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July 6, 2016

The UMRC is here to help support your church in its various ministries!  Please forward this newsletter to church leaders and Sunday school teachers in your church.


There is no rental fee to borrow these items; the only cost to churches is to mail resources back.


 The UMRC is located in the United Methodist Center in Springfield.
If you're here for a meeting during the week, come in and look around!
        Contact me in advance and I'll have resources ready for you to pick up.  

The UMRC has a wide variety of materials for teachers of
adult, youth, and children's classes!
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments; my contact information is listed below, near my signature.

Starting Point
Starting Point: A Conversation about Faith
Revised Edition.  In this eight-session DVD study designed for seekers, persons new to the faith, and persons returning to the faith, Andy Stanley discusses faith and life.  The DVD sessions are provided in two formats:  full-length messages and edited small-group session versions.  Sessions:  1) Start (43 min. or 19 min.);  2) Problem (41 min. or 17 min.);  3) Trust (37 min. or 23 min.);  4) Rules (38 min. or 21 min.);  5) Jesus (38 min. or 23 min.);  6) Grace (40 min. or 20 min.);  7) Faith (43 min. or 21 min.);  8) Invitation (40 min. or 27 min.).  Includes guide.

Hollywood Jesus
Hollywood Jesus     
A Small Group Study Connecting Christ and Culture.  In this four-session DVD study, Matt Rawle discusses some of cinema's most famous Jesus movies, as well as movies that have nothing to do with Jesus but teach important truths about our faith.  The DVD does not include film clips.  Topics include: the role story plays in the church; how we fill in the spaces in Jesus' story, the role of time and place in a story, finding Jesus in unexpected places, our call and story, and more.  Sessions:  1) From Scripture to script (8 min.);  2) The Jesus of now, whenever 'now' is (7 min.);  3) The Gospel according to . . . (8 min.);  4) Everyone's story (6 min.).  Includes leader's guide and paperback book.  CLOSED CAPTIONED.

More to Your Story: Discover Your Place in God's Plan
More to Your Story #113075
In this six-session DVD study, previously released as "God's Story, Your Story," Max Lucado guides you through the events of the New Testament to show you that there's more to your story than you ever imagined.  Sessions:  1) When you discover your place in God's plan/introduction (11 min.);  2) Ordinary matters/the nativity story (12 min.);  3) You hear a voice you can trust/Who do you say that I am? (11 min.);  4) You won't be forsaken/Jesus took our sin and sets us free from shame (13 min.);  5) Your final chapter becomes a preface/resurrection (12 min.);  6) You will finally graduate/promise of new life (12 min.).  Includes guide.

Mark Your Calendar
The United Media Resource Center will be closed the following dates:

August 5 - 21
If you will need any resources between August 5 - 21, let me know before August 3.  Thank you!

Monday, September 5 
Friday, November 11
November 24-25 

Brim: Creative Overflow in Worship Design 
Brim #815143
Designed to give worship leaders and pastors a creative way to infuse art, technology, and multi-sensory experiences into worship, this book includes ten chapters with worship themes that can be used for individual services or series experiences.  Chapters:  Hand-me-downs;  Fear not;  Fairy tales and faith;  Love rescue me;  Revolution;  Lost;  Glow;  Like a child;  Jam -- the fruit of the Spirit;  What the world needs now.
Christian Social Innovation: Renewing Wesleyan Witness
#816100 Christian Social Innovation
The author encourages us to boldly and creatively impact our society.  Chapter titles:  Introductory overview -- rediscovering Christian social innovation;  The end is our beginning -- living with a clear sense of purpose;  Love made me an inventor -- practicing traditioned innovation;  Cultivating practical wisdom -- forming Christians for innovation;  Concluding postscript -- a child's blessing.
Story Continues: The Acts of the Apostles for Today 
#816095 Story Continues
J. Ellsworth Kalas explores the book of Acts to uncover the ministry motivations of the first followers and shows us how they can serve as guides as we carry on their work.  Includes a study guide for a 12-session study.  Larger than average print.
What We Need Is Here: Practicing the Heart of Christian Spirituality 
What We Need Is Here #816143
Return to the heart of Christian spirituality with Roger Owens.  It's simple, yet astonishingly complex -- Jesus is enough.  Jesus offers everything you need to flourish in your life with God.  In this book, Roger shares how he rediscovered seven 'givens' of Christian spirituality -- reading the Gospels, praying the Psalms, sitting with God in silence, finding Jesus in church, meeting Jesus in Holy Communion, receiving and responding to Jesus with the body, and spending time with the poor.
Go Now and Be the Church: Becoming an Overflowing Community 
Go Now and Be the Church #816140
Author Brian Bennett invites you to enter into his church's story through a forty-day devotional-discipleship journey.  Walk alongside these fellow travelers through their fledgling church growth, experience their failings and victories, and see how God will in turn channel your life beyond your own church walls.  Themes: Discovering Kingdom life, Modern-day wells, Love's goal, Doing a new thing, Jars of clay, Being leads to doing, Bridges built by faith, Receive rather than achieve.  A group leader's guide for a six-session study and sermon notes are available at
Way to Heaven: The Gospel According to John Wesley
Way to Heaven #816116
An updated and expanded version of "John Wesley's Message for Today," this book provides an overview of John Wesley's theology.  Chapter titles:  A pilgrim on the way;  The root of the problem (original sin);  The power to begin (prevenient grace);  The turning point (converting grace);  Transformation (effects of salvation);  Don't stop now (growth in grace);  The heart of it all (Christian perfection);  The end of the journey (glorification);  All together now (the church);  Vision and means;  Regeneration, renewal, and reform;  To serve the present age.  Includes questions for reflection and discussion and a bibliography.
If you have questions or wish to request resources, please contact me at 217-529-2744 (phone), 217-529-4155 (fax), or [email protected] (e-mail).


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