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                                              January 2013 Newsletter 

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Not-For-Hire Autos
USLI Small Business Resources
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     Everyone speaks of resolutions at this time of year - but at PGIA we think it's more important to stay true to good habits all year long.  We strive to provide you with timely service, a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and core principles that come straight from the top.  We welcome 2013 with open arms and hope to make this year even better than the last.  


Not-For-Hire Autos 

    Not all businesses use their vehicles to transport goods or people for-hire.  Often, company owned vehicles are used to makes sales calls, deliver the company's own products, transport their employees or to simply run errands.  At PGIA we can write them all!  Some of our "not-for-hire" classes include:


                   - mobile mechanics

                   - mobile advertising units

                   - florist delivery

                   - meals on wheels

                   - party/ event rental companies

                   - salesperson's autos

                   - miscellaneous PPTs


    Don't hesitate to call one of our Underwriters when the next not-for-hire exposure crosses your desk.


                                     (800) 354-4844




    As many of you know, Pacific Gateway can write just about any auto risk of any size within our 4 state territory of AZ, CA, NV and OR.  But did you know that we can also write coverage in other states?  Well, we can!  There are a few restrictions, however: 1) we need 10 or more power units on an auto submission, 2) for all other coverage there is a $10,000 minimum premium (yes, we can write other-than-auto coverage too!) and 3) a BOR may be required if other submissions are received.  


    We call these risks outside of our territory, "Brokerage" risks, and they represent the fastest growing segment of our book of business.  So please remember, whether it is a distressed account, a new venture or a last minute opportunity - we are here to help you with your risks all across the U.S.!


   Don't hesitate to send your submissions to our submissions email address:


            (800) 354 -4844
USLI presents the Small Business Resource Center





     Our USLI book of business continues to grow and grow and grow.  Which tells us that many of you enjoy the convenience and affordability our USLI products - and our online rater - offer you.   But did you know that USLI also offers additional resources to assist your policyholders with things like Human Resources, safety and marketing?  They call it their Small Business Resource Center, and you can view all of the services offered at:  Most policyholders have access to these resources at a discounted rate or with no additional charge.  The services offered include: 



-          Human Resources Services

-          Workers Compensation Services

-          Background Check Services

-          Recruiting and Interviewing Training Services

-          Educational Resources

-          Alcohol and Server Safety - Liquor Training

-          Online and Print Marketing Services

-          Web Site Tools and Search Engine Optimization

-          Social Media Resources


      Please be sure to let your USLI customers know about this helpful, affordable and valuable resource!



(800) 354-4844
     Remember, we're not just the commercial auto experts.  We offer a wide variety of commercial auto, garage, property, package and general liability products.  Give us a call, we've got you covered.
PGIA Marketing Team
Pacific Gateway Insurance Agency