May 5, 2014

Dear Friends:

We are pleased to announce that the BEACH BAKERY GRAND CAFE, 112 Main Street, Westhampton Beach, is now under supervision of The Hampton Synagogue.

Please note that all items sold in the Bakery and Cafe whether prepackaged, or prepared in the store, are strictly kosher.  The breads, rolls, bagels, and all other bread products baked on premises are NOT made with dairy ingredients while all other products are ASSUMED DAIRY (either dairy ingredients or dairy utensils) unless a sign or label discloses otherwise.  Challahs and Challah rolls sold on Friday are PAREVE   This certification does not include catered events after the store's seals are opened unless special arrangements are made.  This store is owned and operated by non-Jews and although open on Shabbat and Yom Tov is nevertheless under our supervision.

We are thrilled that Simon Jorna, owner of Beach Bakery Grand Café, has reopened as a full service dairy and vegetarian kosher establishment.

Very truly yours,

Rabbi Marc Schneier           Morris Tuchman
Founding Rabbi                    President


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