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Stay healthy and stress-free this holiday season

With the combination of parties, shopping, meal prep, entertaining and more during the holidays, it is easy for stress and depression to creep in.
Here are a few tips for remaining stress free this season:
Know your budget: Before shopping for food and gifts, decide how much money you can afford to spend, then stick to that amount. There's no need to purchase a mountain of gifts. Try these alternatives instead: donate to a charity in someone's name, give homemade gifts or start a family/friend gift exchange.
Get connected: If feeling lonely, consider getting involved with community, religious or social events. Volunteering your time is a great way to lift your spirit and build relationships.
Accept emotions: If you've recently lost someone or are unable to be with a loved one, know that feeling grief and sadness is normal. Don't be afraid to express your feelings and take time to cry if needed. Holding in emotions for the sake of the holiday can be harmful to your health.
Seek professional help if needed: Despite the steps you may take to avoid stress, you may find yourself constantly anxious, unable to sleep, irritable and experiencing sadness. If these feelings persist, talk to your primary care provider or a trusted mental health professional.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Lindsey Melbourne
Title: Patient Care Team supervisor
Started at Family First Health: 2012

Lindsey Melbourne loves working with and serving the community where she lives.

"I am glad to be part of an organization that looks at caring for the patient as a whole and helps to break down the barriers that patients face every day," she said. 
Outside of her job as a Patient Care Team supervisor, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing sports, being outdoors and volunteering in the community.
She has a business sense, too: "My husband, kids and I are entrepreneurs, utilizing the free enterprise system on which America was founded on," she said.

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