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Children's Africana Book Awards 2014

Best Books for Older Readers 2014 

Africa is My Home: A Child of the Amistad  
Monica Edinger and Robert Byrd 

Nine-year-old Magulu is captured by slave traders, spends weeks in a dark and airless hold; lands in Cuba, where she and three other children are sold and taken aboard the Amistad. A mutiny aboard ship ensues and a trial in New Haven to free them eventually goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.



       Once Upon A Time in Ghana: 
Traditional Stories Retold in English  
Anna Cottrell and Agbotadua Togbi Kumassah
Corttrell and Kumassah have assembled a collection of traditional Ewe stories originating from the Volta Region of eastern Ghana. The collection comprises ten stories most of which address ethical issues and respect.




Best Books for Young Children 2014

Desmond and the Very Mean Word:
A Story of  Forgiveness
Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams and A.G. Ford
While riding his new bicycle Desmond is hurt by the mean word yelled at him by a group of boys, but he soon learns that hurting back will not make him feel any better. Drawn from the childhood of Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa.  


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 Bundle of Secrets-Savita Returns Home                      
Mubina Hassanali Kirmani and Tony Siema

Based on the author's personal experiences, the story recounts the journey of Savita who sails the Indian Ocean in a dhow with a "bundle of secrets" from India to her home in Mombasa, Kenya.

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The Children's Africana Book Awards (CABA) were established in 1991 by the Outreach Council of the  African Studies Association to encourage the publication and use of accurate, balanced children's materials on Africa in the U.S. The selection committee includes African Studies and Children's Literature scholars.  Visit the CABA webpage to learn more about CABA and download lists of previous awards for  Young Children and for Older Readers.


2015 Nomination Guidelines 


Publishers of children's and young adult books on African themes copyrighted in 2014 are invited to review our Nomination Process Guidelines.Titles submitted for the 2015 award consideration should be mailed to committee members by December 31, 2014. For a list of award committee members, please contact CABA publicity 
Harriet McGuire Phone: 703.549-8208 Email: Harriet@AfricaAccessReview.org


Brenda Randolph, Chair of Awards Committee,
Phone: 301-585-9316  Email: Brenda@AfricaAccessReview.org       


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