August 2013 – QPS360 Newsletter – Fifth Edition
QPS Announces Paul A. Lehman as New Vice President of Dermal and Transdermal Research Services - June, 2013
QPS Appoints Dr. Luca C. Matassa as New Vice President and Head of Bioanalysis - June, 2013
QPS Holdings LLC and Hepregen Corporation Announce HepatopacTM Commercial Partnership - May, 2013
Switching the Disease Off: Effects of Spatial and Temporal Inactivation of Mutant Huntingtin in Huntington’s Disease - August, 2013
Preclinical Alzheimer’s Models - Neuroinflammation in APPSL mice - August, 2013
QPS implements DEBRA LIMS for Radiolabeled Metabolism Studies – August, 2013
QPS Taiwan Has Validated the PristimaTM Preclinical Data Collection and Management System - August 2013
Renovation of Bioanalytical Radiochemistry Laboratory Attached to Phase I Unit in the Netherlands Facilitates Top-Tier Human Mass Balance Studies - August 2013
Early Stage Clinical
Sunny Summer Update from QPS MRA, the Largest Multi-Specialty Clinical Research Center in the United States - August 2013
Phase II - IV Clinical
Summer Update from the QPS Respiratory Team - August 2013