December 2013 QPS360 Newsletter Sixth Edition
Three QPS Teams Take Part in the Groningen 4 Mile Business Run
Lipoprotein Related Disease Models: NPC1 knock outs and ApoB-100 Mice
Ex Vivo Protein Binding in Healthy Donors and Diseased Patients, and Comparison of
Ex Vivo and In Vitro Results
Ultracentrifugation for Protein Binding Determination
QPS Bioanalytical Scientists Contribute to New Reference Work on Regulated
Bioanalytical LC-MS/MS
Early Stage Clinical
QPS Miami Research Associates Wraps Up an Exciting Year
QPS Dermal and Transdermal Research Services are off to a rapid start with the first Sponsored study completed at QPS Bio-Kinetic site in Springfield, MO
Phase II - IV Clinical
QPS Engages in International Collaboration for Innovative Respiratory Research
Sophisticated Biomarkers, Including Gene Expression Profiling from Nasal Brushings, Sputum and Blood, Are Used in COPD Therapy Trial