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October 6th

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Camden County Fire Rescue is recruiting volunteer firefighters to be a part of the department. The volunteer firefighter program will be used to augment existing peronnel to meet the needs of the community now and in the future.




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A Message from the County Administrator
The summer and start of fall have been a busy time for Camden County. In mid-July, the Board of County Commissioners, along with myself, announced the addition of Andrew Nelson to the Spaceport Camden Project Team. Nelson is a recognized leader in the commercial space sector with 25 years of aerospace experience as an engineer, aviation regulatory specialist, and corporate strategist. He has a diverse background leading innovative entrepreneurial space companies and working with governments on the formation of spaceports and operational sites for the industry.
Nelson will assist in managing the day to day development of the spaceport activities and he will coordinate the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with on September 8, 2015. As the lead agency, the FAA will select an independent contractor to prepare an EIS addressing the potential environmental impacts of constructing and operating a commercial space launch site in Camden County, Georgia. The EIS will be used to support the FAA's determination on whether or not they should issue a Launch Site Operator License to Camden County.
The Spaceport project is a once in a generation opportunity for our community and the State of Georgia. Done right, it will provide a new frontier of economic opportunity and cultural vibrancy for our residents and for our families. By working together with multiple stakeholders in a meaningful and transparent way, we can accomplish this. The Board approved the formation of the Spaceport Camden Steering Committee at a September 17, 2015 Special Called Meeting. This committee will play a very important role by providing guidance on key issues affecting the Spaceport Camden project. I look forward to working in partnership with this newly formed committee led by Chairman Allen Burns, Coastal Regional Commission's Executive Director. More information about the committee can be found below.
Also early in September, our annual Employee Award Ceremony and Luncheon recognized top employees who showed exemplary dedication and contributions in serving the citizens of Camden County. These employees, and others just like them, work hard on a daily basis to serve the citizens and contribute to the quality of life in our community. They are the county's greatest assets.
Yours for a better Camden,

Steve L. Howard, ICMA-CM, CPM, CPPO
County Administrator
Agreement to Provide Resources & Services for
Senior Citizens and Disabled in Coastal Georgia
Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) is a non-profit organization providing over $10 million annually in home medical equipment (HME) and supplies to the disabled community. In July of this year, FODAC announced it had entered into a partnership agreement with Coastal Regional Commission (CRC) Area Agency on Aging (AAA), which will provide HME for area residents with disabilities, including seniors and their caregivers. CRC AAA will be the first FODAC partner that has also agreed to serve as a FODAC donation/collection site for used equipment that will be collected, refurbished and redistributed by FODAC.
"There are over 100,000 seniors in Coastal Georgia, and by 2030 one out of every five coastal residents will be over 65," stated Peggy Luukkonen, program manager, CRC AAA. "We are grateful for FODAC's support to help us meet the growing needs of these residents, as well as all those with mobility impairments, to help keep them safe and allow them to engage more fully in life."
Although some of CRC AAA's funding comes as a result of the Older Americans Act, the agency acts as an aging and disability resource connection (ADRC) serving individuals of any age who have a disability. Recent state and federal cutbacks and changes in healthcare programs have increased the wait and in some cases lessened the availability of HME for many clients. They may find securing necessary HME is an added and unanticipated expense, or their insurance simply doesn't cover it. With FODAC's support, CRC AAA can provide clean, gently-used equipment for those with mobility impairments, including wheelchairs, walkers, Hoyer lifts and shower benches. In addition to regaining their independence, FODAC's services and equipment also keep patients safer upon discharge from a hospital or rehab stay, reducing return visits to the emergency room because of falls or other injuries and thus cutting hospital costs.
"So often a simple piece of equipment, such as a shower bench or walker, is all that is needed to help a person with mobility challenges regain some independence and enhance their quality of life, said Chris Brand, president and CEO, FODAC. We are happy to partner with CRC AAA to extend our support to the coastal Georgia region."
FODAC will make regular trips to CRC's offices in Darien, Georgia to deliver refurbished HME. CRC will inventory the equipment there, and serve Coastal Georgia residents as both a distribution center for the equipment and as a donation site for used HME, which FODAC will collect for repair and refurbishment at its corporate offices in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
Coastal Georgia residents interested in applying for HME through CRC AAA, or who have questions about the program, should contact Peggy Luukkonen at or 912.437.0861. Equipment is available at little or no cost, dependent on the needs and eligibility of the applicant.
ICMA Recognizes Steve Howard with Local Government Service Award
Camden County Administrator  Steve L. Howard, received a twenty- five year service award from ICMA, the premier local government leadership and management organization. Mr. Howard's achievement was celebrated on September 30, 2015 at a special ceremony as part of the 101st ICMA Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington.
IMCA Services Awards recognize and celebrate members' dedication to public service and professional management at the local level. Awards are based on the number of years of full-time employment in local government. Mr. Howard has also made significant contributions to local government organizations, and he has a track record of implementing programs that promote quality and efficiency and responsible and responsive county government.
Build-A-Scarecrow & Do the Scarecrow Stroll
Scarecrows Downtown St. Marys "Hay Days" are October 3rd through November 1st. The "Build-A-Scarecrow" Event on October 3 will be from 10am-3pm at the Theatre by the Trax, 1000 Osborne Street, St. Marys just after the 9:30 a.m. ribbon cutting ceremony that will commemorate the grand opening of the new Railroad Museum. Railroad Days in St. Marys will have trains running that day at noon, 2 pm, and 4 pm. For more information, visit
To reserve your $20 Scarecrow Kit, please call Once Upon A Bookseller at (912) 882-7350. All kits contain a wooden frame, face materials, clothes and hay.
You can:
  • Make a scarecrow to take home. 
  • Make a Scarecrow and place it along the fence line of Orange Hall. (You can place anywhere on the fence beginning October 3)
  • Make a Scarecrow for your group or businesses "Scarecrow Stroll" location. (You can place beginning October 5) 
The "Scarecrow Stroll" is from 5-7pm on October 13. We invite families to walk Osborne Street from City Hall to the Waterfront pavilion to see the unique scarecrows lining the streets. Kids dress up in Costume & Trick-or-Treat at each Scarecrow display. Folks of all ages will enjoy the evening. Storefronts & historic homes are emblazoned with pumpkins and fall decor.

Scarecrow Guidelines for Businesses & Groups for the Scarecrow Stroll:
  • Scarecrow placement begins Saturday, October 10 and must be in place by 4pm 10/13. 
  • Use of stakes is prohibited due to public utilities. Scarecrows can be secured using a bale of hay or something similar.
  • One 2'x3' maximum sign per location with signage added at same time as scarecrow. 
  • Scarecrows displayed at your own risk. Remove by 6:00 am on November 2. They will be removed and disposed of by the city at that time, but please remove your scarecrow and all debris by that time. Due to possible inclement weather, please provide maintenance for your scarecrow from October 10 - November 1.
  • Businesses are encouraged to stand by their scarecrows on the night of the "Scarecrow Stroll" - (Tuesday, October 13) to promote their business and distribute treats to the kids. We recommend at least 2,000-2,500 pieces of Halloween candy! You don't want to run out of candy for the kiddos!
  • Call Once Upon A Bookseller at (912) 882-7350 to reserve a spot for your Scarecrow on the medians of Osborne Street.
Spaceport Camden Becomes Member of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation
The Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) welcomed several new member companies at its Executive Board meeting in September, expanding its membership to more than 60 companies.
Spaceport Camden of Camden County, Georgia joined CSF as an Executive Member. Steve Howard, Spaceport Camden project leader, will represent his organization on the CSF Board of Directors. "CSF's mission strategically aligns with Camden's goals, and we are pleased to join other industry leaders as part of this organization," Howard said.

Also joining as CSF Associate Members are Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI), Kimberly-Horn & Associates, MLA Space, Made in Space and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS). Space Adventures will be renewing its commitment to CSF as an Associate Member.

Frank DiBello, President and CEO of Space Florida, was reelected as the CSF chairman. Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute and Jeff Greason of XCOR were elected to serve as officers of the board.  At the meeting, CSF thanked Mark Sirangelo of the Sierra Nevada Corporation and Rob Meyerson of Blue Origin for their commitment to the organization as previous board members.

"The commercial spaceflight industry continues to strive and grow as witnessed by CSF's expanding membership and the overwhelming commitment to the organization," said CSF President Eric Stallmer said. "We are grateful for the continued leadership from the CSF Board and our members look forward to the exciting year ahead."
County Adopts Annual 2015 Millage Rate
The Camden County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the advertised tax millage rate at 12.94 during a special called meeting on Thursday, September 17, 2015. One mill is equal to about $1.2 million. The millage rates for the county and the unincorporated areas will remain the same as last year.

Camden County Honors  Employees
The 7th Annual Camden County Employee Award Ceremony and
The employees work hard on a daily basis to serve the citizens and contribute to the quality of life in our community. Throughout the year, employees are given the opportunity to nominate one or more of their fellow co-workers for the awards presented.  Luncheon was held in August at the Public Service Authority (PSA) in Kingsland. 
Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, Jimmy Starline and County Administrator Steve Howard thanked all the award recipients for their exemplary dedication and contributions to serving the citizens of Camden County. Co-workers, family members and friends were also on hand to offer their support and congratulations.
Cyrus Roberts, Site Hill Supervisor of the Construction and Demolition (C&D) Industrial Waste Landfill was named Employee of the Year. Cyrus was recognized for always going above and beyond the required duties, always being there to lend a helping hand, and continually providing instruction and guidance to those assigned under his leadership.    
Award winners are as follows: Safety Warrior - Chris Martin, Camden County Fire Rescue (CCFR); Thrifty Nickel - Dennis Gailey, Public Protection & Compliance Officer; Future Leader - John Christian, CCFR; Customer Service - Paul Henry, Jr. System Administrator; and Humanitarian - Brianna Turner, Administrative Assistant, Camden County Sheriff's Office (CCSO).
Most Valuable Player awards from each department were also handed out and they are: Office of Public Protection & Compliance - Jean Manning; Clerk of Superior Court - Tami Crews; Living Well Onsite Clinic - Barbara Walters; CCSO, Corrections/Jail - Eric Watson; CCSO, Drug Task Force/CID - Mike Walker; CCSO, E-911 - Tara Smith; Planning & Development - Joey Yacobacci; Administration - Paul Henry; Tax Assessor's Office - Zach Taylor; Tax Commissioner's Office - Kahley Fickett; and Landfill & C&D Site - Gilmar Dixon.
County Administrator Steve Howard recognized two employees who demonstrate the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives as well as have the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. Congratulations to Buck Johnsen for receiving the Teamwork Award and Ronnie Wise for receiving the Leadership Award, as both are very deserving of these awards.
We want to thank all the members of the Employee Recognition Committee for their hard work in making the ceremony such a success. The committee members are Renee' Crews, Administration; Brianna Turner, CCSO; Katie Bishop, County Clerk; Steve L. Howard, County Administrator; Capt. Jeremy Wright, CCFR; Charlene Carter, Clerk of Court; Jennifer Carver, Tax Commissioners Office and Erika Bryant, Tax Assessors Office.
A special thank you goes to The Lunch Box for the fantastic food prepared for the event. We also want to thank our very generous sponsors without whom this event would not be possible: Chairman Jimmy Starline; Vice-Chairman Chuck Clark; Commissioner Gary Blount; Commissioner Chip Keene; Commissioner Tony Sheppard; County Administrator Steve Howard; Employee Recognition Committee; Public Service Authority; Barberitos; Creative Catering & Design; Sonny's Bar-B-Q; Wee Pub; Willie Jewels; Long Horn Steakhouse; and Captain Stan's.
Left to Right: Gilmar Dixon, Cyrus Roberts, Jean Manning, Zach Taylor, Paul Henry, Eric Watson, Ronnie Wise, Dennis Gailey, Chris Martin, Mike Walker,(front row), Barbara Walters, Tami Crews, Brianna Turner, Kahley Fickett, (not pictured, Tara Smith, Joey Yacobacci, Buck Johnsen, and John Christian).

Thank you to all the employees for your service and dedication
 to the citizens of Camden County. 
Bryan-Lang Historical Archives
 Receives Award
The Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council (GHRAC) will present Mrs. Judy Buchanan, Director and Archivist of the Bryan-Lang Historical Archives with the 2015 "Award for Excellence in the Educational Use of Historical Records" at the Archives Award Ceremony being held October 28, 2015 in Morrow, Georgia to honor her outstanding efforts.
Established in 2003, the Archives Award Program recognizes exceptional efforts in archives and records  to improve the condition of records programs in Georgia and promotes the educational use of Georgia's documentary heritage.
The Board of Commissioners along with the Bryan-Lang Historical Board applaud Mrs. Buchanan's dedication to preserving the past in order to educate our future.  
County Signs Memorandum of 
Understanding (MOU) with 
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
The Camden County Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at the Board of Commissioners meeting held September 8, 2015. As the lead agency, the FAA will select an independent contractor to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to address the potential environmental impacts of constructing and operating a commercial space launch site in Camden County, Georgia. The EIS will be used to support the FAA's determination on whether or not they should issue a Launch Site Operator License to Camden County. 
County Administrator Steve Howard said, "Spaceport Camden is a unique opportunity full of boundless possibilities for Camden County, and working with the FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation is an important step in making this project a reality. We look forward to a continued relationship with the FAA and the FAA's selected independent contractor for the EIS on the Spaceport Camden project."
The EIS and any related documents shall comply with the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) and appropriate Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), United States Department of Transportation (DOT), and FAA environmental regulations and guidance (FAA Order 1050.IF), as well as all applicable local, state, and federal laws as appropriate.
Commissioners Authorize Formation of Spaceport Steering Committee
At the Special Called Board of County Commissioners meeting held on September 17, 2015, the Board unanimously approved the formation of a Spaceport Steering Committee. The Board also approved County Administrator Steve Howard's recommended appointment of Allen Burns, Coastal Regional Commission's Executive Director, as the Chairman of this newly formed Committee. This approval is the first step in establishing the Committee. The County Administrator will bring back to the Board a finalized proposal regarding the suggested structuring and parameters of the Committee.
Administrator Howard said, "The Spaceport project is a once in a generation opportunity for our community and the State of Georgia. Done right, it will provide a new frontier of economic opportunity and cultural vibrancy for our residents and for our families. We can accomplish this by working together with multiple stakeholders in a meaningful and transparent way. I look forward to working in partnership with the Spaceport Camden Steering Committee. Their leadership will play a very important role by providing guidance on key issues affecting this project."
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
pink ribbon October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. 
A lot of progress has been made but we still have a long way to go and need your help!
For more information click HERE.
2015 Halloween Bash
One of our goals for the County is to ensure that we are providing our citizens with the right information and a better understanding of current local issues as related to Camden County Government. It is our hope that you have enjoyed reading the monthly Community Outreach Newsletter and have found it to be informative and helpful. We encourage your feedback and value any input you may be able to offer as we strive to improve our services for the future good of Camden County.  

By working together, Camden County can continue to be "Georgia's Coastal Community of Choice."

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Our Commitment to You!
Our mission is to deliver defined county services with exceptional customer service and to do so in a financially sustainable and transparent manner.

Camden County 2030 is the premier coastal community of Georgia- beautiful and safe.  
Camden County 2030 has a strong regional economy and diverse job opportunities with four major pillars:
  • An active Naval Submarine Base;
  • A successful World Class Spaceport;
  • Space tourism; and,
  • a Technology Corridor. 

Camden County 2030 has relaxed living with quality residential developments, and abundant leisure choices for all.



The Board of County Commissioners and employees of Camden County are committed to the following values: Integrity, Respect, Service, Accountability, Teamwork and Balance.