# December 2012 – QPS360 is the Quarterly Digital Newsletter of QPS
›   Neuropharmacology / Toxicology
An In Vitro CNS Model to Test Compounds Counteracting Tau Pathology
›   DMPK
QPS Offers Cost Effective Mass Spectrometric Solutions to Address MIST Issues
›   Bioanalysis
ICP-MS, A Key Technology Applied by QPS to Support the Development of Imaging Agents
›   Translational Medicine
Launching Flow Cytometry Services at QPS
›   Early Stage Clinical
QPS Research Affiliate Lectures on Allergen Challenge Testing at European Respiratory Society Annual Congress
›   Phase II - IV Clinical
Navigating Your Trials Through Principal Investigators
The idea of arming antibodies with other molecular moieties such as toxins or chemotherapeutics dates back to the 1980s, when such antibodies were first being developed for clinical use. Today, so called “naked” antibodies are being harnessed to fight cancer cells in many different forms – several of which have become blockbuster therapies. Theoretically, if coupled to cytotoxic substances, antibodies could become even more powerful while eliciting fewer side-effects. Despite these hypothetical advantages and the huge R&D outlays, particularly in Oncology, few antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) exist in today’s market...
Dear Industry Colleagues,
We hope you all had great Thanksgiving Holidays. On behalf of QPS management team, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our clients, vendors and employees. We appreciate the...