June 2015
QPS360 Newsletter - 12th Edition
QPS Announces the Opening of its New In Vitro Dermatology Laboratory in Fargo, North Dakota
QPS Again Receives CRO Leadership Award from Life Science Leader
QPS Austria Scientists Publish on Promising New, Multitarget Anti-Alzheimer's Agent
Birgit Hutter-Paier and Robert Wronski of QPS Austria Publish On Orally Administered Neuroprotective Peptides to Prevent Brain Aging in Rats
QPS Hepatic Biosciences Launches New Life Sciences Products Website: www.hepaticbio.com
Eric Solon on Scientific Advisory Board for Symposium on Isotopically Labeled Compounds
Jaap Wieling, QPS Senior Vice-President, Bioanalysis & Technology R&D, Publishes on Equivalence Testing for Method Transfer
QPS Expands Its Delaware Bioanalytical Laboratory Facilities with a New & Improved High-Through put Sample Management Laboratory for Secure Sample Storage and Monitoring
QPS Expands Laboratory Capabilities By Opening New, Cell-Based Assay Laboratory at Netherlands Facility
Clinical Development
QPS Miami Research Associates Publish on Corn (Maize) Therapy for Mild Depression or Anxiety
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Long-term treatment of aged Long Evans rats with a dietary supplement containing neuroprotective peptides (N-PEP-12) to prevent brain aging: effects of three months daily treatment by oral gavage  more
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QPS Tube
Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9: Birth of a Breakthrough Technology  more
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