August 15th, 2014

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In addition to our regular menu,
Lunch Special on Friday 15th

Hamburgers Italian Style

 6 oz. ground meat patty served on a homemade focaccia bun  


with baked fries and organic green salad.



Beef & lamb with shaved Pecorino cheese & mint-parsley pesto

Beef topped with sautéed mushrooms, truffle oil & Fontina cheese

Beef topped with Parma ham and fresh mozzarella

See you on Friday,
Make your reservations at 273 3555



Pilot Peak presents Sunset at the Peak
 August 16th from 6PM-10PM






Join us for an intimate tropical evening with music by Dream and the Dreamer on Friday, August 22, from 6-9PM at the winery.


Only $20.00 per person, includes dinner -BB! Chicken, Stuffed Shells (by Bear River Pasta), Hawaiian rolls and assorted desserts.


Loud tropical attire encouraged, dancing and fun!


Wine by the glass $5.00 (includes tax) or by the bottle. 


RSVP by August 18th at our website. Go to About Us, then, Upcoming Events.


Pre-paid reservations required, we are limiting the reservations to 60 people.


Please no children, pets or outside alcohol at this event.


Hope to see you then!  



I hope you all have had a wonderful Summer.  Thank you all for the BEST Summer The Artist Workshop has ever had.  It has almost been a year at our new location and the change has made a positive impact in our business.  As many of you may have notice we have continued to re-invest and bring you more fun options.  Thank you all for your continued support.

As of September 1st we will change over to our winter hours. 
We are excited to say 
we will be open later
in the evenings!

New Winter Hours
Starts September 1st, 2014

Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Monday: CLOSED
(except Holidays: 11:00am-5:00pm ie: Labor Day and Veterans day)

Winter hours will remain through May.  In the Summer we will go back to 7 days-a-week.  If you have any feedback to the change we would be happy to hear them.  We are trying to accomidate you while still balancing family life:)

Check out more about The Artist Workshop here

To Be Or Not To Be...

Business Friendly



The Nevada County Economic Resource Council's vision statement is very clear:  turn Nevada County into the most economically competitive rural county in the U.S. in five years, and the best way to gauge whether it has is simple:  are more of your friends, family and neighbors employed in permanent, quality jobs?  Are office and manufacturing facilities filled?  Do more local newspaper headlines, community blogs, and radio news broadcasts feature stories associated with business success?


Why is the topic of becoming more economically competitive so important?  Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup since 1988 and author of the book "The Coming Jobs War" said in a recent interview:  "Gallup has discovered that having a good job is now the great global dream;  it's the number one social value for everyone...a good job is more important than having a family, more compelling than democracy and freedom, religion, peace and so on.  Those are all very important but they are now subordinate to the almighty good job...Stimulating job growth is the new currency of all leaders because if you don't deliver on it you will experience instability, brain drain, sometimes revolution - all of the worst outcomes of failed leadership."  Clifton continues "Creating good jobs is tough, and many leaders are doing things wrong.  They're undercutting entrepreneurs instead of cultivating them."


To read the rest of the article click here 



A wonderful opportunity to be of assistance to visitors and our community at the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce. We are looking for volunteers to staff our Visitor's Center Concierge Desk and to be a welcoming, smiling face representing our community, city and Nevada County.

Job Duties/Description: 

  • Support and staff the Concierge Desk of the Grass Valley Visitor's Center; providing information to visitors and community members about our area's events and businesses
  • Provide a welcoming and friendly customer experience
  • Offer a wide variety of assistance via brochures, historical reference, and directions to locations within our community
  • Act as a knowledgeable and courteous principal point of contact
  • Sincere desire to provide assistance as needed
  • Act as an ambassador of the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce


Skills Required:


  • Ability to speak clearly and communicate effectively
  • Ability and enthusiasm for working with the public
  • Dependable, reliable and responsible
  • Works well with minimal supervision and structure
  • Ability to process information
  • Polite, poised, patient, friendly and even-tempered
  • Light computer skills to browse the internet
  • Sit or stand for several hours

Days needed: 7 days per week (split between several people)
Time of day: 10AM-3PM
Shift Length: 2.5 to 3 hours per day
Contact: Yolanda 530-273-4667 



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