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August 2015

This is a Great Time for Innovation in Landscaping.  

California's new "Save Our Water" slogan says it's time to let it "Fade to Gold."
Irvine Ranch Water District has spread the message throughout Orange County that "Brown is the New Green."
Those of us in the landscape industry are recognizing the need for change and answering the call in a big way.
It hasn't happened overnight. Drought-tolerant landscapes have been a part of our culture since the 1990s, but we are doing it so much better now.
Plants: Wholesalers are providing a lush palette of grasses, shrubs, succulents and flowers to create beauty and interest in a landscape all year long.
Technology: Manufacturers have developed water efficient systems that not only direct water exactly where you need it, but when you need it. Smart controllers can regulate irrigation schedules according to the weather, so you don't have to.
Science: We have relearned how to apply simple biology and botany to our work. Mulches, Vermiculture, and the proper pairing of plants can greatly enhance the health and beauty of a garden.

Steven Schinhofen is President and CEO of Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.

Harvest Named One of Industry's Top Green Companies

Landscape Management magazine has once again named Harvest Landscape Enterprises Inc. among the nation's top green companies in the industry. 

Harvest ranked No. 100 on Landscape Management's 2015 LM150 list of the Green Industry's largest companies in the nation, based on annual evenue and business growth. Harvest made the list in 2014 as well.

The company is an Orange County leader in conserving water and creating award-winning sustainable landscapes. Commercial and large-scale landscape renovation projects completed throughout the region have saved clients millions of gallons of water for a net savings of between 50 and 75 percent.

"We are excited and honored to be mentioned among the nation's top 1 percent of landscape companies," said President Steven Schinofen. "Harvest works hard to provide the best in customer service and resource conservation. Clearly, that formula has paid off."

Irvine Projects Among Region's Top Water-Savers

Harvest has been busy saving water in Irvine, where a number of landscape renovation projects are underway. We are just finishing up a turf removal project for the Parkside Community Association in Irvine, where 114,144 square feet of lawn was replaced with low-water shrubs and plants to save millions of gallons and $11,803 in irrigation costs annually.

We have just begun a 45,600-square-foot turf removal project for the Terrace Community Foundation, and are stepping up on water-savings efforts at Woodbridge, too. Stay tuned for more details!

Landscape Restrictions Extend to New Development

The California Water Commission has taken action to dramatically limit the use of grass in new development, furthering the state's efforts to curb water use through irrigation.

Under the new ordinance, grass will be virtually banned in landscapes of new commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, and will be limited to no more than 25 percent of a new home's combined front, back and side yards.

The restrictions apply to new construction with more than 500 square feet of landscape, and to existing landscapes larger than 2,500 square feet that undergo complex renovations. Recreational areas and landscapes irrigated with recycled water are exempt.

The move is forcing us to reimagine our urban areas, and those in the industry are excited at the possibilities.
We believe that drought tolerant landscapes are not only good for the environment and California's water supply, they are beautiful as well.

Rodriguez Oversees Irvine Accounts

Emilio Rodriguez has spent his entire career in the landscape industry, doing everything from routine maintenance to complex landscape renovations.

The hard work has paid off with a move to oversee a number of innovative projects underway in Irvine.

Already an efficient and effective Field Supervisor at Harvest, Emilio enjoys applying innovation and his many years of experience to the position.

"I really enjoy working outdoors," he said, "and being a part of all the changes that we made. It's rewarding to see the results that can come when a team works well together."

Emilio and his wife, Virginia, live in Santa Ana with their 10-year-old son, Andrew.

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