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June 2015

Harvest Wants to Hear From You!  

Many of you know that my dad was a landscaper, just like my grandfather.
As a boy, they often let me tag along for a day at work in the family business.
I'd be trimming lawns and clipping hedges, but my eyes were always fixed on the firm handshakes of my father and grandfather.
I watched as they tended to the relationships they shared with their clients.
A smile and a pat on the shoulder were as important as the weeding and fertilizing.
Friendship and respect, they said, were the most important foundations of any business relationship.
As Harvest continues to grow, we want to maintain the handshake relationships we share with our clients.
We also want to make sure that we hear from everyone, not just those we come into contact with.
It's for that reason that we are implementing a customer satisfaction survey to measure the quality of our services and create a metric we can use to manage and improve on our deliverables.
This is a competitive marketplace and I want to make certain that Harvest always remains on top in terms of service, satisfaction and value to our clients.
Business studies have estimated that as many as 96 percent of unhappy customers don't complain.
Because people don't generally like the confrontation.
Or, perhaps they feel their concerns will be ignored.
But from a business standpoint, it's really important to hear from all customers -- those who appreciate your service, and those who are dissatisfied.
We have more than 400 employees out there working every day. In many ways we depend on you to help keep us informed about what we're doing well, and what could use improving.
The survey is our way of reaching those of you with whom we don't normally have contact.
It's also perhaps a more comfortable way to get an uncomfortable conversation started.
Of course, we're hoping to hear a little praise from our survey as well! Everyone likes to get a pat on the pack or an expression of thanks from time to time.
We want to hear from you one way or the other.
Click here to reach our survey. And always, should you prefer to speak with me directly, you can always pick up the phone..

Steven Schinhofen is President and CEO of Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.

Water Savings in Irvine Exceeds Million-Gallon Mark

Several of our Irvine-area landscape renovation projects are taking shape, as drought-tolerant plant species grow to form lush patchworks of vibrant colors, textures and patterns. Harvest recently completed a new round of water-savings projects in the Terrace and Parkside communities, which will conserve millions of gallons and save $55,000 or more in operating costs annually. At that rate, they'll see a return on investment in as little as three years' time. This photo shows what a Harvest renovation projects looks like once it grows to maturity... Breathtakingly beautiful!

MWD Approves Nation's Largest Turf Removal Program

California is facing the worst drought in state history, and water districts are responding with unprecedented incentives to conserve. 

Penalties, too -- starting at $500 per day up to $10,000.

The Metropolitan Water District -- the water wholesaler for all of Southern California -- just approved the largest turf removal and water conservation program anywhere in the nation. Their goal is to save enough to nearly fill the region's largest reservoir: Diamond Valley Lake. Board members voted to add $350 million to the district's conservation budget to a new total of $450 over two years. 

Commercial properties can get up to $25,000 in rebates annually and many local districts are responding with incentives of their own.

We've worked with many large properties to achieve water savings and rebates that end up paying for themselves in a matter of just a few years. After that, the savings is money in the bank. Ask us what we can do for you.

Longtime Employee Promoted to Regional Manager

Ignacio "Nacho" Chavez has been with the Harvest family from the very beginning, starting as a crew member back in 1999 and culminating this month in his promotion to regional manager. Those of you who know him are familiar with his upbeat attitude and his desire to get the job done right. "It's a lot of work," he said, "but when property managers and homeowners come over to say they appreciate what we do, it's worth it."

For the past two years, he's been supervising some of Harvest's biggest clients including Oso Valley Greenbelt, Niguel Shores, and Eastbrook.

Now, as regional manager, he enjoys the opportunity of working more directly with the clients.

A frequent Employee of the Month at Harvest (15 times over the past 16 years) and Employee of the Year for 2014, he is an integral part of the company, (it's where he met his wife, Gloria).

The couple lives in Fullerton with their four daughters, with another little one expected in November.

"I hope it's a boy because right now, it's just girls," Nacho said, taking a pause for humor's sake. "It's killing me."

Helping Out at the Orange County Food Bank

We joined our friends at CAI Orange County this month to volunteer at the Orange County Food Bank. It was a lot of fun, but the need to help others is serious. According to the Food Bank, 35 percent of those being fed by the organization are children; one in every five children in the county goes hungry every day. For more information, visit www.ocfoodbank.org.


Plant Sale Raises Scholarship Funds for Veterans

Kudos to the Niguel Shores Garden Club, which raised $1620 from last month's plant sale to be used toward scholarships for veterans enrolled at Saddleback College. We were pleased to help support that effort by donating plants from our nursery.


Welcome New Clients!

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