June 2013 – QPS360 Newsletter – Fourth Edition
›   Corporate
QPS receives Company of the Year Award by Delaware Bioscience Association - May, 2013
QPS Austria Participates in the Graz Business Marathon 2013 - May, 2013
QPS Neurosciences Announces Partnership with PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc. and Launch of In Vitro Neural Toxicology Screening Program - April, 2013
OmniComm Systems’ TrialOne® Chosen by QPS for Phase I Clinic Automation - April, 2013
›  Neuropharmacology
α-Synuclein Transgenic Mouse Model for Parkinson’s Disease - May, 2013
›   Toxicology
QPS-Taiwan Implements Pristima™ Preclinical Data Collection and Management System - May, 2013
›   Translational Medicine
Pharmacogenomics is Improving Drug Development Outcome - May, 2013
QPS Full-Service Support for Global Biosimilar Product Development - May, 2013
›   Early Stage Clinical
First-in-Human Clinical Trials - QPS Provides Critical Drug Development Data Quickly, Accurately and Cost Effectively - May, 2013
Serial CSF Sampling for PK and Biomarker Analysis - April, 2013
Human Mass Balance Studies: New, Sophisticated On-Site Clinical ADME Laboratory - April, 2013
›   Phase II - IV Clinical
New Draft FDA Guidelines for Alzheimer´s Disease: Which Cognitive Testing Battery Guarantees Success? - May, 2013
Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD) - April, 2013
Using Biomarker Analysis on Induced Sputum as a Measure of Primary Outcome in Asthma and COPD - April, 2013
Before a drug receives marketing approval and made available to patients, it has to be extensively studied in non-clinical and clinical studies to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. Understanding a drug’s disposition - its absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) - in humans is critical for understanding its clinical properties.
Dear Industry Colleagues,
We hope that 2013 is continuing to be a good year for all of our clients, vendors, and employees. QPS is pleased to take this opportunity to inform you about our continued growth and expansion during the second quarter of 2013.