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Growing a Strong Marriage DVD series
Growing a Strong Marriage
This unique DVD series on growing a stronger marriage is a great starting point for couples as they pursue deeper communication and understanding with one another. Through videos, discussion with other couples, and Bible study, this resource will help men and women become rooted and grounded together in Christ and committed to each other. Learn from candid interviews with famous Christian authors and leaders: John and Stasi Eldridge, Gary and Lisa Thomas, Art and Lisa Terkeurst, Chip and Theresa Ingram, Gordon and Gail MacDonald, and Les and Leslie Parrott.  Each volume includes a DVD and study guide.

Growing a Strong Marriage: Starting Strong #107088
This volume covers the biblical foundations of marriage:  Session 1 - How we met (19 min.);  Session 2 - Foundation in marriage (11 min.);  Session 3 - Identity in Christ (9 min.);  Session 4 - Paths to Christ in marriage (13 min.).

Growing a Strong Marriage: Working Together #107089
This volume discusses communication and conflict:  Session 1 - Communication 1: talking together (10 min.);  Session 2 - Communication 2: listening well (17 min.);  Session 3 - When conflict grows and remains (16 min.);  Bonus session - Remarriage (20 min.).

Growing a Strong Marriage: Staying Connected #107090
This volume explores the importance of remaining a strong team despite challenges and distractions that will inevitably come your way.  Session 1 - When the world presses in (11 min.);  Session 2 - Raising a family (15 min.);  Session 3 - Staying connected (14 min.);  Bonus session - Adoption (16 min.).
Flood Gates: Holy Momentum for a Fearless Church
Flood Gates #816207
'Flood gates' depicts the rush of spiritual energy that comes when a leader and congregation make and apply new decisions that release a torrent of God's inspiration, empowerment, and purpose to pour through.  In this book, Sue Nilson Kibbey shares eight flood gates to initiate church renewal.

Down to Earth Wonder of Christmas


 Click here for a list of Advent/Christmas studies for adults 

Way of Hope: Growing Close to God through Loss
Way of Hope #123093
In this five-session DVD study, Beth and Dave Weikel lead with God's Word through the valleys of the shadow of loss.  Each session unpacks biblical wisdom, illustrating its applications through integrated testimonies from sufferers of various losses with pauses throughout for facilitated instruction and group discussion.  Includes two DVDs, the paperback book 'The Way of Hope,' and the devotional book 'Hope in the Midst of Loss.'
Transforming Presence: How Being with Jesus Changes Everything
Transforming Presence #816088
In this book, we walk through the first half of the Gospel of John, seeing ten situations in which someone struggled in life but everything changed when they experienced Jesus' transforming presence.  Each chapter includes commentary with practical life applications, a prayer, and questions for reflection or discussion.
What We Need Is Here: Practicing the Heart of Christian Spirituality
What We Need Is Here #816143
Return to the heart of Christian spirituality with Roger Owens.  It's simple, yet astonishingly complex -- Jesus is enough.  Jesus offers everything you need to flourish in your life with God.  In this book, Roger shares how he rediscovered seven 'givens' of Christian spirituality -- reading the Gospels, praying the Psalms, sitting with God in silence, finding Jesus in church, meeting Jesus in Holy Communion, receiving and responding to Jesus with the body, and spending time with the poor.
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