March 2015
QPS360 Newsletter - 11th Edition
The Big Picture: Why We Do What We Do - Taking the Sting out of Hepatitis C
QPS Austria Scientists Publish on Tau Hyperphosphorylation in Human Alzheimer's Disease
QPS Austria Scientist Publishes on L-type calcium channel blockers and substance P induction of cortical angiogenesis associated with beta-amyloid plaques in AD mice
Eric Solon Publishes on Autoradiography Techniques and Quantification of Drug Distribution in Cell and Tissue Research
Luca Matassa Contributes to IQ Consortium Overview of Issues Surrounding the Use of Dried Blood Spot Sampling in Pharmaceutical Research
Translational Medicine
QPS and GSK Scientists Publish on the Effects of Freeze-Thaw on Biotinylated Macromolecules Used in Gyrolab
Clinical Development
Izaak den Daas Speaks at the 16th Annual Early Clinical Development: Phase I & IIa Symposium in London
Ard Vink is New Department Head of Clinical Operations, QPS Austria
QPS Hall of Fame
Why We Do What We Do  more
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L-type calcium channel blockers and substance P induce angiogenesis of cortical vessels associated with beta-amyloid plaques in an Alzheimer mouse model - Neurobiology of Aging  more
QPS Tube
QPS Tube
QPS Webinar: Predicting Hepatoxic Potential of NCE's in Patients  more
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ASCPT Annual Meeting 2015
March 3 - 7, 2015
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