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Quartz Hill AYSO has always encouraged good sportsmanship in its programs. In fact, "Good Sportsmanship" is one of the philosophies listed in the AYSO National Bylaws.   We create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. All of our programs are designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of Quartz Hill AYSO.
We figure that if players, volunteers and parents understand what is expected of them when it comes to good sportsmanship, that's probably how they will act. Quartz Hill AYSO is proud of its many good sports, but understands that good sportsmanship doesn't just happen. It needs to be taught, encouraged and demonstrated.

Quartz Hill AYSO works because our volunteers work. The volunteers work because they believe in the AYSO philosophies. Our growth underscores Quartz Hill AYSO's commitment to a healthy competitive atmosphere for youth soccer players, combined with dedication toward the development of responsible individuals.

Player's code of conduct - be a good sport

  • Play for the fun of it, not just to please your parents or coach.
  • Play by the Laws of the Game.
  • Never argue with or complain about referees' calls or decisions.
  • Control your temper. Most of all, resist the temptation to retaliate when you feel you have been wronged.
  • Concentrate on playing soccer with your best efforts. Work equally hard for your team as for yourself.
  • Be a good sport by cheering all good plays, whether it is your team's or your opponent's.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
  • Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve skills and feel good. Don't be a showoff or a ball hog.
  • Cooperate with your coaches, teammates, opponents and the referees.
Be Enthusiastic and Supportive
Let children set their own goals and play the game for themselves. Be careful not to impose your own standards and goals on your child. Don't put too heavy a burden on your child to win games. Surveys reveal that 72 percent of children would rather play for a losing team than ride the bench for a winner.


Let Coaches Coach and Refs Ref

Coaches and referees are usually parents. They volunteer their time to help make your child's youth soccer experience a positive one. They need your support, too. What coaches and referees don't need is your help in coaching from the sidelines. So please refrain from coaching during games and practices. Referees are not the "bad guys." They are volunteers, too, and need your support and encouragement. Treat them and their calls fairly and respectfully.


Players play!!!   Run around - Have fun - Make their own decisions!


Coaches coach!!!  Set the line up - Motivate the players - Let them play the game.


Parents cheer!!! For all the players on both teams. "Way to go" Great Play" Nice Shot" "What a pass" 




Jack Rust  

Regional Commissioner  

Quartz Hill Region 638


Ayso logo 


Providing world class youth soccer programs

that enrich children's lives!!!!  


News Flash 2 
Ways and MeansHelp Wanted Director  
The Ways and Means Director is responsible for fundraising type activities, such as the Snack Bar and our Region Fundraiser.

If you are interested in this position, please come to Snack Bar and talk to Lisa Emard. We would like to start training for this position before the end of the season to make the transition as smooth as possible!


On Saturday, October 27th, AYSO regions from all over our country will be joining hands to impact their communities for Make-a-Difference day! Here in Quartz Hill, we are asking everyone to help kick hunger in the AV by donating canned food to be given to Grace Resources to distribute! Get together with your team and collect canned food (current expiration dates only) then box or bag it, mark it with your team name and division (example: Goldfish - U06G) and bring it to the snack bar. The top three teams (determined by number of canned food items donated divided by number of players on the team) will win either pizza or donuts for their team the following week (food choice decided by time of winning team's game on Nov. 3rd - games prior to 11am will get donuts, after 11am will get pizza).

Help QH AYSO make a DIFFERENCE!!!!


 Action Photos
by Best Photo Network


 As a fund-raiser for our Region, Best Photo Network is out at our soccer games, taking incredible action shots of our players. Photos are available for viewing and purchase most weekends at George Lane Park or Joe Walker - just look for the Best Photo Network tent.  

Best Photo Network (Action Photos)
23503 West Avenue D
Lancaster, CA
Harry Rosenbluth
Phone : 661-724-9192
Email: BestPhotoNetwork@gmail.com

Coach Corner  Spining Ball

Hello Coaches,
For the past few weeks I have seen a disturbing pattern in your older divisions.  For the past three weeks I have received notification of very low sportsmanship
scores for a good number of teams.  These low scores are a result of coach and parent behavior specifically directed at the referees.  This needs to stop!  There is absolutely no reason that we should be behaving like this.  Referees are an essential part of the AYSO team, without them there would be no match.  I have included the Zero Tolerance policy below, this applies to any person coaching or watching an AYSO match in our region.  If necessary we will suspend coaches and or spectators, and exclude teams from participating in post season play.  Remember, post season participation is a privilege not a right.  You as coaches are responsible for both your behavior and that of your parents.  If you are having issues with any of your spectators, let someone on the board know and we'll get someone out there to help monitor and control your sidelines.
Region 638 Zero Tolerance Policy - (Rev. 10/15/11) 
In the past years, Region 638 has witnessed incidents where coaches &/or spectators questioned the calls of referees requiring referees to stop matches to deal with the situation. There have also unfortunately been incidents once a game has ended when coaches &/or spectators confront referees or other volunteers over decisions made during the game. These incidents prompt me to remind everyone that Region 638 has a long standing, zero tolerance policy prohibiting such behavior.
Our zero tolerance policy applies to all Referees and AYSO volunteers and will be enforced as follows:
1. If a coach or spectator questions the call of a referee, the referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and invite the coach onto the field for a conversation.
  2. During this conversation the coach may be told 3 things:


a. The purpose of the conversation is not to debate a call but to inform the coach that the behavior of the coach/spectator is unacceptable.


b. The coach has 2 choices. He/she can go back to their coaching area and coach per AYSO philosophies or the coach/spectator can leave the playing facility.


c. The coach/spectator will be sent off if the referee has to speak to them again during the match.


3. If the referee is a youth referee, the youth referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and find a board member to deal with the situation as described above. 
4. Any coach/spectator who is heard verbally abusing a referee will automatically be sent off by the referee (if an adult) or a board member (in the case of a youth referee). Verbal abuse includes foul and abusive language and comments with racial or sexual overtones. 
5. If the unacceptable behavior of the coach/spectator occurs after the game has ended it will still be reported by the referee and will be considered as a send off. 
6. Referees will report any occurrences where a coach/spectator is sent off and there will be an investigation to determine the subsequent penalty. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games.
7. The Region also reserves the right to investigate instances when abuse of a referee or volunteer is not reported by the referee or volunteer but is subsequently brought to our attention. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games
U10/U12/U14 Coaches
Coaches in U10 through U14 you should receive your all-star nomination form for your division this weekend in your coach folder.  If you do not please contact me and I'll forward you the division specific list.  Please remember these are confidential and should be shared with only with your assistant coach
U6/U8 Soccer Drill of the Week: 
1v1 to Multiple Goals  

Setup1v1 to Multiple Goals

Make a 40X40 grid. Split your team into pairs with one ball per pair. Randomly set up small goals (approx 2-3 yards wide) with flags within the grid; one goal per pair. Each pair should begin at their window.

Each team will play 1v1 using their goal only. Goals are scored by dribbling across the goal line. Goals can be scored from either side of their own goal. Players play 1 to 2 minute games and rotate players.

Open it up where each pair can score on any of the other goals. They are still paired up with only their partner and should not interfere with any other pairs going on. Goals can still be scored from either side of the goals by dribbling through the goal
Coaching Points 
Head up and aware of other players, change of direction, close control, and change of pace
Defending: Bent Knees, aware of attacker, tracking attackers movement and protecting the goal
U10/U12 Soccer Drill of the Week: 
1v1 Dribble Attack with Shot

1v1 Dribble Attack with Shot   
1. Create a 15X15 yard grid about 18 yards from goal.  
2. Place a goalkeeper in the goal, and a defender inside the grid.  
3. The rest of the team should start at a cone placed about 15 yards from the grid.  
4. Each player in line should have their own ball. 
  1. The first player in line dribbles into the grid, attempts to beat the defensive player, and dribble out the other end of the grid.
  2. If he successfully dribbles through the grid and out the other end the attacking player can finish with a shot on goal.
  3. If the ball is won by the defensive player, or dribbled out either of the sides of the grid, the attacker quickly becomes defender.
  4. The next player in line can go immediately after a shot on goal is taken or the defensive player has won the ball.
  1. Make the grid bigger to make it easier for the attackers and more difficult for the defenders.
  2. Make the grid smaller to make it more difficult for the attackers and easier for the defenders.
  3. Add a second defender and make the grid slightly larger.
  4. Move the grid farther from goal and encourage a longer shot.
Coaching Points
  • Head up for awareness. Players should always be scanning the field while carrying the ball while glancing down at the ball through the bottom of your eyes. Players must be aware of opponents, teammates, and space.
  • Ability to hold the ball close. Players should be able to keep close control of the ball in order to quickly change directions, move the ball away from a defender.
  • Balance. It is important for the dribbler to have a low center of gravity with knees bent and chest and head over the ball. This will help players start, stop, accelerate and change direction.
  • Change of pace and direction. The player should be able to cut and turn the ball quickly to avoid tackles or to exploit space.
  • Feints and moves. Players must be able to sell a move with body movements in order to throw the opponent off balance while moving the ball in an attacking position.
  • Confidence. Players must be willing to attempt to beat an opponent. Player's confidence is important around the penalty box.
  • Creativity. Creativity is the ability for players to solve different situations with the correct move or combination of moves. This is best taught in a 1v1 game which relies a lot on the individual player's skill to beat his opponent. A player's creativity is often increased with more confidence with the ball.  


Referee Corner Crazy Referee

Last Saturday we had over 93 % of our referee spots signed up for with trained referees!  I hope we can continue with this high level of coverage.  With 4 weeks left in our regular season there are about 400 referee points still to be had.  Of our 82 teams needing referee points, 15 have their 10 point max and 39 have enough points (7 or more) to be eligible for playoff consideration.  Altogether our teams can still collect 308.5 points.  So I know and hope that every team can still get to at least 7 referee points.


Top Youth U8 Referee Contest

Our contest to see which Youth referees can do the most U8 games is heating up.  Prizes will be awarded at our annual volunteer appreciation night. After six weeks, 43% of our U8 games have been refereed with youth volunteers!  Please be respectful to these youth referees stepping into leadership roles. 
Brendan 13
Christiaan 10
Jose 10
Avalon 7
Kristin 5
Makenna 4
Dakota 3
Cheyenne 2
Kandace 2
Megan 1

Top 25 QH AYSO Referees

These referees are our addicts, many of whom also ref our upper division U16 and U19 games on Sundays.  Most of these referees are just doing this because they enjoy the challenge of reffing a youth soccer game.  Please think twice before yelling at all our referee volunteers who give so much because they respect the game and want to be a positive force in our community.
Williams, Walter 44.5
Mendiola, Adam 33.5
Aguilar, Melanie 33.0
Mendiola, Matt 30.0
Schneider, Stefan 22.5
Haddad, Tim 21.0
Choate, Perry 18.5
Raquipiso, Philip 18.0
Tjosaas, Kristin 13.0
Peck, Jeff 12.5
Reynolds, Mark 11.0
Schoorl, John 11.0
Davis, Nelson 10.0
Huhman, Dave 10.0
Minzlaff, Mark 10.0
Sheely, Jay 10.0
Kovar, Rocky 9.0
Pagano, Vincent 9.0
Jones, Scott 8.5
Rust, Jack 8.5
Gutierrez, Allan 8.0
Shuping, Rod 8.0
Briones, Sandro 7.5
Hobbs, Roxanne 7.5
Keidel, Mike 7.5  

Scenario 1) On a very windy afternoon, two U12 Boys teams are playing on Marie Kerr North.  As usual, the wind is major factor in the game.  The referee has just awarded a goal kick to the blue team.   The blue team defender correctly places the ball anywhere in his goal area and kicks it high over everyone's head to a teammate in an off-side position who runs onto the ball and kicks the ball into the red team's goal.  What does the referee signal and what is the restart?

Scenario 2) It is the second half at the same location and with similar conditions as Scenario 1, except the referee has just awarded a direct free kick to the red team because a blue team player fouled the goalkeeper in the red team goal area.   A red team defender correctly places the ball anywhere in his goal area and kicks it high over everyone's head to a teammate in an off-side position who runs onto the ball and kicks the ball into the blue team's goal.  What does the referee signal and what is the restart?

Scenario 3) It is still the second half and it just got windier.  The red team goal-keeper has the ball in his hands and attempts to punt it down the field.  It goes straight up in the air, never leaves the penalty area, hits the ground and back-spins into his own net.  What does the referee signal and what is the restart?

Answers to Test your knowledge of the Laws of the Game and Procedures
Scenario 1) There are no offside infractions when a player receives the ball directly from a teammate putting the ball into play on a corner kick, a throw-in or a goal kick.  Therefore the referee signals a Kick Off for the red team by pointing her outstretched arm(s) to the center circle indicating that the blue team has scored a goal.   A brief explanation to the red team coach (who should really take the referee class) may be warranted.
Scenario 2) On all free kicks, both direct and indirect, the off-side law is enforced.  In this case, the assistant referee raises his flag when the red team player runs onto the ball and the referee blows her whistle to stop play.  The referee should point to the spot where the offside infraction took place, point her arm to indicate the direction of the restart and then quickly reposition herself downfield for the restart.  Once in position, she raises her hand straight up in the air to indicate the free kick is indirect.  As an aside, right now the red team coach and his sideline are really upset because they just do not understand why the first goal counted for the blue team and this one for the red team didn't.  After all, both restarts looked identical!  Again, an explanation may be warranted, but a recommendation to the red team coach to take the referee class is probably not a very tactful move right now.

Scenario 3) The ball is already in play, as play is not stopped when the keeper legally controls the ball with their hands; therefore, there is NO requirement that the ball leave the penalty area before being in play.  The referee signals a Kick Off for the red team by pointing her outstretched arm(s) to the center circle indicating that the blue team has scored a goal.
If you have any questions about refereeing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Tim Haddad 
Quartz Hill Regional Referee Administrator 



Tournament News




Don't miss out!  The last tournament tryouts for U16 Girls is this Saturday, Oct. 20th and for U10-U14, both Boys and Girls, are this Sunday, Oct. 21st!  Tryout times are listed below.  Please arrive on time, check your player in at the QH AYSO tent, and have player ready to begin stretching/warm-up activities. Late registrants run the risk of not being able to participate.  Please be prompt! 


All players that will be trying out for a tournament team should wear a white shirt and must be in game ready soccer gear, i.e. cleats, shin guards, soccer shorts, no jewelry.  One parent or guardian must remain at the tryouts for the duration of the tryout. For more information about AYSO tournament soccer please visit region 638's tournament page by clicking here now. For even more information please contact the Tournament Director, Michael Linder, at qhaysotd@gmail.com.  







Sunday, October 21st
Girls: Lower Joe Walker, Field 3; Boys: Lower Joe Walker, Field 1

: 9:00am-12:00pm
U-12: 11:00am-2:00pm
U-14: 1:00pm-4:00 pm




U-16 Girls: Saturday, October 20th


Upper Joe Walker West


PARENTS: As a reminder, you must stay with your child during the entire tournament team tryouts! If a parent does not stay, the player will not be allowed to participate in the tryout session. 


EXTRA Program News


EXTRA, EXTRA Games this weekend! 
Our Quartz Hill U11 Girls Extra Team got a rematch with Saugus last Saturday and Saugus came to play. Match results was a 1-1 Tie. The Quartz Hill Girls will hold on to 1st place in their division, and this week get a rematch with Sherman Oaks at Marie Kerr (pool side) at 12:30.
This is the only Extra Home Match for Saturday, so stop by and support our Quartz Hill Team!
Our Quartz Hill U16 Boys Extra Team Traveled to Thousand Oaks last Saturday and got clobbered in a 2-6 loss. The Quartz Hill Boys hold onto 6th place in a 9 team division. Saturday the Quartz Hill Boys travel to Newbury Park. The Boys will also host Fillmore on Sunday at 1:00 over at Lancaster Center, field #24 on the East Side. This is a rematch with 1st place Fillmore.
Let's see if the Quartz Hill U16 Boys can finish their season strong, they wrap up their season next Saturday with Van Nuys at Upper Joe at 2:15pm.
Michael Fricke 


Home Game Schedule - U11 Girls

Oct. 20th, 12:30pm, against VNSO

Nov. 3rd, 12:30pm, against Valencia


Home Game Schedule - U16 Boys

Oct. 21st, 3:30pm, against Fillmore

Oct. 27th, 2:15pm, against VNSO



Game Results


October 6th

U11 Girls

Quartz Hill 1 - 1 Saugus


October 7th

U16 Boys

Quartz Hill 2 - 6 Thousand Oaks


U05 Jamboree News

Way to go, U05 Jamboree!  Awesome job! 


Important information to all U05 parents:

  • Field Set Up & Take Down All sessions starting at 8:00am require the help of parents to assist in field set up which consists of preparing fields for the day's activities and goal set up (please arrive about 7:15am to ensure the session begins on time.)  All games that begin at 9:30am require the help of parents to assist in taking down the fields which consists of taking down all goals, picking up all cones, and ensuring that all trash in area is picked up and disposed of properly.
  • Session Start Time Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of a session so that the sessions can begin on time.  
  • Trophy Ceremony:  There will be a Trophy Ceremony on November 13th at the Joe Walker Gymnasium.  Please check the shutterfly site for more details. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via Shutterfly, email, or by phone. I look forward to seeing you all at the fields!


Thank You,

Julie Woods

U05 Program Coordinator


(661) 609-7354



A message from VIP Soccer Stars: 


There was sure a lot of cheers and goals scored last Saturday and fun was had by all!!!  Thank you to Coach Steve Diaz and the U12 Girls team Pink Domination and to Coach Fleckenstein and his U12 boys team, Orange Crush. These teams come out and play double headers to play the VIP teams and we truly appreciate it.  We would not have a VIP team without their support!   








Volunteer/Board Member

of theWeek


Every week QH AYSO will honor one Volunteer and one Board Member (if one is nominated) who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Nominations may come from anyone - a coach, player, parent, board member, etc.  Forms are available from your coach or at the Snack Bar. The person chosen by the Board as Volunteer of the Week from all the nominees will receive their choice of a free an item from the Snack Bar; all nominees will be acknowledged for all their hard work and time!


Our Volunteer of the Week for October 13th is  

Josh Duncan!  


Josh Duncan & Family, Coach, Angry Birds, U6B:  We had field setup and when I arrived to field it was all set up and painted by Josh and his kids. Josh also brought
the goal bag to field for me.  Thank you so much !!!!!! Nominated by Coach Vericona Cook, Fire Breathing Dragons, U6B

In addition, Josh also hauls the Snack Bar trailer to the field and back to storage every weekend, helps with setting up and tearing down each weekend, and just does anything and everything that is asked of him and more!   




Our Board Member of the Week for October 13th is

Jack Rust!


Jack is not only our Regional Commissioner, but also the U5 Jamboree Coach, the Coach of a U19 Girls team, a referee, our Regional Coach Trainer and the Coach Trainer for Area 10D, the Asst. Tournament Director, and basically the glue that keeps our Region together.  He spends countless hours making sure that our Region is the best Region in the Antelope Valley and that all our our players have the best possible soccer experience!  Thanks Jack, for all that you do!  Nominated by the entire QH AYSO Regional Board! 




Other nominated Volunteers/Board Members for Oct. 13th: 


John Vento, Coach, Sparkling Butterflies, U6G: Thank you for field set up and time keeping.  Great game coach! Nominated by Coach Robert, U6G Smurfettes



Candy Cane Cuties Parents, U6G: Thank you to all the parents for field tear down. Nominated by Coach Michele

The Gorman Family, Blazing Butterflies, U6G: The Gorman family had a great attitude about helping with field tear down.

Carter Howell, Black Widows, U8B: Carter always steps up and helps with tear down when we have to do that.  You're appreciated beyond words.  Thanks so much.  Nominated by Phil and Carrie de la Tova

Andy Rosales, Asst. Coach, Firecrackers, U8G: Thank you for helping coach our girls.  He has done a great job.  Thank you for your time.  Nominated by Coach Raul Guzman

Symantha Rust, Asst. Coach, Bubblegum Beauties, U8G: Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and faithfulness!  Love ya!  Nominated by Alicia Rust.

Michael Fricke, Coach, Screamin' Limes, U10G: Thank you for always being awesome ! Nominated by Team Mom
Michael Fricke, Asst Coach, Silver & Black Tigers, U8B:  Thank you for being awesome and always being there !!!!! Nominated by Coach Long
Stephanie Allsion, Coaches Go-To-Person, Komodo Dragons, U10B:  Stephanie is the go to person for anything the Komodo Dragons need. Nominated by Roxanne Hobbs
Debbie Lourito, Everything, Komodo Dragons, U10B: Whenever our team needs something she fills in. Nominated by Roxanne Hobbs
Henry Flores, Snack Bar, Little Green Kickers, U6:  Henry is a great parent with his busy Firecracker Schedule he still took time to volunteer. Nominated by Team
Cody White, Ref, Full Throttle, U14B: First year referee and has helped my team with points. Doing an awesome job as a youth ref !!!! Nominated by Full Throttle Coach
Christian Rodriguez, Trainer, Firecrackers, U10G:  Thanks for helping me run practice and helping with the girls. Nominated by Coach
Dakota Duncan, Ref, Sharp Shooters, U14B:  Thank you for all your help in refereeing. Nominated By Coach Josh Duncan


 Snack Bar News


Don't miss out on all the yummy food and treats like hamburgers, hot dogs, pepper bellies, sno-cones (and much more) at our Region's Snack Bar tHamburgerHotDograiler - located at the East entrance to the Joe Walker fields!




This week's special:


3 for $5.00


Important Reminder Heading
 Kids Zone® Reminder


Unique Program Promotes Sideline Cheerleaders


In AYSO, fans are asked to be cheerleaders, not critics. Kids Zone® is a unique program that includes a parent pledge that moms and dads sign to commit to positive, encouraging behavior when they're watching the games. It also includes signs, buttons and other game-day reminders.

Soccer is a player's game. Players learn the game by trying new things, making mistakes and trying again. Sideline critics who scream instructions at players or criticize referees or coaches just slow down the learning process and make it less fun for everyone.

Negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports has become almost epidemic in the U.S. Kids Zone® is a proactive effort to counteract this trend.   



Oct. 21st/28th ~ U16/U19 Area Play-offs


Oct. 27th ~ All-Star Coach Apps Due


Oct. 30th ~ U16/U19 Awards Ceremony


Nov. 4th ~ VIP Festival @ Pelona Vista


Nov. 5th~ U10 Boys All Star Meeting


Nov. 6th ~ U10 Girls All Star Meeting


Nov. 7th ~ U12 All Star Meeting


Nov. 8th ~ U14 All Star Meeting


Nov. 10th ~ Last Day of Regular Season


Nov. 11th ~ Tie-Breaker Games, if necessary


Nov. 13th ~ Awards Ceremony for U5 Jamboree


Nov. 17th-18th ~ Regional Play-Offs


Nov. 26th ~ Awards Ceremony for U6


Nov. 27th ~ Award Ceremony for U8


Dec. 1st/2nd ~ Regional Play-Offs (Rain Date)


Dec. 4th ~ Award Ceremony for U10


Dec. 5th ~ Award Ceremony for U12 & VIP


Dec. 6th ~ Award Ceremony for U14


Dec. 7th ~ Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Dates are subject to change.

Check our website out on a regular basis for the most up-to-date information. 




Please help support our National team AND keep our fields clean!  Please deposit all soda cans and water bottles (only these two items) in the recycling boxes located at the Lane Park and Joe Walker fields.  PLEASE do not put trash or any other items in these boxes!   


Thanks so much for your help!!



No Smoking Sign


QH AYSO is a Kids Zone which, among other things, means we have a strict no smoking policy.  Please refrain from smoking at any field or area that is utilized by QH AYSO  - this includes the parameter of the parking lots where children may be walking by.  If a child can see you, you are in a location where you are not allowed to smoke.



Thank you for your cooperation!


Each week as the games come to an end, our fields and the surrounding areas are littered with TRASH!  We need to show respect for ourselves and our community and not leave our trash behind!   Before you leave to go home and enjoy the rest of your weekend, please make sure that our fields, the parking lot, and the roads where we park are clean!  If you are the last game of the day please make sure to pick up any trash still remaining and also return any AYSO trash cans to the snack bar area or pick up location for your field.

Together we can keep our fields and our community clean!

No Cleats

on the

To all Parents, Coaches, and Players:

Please do not run on the Joe Walker track while wearing cleats!  This can cause severe and costly damage to the track which QH AYSO will be responsible for repairing.


Thanks for your cooperation!

No Pets


As in previous years, Quartz Hill AYSO will continue this season to observe the No Pets Allowed policy.  Pets are not allowed at any practices or games at any field anytime, with the exception of service animals.  This rule is for the safety of our children, families, and pets.  Please make sure to let anyone know who is coming to support your player of our policy.  Anyone with a pet will be asked to leave the field and the game will be stopped until they have complied. 



If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Safety Director, Steve Deplazes, at 785-840-7256.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Lost and Found
Looking for a lost ball, gym bag, or even a set of keys?  Come by the Snack Bar at JW/LP and take a peek at our Lost and Found - your lost item might just be in there!  Any unclaimed items will be donated to a worthy charity at the end of the season!
Quartz Hill AYSO would like to thank our Sponsors for the 2012 Season!   The donations from our sponsors allow QH AYSO to provide soccer scholarships and help to keep our registration fees affordable so that everyone can play. It is clear that without the generous support of businesses and individuals, Quartz Hill AYSO Region 638 could not continue to offer our children such a well-rounded soccer program at such an affordable price.  We thank our wonderful sponsors for their support and ask our players and their families to support these sponsors whenever possible in return! 


Allstate - Currado Insurance Agency
B&L Fire Protection Inc
Blazing New Trails
Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford
Career Care Institute
Cinemark IMAX
Dr. Les Kurian DDS
Dr. Raffy Sustento DDS
Dr. Tim Buckley DDS
Emard Chiropractic
For The Day - Children's Party and Activity Center
Gary Little Construction
Harris Motors
Joshua Medical Group
Katrina Stello Real Estate
Keith's Plumbing
Kuzyk Law
Minute Serve Dairy
Monster Fitness
Nueva Vision Trucking
Palmdale Regional Orthopedic Specialists
Quartz Hill Mini Storage
Rich Meier's Landscaping
Rocco's Honda & Acura
S&G Custom Electrical
Safesplash Swim School
 Scramblez Cafe
Shanks Construction
Snow Orthodontics
Southwest Custom Painting
State Farm - Sam Maston
Temperatures Unlimited, Inc
The Barber Shop III
The Hart Room
The Infinity Group Inc
The Levesque Family
Theurer Orthodontics
Trauma Solutions
Tustin Nissan
Valencia Acura
Valleywide Dental - Dr. Robert Haze
Van Dam Farms
West Point Physical Therapy Center
Silver League Sponsor
McDonald's Restaurants - Marroquin Org
The 2012 Sponsor Directory will be distributed on October 20th - make sure to get your copy.  The Directory will also be available on our website, www.qhayso.org.    



Game Results Title



Game Results 2012-10-13 Boys 



Game Results 2012-10-13 Girls  



Players of the Game Title



Player of the Game 2012-10-13 Boys 



 Player of the Game 2012-10-13 Girls



Standings Heading



Those teams below highlighted in yellow have met the minimum requirement of seven (7) Referee Points to be eligible to proceed to play-offs; those teams highlighted in green have reached the maximum of ten (10) Referee Points allowed for the season!  

Standings 2012-10-13 Boys 

Standings 2012-10-13 Girls 


Upper Division Standings as of 2012-10-16   

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