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Volume VIII, No. I
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Early Spring 2015 &
Winter 2015 Review
March 24, 2015
7th Annual Boxcar Derby and BBQ to be Held on Saturday, March 28

Alums Encouraged to Support Chapter's Top Annual Philanthropy Event that Helps the Fight Against ALS

The Alumni Association urges alums to support the active chapter's 7th Annual Boxcar Derby which will be held on Saturday, March 28, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., near the intersection of South University and Linden Street (about 1 1/2 blocks from the chapter house). Local alums with children may wish to consider having them participate in the race.

The Alumni Association is partnering with the active chapter to host a BBQ fundraiser which will be held in conjunction with the Boxcar Derby from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. near the finish line.  Both the Boxcar Derby and the BBQ are open to the general public.

After the event, the Alumni Association, active chapter and Metro Detroit PDT Club are planning to hold a Founders Day ceremony in the chapter house which is open to alums and their guests.

Since its inception in 2009, the Boxcar Derby has been co-hosted with Ann Arbor Active Against ALS. Over the years, the Derby has raised awareness about ALS -- also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease -- and thousands of dollars that help to fund research intended to mitigate, if not eventually cure, this terrible disease.

ALS afflicts more than 30,000 people in the U.S. of which about 1,000 live in Michigan.  Each year, more than 500 new cases are diagnosed in Michigan while over 5,000 additional people are stricken across America.  Sadly, most people with ALS only live about 2 to 5 years after experiencing their first signs of disease. 

Fighting ALS is  Phi Delta Theta's (PDT) top philanthropic priority for the fraternity's General Headquarters and most local chapters across the nation.  The Alumni Association is proud to join with our active chapter to make the Boxcar Derby one of the best philanthropy events for ALS run by any PDT chapter in the country.  

If you cannot attend the Boxcar Derby, please consider making an online donation through the web service utilized by the active chapter (www.wedid.it/campaigns/1887-boxcar-derby).  All proceeds will be provided to Ann Arbor Active Against ALS.

Michigan Alpha Alumni Association Sword & Shield Newsletter 2014 Review

150th Anniversary Celebration and Chapter Accomplishments Highlighted

View the 85th Volume of Sword & Shield newsletter online at https://www.scribd.com/doc/259721067/PDT-MA-Sword-Shield-Newsletter-2014-Review-FINAL.


Even though alums are better connected than ever before through the use of e-mail and social media, the Alumni Association still plans to publish a written Sword & Shield newsletter that features chapter reports, alumni updates, pictures, memories and feedback from alums.  


Established in 1930, the printed newsletter is the primary historical record for the chapter.  But, we need your input and submissions to keep this publication as informative and relevant as possible!

The Alumni Association is also interested in getting assistance from younger alums to help us to improve our electronic communications, social media pages and web site. 


If you updates or submissions of any type for the our communication platforms, or want to get involved with the Alumni Association's efforts to keep alums well informed and connected, please contact us at pdtumich@gmail.com


Michigan Alpha's Winterfest Team Scores Big on Fundraising for Autism

Michigan Alpha competed well in the U of M Greek System's Winterfest to raise money and awareness for the Autism Alliance of Michigan.  Winterfest is a broomball tournament played on an ice rink which makes the game similar to hockey.  The chapter raised more than $3,000 that contributed to Michigan Greek Life's combined fundraising of $35,000 that was donated to the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

Heritage Project Update

Old Photos, Sword & Shield Newsletters and Memorabilia of Michigan Alpha Sought by Alumni Association

50 YEARS FLASHBACK...1965 Active Chapter Membership

Donated by Pat Hayden '66

60+ YEARS FLASHBACK...Chapter House During the Early 1950s

Donated by Henry Heil, Jr. '53.

Chapter House in the Winter of 1955

Donated by Charlie Green '58.

69 YEARS FLASHBACK...1946 Michigan Alpha Membership Paddle

During the 2014 Homecoming Open House, Dr. Loyal Jodar '49 donated his paddle signed by the membership of Michigan Alpha in 1946.  His paddle is now on display with other memorabilia in the Trophy Room of the chapter house.

If you have old pictures of the chapter house or active members back in the day, please share copies of them with the Alumni Association. We are planning to publish an all-time membership directory in conjunction with the 150th anniversary that will include a photo history of Michigan Alpha. 

In 2008, the Alumni Association started the Heritage Project to collect historic photos, old Sword & Shield newsletters, memorabilia and written memories that help to tell the story of Michigan Alpha's rich history on campus.

The Alumni Association wishes to thank Dr. Loyal Jodar '49, Henry Heil, Jr. '53, John Jenks '53, Thomas Mericle '54, Charlie Green '58, Dave Hood '63, Mike Harmon '63, Dr. Anthony Petrilli '63 and Pat Hayden '66 for their donations to the Heritage Project during the past year.

If you wish to contribute items to this effort, please contact the Alumni Association at pdtumich@gmail.com.

Metro Detroit PDT Alumni Club Formed  

Local Michigan Alpha Alums Encouraged to Join

The Metro Detroit PDT Alumni Club was founded in 2014 to periodically invite all Phi Delt alums living in Southeastern Michigan to get together for social, networking and philanthropic activities.

In December, more than 30 alums from over six chapters attended the "Winter Social" held at the Atwater Brewery in Grosse Pointe Park which is owned by a PDT alum from Michigan State University.  As a philanthropic effort held in spirit of Founders Day, the Club has invited Phis to attend Michigan Alpha's Boxcar Derby and BBQ on Saturday, March 28, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., which will be followed by a Founders Day ceremony in the chapter house (open to alums and their guests).

The Club posts events and announcements on its Facebook page that all Phi alums are encouraged to join

For more information about the Club, please contact President Gary Scypta, Ohio Mu '77 (Ashland University) by e-mail at gscypta@sanfordrose.com.
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