# October 2012 - QPS 360 is the Quarterly Digital Newsletter of QPS
›   Corporate
QPS acquires JSW Life Sciences, largest independent contract research organization in Austria
›   DMPK
QPS' Addition of Senior Pharmaceutical Personnel a Catalyst for New Drug Development
›   Toxicology
The Role of Histopathology and Clinical Pathology in Integrated Toxicology Reports
›   Bioanalysis
Large Molecule Bioanalysis: Quantitative Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies by LC-MS/MS
›   Translational Medicine
QPS Delaware offers GYROS Assay Platform for GLP Bioanalysis in Support of Biologic and Biosimilar Drug Development Programs
Launching Flow Cytometry Services at QPS
›   Early Stage Clinical
For The Times They Are a-Changin': Recognizing the Importance of Early Data in Making Drug Development Decisions
›   Phase II - IV Clinical
QPS Qualitix participates in the enrollment of trials with new drug candidates for diverse therapeutic areas.
›   Program Management
QPS Signs a Letter of Intent (LOI) with a small US Biotech Firm to advance Anti-Cancer Drug Candidate
Sometimes practical or ethical considerations dictate whether healthy volunteers or patients should be recruited for a particular study. But there are usually sound scientific arguments for collecting PK data from actual patients, to supplement or substitute for PK data obtained from healthy human volunteers during the first phases of drug development. Knowing to what extent the results obtained in healthy volunteers - if available - can be extrapolated to the intended treatment population is critical. The US FDA has recognized the importance of PK studies for determining drug concentration-time profiles in target patient populations...
Dear Industry Colleagues,
It is my privilege to update you on QPS' continuous growth and global expansion. At QPS, we appreciate opportunities to work with our clients and interact with industry colleagues in the scientific community. We know...