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Everyone needs to follow our Zero Tolerance Policy. Please read it and follow it.


Be aware of the no pet policy. The game may be stopped until the pet is removed from the area (see the end of this and every newsletter).    


Make sure that every player wins  by your support. Winning a game is nice. Winning at life is the real goal.   


What am I expected to do as an AYSO parent?  


Support Your Child
Take your child to practices and games with the proper equipment. Support your child by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his or her team. Help your child learn soccer skills and good sportsmanship. Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory.   


Always Be Positive
You are not on the team, but you have strong influence on the team's environment. Applaud good plays by your child's team and by the opposing team. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth sporting activities.   


Be Enthusiastic And Supportive
Let children set their own goals and play the game for themselves. Don't put too heavy a burden on your child to win games.   


Reinforce Positive Behavior
The best way to help a child to achieve goals and reduce the natural fear of failure is through positive reinforcement. No one likes to make a mistake. If your child does make one, remember that he or she is still learning. Encourage your child's efforts and point out the good things your child accomplished.   


Let Coaches Coach And Referees Ref
Coaches and referees are usually parents. They volunteer their time to help make your child's youth soccer experience a positive one. They need your support, too. What coaches and referees don't need is your help in coaching from the sidelines. So please refrain from coaching during games and practices. Referees are important for fun, fair and safe games. Treat them and their calls fairly and respectfully.


Players play!!!   Run around - Have fun - Make their own decisions!


Coaches coach!!!  Set the line up - Motivate the players - Let them play the game.


Parents cheer!!! For all the players on both teams. "Way to go" Great Play" Nice Shot" "What a pass" 




Jack Rust  

Regional Commissioner  

Quartz Hill Region 638


Ayso logo 


Providing world class youth soccer programs

that enrich children's lives!!!!  


News Flash 2 
Ways and Means Help WantedDirector 
After many years of dedicated service to Quartz Hill AYSO, Lisa Emard will be stepping down at the end of this year as our Ways and Means Director so we need a replacement!!!  The Ways and Means Director is responsible for fundraising type activities, such as the Snack Bar and our Region Fundraiser.

If you are interested in this position, please come to Snack Bar and talk to Lisa Emard.  We would like to start training for this position before the end of the season to make the transition as smooth as possible!
Region 638 Zero Tolerance Policy 


In the past years, Region 638 has witnessed incidents where coaches &/or spectators questioned the calls of referees requiring referees to stop matches to deal with the situation. There have also unfortunately been incidents once a game has ended when coaches &/or spectators confront referees or other volunteers over decisions made during the game. These incidents prompt me to remind everyone that Region 638 has a long standing, zero tolerance policy prohibiting such behavior.


Our zero tolerance policy applies to all Referees and AYSO volunteers and will be enforced as


1. If a coach or spectator questions the call of a referee, the referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and invite the coach onto the field for a conversation.

2. During this conversation the coach may be told 3 things:

a. The purpose of the conversation is not to debate a call but to inform the coach that the behavior of the coach/spectator is unacceptable.

b. The coach has 2 choices. He/she can go back to their coaching area and coach per AYSO philosophies or the coach/spectator can leave the playing facility.

c. The coach/spectator will be sent off if the referee has to speak to them again during the match.

3. If the referee is a youth referee, the youth referee may stop the match, retrieve the game ball, and find a board member to deal with the situation as described above.
4. Any coach/spectator who is heard verbally abusing a referee will automatically be sent off by the referee (if an adult) or a board member (in the case of a youth referee). Verbal abuse includes foul and abusive language and comments with racial or sexual overtones.

5. If the unacceptable behavior of the coach/spectator occurs after the game has ended it will still be reported by the referee and will be considered as a send off.

6. Referees will report any occurrences where a coach/spectator is sent off and there will be an investigation to determine the subsequent penalty. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games.

7. The Region also reserves the right to investigate instances when abuse of a referee or volunteer is not reported by the referee or volunteer but is subsequently brought to our attention. The penalties are at the discretion of the Region and may include suspension from future games.
 Action Photos
by Best Photo Network


As a fund-raiser for our Region, Best Photo Network is out at our soccer games, taking incredible action shots of our players. Photos are available for viewing and purchase most weekends at George Lane Park or Joe Walker - just look for the Best Photo Network tent.

Best Photo Network (Action Photos)
23503 West Avenue D
Lancaster, CA
Harry Rosenbluth
Phone : 661-724-9192
Email: BestPhotoNetwork@gmail.com

Coach Corner 
 Spining Ball

Hello Coaches,


This week I would like to touch on the subject of the conduct by our coaches and spectators on the sidelines.  Each week as myself and fellow board members make our way around the various fields we are hearing an alarming amount of yelling from the sidelines and not always in the positive.  Enthusiastic coaches and spectators are great, we don't want that to stop, but the enthusiasm needs to be in the right tone for the game.  I constantly hear coaches and parents yelling out "SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOOOOT!!!" and "PASS, PASS, PAAAAASS!".  This is neither instructive nor helpful to the players on the field.  Trust me they know they need to shoot and pass, and they try, but they can't process the inputs on the field as quickly as we can as adults.  Add in the entire sideline yelling at them to make a pass or take a shot and an already nervous player is bound to fail.  We as coaches need to set the example on game day for your spectators.  We train our players during the week, and game day should be for them to play without any additional pressure from the sideline.  Are they going to make mistakes during the match, yes but this is how they learn.   Are they not always going to perform the way you trained them, yes but this is why coaches are there, to make corrections and give them positive instruction during the game.  I know from personnel experience this is hard to do.  I use to be the coach who would pace up and down the sideline telling my players exactly what to do during the game, I was a positive coach, but I was a dictator telling them when to shoot and pass, not letting them be creative and make the mistakes that make them a better player and team.  The past few seasons I've worked very hard to change that approach.  If you watch me with any of my teams this season, you'll see me sitting in my chair at the half line observing the game.  I do still get up out of my chair during the match, but only to make corrections and give instruction to my team:  "Watch #7 she's been cheating up all day", "Drop down into the open space for me", "Nice try on the pass, next time get you head up you had time".  Do we lose games because of mistakes made on the field, yes some times. Do we lose games because of mistakes I make as a coach, yes some times.  Did we learn and become a better team because of these mistakes, yes definitely.
What I'm asking of you coaches is you take a few minutes before the game and let your parents and spectators know what you expect from them on the sidelines.  Please inform them that they shouldn't be yelling out instructions to the players.  Remind the parents they need to speak in the past tense:  "Nice shot", "Nice Pass", "Good Hustle", etc.  Also remind your parents that they signed the Kids Zone Parent Pledge at the beginning of the season, and Item #5 specifically states "I will not yell out instructions during the game"
U10/U12/U14 Coaches
Coaches in U10 through U14 please make sure to get your all-star nomination forms turned in this Saturday October 13th.  This is crucial so that I can get the full player nomination list out to all the coaches in the respective divisions before the all-star meetings in early November.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.


U06/U08 Soccer Drill of the Week


Circle Keep-Away Passing Game   


Circle Keep-Away

  • With cones, mark off a circle. Have each of the players position themselves just inside the circle, with 2 designated players in the middle holding a yellow penny (alternate colored jersey) in their hands


  1. The two players in the middle will act as defenders while the rest of the players around the circle will play keep away from these defenders.
  2. Start with the first pass being free, then as the defenders win the ball, they switch places with the player that lost the ball to the defender. In this case, the current defender would just drop their yellow penny and join the attackers. The new defender will grab the yellow penny and hold it in their hand.
  3. If the pass goes outside of the circle, the player that made the bad pass, or the player that did not properly trap the ball will take the place of the defender that has been in the middle the longest.
  4. If the attacking players are able to put together 10 passes make the defenders do a quick lap around the circle (Lap of shame as we call it) or some other form of quick and fun punishment.
  5. The attacking players can move about the circle.


  • Change the size of the circle to fit your players age and skill level. Make the grid smaller to make the game harder for the attackers to keep possession, or make the grid larger to make the game a bit easier for the passers.
  • Make the circle smaller for tighter and quicker passing.
  • Limit the number of touches.  

Coaching Points

  • Clean, crisp passes.
  • Good first touch into space or towards the next pass.
  • Good communication.
  • Have fun.

U10/U12/U14 Drill of the Week

Split the Defenders Passing Game Split the Defenders



  • Make a grid approximately 18x18 yards. Split team into three teams of two players per grid. Build multiple grids for additional games.



Two teams work together on the outside of the grid while the 2 defenders work on the inside of the grid. The four players on the outside keep possession and keep the ball from the defending team in the grid. The outside team scores a point when the ball is passed between two defenders (SPLIT) and is received by their teammate across the grid.

If a player on the attacking team makes a mistake, he and his partner become the defenders and the team winning the ball comes outside the cones and joins the other attackers.

When the defensive team gets split, they have to win the ball 1 extra time. So for example, say the 2 defenders get split 2 times before winning the ball, they must win the ball 3 times before switching with the attackers.


  • Limit the number of touches per possession
  • Play the same game, but expand the grid 3-5 yards on all sides and have the players play inside the grid instead of outside the grid.  

Coaching Points

  • Make sure the attacking players are moving for their partners and opening up in space.
  • Make sure balls are passed with good pace and on target
  • Encourage players to communicate verbally and with their body and hands.



If you have a parent volunteer who would like to be certified as an assistant coach they need to contact the Regional Coach Admin, Scott Jones at sscejones@hotmail.com or (661)722-4003. Only certified coaches, having a current 2012 volunteer form on file, age appropriate training, and Safe Haven certification can be listed on the roster. An assistant coach must be on the roster for ˝ the season to be approved for play outside our region. Therefore it is very important for U10/U12/U14 teams who may go to the area playoffs and beyond to get their assistant coaches certified early.
 Referee Corner  

Crazy RefereeLast week we had over 94 % of our referee spots filled with trained referees!  Still hoping for a 100 %. Congratulations to the referees for the following teams who have achieved the maximum of 10 referee points in just 5 weeks:     


U14B-04, Coach Duncan, Sharp Shooters
U10G-14, Coach Schneider, Purple Flames
U10B-06, Coach Johnston, Green Swamp Monsters
U12B-02, Coach Vogel, The Green Hornets
U12G-06, Coach Foster, Shooting Stars
U12B-01, Coach Howell, Fusion


Top Youth U8 Referee Contest

This year we are having a contest to see which Youth referees can do the most U8 games.  Prizes will be awarded at our annual volunteer appreciation night. After five weeks, 47% of our U8 games have been refereed with youth volunteers!  Please be respectful to these youth referees stepping into leadership roles.


Brendan 11
Christiaan 8
Jose 8
Kristin 5
Makenna 4
Avalon 4
Dakota 3
Cheyenne 2
Megan 1

Kandace 1


Top 25 QH AYSO Referees

These referees are our addicts, many of whom also ref our upper division U16 and U19 games on Sundays.  Most of these referees are just doing this because they enjoy the challenge of reffing a youth soccer game.  A bunch of us are on the "lets ref a ton of games and see how much weight we can lose" program.  Those weight loss numbers for a few of us are provided in brackets.



Williams, Walter 41.0 (10 lbs)

 Aguilar, Melanie 29.5

 Mendiola, Adam 26.5

 Mendiola, Matt 24.0

 Schneider, Stefan 21.0 (12 lbs)

 Haddad, Tim 18.5 (8 lbs - not a good thing!)

 Choate, Perry 15.0

 Raquipiso, Philip 14.5

 Peck, Jeff 11.0

 Reynolds, Mark 11.0

 Huhman, Dave 10.0

 Pagano, Vincent 9.0

 Schoorl, John 9.0

 Jones, Scott 8.5

 Minzlaff, Mark 8.5

 Sheely, Jay 8.5 (40 lbs)

 Tjosaas, Kristin 8.5

 Davis, Nelson 8.0

 Shuping, Rod 8.0

 Rivas, Jolman 7.5

 Johnston, David 7.0

 Keidel, Mike 7.0

 Rust, Jack 7.0 (38 lbs) 

 Knowles, Clayton 6.5

 Pagano, Sarah 6.5 




It is a nice sunny morning at Upper Joe Walker with two U14 Girls teams playing.  A red team defender decides to maintain possession of the ball by passing it back to her keeper...

Scenario 1) The red team keeper receives the ball outside the penalty area, dribbles back into her penalty area, fakes like she is going to pick up the ball, before kicking the ball to a teammate.  What does the referee do?

Scenario 2) The red team keeper receives the ball outside the penalty area and dribbles back toward her penalty area as a blue team player (who has seen this play before) aggressively goes after the ball.  The keeper panics and picks up the ball with her hands.  What does the referee do?

Scenario 3) The red team keeper receives the ball at her feet inside her penalty area as an attacking player (who has seen this play too many times) aggressively goes after the ball.  The keeper panics and controls the ball with her hands just as the attacker makes contact with the ball.  What does the referee do?

Scenario 4) On the attempted deliberate pass-back to the keeper, the ball deflects off a blue team attacker going after the ball; the red team keeper runs over to the ball, controls it with her feet, dribbles into her penalty area and picks it up with her hands.  What does the referee do?


Answers to Test Your Knowledge of the Laws of the Game.

Scenario 1) The referee should do nothing, and allow play to continue.  If the referee should accidently blow her whistle and then realize her mistake, the correct restart would be a dropped ball.  In the spirit of fairness, she should drop the ball to where the keeper could easily control the ball with her hands.

Scenario 2) The referee should blow his whistle to stop play.  If the keeper first handled the ball outside the penalty area the correct restart is a direct free kick for the blue team from the point where the keeper touches the ball.  If the referee believes that this was a deliberate pass-back to the keeper and the keeper first handled the ball inside the penalty area the correct restart is an indirect free kick for the blue team at the point where she first touched the ball.  If the ball was first touched inside the goal area, then the ball placement would be on the top of the goal area closest to that point; in this case the red-team defenders can "make a wall" 6 yards from the ball on their goal line.

Scenario 3) As long as no one is hurt, the referee should do nothing, and allow play to continue.  On an attempted deliberate pass-back, once the ball touches an opponent, the Keeper has the right to use her hands.

Scenario 4) The referee should do nothing, and allow play to continue.  On an attempted deliberate pass-back, once an opponent plays the ball, the Keeper has the right to use her hands and there is no infraction for the keeper dribbling into her penalty area so she can use her hands.

If you have any questions about refereeing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Tim Haddad 
Quartz Hill Regional Referee Administrator 




Tournament News






PLAYERS: Tryout dates and times are listed below. Please make sure to check our website at www.qhayso.org before each date for possible cancellations or rescheduling of tryouts


All players that will be trying out for a tournament team should wear a white shirt and must be in game ready soccer gear, i.e. cleats, shinguards, soccer shorts, no jewelry. Each player must bring their completed Tournament Team Player Application to a minimum of one of the dates listed below for their division. Registration for all Try-Outs will begin ONE HOUR prior to the start times listed below. Late registrants run the risk of not being able to participate. Please be prompt!




Sunday, October 14th, and 21st
Girls: Lower Joe Walker, Field 3; Boys: Lower Joe Walker, Field 1
U-10: Registration 9:00am-10:00am; Tryouts 10:00am-12:00pm
U-12: Registration 11:00am-12:00pm; Tryouts 12:00-2:00pm
U-14: Registration 1:00pm-2:00pm; Tryouts 2:00-4:00 pm




U-16 Girls: Saturday, October 13th and Saturday, October 20th

5:00pm to 7:00pm

Upper Joe Walker West




U19 Boys: To Be Announced

U19 Girls: Wednesday, October 17th
6:30pm to 8:30pm 
Upper Joe Walker West  


PARENTS: As a reminder, you must stay with your child during the entire tournament team tryouts! If a parent does not stay, the player will not be allowed to participate in the tryout session.
EXTRA Program News







Our Quartz Hill Girls U11 Extra Team has reached mid season in Top form with a 5-0 record after defeating Balboa 2-1 on Saturday in an exciting match. The Quartz Hill girls have 21 goals for and 7 goals against at the mid way point. Only Camarillo in the Western Division has an equal record at 5-0.Keep it up Quartz Hill Girls and Good Luck with the second half of your season!!! The Quartz Hill Girls U11 Extra Team takes on Saugus at Marie Kerr East (pool side) Saturday at 12:30. Quartz Hill won 3-0 last time these teams met in Saugus. This is the only Extra Team Home Game this weekend, so come on out and Cheer them on!!


Our Quartz Hill Boys U16 Extra Team had two matches this weekend, both at home on Upper Joe Walker. Saturday if you followed the schedule; you watched an exciting Girls U11 Extra match at Marie Kerr with a win over Balboa, then you got over to Upper Joe to hit the Quartz Hill snack bar for that hot dog and cold beverage. You grabbed a seat to watch the Boys U16 Extra Team take on Santa Barbara. At the half way mark in the match our Quartz Hill Boys were down 1-5 and that hot dog was not settling very well in your stomach (or maybe it was the hotdog in my stomach). The Quartz Hill Boys individually challenged themselves at half time to finish the game strong. They went on to a GREAT comeback and Tied the match 5-5, just missing a couple opportunities to score and win the match. This was the first Tie for Santa Barbara and Quartz Hill knocked them out of first place. Turns out that hotdog tasted great!

On Sunday the Quartz Hill Boys U16 Team got the rematch with Bakersfield they have been waiting for. I would like to THANK the Quartz Hill Region for representing at this game, we had the biggest turn out of fans on our sideline that we have seen all season. Our Quartz Hill Boys did not disappoint either, they played some GREAT soccer and completely dismantled the Bakersfield Team with a 7-1 Victory. Quartz Hill lost 1-3, to this same team in Bakersfield back on Sept. 15th. So this one was Extra sweet! Let's see if the Quartz Hill Boys U16 Extra Team can carry this mid season momentum to Thousand Oaks on Saturday for another Quartz Hill Victory!


Home Game Schedule - U11 Girls

Oct. 13th, 12:30pm, against Saugus

Oct. 20th, 12:30pm, against VNSO

Nov. 3rd, 12:30pm, against Valencia


Home Game Schedule - U16 Boys

Oct. 21st, 3:30pm, against Fillmore

Oct. 27th, 2:15pm, against VNSO



Game Results


October 6th

U11 Girls

Quartz Hill 2 - 1 Balboa


October 7th 

U16 Boys

Quartz Hill 7 - 1 Bakersfield

U05 Jamboree News

Way to go, U05 Jamboree!  Another awesome week!  We are officially half way through the season and boy have the children grown and learned so much!  Keep up the good work!!! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via Shutterfly, email, or by phone. I look forward to seeing you all at the fields!


Thank You,

Julie Woods

U05 Program Coordinator


(661) 609-7354



A message from VIP Soccer Stars: 


We are half way through the season and the Super Stars have really improved. Thank you to U14 Girls Nightmare and their coach, Mike Keidel, and the U12 Girls The Phantoms and their coach, Tracey Hill, for playing the VIP teams on Saturday.


Also, a big thank you to the buddies that come out and help on the field at games and practices. You are what makes the VIP program work!







Volunteer/Board Member

of theWeek


Every week QH AYSO will honor one Volunteer and one Board Member (if one is nominated) who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Nominations may come from anyone - a coach, player, parent, board member, etc.  Forms are available from your coach or at the Snack Bar. The person chosen by the Board as Volunteer of the Week from all the nominees will receive their choice of a free item from the Snack Bar; all nominees will be acknowledged for all their hard work and time!


Our Volunteers of the Week for October 6th are 

Javier Gonzalez and Rod Hawkins!



Javier Gonzalez and Rod Hawkins, Asst. Coaches, Striking Tigers, U12G: Special thanks to Javier and Rod for your assistance each week in training/coaching the team.  Your support, and the support of all the wonderful Striking Tiger parents is making for a great season. Nominated by Coach Ken Gousman


Our Board Members of the Week for October 6th is

Scott Jones!


Scott Jones is our Coach Administrator and if he stopped there that would be more than enough volunteer hours to keep the average person busy...but Scott is so much more than average!  In addition to his Coach Administrator duties he is also the practice scheduler, a referee, the coach of two teams, and the assistant for another!  Add in the fact that Scott is the first one out on the fields both Saturday and Sunday, setting up and preparing the fields for the day, and one of the last ones there cleaning up and tearing down, Scott is just irreplaceable!  If you see him on Saturday - please make sure to say thank you...as there just aren't enough thank you's for all that Scott does week in and week out for QH AYSO!

Nominated by Jill Gousman!   



Other nominated Volunteers/Board Members for Oct. 6th:  


Benito Romero, Coach Helper, Cool Clovers, U12G:  Benito has twice ran practice for the team when the head coach could not be there.
Roxanne Hobbs, Helper, Electric Bees, U8G: Roxanne is my assistant coach and coaches another U10 team.  She also is a referee.  Great to have you volunteering. Thank you.  Nominated by Coach Addington
Black Widow Parents, U8B:  All our parents and family members are all awesome and encouraging to the Black Widow players!  Nominated by Phil and Carrie de la Tova
Phil de la Tova, Coach, Black Widows, U8B: Thans Coach Phil for your love and guidance for our team.  Keep up the good work!  I love you, Babe.  Nominated by Your Wife, Carrie de la Tova
Anaya Respeto, Practice Coordiantor, Supersonics, U6B:  Anaya helps at every practice, with setup, teardown, and demonstrating drills.  She is motivating to the players and cheers them on.  She ensures everyone participates when the coach is occupied - a valuable member to the Supersonics and AYSO.
Gerald Lockwood, Referee:  Thanks Gerald for reffing games for our team!  Nominated by Coach Luis Garcia
Candy Cane Cuties Dads, U6G: Thank you for helping us set up the fields.  You guys are awesome.  Nominated by Coach Kewley
Mike Stanbro, Mark Kane and Michelle Loprino Team Helpers,  For 2 weeks in a row  all 3 of these parents have shown up to the field before 7am to help set up field with no complains. Thank you Mike, Mark and MichelleNominated By Coach Keidel
Mr. O' Brien California Poppies Team Helper,  He volunteered to set up field and paint .
Nominated by Angel


  Snack Bar News


Don't miss out on all the yummy food and treats like hamburgers, hot dogs, pepper bellies, sno-cones (and much more) at our Region's Snack Bar tHamburgerHotDograiler - located at the East entrance to the

Joe Walker fields!




 Carne Asada Tacos

3 for $5 


 Yelling Taco

Important Reminder Heading
 Kids Zone® Reminder


Unique Program Promotes Sideline Cheerleaders


In AYSO, fans are asked to be cheerleaders, not critics. Kids Zone® is a unique program that includes a parent pledge that moms and dads sign to commit to positive, encouraging behavior when they're watching the games. It also includes signs, buttons and other game-day reminders.

Soccer is a player's game. Players learn the game by trying new things, making mistakes and trying again. Sideline critics who scream instructions at players or criticize referees or coaches just slow down the learning process and make it less fun for everyone.

Negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports has become almost epidemic in the U.S. Kids Zone® is a proactive effort to counteract this trend.   



Oct. 13th ~ All-Star Nominations Due


Oct. 21st/28th ~ U16/U19 Area Play-offs


Oct. 27th ~ All-Star Coach Apps Due


Oct. 30th ~ U16/U19 Awards Ceremony


Nov. 4th ~ VIP Festival @ Pelona Vista 


Nov. 5th~ U10 Boys All Star Meeting


Nov. 6th ~ U10 Girls All Star Meeting


Nov. 7th ~ U12 All Star Meeting


Nov. 8th ~ U14 All Star Meeting


Nov. 10th ~ Last Day of Regular Season


Nov. 11th ~ Tie-Breaker Games, if necessary


Nov. 13th ~ Awards Ceremony for U5 Jamboree


Nov. 17th-18th ~ Regional Play-Offs


Nov. 26th ~ Awards Ceremony for U6


Nov. 27th ~ Award Ceremony for U8


Dec. 1st/2nd ~ Regional Play-Offs (Rain Date)


Dec. 4th ~ Award Ceremony for U10


Dec. 5th ~ Award Ceremony for U12 & VIP


Dec. 6th ~ Award Ceremony for U14


Dec. 7th ~ Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Dates are subject to change.

Check our website out on a regular basis for the most up-to-date information. 




Please help support our Region AND keep our fields clean!  Please deposit all soda cans and water bottles (only these two items) in the recycling boxes located at the Lane Park and Joe Walker fields.  PLEASE do not put trash or any other items in these boxes!   


Thanks so much for your help!!



No Smoking Sign


QH AYSO is a Kids Zone which, among other things, means we have a strict no smoking policy.  Please refrain from smoking at any field or area that is utilized by QH AYSO  - this includes the parameter of the parking lots where children may be walking by.  If a child can see you, you are in a location where you are not allowed to smoke.



Thank you for your cooperation!


Each week as the games come to an end, our fields and the surrounding areas are littered with TRASH!  We need to show respect for ourselves and our community and not leave our trash behind!   Before you leave to go home and enjoy the rest of your weekend, please make sure that our fields, the parking lot, and the roads where we park are clean!  If you are the last game of the day please make sure to pick up any trash still remaining and also return any AYSO trash cans to the snack bar area or pick up location for your field.

Together we can keep our fields and our community clean!

No Cleats

on the

To all Parents, Coaches, and Players:

Please do not run on the Joe Walker track while wearing cleats!  This can cause severe and costly damage to the track which QH AYSO will be responsible for repairing.


Thanks for your cooperation!

No Pets


As in previous years, Quartz Hill AYSO will continue this season to observe the No Pets Allowed policy.  Pets are not allowed at any practices or games at any field anytime, with the exception of service animals.  This rule is for the safety of our children, families, and pets.  Please make sure to let anyone know who is coming to support your player of our policy.  Anyone with a pet will be asked to leave the field and the game will be stopped until they have complied. 



If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Safety Director, Steve Deplazes, at 785-840-7256.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Lost and Found
Looking for a lost ball, gym bag, or even a set of keys?  Come by the Snack Bar at JW/LP and take a peek at our Lost and Found - your lost item might just be in there!  Any unclaimed items will be donated to a worthy charity at the end of the season!
Concussion AwarenessTraining now available at
Quartz Hill AYSO would like to thank our Sponsors for the 2012 Season!   The donations from our sponsors allow QH AYSO to provide soccer scholarships and help to keep our registration fees affordable so that everyone can play. It is clear that without the generous support of businesses and individuals, Quartz Hill AYSO Region 638 could not continue to offer our children such a well-rounded soccer program at such an affordable price.  We thank our wonderful sponsors for their support and ask our players and their families to support these sponsors whenever possible in return! 


Allstate - Currado Insurance Agency
B&L Fire Protection Inc
Blazing New Trails
Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford
Career Care Institute
Cinemark IMAX
Dr. Les Kurian DDS
Dr. Raffy Sustento DDS
Dr. Tim Buckley DDS
Emard Chiropractic
For The Day - Children's Party and Activity Center
Gary Little Construction
Harris Motors
Joshua Medical Group
Katrina Stello Real Estate
Keith's Plumbing
Kuzyk Law
Minute Serve Dairy
Monster Fitness
Nueva Vision Trucking
Palmdale Regional Orthopedic Specialists
Quartz Hill Mini Storage
Rich Meier's Landscaping
Rocco's Honda & Acura 
S&G Custom Electrical
Safesplash Swim School
 Scramblez Cafe 
Shanks Construction
Snow Orthodontics
Southwest Custom Painting
State Farm - Sam Maston
Temperatures Unlimited, Inc
The Barber Shop III
The Hart Room
The Infinity Group Inc
The Levesque Family
Theurer Orthodontics
Trauma Solutions
Tustin Nissan
Valencia Acura
Valleywide Dental - Dr. Robert Haze
Van Dam Farms
West Point Physical Therapy Center
Silver League Sponsor
McDonald's Restaurants - Marroquin Org


The 2012 Sponsor Directory will be given to the Coaches for distribution in late October - make sure to get your copy!  The Directory will also be available on our website, www.qhayso.org


Game Results Title



Game Results 2012-10-06 Boys 



Game Results 2012-10-06 Girls 



Players of the Game Title



Player of the Game 2012-10-06 Boys 



 Player of the Game 2012-10-06 Girls



Standings Heading



Those teams below highlighted in yellow have met the minimum requirement of seven (7) Referee Points to be eligible to proceed to play-offs; those teams highlighted in green have reached the maximum of ten (10) Referee Points allowed for the season!  

Standings 2012-10-06 Boys

Standings 2012-10-06 Girls


Upper Division Standings as of 2012-10-09   

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