Fresh Fridays

November 28, 2014
Vol. VI No. 23

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You may have first been introduced to one-pot meals over a campfire, but the wisdom of this approach in the woodsy wilderness holds true even in your well-stocked, well-equipped urban, suburban or rural kitchen.

The beauty of the one-pot meal goes deeper than the obvious - fewer dishes to wash - and its true beauty is the melding of flavors as a one-pot wonder nears completion. Spices and herbs infuse their flavors into all the ingredients, creating a whole that is far more than its individual parts. 

The Moroccan tagine is a classic Mediterranean one-pot meal. The name "tagine" refers to both a type of stew and the earthenware ceramic "one pot" in which the tagine is cooked. The clay pot has two parts; the top is conical shaped and rests on the bottom flat surface. Traditionally, a tagine is cooked over coals, but it can also be placed on top of a stove or in an oven.

The five dishes below represent the wide variety of Mediterranean one-pot meals - each one has a different main character. You can anchor a dish with a grain like rice or pasta, as in the Mushroom and Pumpkin Risotto, or feature a meat like chicken in the recipe for Chicken Tagine with Olives and Lemons. Beans are a favorite base for one-pot meals, like the lentil soup. And finally, vegetables are the star of the show with baby eggplant and carrots.

The Mediterranean abounds with One-Pot Wonders - all you need is one pot, some imagination (think of the base!), spices and herbs, and a little time to bring the comfort and added flavor of a one-pot meal to your dinner table.  
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There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday spent catching up with friends over some good food. Paying tribute to an Italian classic, we're bringing you this tasty mushroom and pumpkin risotto recipe to help you rustle up a simple but delicious meal for your guests.

Recipe, content, and photo courtesy of International Collection.
Does your family beg for takeout when they hear that chicken is on the menu again? One taste of our One-Pot Chicken recipe with Kalamata Olives and they'll be asking for seconds!

Recipe, content and photo courtesy of the Food Match.
This traditional lentil soup from the island of Crete is dependably delicious. It's easy to prepare, and you can prep your other ingredients while cooking the lentils. We like this recipe as a Sunday project for weekday lunches. Enjoy with a tasty and healthy chunk of whole grain bread. 

Recipe courtesy of Koula Barydakis for Mediterranean Living; photo and content courtesy of Mediterranean Living.
This very tasty and speedy top-of-the-stove dish adds a Mediterranean touch to almost any combination of vegetables, depending on the season. We've used baby eggplant and baby carrots with some extra greens - but the possibilities are endless.

Recipe, content and photo courtesy of Oldways for Agora Foods International.
The foods of Italy, Spain, and Greece leap quickly to mind when we think of the Mediterranean Diet, but what about all those other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Ocean? You're missing a bet - and a lot of wonderful flavors - if you ignore the spices and herbs and typical ingredients of North Africa and the Middle East.

Recipe is adapted from the creation of Oldways' friends, Barbara Costa and Eric Stange, and is an easy rendition of the Moroccan Mediterranean classic, Chicken Tagine.

Fresh Fridays is a bi-weekly celebration of Mediterranean eating and living. We hope our Friday recipes will remind you just how easy and delicious eating the Mediterranean way can be. 

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Let the old ways be your guide to good health and well-being.       



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by Elizabeth Yarnell
Elizabeth Yarnell developed her revolutionary infusion-cooking method to avoid often mushy slow-cooker results and to make cooking and cleaning up after dinner a breeze. Now anyone with too many tasks and not enough time can use her technique to get dinner on the table in an hour or less, with no more than twenty minutes of hands-on prep work-and just one pot to clean. All it takes is a Dutch oven and a few basic fresh or even frozen ingredients layered--never stirred.

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