Coach Luis Garcia

Marquis Moreno, Assistant Coach , Blue Dragons, U10B: Helping during training sessions, You're a good motivator for our team.We appreciate all your time & effort on the field.  Nominated by Coach Liz Moreno
Jordan Oliver, Referee, Blue Dragons, U10B: Volunteering your time & helping your brother's team get ref points to get to play offs. You work hard and your dedication is appreciated. Nominated by Coach Liz
Matt Reaves, Assistant Coach, Little Divas U8G: The help and support he has provided to the team. Thank you Matt for your time and effort. Nominated by Jason La Riva
Heidi Garcia, Ref, Blue Dragon U10B: The dedication and all her hard work. Thank you so much.  Nominated by Coach Moreno
Danielle Peck, Team Mom, Little Divas, U8G: She is always willing to help, has a smile, and has supported the team in many ways. Thank you Danielle !!!!!!!!  Nominated by Jason La Riva
Mike Talbot, Assistant Coach, Black Knights, U8B:  Mike helped me a lot at practices, until worked called him away. He will be an Awesome Coach.  Nominated by Hud Minshew

Pam Balch, Board Member: Pam stepped in to organize the canned food drive for Make a Difference Day!  Thanks for collecting all those cans from the teams and making sure they got delivered to Grace Resource!  You are awesome!!!  Nominated by Jill Gousman

Volunteers aren't paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.  - Author Unknown

  Snack Bar News
Don't miss out on all the yummy food and treats like hamburgers, hot dogs, pepper bellies, sno-cones (and much more) at our Region's Snack Bar trailer - located at the East entrance to the Joe Walker fields! And now that it is getting colder - don't miss out on the hot chocolate!! 




Carne Asada Tacos
                     3 for $5 
Important Reminder Heading
 Kids Zone® Reminder


Unique Program Promotes Sideline Cheerleaders


In AYSO, fans are asked to be cheerleaders, not critics. Kids Zone® is a unique program that includes a parent pledge that moms and dads sign to commit to positive, encouraging behavior when they're watching the games. It also includes signs, buttons and other game-day reminders.

Soccer is a player's game. Players learn the game by trying new things, making mistakes and trying again. Sideline critics who scream instructions at players or criticize referees or coaches just slow down the learning process and make it less fun for everyone.

Negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports has become almost epidemic in the U.S. Kids Zone® is a proactive effort to counteract this trend.   




Nov. 4th ~ VIP Festival @ Pelona Vista


Nov. 5th~ U10 Boys All Star Meeting


Nov. 6th ~ U10 Girls All Star Meeting


Nov. 7th ~ U12 All Star Meeting


Nov. 8th ~ U14 All Star Meeting


Nov. 10th ~ Last Day of Regular Season


Nov. 11th ~ Tie-Breaker Games, if necessary


Nov. 13th ~ Awards Ceremony for U5 Jamboree

6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium


Nov. 17th-18th ~ Regional Play-Offs


Nov. 26th ~ Awards Ceremony for U6

Girls: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium

Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium


Nov. 27th ~ Award Ceremony for U8

Girls: 5:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium

Boys: 6:30pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium


Dec. 1st/2nd ~ Regional Play-Offs (Rain Date)


Dec. 4th ~ Award Ceremony for U10

Girls: 5:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium

Boys: 7:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium


Dec. 5th ~ Award Ceremony for U11 EXTRA Girls, U12, and VIP

Girls/VIP: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium

Boys: 7:30pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium


Dec. 6th ~ Award Ceremony for U14

Girls: 6:00pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium

Boys: 7:15pm, Joe Walker Gymnasium


Dec. 7th ~ Volunteer Appreciation Dinner


Dates are subject to change.

Check our website out on a regular basis for the most up-to-date information. 





Please help support our National team AND keep our fields clean!  Please deposit all soda cans and water bottles (only these two items) in the recycling boxes located at the Lane Park and Joe Walker fields.  PLEASE do not put trash or any other items in these boxes!   


Thanks so much for your help!!



No Smoking Sign


QH AYSO is a Kids Zone which, among other things, means we have a strict no smoking policy.  Please refrain from smoking at any field or area that is utilized by QH AYSO  - this includes the parameter of the parking lots where children may be walking by.  If a child can see you, you are in a location where you are not allowed to smoke.



Thank you for your cooperation!


Each week as the games come to an end, our fields and the surrounding areas are littered with TRASH!  We need to show respect for ourselves and our community and not leave our trash behind!   Before you leave to go home and enjoy the rest of your weekend, please make sure that our fields, the parking lot, and the roads where we park are clean!  If you are the last game of the day please make sure to pick up any trash still remaining and also return any AYSO trash cans to the snack bar area or pick up location for your field.

Together we can keep our fields and our community clean!

No Cleats

on the

To all Parents, Coaches, and Players:

Please do not run on the Joe Walker track while wearing cleats!  This can cause severe and costly damage to the track which QH AYSO will be responsible for repairing.


Thanks for your cooperation!

No Pets


As in previous years, Quartz Hill AYSO will continue this season to observe the No Pets Allowed policy.  Pets are not allowed at any practices or games at any field anytime, with the exception of service animals.  This rule is for the safety of our children, families, and pets.  Please make sure to let anyone know who is coming to support your player of our policy.  Anyone with a pet will be asked to leave the field and the game will be stopped until they have complied. 


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Safety Director, Steve Deplazes, at 785-840-7256.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Lost and Found
Looking for a lost ball, gym bag, or even a set of keys?  Come by the Snack Bar at JW/LP and take a peek at our Lost and Found - your lost item might just be in there!

Only two more weeks - after that all items in the Lost and Found will either be donated or discarded.
Quartz Hill AYSO would like to thank our Sponsors for the 2011 Season!   The donations from our sponsors allow QH AYSO to provide soccer scholarships and help to keep our registration fees affordable so that everyone can play. It is clear that without the generous support of businesses and individuals, Quartz Hill AYSO Region 638 could not continue to offer our children such a well-rounded soccer program at such an affordable price.  We thank our wonderful sponsors for their support and ask our players and their families to support these sponsors whenever possible in return! 


Allstate - Currado Insurance Agency
ATA Martial Arts
B&L Fire Protection Inc
Blazing New Trails
Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford
Career Care Institute
Chryssostomides Financial Services
Cinemark IMAX
Dr. Buckley DDS
Dr. Les Kurian DDS
Dr. Raffy Sustento DDS
Emard Chiropractic
For The Day - Children's Party and Activity Center
Gary Little Construction
Harris Motors
Joshua Medical Group
Katrina Stello Real Estate
Keith's Plumbing
Kuzyk Law
Levesque Family
Mather Bros Ice
Minute Serve Dairy
Monster Fitness
Nueva Vision Trucking
Palmdale Regional Orthopedic Specialists
Quartz Hill Mini Storage
Rich Meier's Landscaping
Rocco's Honda & Acura
S&G Custom Electrical
Safesplash Swim School
Sam's Silkscreening
Scramblez Café
Shanks Construction
Snow Orthodontics
Southwest Custom Painting
State Farm - Sam Maston
Temperatures Unlimited, Inc
The Barber Shop III
The Hart Room
The Infinity Group Inc
Theurer Orthodontics
Thunder on the Lot
Trauma Solutions
Tustin Nissan
Valencia Acura
Valleywide Dental - Dr. Robert Haze
Van Dam Farms
West Point Physical Therapy Center
West Side Equipment
Western Way BBQ

Silver Sponsor
McDonald's - Marroquin Org.

The 2012 Sponsor Directory was given to the Coaches on October 20th; make sure to get your copy!  The Directory will also be available on our website, www.qhayso.org.    



Game Results Title



Game Results 2012-10-27 Boys



Game Results 2012-10-27 Girls



Players of the Game Title



Player of the Game 2012-10-27 Boys



  Player of the Game 2012-10-27 Girls



Standings Heading



Those teams below highlighted in yellow have met the minimum requirement of seven (7) Referee Points to be eligible to proceed to play-offs; those teams highlighted in green have reached the maximum of ten (10) Referee Points allowed for the season!   


Any team below not highlighted is at risk of not being able to participate in Regional Playoffs or beyond because they have not accrued the necessary 7 Referee Points.

Standings 2012-10-27 Boys

Standings 2012-10-27 Girls


PlayOff Schedule Title

Playoff games will be held on November 17th and 18th.  

Rain dates are December 1st and 2nd. 

Play-Off Schedule 2012 Rev. 2 Boys



Play-Off Schedule 2012 Rev. 2 Girls



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