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|February 2013| Edited by Bevin K. Shagoury |
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Board of Directors
David Wertheimer  
Seattle, Washington 

Leslie Strnisha |Vice-Chair|
Deborah Fung |Treasurer|
Tom Nurmi |Secretary|
Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Ann Woodward |Clerk|
Boston, Massachusetts
Nancy Barrand
Princeton, New Jersey
Sonya Campion
Seattle, Washington 
Nancy Frees Fountain
Houston, Texas

Barbara "Bobbie" Ibarra

Miami Coalition for the Homeless 

Miami, Florida


Bill Pitkin
Los Angeles, California
Debbie Reznick
Chicago, Illinois
Martha Toll
Washington, D.C.
Joe Weisbord
New York, New York

Funders Together 
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>Funders Together Relocates to Boston's Non-Profit Center
>Funders Together Heads to Seattle to Attend National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference & Host Networking Series Events
 >Funders Together Releases New Video: "What is Funders Together?"
 >Executive Director Anne Miskey Blogs About Youth Homelessness
>Funders Together Staff Blogs from Seattle about Successful Events

News From Our Members

 >Board Chair David Wertheimer blogs about Family Homelessness 

  >United Way of King County Welcomes New Vice President Sara Levin 

News From Our Friends

>Interagency Council Releases New Framework to End Youth Homelessness
>HHS Releases Information Memorandum: Use of TANF Funds to Serve Homeless Families and Families At-Risk of Experiencing Homelessness

>100,000 Homes Releases Community Self-Assessment Tool


>Linking you to upcoming events, conferences, & opportunities

>March 7 & 8: CSH Eastern Region Supportive Housing Conference

Special Announcementsspecialannouncements
Funders Together Relocates to Boston's Non-Profit Center  
 The Staff of Funders Together to End Homelessness has found themselves new offices in Boston's Financial District, after sharing space with the Melville Charitable Trust and the Fireman Foundation on Boston's Newbury Street. We know their support continues as we settle into our new offices across town, in Boston's Financial District. We are now located at Boston's Non-Profit Center, a green building for progressive social change with shared services and community offerings such as free grant workshops and arts-based classes. Next time you're in Boston, we'd love to see you--come by and see our new place, and please note our new address:
Funders Together to End Homelessness
89 South Street, Suite 803
Boston, MA 02111
Funders Together Heads to Seattle to Attend National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference & Host Networking Series Events 
Funders Together has traveled extensively within the past month, heading to Houston, Florida, and most recently, to Seattle, to attend the 2013 National Alliance to End Homelessness's Annual Conference on Ending Family & Youth Homelessness.
Our new networking series has been a success, with two events taking place during our week in Seattle.
Along with an evening Funders Reception, co-hosted and sponsored by the Medina Foundation, we also hosted a pre-conference Funders Networking Breakfast with the Raikes Foundation and the United Way of King County.
Tricia Raikes welcomes guests to a pre-conference Funders Networking Breakfast in Seattle on February 21st.
During this breakfast, guested discussed best practices and strategies for overcoming barriers to ending youth and young adult homelessness.
We were lucky enough to attend several site visits to see firsthand how strategic funding has positively impacted homeless youth.
To learn more, see our latest blog post, and view our photo galleries from our Funders Events. 
FTEH Releases New Video:
This month is drawing to a close with a culmination of funders events occurring in Seattle, Washington. During one of those events, our Funders Networking Breakfast, co-hosted by the Raikes Foundation and the
FTEH Chair David Wertheimer provided an overview and captured the essence of Funders Together, its history, mission, and goals. In an effort to ensure that our web materials contain accessible content, we have added this video to our site.   
News from Funders Together newsfunders

by Anne Miskey, Executive Director
At work, I think in best practices - how to fund, advocate, convene, collaborate, strategize. I speak in acronyms, numbers, and data. I look at root causes, systems, and solutions, not band-aids. I am committed to doing all I can to end and prevent homelessness. At the end of the day I know I love my job - and am left wishing I could do more...Read More
FTEH Staff Blogs from the Road in Seattle
Allison Seattle
Allison prepares materials for the Networking Breakfast
The week of the NAEH Conference, Funders Together hosted several events as part of our Networking Series: Where Catalytic Philanthropy Begins With Conversation. On the evening
Bevin works on
capturing the week's events
of February 20th, the Medina Foundation graciously sponsored and co-hosted a Funders Networking Reception at their offices in Seattle, providing an opportunity for members to connect the evening before the conference kick-off...Read More
News from Our Members 

Board Chair David Wertheimer Blogs About Family Homelessness
David HeadshotLast week, in the earliest hours of Friday morning, I was one among thousands of volunteers who fanned out in communities across the nation to participate in the Point-In-Time Count of people who are homeless.  This is always a sobering experience for me.  This year, I tried to imagine the story behind a woman that I passed sitting in a downtown Seattle bus shelter...Read More
The United Way of King County
Welcomes New Vice President Sara Levin
 The United Way of King County welcomed Sara Levin to their staff this month, and Funders Together has aleady had the pleasure of working with her at this week's Seattle events. Sara comes in as the new Vice President of Community Services department at United Way from the City of Seattle, where she has held several positions, including most recently Fiscal and Contracts Director for the Human Services Department.

Her career in government began with her position as legislative aide to City Council President Sue Donaldson. Sara's volunteer experience includes board secretary of the Seattle Girls' School as well as board chair of both the Crisis Clinic and Street Youth Legal Advocates of Washington. She is recipient of a prestigious Marshall Memorial Fellowship and is a 2004 graduate of Leadership Tomorrow. She has a Master's Degree from the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington and a Bachelor's Degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.


Funders Together joins United Way in welcoming Sara to her position, and looks forward to continuing work with Sara, Vince Matulionis, and the rest of the staff of the United Way of King County.



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News from Our Friendsfriendnews 

U.S. Interagency Council to End Homelessness Releases New Framework to End Youth Homelessness 

The 2012 Amendment to Opening Doors was developed to specifically address what strategies should be implemented to improve the educational outcomes for children and youth, and the steps that need to be taken to advance the goal of ending youth homelessness by 2020. The Amendment includes a new framework explaining how to approach the problem of youth homelessness in a more coordinated and effective way across the various systems that touch the lives of children...Read more
HHS Releases Information Memorandum:
Use of TANF Funds to Serve Homeless Families and Families At-Risk of Experiencing Homelessness
hhs logo 
This information memorandum affirms the importance of using eligible Federal and State TANF funds to serve families who come into contact with homeless service providers, the majority of whom are eligible for TANF-funded assistance. Barriers to employment and stability for families experiencing or at risk of homelessness, such as housing costs, childcare, and transportation, can be addressed by closer coordination between TANF agencies and homeless service providers. However, many families experiencing homelessness...Read More 
Tools & Resourcesresource
100,000 Homes Releases
Community Self-Assessment Tool
Meant to be completed with a community of stakeholders, 100,000 Homes recently released tools to provide a customized report identifying which factors are and aren't present in your community. This report will also direct you to specific tools in their High Performance Series to help you improve each factor and reduce barriers to housing placement.  

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CSH Eastern Region Supportive Housing Conference


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Mar 7 2013 - Mar 8 2013

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM 



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