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March 2015

Dear Whole Grains Council members,

We're less than two weeks away from Whole Grain Sampling Day on April 1, so make sure to share your plans with Kelly Toups ([email protected] or 617-896-4884) if you'd like to be included on our awesome list of WGSD partners

You'll be in good company, with other WGC members (including Popcorn Indiana, Carl Brandt/Mestemacher, Lotus Foods, Way Better Snacks), restaurants (Subway, McDonald's, Genghis Grill, California Pizza Kitchen, Rubio's, Panda Express), schools and universities, supermarkets (ten chains, including WGC member Martin's Supermarkets) and so many more -- a diverse group of participants across the USA and outside its borders. 

It's not too late to take part, because our only rule is: just about anything goes, as long as it celebrates whole grains! Details and inspiration here, in our PDF about Whole Grain Sampling Day.

Media Pushback: The War on Wheat


Investigative journalists from the CBC in Canada recently broadcast a program called The War on Wheat  as part of their ongoing 5th Estate series. The broadcast focused on William Davis, author of the book Wheat Belly, and featured interviews with Davis and with scientists who strongly disagree with the fear-mongering and pseudo-science in Wheat Belly. A quote from one scientist -- who described Davis' arguments as "one smidgeon of scientific fact which is then exploded into a whole blob of nonsense" -- sums up the experts' consensus. We'd have liked a bit more focus on what's right about whole wheat -- not just what's wrong with Wheat Belly -- but overall the film was a solid rebuttal of Davis' claims. See our blog here.

Also in recent media coverage, Melissa Clark at The New York Times wrote a great article highlighting the delicious array of whole grain dishes now appearing at top restaurants all over New York City, such as rye and emmer porridge, einkorn berries, and even a "sublime dessert" made of "fermented whole grain oatmeal with brown butter and beets." It's great to see creative chefs discovering the range of textures and tastes of different whole grains. Here at the WGC, we have always believed that the best message for whole grains is "Eat 'em because they're delicious [and oh by the way, they're healthy]." No one wants to eat anything just because it's healthy! We're encouraged to see responsible journalists like these standing up for whole grains.


Share the Goodness of Whole Grains
September is Whole Grains Month  and every year the WGC plans a "centerpiece" activity for the month. This year we'll be running a photo contest called "Share the Goodness of Whole Grains." To participate, people will post photos on Instagram showing them sharing their favorite whole grains. We'll choose a winner from among the most creative and original posts - and award that winner with a trip for two to a King Arthur Flour whole grain baking class. We'll also choose a food charity in the winner's home state, to receive a slew of whole grain products donated by WGC members.

There are several ways that WGC member companies can participate in our contest:
  • Be our contest co-sponsor, with King Arthur Flour, by contributing $2500 for travel costs.
  • Pledge an in-kind donation of one or more cases of your products, to be given to our chosen food charity.
  • Promote the contest on your website and social media, and encourage your followers to post photos sharing your products.

Contact Harley Songin ([email protected] or 617-896-4832) to pledge in-kind donations or if you'd like to be our contest co-sponsor. As September draws nearer, we'll be sharing details on ways to become involved via social media and get your community of followers excited about participating.

Harley's Tip: Tell Us About Updates
Every month Harley Songin, who heads up our Whole Grain Stamp program, highlights something important to know about the Stamp approval process. 

March Tip: Did you know there are more than 10,000 products in over 40 countries approved to use the Whole Grain Stamp? We need your help to keep our products database updated. 

Every time there is a formulation change to one of your products, it must be resubmitted for review and approval. When you submit an updated product for approval, make sure to let me know that it is replacing an already existing product. That way, we can remove the outdated record once the new one has been approved, and keep our database a reliable and accurate consumer tool. 

Remember, you can always download a copy of our Stamp Usage Guide here, or contact Harley ([email protected] or 617-896-4832) with any questions.
 This is a good time to remind all your staff of the rules of our program, to head off problems before they can occur.
Whole Grain Summit in Portland OR, June 24-27
There's always more to learn about whole grains, so we're inviting you to attend the upcoming Whole Grain Summit on June 24-27 in Portland, Oregon. This conference, hosted by our friends and colleagues at The Moore Farmily Center for Whole Grains Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health and the Grains for Health Foundation, will focus on research about whole grains and health. 

We'll be there - in fact, Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies for Oldways and the Whole Grains Council, will be speaking on how to translate whole grain science into effective nutrition messages. Portland is a lovely city, and this will be a great opportunity for all of us in the whole grains community to come together and continue the momentum of whole grains. Click here to see the conference program or to register (early bird rates through May 1).

Can't wait until June to learn more about whole grains? Make sure to take a look at the videos from the WGC's Whole Grains: Breaking Barriers conference held in Boston last November. Watching the videos is the next best thing to having been there!

Best regards,

Cynthia Harriman
Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies
[email protected]

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN
Program Manager
[email protected]

Harley Songin
Program Assistant
[email protected]

... and from all of the Oldways and Whole Grains Council staff