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WGC February 2016 Member Newsletter
Dear Whole Grains Council members,

Every month we review the latest scientific research on whole grains, to add new journal articles to our collection of more than 250 studies. This month we're pleased to see that, once again, scientific evidence supports the potential role of whole grains in warding off cognitive decline. In a study from University College London, scientists found that diets including higher intake of red and processed meat and lower intake of whole grains were associated with accelerated cognitive decline. Keep those whole grains coming!
"Whole Grains Away From Home" Conference Sept 25-27, Chicago

Getting more whole grains into foodservice is the next frontier for whole grain momentum, which is why we've chosen "Whole Grains Away from Home" as the title and main focus of our upcoming conference, September 25-27, 2016, in Chicago. Learn more and see our preliminary agenda here -- then save the date!

A big shout-out to Bob's Red Mill as the first sponsor of this conference - and for their perfect record: Bob's Red Mill has also been a sponsor at all 7 of our previous conferences! If foodservice is important to your company, too -- or you're looking to branch into foodservice sales -- pledge your support today as a conference sponsor or supporter (details here) so that we can help open up new foodservice markets for all our members. Contact Cynthia Harriman ([email protected] or 617-896-4820) for more information. We'd love to schedule a "Listen and Learn" call with you to hear what you're doing in foodservice and how the WGC can help drive your efforts forward..

Make Social Media Giveaway Plans for Sampling Day March 30th

March 30 is Whole Grain Sampling Day around the world - the perfect time to draw extra attention to your whole grain products. What are you planning for this annual event?

We're encouraging all 407 WGC member companies to carry out social media giveaways on March 30. Lundberg Family Farms, Bob's Red Mill, and Hodgson Mill are the first three companies to tell us their plans (check out the details here). Email Kelly Toups ([email protected]) with your specifics, and we'll publicize them on our website and in social media. When we all work together, we can get consumers' attention better!

Already, we have 35 different grocery stores across the country planning Whole Grain Sampling Day events, with new plans and promotions popping up every day. Thank you to the many WGC members (a dozen and counting!) who are donating product through our supermarket matchmaking service. Many of your products will be featured in recipes or tasting stations at stores like Giant Eagle, Hy-Vee, Market District, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, and Weis Markets. 

Harley's Tip: Use the Stamp Globally!

Harley Songin, who heads up our Whole Grain Stamp program, offers a monthly tip to smooth the process of product approvals. 

February Tip: As of this week, WGC member companies are using the Whole Grain Stamp on 10,700 products in 54 countries.  If you export to other countries, why not use the Stamp there too? Currently the Whole Grain Stamp graphics are available in ten languages (some shown above). if you need additional languages, we'll work with you to create new graphics. All human bodies, everywhere, need whole grains, and the Whole Grain Stamp can be a valuable marketing tool in any country where you sell your products. Include all applicable countries when you register your products with us (and be sure to let us know if a country is missing from the list!), so shoppers in those companies will be able to find your products on our Stamped Products lists.

Contact Harley ([email protected] or 617-896-4832) with any questions about Stamp usage or membership. This is a good time to download a copy of our Stamp Usage Guide on this page, and remind all your staff of the rules of our program.
Whole Grain Song for Kids

Looking for a fun way to promote whole grains with young children? Use the Whole Grain Train Song. We commissioned this original song from Grammy-award winners Marcy Marxer and Cathy Fink who provided lyrics, sheet music, and MP3 files. Whole Grains Council staff have created a set of lesson plan ideas to complement the song - and we've posted it all on our website

If you're working with schools, planning community events, or otherwise talking up whole grains with little ones, help yourself to this new and special way to get kids excited about whole grains.
Cynthia Harriman
Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies
[email protected]

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN
Program Manager
[email protected]

Harley Songin
Stamp Program Manager
[email protected]

... and from all of the Oldways and Whole Grains Council staff
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